Iran Unveils Secret Underground Base.

Interior of the cavernous Iranian Undergrounds Ballistic Missile base 500 metres under a mountain.
Interior of the cavernous Iranian Underground Ballistic Missile base 500 metres under a mountain.

October 15th, 2015.

Iran Unveils Secret Underground Bases.

It has been obvious for many years that there was an intention within the War party ro bomb Iran as the ranking member of the House and Senate Armed Services Committee John McCain put it in his “cute adaptation of the Beach Boys classic “Barbara Ann”

Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran

So it was always an easy guess that Iran would build military facilities deep within the mountains that dot Iran as protection against even a major Nuclear attack

It seems that the successful nuclear deal and the Russian entrance in Syria have made Iran confident enough to display some of the defensive positions they built to survive an air attack that now seemingly will never eventuate.

IRGC-ASF Commander Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh “”Those who are happy about their options on the table should just take a look at [Iran’s] options under the table.”
The statement from the revolutionary guard commander in charge of the facility seemed almost to be taunting Israel “do not worry that you never managed to get them to attack us as the attacks had no chance of success.” or as stated  “Those who are happy about their options on the table should just take a look at [Iran’s] options under the table.”
This is some of what the Iranian State media quoted IRGC-ASF Commander Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh as saying

Underground-basing of IRGC-ASF ballistic missile force | Uskowi on Iran –

“IRGC-ASF Commander Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh permitted what he claimed were first ever imagery to be published of ballistic missile force bases bored into the “heart of a mountain,” stating “Those who are happy about their options on the table should just take a look at [Iran’s] options under the tableOur power and capabilities are like an iceberg that floats above water and whose tip barely shows above the clear water.”

Hajizadeh further claimed numerous such tunnels exist across the country at a depth of 500 metres.

“The Islamic republic’s long-range missile bases are stationed and ready under the high mountains in all the country’s provinces and cities,” he said, according to Sepah News.

The commander said the missiles were ready to be launched from all over Iran, on the order of “the supreme commander-in-chief,” Leader of the Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“This is a sample of our massive missile bases,” Hajizadeh said, adding that “a new and advanced generation of long-range liquid and solid fuel missiles” would start to replace the current weapons next year.”

This shot taken from a videocalled entry into Kvrenbaudh appears to show a Russian advisor and two Iranian IRGC members poring over a map f Latakia. The
Iran is now heavily engaged in Iraq and Syria, the Iran Revolutionary guards are in Syria in large numbers and the Iranians are increasingly open about their presence. This shot taken from a video called Entry into Kvrenbaudh (yes I checked) appears to show a Russian adviser and two Iranian IRGC members poring over a map of Latakia. The “Russian” has European features and he is smoking, the Revolutionary Guards are easily recognisable although the younger of the two may be a member of Hezbollah.

Controlled media smells a hoax!?!

It was pretty amusing then to sit through the State Department Press Briefing of October 14 and note that some Fox News “Israeli” journalist named Justin Fishel was seemingly convinced the Iranians had Photoshopped the immense caverns full of mobile ballistic missile launchers that they have put on display as he asked the spokesman whether he had seen the photographs and knew if they were legitimate.

Fox News correspondent and heroic frined of Israel Justib Fishel smeels a hoax and he is one heck of a good judge.
Fox News correspondent and heroic frined of Israel Justin Fishel smells a hoax and he is one heck of a judge.

” I wanted to ask about this Iranian state television broadcast which purports to show an underground tunnel packed with  missiles and missile launchers  a) Do you think  this video is legitimate, and B) in other words real? and B) Do you think that you know,  it’s a provocative (move in) nature? You know they say in the broadcast ” (adopts laughable menacing tone)”this could be used if our enemies make a mistake.”

This shows how utterly rattled the Western elite are at the moment.

They have been listening to their own propaganda for so long they have no idea that the cornerstones of their world view are lies.

Still from Press Tb shows the scale of the facility.
Still from Press Tb shows the scale of the facility.

The World has changed in six months.

The World has changed, the “AIPAC” moment at the helm of the all-powerful US empire is over.

Both elements of the equation have changed.

AIPAC’s veneer of semi invincibility within the US has been destroyed and it has also become crystal clear that the post Cold war “US moment” is over. The world appears to have simply passed them by in a matter of months and outside the bubble of the Western controlled media, their dreams are dying on a daily basis

The moment that reality begins to dawn upon them will be a moment of extreme danger.

