Active Shooter Drill at US Airbase Reported as Real Event.

This image bore no caption on RT but appears to show security forces outside a location that may be the Andrews Air Base, perhaps today, where perhaps something has taken place.

July 1st, 2016.

Shooting Reported at Andrews Air Base near Washington DC.

It is being reported on the Twitter account of the Andrews Air Force Base (correctly called Joint Base Andrews or Andrews Field)that an “active shooter” situation is unfolding and that there are casualties after an incident took place at the Malcolm Grow medical centre.

There is some confusion as to whether there has been any incident here as Joint Base Andrews later tweeted that:

“The base was scheduled to conduct an active shooter exercise, however, reports of a real-world active shooter situation were reported.” (Source)

The frequency that these terrorists attack at the time and place of drills is quite uncanny!

Earlier they tweeted “The incident is ongoing at the Malcolm Grow Medical Facility. First responders are on-scene now. All personnel continue to shelter in place ” Which strongly implies that there were casualties without saying so.

All of their tweets refer to “reports” of an active shooter and judging by the mention of the drill it seems there may have been some misunderstanding here, or the Tweets were part of the drill on the base.

The major media are reporting on this as though it were real, on the basis of the Tweets.

Andrews Air Base on lockdown after reports of ‘active gunman’ | Americas | News | The Independent

Andrews Air Base on lockdown amid ‘active shooter’ report

Home base of ‘Air Force One’ on lockdown due to active shooter report — RT America

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Hopefully there has simply been a misunderstanding due to the drill  and there are no casualties either real or fictional.

However other Tweets indicate this event is going to have some type of casualties as Stars and Stripes reporter Travis J. Tritten is reporting on his Twitter that:

“Active shooter is barricaded into third-floor of medical facility building at Joint Base Andrews, personnel sheltering in place”

Travis Tritten twitter account.

The base twitter account seems to have decided it was all a drill tweeting that:

“All Clear.” The lock down on base has been lifted.”

Before again hedging somewhat with :

“All Clear” for the base with the exception of Malcolm Grow medical facility.”

It was just a drill and the only element they needed to add was a body count and rhe story would have been treated as authentic, indeed it was treated as authentic.

Stars and Stripes (cough) journalist Travis Tritten, the face of an incompetent and an imposter. Travis wrote that a shooting at Andrews AFB was confirmed and added that the gunman was holed up on the third floor. When it became clear that it was all bullshit he pathetically claimed that the Pentagon were also fooled. It is “journalists”, mindless stenographers of the state like Tritten who are key enablers of the faux events as they never ever question anything. Ever.

What was the Stars and Stripes writer Travis J. Tritten’s information that enabled him to claim that a shooter was barricaded in a third floor room of the medical centre at the Andrews AFB?

Travis Tritten wrote that “Active shooter confirmed at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland” (Source)

Hopefully some kind soul will either buy Travis J. Tritten a dictionary or at the very least explain to him the meaning of the word “confirmed.”

There is no room for ambiguity in that word, none at all.

In order to evade responsibility for a sickening error Tritten pathetically offered up:

“Active-shooter drill fooled Pentagon, Joint Base Andrews, vice president + media?”(Source)

Obviously everyone knows Stars and Stripes is a straight up Soviet style propaganda rag but none the less, Travis J. Tritten you are a clown, a dunce and an imposter!

This event was one lie and one press conference away from being another episode in the Great Western Hoaxathon.

Andrews Air base-Where the 911 Stand down became downright embarrassing.

Andrews Air Force base achieved a degree of infamy due to the fact that despite it’s close proximity to Washington DC none of the jets stationed there was able to intercept American Airlines Flight 77 which is said to have struck the Pentagon 90 minutes after it became obvious the US was under attack on September 11th, 2001.