Iran Deal-the Monsters Lost. | Crimes of Empire

Iran Nuclear Deal: the Death of the Neoconservative Dream. | Crimes of Empire

Iran Nuclear Deal Completed.

Iran Nuclear Framework Deal : a Geopolitical Earthquake.

the Iran Story.

Iran underground city of it’s ballistic missiles force wide tunnels connected & mobile launchers

Only the tip of the iceberg’: Secret Iran underground base shown to media is just one of many

NEW Tianjin Explosion Two Months after Megablast.

Raw footage of the new fire in Tianjin following another mystery explosion.
Raw footage of the new fire in Tianjin following another mystery explosion.

October 13th, 2015.

Fresh Tianjin blast two months after mega-blast killed 173 in the city.

Two months after the Tianjin Port was struck by a small nuclear weapon that killed at least 173 people, another Tianjin warehouse has exploded.

The incident took place late on Monday night or in the early hours of Tuesday morning. There are no reports of casualties.

Counting from the explosion in Shandong on July 17th, exactly a year after the MH17 false flag terror attack there have been six highly suspicious industrial incidents in China in less than three months.

In addition there were the spate of mystery explosions in Guangxi last week.

The lack of information on the latest Tianjin explosion is most frustrating and it is regretted that a fuller account is not available at this time.

According to some reports the new blast took place in the “Beichen #北辰, which is much close to the city centre” and the only other detail I was able to find was at RT where it is stated that:

“The blaze was caused by an alcohol spill, according to People’s Daily China.”

Visiting the China Peoples Daily  I could find no reference to the story and an in-site search on Tianjin fire produced only results related to the August event.

They are quite literally the only specific details about this I could find on the internet at this time.

tianjin explosion again Oct 12 2015 China explosion in tianjin

Another Factory Explosion In China Sparks Large Fire, No Casualties Reported

Massive Fire Burns After Another Explosion Rocks Tianjin Warehouse | Zero Hedge.

China begins nationwide nuclear safety checks after deadly Tianjin explosions | South China Morning Post

The Astonishing Revelations of Wayne Madsen on the Mystery Explosions in China and Japan. | Crimes of Empire

China Hit by Wave of Mystery Blasts. | Crimes of Empire

Unexplained Explosion at US Military Base in Japan | Crimes of Empire

Four Blasts in Four Weeks! New Explosion Strikes Chinese Chemical Plant. | Crimes of Empire

Explosion Strikes Chemical Plant in Lijin, China | Crimes of Empire

China Suffers ANOTHER Massive Chemical Warehouse Explosion Ten Days after Tianjin!! | Crimes of Empire

The Tianjin Blasts: Industrial Accident or Nuclear Event? | Crimes of Empire

The Tianjin Blasts. | Crimes of Empire

Vision of the fresh blast in Tianjin from the twitter feed of Chinese state television.
Vision of the fresh blast in Tianjin from the twitter feed of Chinese state television.

Did Four Russian Cruise Missiles Crash in Iran?

A Russian Naval vessel launches cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea towards Syria on October 7th, 2015.
A Russian Naval vessel launches cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea towards Syria on October 7th, 2015.

October 9th, 2015.

Western media now have no pretensions towards factual reporting.

It is being widely reported that four Russian cruise missiles fired towards Syria from the Caspain sea have failed and crashed in Iran.

Syria conflict: Russian cruise missiles ‘crash in Iran’  The Independent

Four Russian cruise missiles aimed at Syria crashed in Iran: U.S. officials | Reuters

Reuters broke the story. Their account contains no details as to the date or location of this event. The story is attributed to anonymous US Government Officials.

There is a complete lack of detail or corroboration for the story. This does not mean that it is not true.

If this has happened, it is highly likely that the Russian Military would deny that it happened and they have.

Russia denies US claim that four Syria-bound missiles crashed in Iran: defence ministry THE DAILY STAR

But what about Iran?

A search of the Iranian English language sites Fars News and Press TV found no reference to any missiles having fallen in Iran at all.

Updated 8 hours later- the United States simply lied.

Apologies for wasting peoples time with this nonsense.

The Government of Iran have now stated that they have no idea what the Americans are even talking about and labelled the claims as part of US “psychological war.”

URGENT: Iran Rejects Russian Missile Crash

Tehran Has No Info on Cruise Missiles Which Allegedly Landed in Iran

“No matter how unpleasant and unexpected for our colleagues in the Pentagon and Langley was yesterday’s high-precision strike on Islamic State infrastructure in Syria, the fact remains that all missiles launched from our ships have found their targets,” ministry’s spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.

Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov flatly denied the claims. The Russian and Iranian denials destroy the farcical claims of the despicable Washington "sources."
Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov flatly denied the claims. The Russian and Iranian denials destroy the farcical claims of the despicable Washington “sources.”

This story appears to have been more bullshit from the lying American Government in their moment of humiliation.

What a putrid and disgusting group are the US political class, they are simply beneath contempt.

I will know better than to even countenance the idea that anything the US Government say has any connection to the truth ever again.

Syria Launches Russian Backed Ground Offensive.

Aftermath of Russian strikes in Idlib province Syria on October 7th, 2015. (Reuters)
Aftermath of Russian strikes in Idlib province Syria on October 7th, 2015. (Reuters)

October 8th, 2015.

Syria Launches Ground Offensive in Idlib and Hama backed by Russian air support.

Syrian troops have launched a major offensive against foreign backed jihadist fighters in the provinces of Hama and Idlib.

For the Russian entrance into the Syrian war to be a success, this must work. This is the “moment of truth”  for this entire enterprise.

If the Syrian Army and allies cannot achieve significant gains in these newly favourable circumstances it is hard to imagine them being able to achieve anything more in this war. The game will be up.

This is going to be a very difficult period militarily and politically as there is little doubt that many civilians will die in these ensuing ground battles. There is going to be a lot of suffering for people on the ground.

This was made obvious by the thousands of leaflets dropped over the areas of the offensive in recent days warning residents to leave.

Syrian military throws leaflets for local residents on the territory where the army plans offensive

Similar leaflet drops are frequently used by Israel and the US to essentially enable them to blame the victims of their military operations for the consequences of these operations on the civilian population.

Airborne leaflet propaganda – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

After an area is leveled and people are massacred, they say “We dropped leaflets, we warned them”

Map shows the position of the Caspain and Black Sea to Syria and charts the trajectory of the Russian missile attacks launched from the Caspian.
Map shows the position of the Caspain and Black Sea to Syria and charts the trajectory of the Russian missile attacks launched from the Caspian.

The Naval Attack.

Today Russian Navy vessels also launched missile attacks on jihadist positions in Syria, from the Caspian sea.

Russia: Russian warships launch first anti-IS strikes

TOW’s still available.

It was discovered that the jihadists fighting in Syria are still in possession of the generally devastatingly effective TOW missiles, but they had a rare failure. I have never seen that happen before.

Syria: Saved by a Post: NDF T-55 Saved from an BGM-71 TOW

Amazing rebel footage shows the MI24 helicopter flying extremely low under heavy machine gun fire.
Amazing rebel footage shows the MI24 helicopter flying extremely low under heavy machine gun fire.

Close Air Support.

The Russian military are flying close air support for the Syrian Army using Mi 24 attack helicopters.

It is extremely likely that these forces will suffer casualties. Some of the video shows the helicopters flying so low that they look like cars.

Syria: RuAF Mi-24s Providing CAS During SAA Hama Operations

Russian MI-24 Hind Helicopters In Action Over Syria

The US is still flying combat sorties in Syria and launching their half-baked attacks against lone IS vehicles. This means that the bright idea of members of the war party to arm the jihadists fighting in Syria with anti-aircraft weapons to use against Russian jets is a complete non-starter. The provision of such weapons might lead to the loss of US aircraft and pilots but they could provide the rebels with weapons that are able to destroy a helicopter but that lack the range to strike a jet fighter flying at altitude.

The US Defense Secretary Complains about al Qaeda being bombed.

It was shocking to hear Deutsche Weller brazenly describe al Qaeda in Syria as “moderate opposition” but to  hear the Secretary of Defense for the United States Ashton Carter actually complain that Russia was striking targets in Syria “other than ISIS” was a stunning new low.

US says won’t cooperate militarily with Russia in Syria | News , World | THE DAILY STAR

The second largest terror group operating in Syria are the al Nusra front or al Qaeda in Syria.

Al Nusra have committed mass murder on many occasions. The UN documented that al Nusra fighters conducted a false flag Sarin gas attack in Khan al Assal in April 2013 that left dozens of civilians dead.

UN’s Del Ponte says evidence Syria rebels ‘used sarin’ – BBC News

When the UN was about to arrive and begin the on the ground investigation the al Nusra front returned to Khan al Assal and murdered three hundred civilians in an attempt to cover their tracks.

Khan al-Assal massacre – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The al Nusra front are a proscribed terrorist group in the United Nations. Anyone who protests against them being attacked is offering rhetorical support for terrorists it is that simple.

When did it become okay for the United States to have a pro-terror Defense Secretary?

Ashton Carter’s whining on behalf of the al Nusra front is nothing less than an act of overt treachery against the United States and the West.

I must be confused as I thought it was the job of this piece of filth to actually PROTECT the people of the United States from the likes of al Qaeda not to protest when they are attacked.

If he had an iota of respect or dignity he would resign.

How on earth do these people think they are going to evade responsibility for their actions?

International Military Review & Analysis – Syria, Oct. 8, 2015

Syria: Assad’s ground troops launch offensive against IS in Hama and Idlib

Syria: Syrian military release Hamah military operation footage

Russian Helicopters Provide Support For The Syrian Army Near The Village Of Kafr Nabouda In Hama

Russian Air Force Mi-24Ps Engage Militants Near Kafr Nabudah In Hama

Russian Air Force Mi-24P Attack Helicopters Provide Close Air Support For SAA Near Kafr Nabudah Hama

Syria: Russian airstrikes hit ISIS fuel depot

Huge explosions as Russia allegedly strikes Hama region, Syria

Syria: RuAF Mi-24P VS Jihadist in Salma, Latakia

Syria: RuAF Mi-24Ps Providing CAS near Kafr Nabudah, Hama

Combat Cam: Russian jets smash ISIS command post, fuel depot & fortifications

Удар по укрепленным позициям отряда ИГИЛ в р-не ТАМАНА

Авиаудар по КП бандформирования ИГИЛ на окраине ТАМАНА

International Military Review – Syria, Oct 7, 2015

Illuminati/U.S. Bombing Civilians & Blaming Putin/Assad – Unbelievable Propaganda [MUST SEE]

Mass “Shooting” at Oregon College Campus.

Students, staff and faculty are evacuated from Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore. Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015, after a deadly shooting. (Michael Sullivan/The News-Review via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT
The classic Sandy Hook redux scene from Oregon. Hopefully they managed to at least film this fake evacuation scene on the right day this time. Please note the official to the right obscured by the police car who is clearly directing the students in a manner completely inconsistent with a real crisis driven evacuation.

October 2nd. 2015.

Breaking Story at least 7 dead in Oregon College shooting incident.

BBC Reports incident started at 10.40 am local time and has concluded.

Casualty estimates range up to fifteen dead. Official sources say ten people are dead. Umpqa is a small town in rural Oregon five miles north of Roseburg in semi rural Oregon.

The identity being blamed for the incident is an individual named Chris Harper-Mercer, a 26 year old male. the Guardian describes:

“American media reports said he was born in England and moved to the US at a young age: his stepsister, Carmen Nesnick, told CBS Los Angeles that he travelled to the US as a young boy. Other accounts report that Nesnick specified that Harper-Mercer was born in England.

Harper-Mercer was the son of Ian Mercer and Laurel Margaret Harper. Mercer and Harper filed for divorce on 6 June 2006. (6th/6th/06)He appears to have left an online footprint that hints at interest in mass shootings as well as apparent support for the IRA.”

There is no footage from the scene being shown at this time despite the presence of journalists. That seems a little odd.

Incident is over but unclear whether gunman dead or in custody.but one or the other.

Multiple Casualties After Shooting at Umpqua Community College – NBC News

The shooter at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg was “down,” a Douglas County fire official confirmed to NBC News.

At least one female was shot in the chest at the college, the official said, and at least two other people were injured. The total number of people killed and injured was not immediately clear.

Umpqua is a two-year school with roughly 3,300 full-time students and 16,000 part-time students. It was established in 1964.”

A media conference was claimed to be scheduled for noon in Oregon but did not eventuate.

BBC reporting “at least” fifteen deaths and twenty injured.Shooting began in a science room named Snyder Hall..

US Ambassador to the UK tells BBC US must institute tighter gun laws.

Local media are saying that the Oregon police cannot tell them whether the assailant is even dead or alive.

That is the first really odd, troubling sign. If the local police do not know then who would know?

Dead or alive the assailant is in custody according to them so how could they be unsure as to whether the individual is still alive or under arrest?

Unless they’re still ironing out some of the “wrinkles” in the script.

The preliminary official story emerges.

According to CNN the shooting was conducted by a 20 year old male who posted his intention to commit the crime on (cough) social media yesterday.

The very immaculate tweet sent during the claimed mass killing.
The very immaculate tweet sent during the claimed mass killing.

CNN also made mention of a Tweet that issued by a witness that read. “Everyone is running everywhere. Holy god!” Perfect spelling and punctuation.

Sending a message on twitter seems a fairly odd response to being under attack by a homicidal maniac and it is a feature of these events that crops up repeatedly. Some of the Tweets around the Copenhagen and Garland “events.”

It has emerged that some of the supposed pro IS tweets sent in relation to the Garland “attack” were sent by a young Jewish fellow pretending to be a jihadist fighter or supporter based in Australia.

FBI says ‘Australian IS jihadist’ is actually a Jewish American troll named Joshua Ryne Goldberg

The idea that Twitter messages or a Facebook profile authenticates of an identity or an event is completely naive and absurd. If anything, the use of these can point to orchestrated deception as much as authenticity as the case of the fake Australian jihadist, trying to convince others to kill or die from his parents house shows.

Contradictions or understandable confusion?

The one contradiction I noticed in the CNN video at their site was that in the police dispatch audio the suspect is described as being in custody.

The title of this video is somewhat misleading as at the very end of the video the CNN journalist states that

“State Police telling CNN that they were able to detain the shooter.”

Police audio: Oregon shooting suspect is down

The next video on autoplay at CNN is the briefing from the local police chief states that the suspect was killed by police and this is the official story.

UCC Mass Shooting Police Press Conference, AUDIO AT THE SCENE Oregon Umpqua Community College

The minor early inconsistencies in the story are not necessarily indicative of anything and they can either be brushed aside or rationalised away although it is hard to understand how the local pokice could confuse a deadly gu/n battle leading to the suspect’s death with “detention.”

The crisis actors will emerge in the coming days the identity of the “villain”character is always interesting to discover and while it seems too early to judge, all the photographs of this event at this stage bear an uncanny resemblance to the scenes of previous hoax events.

Oregon Umpqua Shooting Hoax: Crisis Actors Are Out And Horrible (Redsilverj)

The photograph of the commiserating survivors is a classic of the genre. Such cynicism seems a little unedifying but it is the only rational response to the repeated deception and abuse of trust.

Oregon Shooting Hoax: Chris Harper-Mercer’s Fake Manifesto Exposed (Redsilverj)

USA: Ten killed in mass shooting at Oregon college

Oregon Umpqua College Shooting Hoax Chris Harper-Mercer Agenda Exposed (Redsilverj)

Oregon Shooting Hoax: Blatant Gun Control Agenda For UN NWO (Redsilverj)

These people parallel the faux survivors photographed in the wake of the Aurora attack.

Bad actos just do not do emotions well unfortunately, this echoes the aftermath of the Aurora event eerily.
Bad actos just do not do emotions well unfortunately, this echoes the aftermath of the Aurora event and the Charleston prayer circle eerily.
Bad actors just cannot do ggod faux grief unfortunately. The bearing of those providing comfort is especially laughable and artificial here.
Bad actors just cannot do ggod faux grief unfortunately. The bearing of those providing comfort is especially laughable and artificial here.

The way the street seems to have been extensively prepared prior to the “unseen event” is one of the classic signs that destroyed Sandy Hook.

Impressive preparations from the Oregon police for the unseen and sudden event.
Impressive preparations from the Oregon police for the unseen and sudden event.
 The photographs of the first responders also seem eerily reminiscent of so many of these phony events.

After awhile it becomes natural to distinguish between what is real and what is phony quite easily. This is phony.
After awhile it becomes natural to distinguish between what is real and what is phony quite easily. This is phony.

The medical efforts really stood out in Ottawa and Sydney especially.

Everything that is shown looks unreal and staged. Contrived, there is the air of contrivance over all of it. Every scene.
Everything that is shown looks unreal and staged. Contrived, there is the air of contrivance over all of it. Every scene is frankly ridiculous..

Amazing preparations again from the Emergency Services of Oregon
Amazing preparations again from the Emergency Services of Oregon

Russian Military Operations in Syria CONFIRMED.

Russian forces perform infantry combat drills in Tartarus Syria as curious locals look on from above.
Russian forces perform infantry combat drills in Tartarus Syria as curious locals look on from above.

September 25th, 2015.

Russian Military Operations in Syria Confirmed.

Reports have now emerged of limited military operations being conducted by the Russian forces freshly stationed in Syria.

The article that mentions the operations comes from Agence France Presse via the Beirut Daily Star.

The operations that are described are air attacks in response to shellfire directed against Russian positions in Latakia.

“All of the ultra-sophisticated equipment is operated by the Russians, like flying the drones. They’re the ones who train the Syrian pilots, and they’re in command,” says a Syrian military expert on condition of anonymity.
When rockets crashed into the airport this week, Russian forces detected the firing location and jets flew off towards rebel-held territory to “neutralize the threat“, the expert adds.

Syria: Russian IL-76 & Four Su-24s Over Homs 9-20-15

Syria: RuAF Su-24s In They Skies of Idlib

The immense psychological impact of what Russia has done cannot be overstated. The mere presence of increased Russian forces and activity in Latakia has changed the way the world views the Syrian war and the mantra we have heard from years from the Neoconservatives in the West about Assad having to leave in order for the war to end is now officially dead.

The uni-polar era is conclusively over.

Washington Has Now Lost the Middle East | New Eastern Outlook

Politicians who have held maniacal, insane positions on this subject for years have now openly stated that it is worth trying to end the war without awaiting Assad’s exit or making it a precondition.

Netanyahu went to Moscow this week and so did Erdogan. Erdogan was so committed to regime change in Syria that he has restarted a civil war in Turkey in pursuit of it but suddenly the dream has been publicly abandoned by Erdogan, US Secretary of State John Kerry and other former fanatical regime change advocates.

Russian ‘visitors’ receive warm welcome in coastal Syria | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR

“In the space of just 24 hours, both Ankara and Berlin announced this week that Assad could be a part of the solution to the civil war, and US President Barack Obama, who first said back in August 2011 that Assad “must step down”, is to meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for talks on Monday.”

The quotes from Syrian residents regarding the Russian military presence are very revealing.

Russian ‘visitors’ receive warm welcome in coastal Syria | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR

“Every morning, between 6 and 7, I see several Russian planes flying, and I really feel better,” says Ahmad, who lives near Bassel Assad International Airport in Hmeimim, 25 kilometers (15 miles) south of Latakia city.
The airport, along with Russia’s naval facility in nearby Tartus, have seen a major build-up in recent weeks.
“They were our friends, and now they have become our brothers — much more than many Arabs,” says Rima, a 25-year-old student.”

“I’m secular and I belong to a religious minority. For me, it’s the best thing that can happen because the Russians will keep the extremists from advancing,” says 40-year old engineer Fadi at a cafe in the Sheikh Daher commercial district.
“There is nothing more marvelous in the morning than drinking my coffee and smoking my narghileh (water pipe) on the balcony while listening to the melody of Russian planes,” says Nafaa, a 46-year old businessman in Sharashir, three kilometers (two miles) from the airport.

It is absolutely stunning to read these quotes and realise they are coming from a  WESTERN NEWS OUTLET. After four years of the most evil lies imaginable, the truth is quite a shock.

Russian ‘visitors’ receive warm welcome in coastal Syria | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR

A senior official in Syria described Russia’s military involvement as a “turning point” for the war.
“Russia intends to show that there is no solution without Assad and his army must be part of the fight against ISIS,” he said.
“Moscow wants to remind the United States that its relationship with Damascus dates back more than 50 years,” he said. “It’s also a message to regional countries that Russia intends to become a central player again.”

The Russian president is now the author of a new New World Order, he is the usurper and the destroyer of the dreams of the Neoconservative fanatics. The world domination dream is in ashes. It is gone.

US Sixty Minutes have an interview with Putin scheduled to air this weekend. Some of the sections concerning Syria have been released. Even CBS are apparently now going to broadcast some of the truth about the destruction the West has wrought in Libya, Iraq and Syria.

Vladimir Putin 60 Minutes interview FULL 9-27-15

The Munich Speech of 2007.

At a security conference in Munich in 2007, the Russian President explained what Russia was going to do and why they were going to do it.

In front of an audience that included Angela Merkel, John McCain, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Senator Joseph Lieberman, Tzipi Livni and Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, it is amusing to watch their faces as they are informed very politely that they are hubristic deluded fools whose days of arson are coming to an end.

Putin patiently explains that the period of total US domination of international politics had been a catastrophe and his intent to end it and replace it with a system of co-operation in the context of non-interference in other states.

The transcript is here.

Speech and the Following Discussion at the Munich Conference on Security Policy
February 10th, 2007, Munich.

Vladimir Putin’s legendary speech at Munich Security Conference (1/4)

Vladimir Putin’s legendary speech at Munich Security Conference (2/4)

Vladimir Putin’s legendary speech at Munich Security Conference (3/4)

Vladimir Putin’s legendary speech at Munich Security Conference (4/4)

the Truth about Syria from Putin.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The Russian President Vladimir Putin.

September 17th, 2015.

Putin Speaks the Truth

“We need to put aside Geopolitical ambitions, abandon double the standards. The policy of using terrorist groups in order to achieve certain purposes, including the overthrow of unwanted regimes.”

“We support and continue to support the Syrian Government in it’s fight against terror. It is impossible to drive the Islamic State out of the country and out of the region without the support of the Syrian Government and Syrian military.”

“Refugees from Syria are fleeing a war imposed from outside. Without Russia’s support for Syria, the flow of refugees would have been bigger and the situation would have been worse than in Libya.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dushanbe, September 2015.

A Bankrupt Narrative has been exposed.

Beyond the fantasy parallel universe of the Western media. The world is changing. The game is up. The essential bankruptcy and hypocrisy and the destructiveness of the West throughout the Global War on Terror/Arab Spring era has been exposed.
They have destroyed Libya and Iraq, Afghanistan has not improved and yet they believe they can still pretend to be the good guys representing enlightenment and freedom.

Actions are everything, and the facts on the ground indisputably show that the West has been destroying nations in the Middle East and murdering millions in the process over the past fifteen years.

All seemingly in concert with Israel’s stated ambition to fragment the surrounding Arab states as elucidated by Oded Yinon in 1982.

The Zionist Plan for the Middle East.pdf

The Real Death Cult.
ISIL have been described as a death cult, and there is an element of truth to this but ISIL are a puny and poorly armed group and the real death cult is the Western cult of lies and delusion that refuses to recognise the simple reality of what has happened in Libya and Iraq and now demand the right to destroy Syria also.

All in the name of human rights of course. The human rights of people who will be at best completely forgotten as soon as the mission of regime change is achieved.

‘We need to abandon double standards to combat ISIS’ – Putin

The State Department refuse to accept the consequences of their actions.

The extent to which reality is edited is astonishing. Libya is a failed state. Libya was destroyed by the West, by people who claimed to want to help the people of the nation.

These very same people somehow magically disappeared entirely from the Western consciousness the moment the UN resolution required to destroy the state was achieved.

During the most recent US State Department briefing the currently anointed drone John Kirby refused to answer when asked whether Libya had improved since the Western regime change operation, offering the laughable “I refuse to dignify that with a response,”

Always a telltale sign that the spin event is not running smoothly.

Prior to that Spokesman actually tried to claim that Iraq has been improved by the criminal US coalition invasion that led to a minimum extra 1.3 million deaths and has left Iraq with three separate governments a genuinely sectarian conflict and the third largest city Mosul in the hands of the IS group who are far stronger in Iraq than Syria where the largest city they control is Raqqa a quarter the size of Mosul.

All in all the State Department over the past several years have exposed themselves as a key agent of International destabilisation.
They are the authors of the Ukraine coup and thus bear significant responsibility for the Donbass war.

The State Department was also at the forefront of the Libya operation that led to the nation’s destruction.

There are tens if not hundreds of thousands of people who are dead who would not be dead if the people at the State Department had simply stayed away from work over the past four years and still they posture as if none of it had even happened.

It will not wash anymore and they are going to have to do a lot better than “I refuse to dignify that question with a response” in order to begin to redeem themselves or the tattered credibility of the institutions they represent and that their response to the Russian moves in Syria has so cruelly exposed.

It is comedy hour when they pretend they have the right to determine who supports the Government of Syria by what means. Russia has now shown the IS operation up as the half-hearted, Machiavellian farce that it has been from day one.

Blame Assad: The world according to US State Dept

Daily Press Briefing – September 15, 2015

Nuland trolls RT, calls MSM ‘dynamic truthful opinion’

The “International Community” Comedy.

Following the Crimea annexation and the outbreak of the Donbass war, Russia was supposed to be isolated, despised. The Western media still try to refer to Russian “international isolation” yet it is clear that this is nonsense.

Russia’s Growing Isolation | The Diplomat

When Russia was supposed to be at the height of their isolation in May 2014, Russia signed the 30 year, hundreds of Billions of dollars oil and gas deal with China.

The spell was broken, the myth was exposed.

When the Western media refer to the “international community” this simply means the US and whatever current set of lackeys it has deployed. That’s all.
Sometimes the “International community” represents as few as three or four nations as was the case with the Iraq invasion.
It was not France, Germany or Russia who were isolated when it came to the invasion of Iraq. It was the US, Britain Australia and Poland who were outnumbered by more than 180 dissenting states

Moscow’s Moves in Syria: 5 Messages Russia Is Sending to the World | The National Interest Blog

Full Text of Vladimir Putin’s Dushanbe speech from here via here.

“I mentioned the situation in Syria and Iraq; they are the same as the situation in Afghanistan, in that they worry all of us. Please allow me to say a few words on the situation in this region, the situation around Syria.
The state of affairs there is very serious. The so-called Islamic State controls significant stretches of territory in Iraq and Syria. Terrorists are already publicly stating that they have targets set on Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. Their plans include expanding activities to Europe, Russia, Central and Southeast Asia.
We are concerned by this, especially since militants undergoing ideological indoctrinations and military training by ISIS come from many nations around the world – including, unfortunately, European nations, the Russian Federation, and many former Soviet republics. And, of course, we are concerned by their possible return to our territories.
Basic common sense and a sense of responsibility for global and regional security require the international community to join forces against this threat. We need to set aside geopolitical ambitions, leave behind so-called double standards and the policy of direct or indirect use of individual terrorist groups to achieve one’s own opportunistic goals, including changes in undesirable governments and regimes.
As you know, Russia has proposed rapidly forming a broad coalition to counteract the extremists. It must unite everyone who is prepared to make, or is already making, an input into fighting terrorism, just as Iraq and Syria’s armed forces are doing today. We support the Syrian government – I want to say this – in countering terrorist aggression. We provide and will continue to provide the necessary military technology assistance and urge other nations to join in.
Clearly, without active participation by the Syrian authorities and military, without participation by the Syrian army, as the soldiers fighting with the Islamic State say, you cannot expel terrorists from this nation, as well as the region overall, it is impossible to protect the multi-ethnic and multi-faith people of Syria from elimination, enslavement and barbarism.
Of course, it is imperative to think about the political changes in Syria. And we know that President Assad is ready to involve the moderate segment of the opposition, the healthy opposition forces in these processes, in managing the state. But the need to join forces in the fight against terrorism is certainly at the forefront today. Without this, it is impossible to resolve the other urgent and growing problems, including the problem of refugees we are seeing now.
Incidentally, we are seeing something else: we are currently seeing attempts to practically put the blame on Russia for this problem, for its occurrence. As if the refugee problem grew because Russia supports the legitimate government in Syria.
First of all, I would like to note that the people of Syria are, first and foremost, fleeing the fighting, which is mostly due to external factors as a result of supplies of arms and other specialized equipment. People are feeling the atrocities of the terrorists. We know that they are committing atrocities there, that they are sacrificing people, destroying cultural monuments as I already mentioned, and so on. They are fleeing the radicals, first and foremost. And if Russia had not supported Syria, the situation in that nation would have been even worse than in Libya, and the flow of refugees would be even greater.
Second, the support of the legitimate government in Syria is not in any way related to the flow of refugees from nations like Libya, which I already mentioned, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, and many others. We were not the ones that destabilised the situation in those nations, in whole regions of the world. We did not destroy government institutions there, creating power vacuums that were immediately filled by terrorists. So nobody can say that we were the cause of this problem.
But right now, as I said, we need to focus on joining forces between the Syrian government, the Kurdish militia, the so-called moderate opposition, and nations in the region to fight the threat against Syria’s very statehood and the fight against terrorism – so that together, with our efforts combined, we can solve this problem.
I already spoke about the other issues that currently concern us, which we discussed today. In this respect, I would like to note that we plan to continue strengthening cooperation between our armed forces. We plan a whole set of activities in this area. I would like to also stress that our cooperation within the CSTO framework is certainly not directed against anybody. We are open to constructive cooperation, and that is precisely the approach that is reinforced in the final statement that will be signed today.
I am certain that we must resume concrete discussions on creating Euro-Atlantic systems for equitable and indivisible security; we need to carry out a full inventory of existing problems and disagreements. This analysis can be used to achieve a discussion of the principles of sustainable political development. The OSCE and other international organisations can be used to agree on legally binding guarantees concerning the indivisibility of security for all nations, achieve observance of important fundamental principles of international law (respecting the sovereignty of states, not meddling in their domestic affairs), and strengthen regulations on the inadmissibility of appeasing anti-state, anti-constitutional coups and the promotion of radical and extremist forces.”