The Tianjin Blasts: Industrial Accident or Nuclear Attack?

Total devastation and the fires are still burning. Aftermath of Tianjin blasts echoes the aftermath of 911 in Manhattan in many ways.
Total devastation and the fires are still burning. Aftermath of Tianjin blasts echoes the aftermath of 911 in Manhattan in many ways.



August 28th, 2015.

“Fires continue to erupt at the blast site, the latest on Monday, when chemicals ignited with the rain.”

The Fires in Tianjin will presumably burn for months

The death toll from the Tianjin blasts stands at 114, with another 80 missing and presumed dead. The truth is that given the condition that the site is still in I would suggest that the death toll is in all likelihood far higher.

There were two major explosions in the Port of Tianjin on August 12th, one has been estimated as being the equivalent of three tonnes of TNT, the other the equivalent of 21 tonnes of TNT. They are described as having caused seismic readings of 2.3 and 2.9.

China’s Tianjin blast sets off earthquake-recording instruments 100 miles away | World news | The Guardian

There has been no information offered whatsoever by the Chinese Government as to the specific cause of the blast and the popular conspiracy theories on this one seem to have missed the mark other than in their assertion that this was no mere industrial accident.

The scene of what is left of the area looks like Hiroshima, Nagasaki or Manhattan after 911, only more so. The devastation is far more intense. It looks like a war has been fought in the Tianjin Port, a devastating and prolonged war.

The cars in Tianjin show the signs of having been struck by a Thermal wave associated with a Nuclear blast, the premature corrosion giving a rusted appearance is one strong tell-tale sign.
The cars in Tianjin show the signs of having been struck by a Thermal wave associated with a Nuclear blast.

A Nuclear Event?

There are so many signs that a nuclear event has taken place that some type of nuclear event remains the best explanation until a better alternative is provided. This does not mean that there was necessarily an attack, simply that the explosion is the result of some type of nuclear incident.

The persistent fires, small fresh explosions days later, the blast damage, the scale of the crater, the fact that Chinese Government investigators are wearing full NBC protection suits at all times and the Nuclear weapons specialists the Chinese have sent to the scene are all signs that a nuclear event took place in Tianjin on August 12th.

Confirmation – Tianjin was nuked | Veterans Today

Toasted cars.
“The big clue is in the ash produced and the exploding radiators on the cars. They show the radiation and the blast patterns the best. All melted rubber, glass, and aluminium but no melted steel? This tells you it is from radiation and not from a gasoline fire. Temps between 1500 degrees C for melting aluminium and less than 3,000 degrees C for melting steel. Everything organic ashes below 450 degrees C.
This had a plasma fireball that was over 4,000C! Only a nuke can do that. The clue is in the white ash leftover from the thermal blast.”

Severe light saturation as the Tianjin explosion occurs.
Severe light saturation as the Tianjin explosion occurs.

One of the striking things about Nuclear weapons is the intense blast of light that they create. It is quite unique and could be observed very clearly in the aftermath of the Israeli Nuclear attack against Syria of May 2013.There was a very striking bright light produced from the second Tianjin blast, and watching the videos I was going through the whiteout section frame by frame, counting the frames. There seemed to be a very long whiteout although the light was not quite as intense as the May 2013 Syria proven nuclear event. I was able to count over thirty separate frames of white light in the videos taken at a distance of several kilometres from the blast. The closer to the blast the earlier the camera person would be knocked off shot by the blast wave.

Confirmation – Tianjin was nuked | Veterans Today

“look at the white out in the centre of the photo. This is where the brightness is so great that it overloads the ccd pickup chip causing a clipping effect. The fact that the fireball was whited out or clipped indicates that the colour temperature was over 4,000 degrees C. Only achievable in a nuclear blast. The cameras auto gain circuit clips the video level for being too bright so you get a white out on the screen.”

This is one of many graphics that seem to show the blast took place in the middle of a car park.

The Before and After Problem.

One strange detail is the fact that there does not appear to have been a warehouse at the blast epicenter.

The presenter of the satellite imagery on Chinese state CCTV openly states that the centre of the blast was in a car park. The before and after satellite images are completely lacking in any large warehouse or building at the centre of the blast site. We see a fairly good set of before and after photos and there is no doubt about the fact that there seem to be several large warehouses towards the edge of the blast but there was no warehouse at or near the epicenter.
How does that work?

Satellite images show destruction in Tianjin blasts’ core area

Surely the source and epicenter should be in the same place?
Perhaps there were goods stored underground. That appears the only possibility because it has happened, the devastation emanates from a car park and that is not a viable source for a 21 tonne, 2.9 on the Richter scale blast.

Satellite imagery also appears to show the blast is centred on a car parking area.

The What?

The story that got a lot of traction was that the US attacked the Tianjin Port with the “Rod of God” or Project Thor “kinetic bombardment” weapon.

The idea behind Project Thor is that you simply drop a steel pole from space and by the time the object strikes the target it will be travelling at extreme speed (Mach 10 is quoted hypothetically) and will cause massive devastation due to its velocity without any bomb having to be used. This is the “rod of god” as far as we know which is very little.

The scenario that is described in detail involves

K-BOMB: Analysis of G/LEO Kinetic Bombardment and Application to National Security Strategies for Full-Spectrum Military Interoperability | Rammah Elbasheer –

Kinetic bombardment – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“6 m. Tungsten rods launched from near Earth orbit, invisible to radar, could strike anywhere on earth, impact speed of Mach 10, impact equal to a tactical nuclear bomb but with no explosives.”

If the Tianjin explosions had been caused by steel objects traveling at high-speed it is extremely likely that these rods would have been visible and-or audible, and given that the Tianjin blasts were filmed by many cameras these objects should have surely been seen or heard in the video recordings of the event. But they weren’t.

Having never witnessed this system in action this is pretty speculative obviously but an object entering the earth’s atmosphere traveling at Mach 10 will make a tremendous sound and I don’t  see any way around that.

The same applies for the hypothesis of a cruise missile strike. Videos of cruise missile strikes on Baghdad are available on Youtube, they make a loud whistling or hissing sound that can be heard prior to impact.

The Lack of an Electro- Magnetic Pulse.

Some have pointed to the lack of an atmospheric ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) in Tianjin is evidence that something other than a nuclear detonation has taken place.

It seems that the lack of an EMP is evidence that an above ground nuclear detonation did not take place, but according to the Ask a Mathematician/Ask a Physicist website, an underground nuclear detonation does not cause an ElectroMagnetic Pulse.

Why do nuclear weapons cause EMPs (electromagnetic pulses)?

“The way you generate an EMP (or any interesting electromagnetic effect) is you get a bunch of charge and suddenly move it.  A nuclear weapon on its own doesn’t have a bunch of extra charges to move around, but luckily (unluckily?) the Earth abides!  Between about 40 and 300 miles above your head (about 39 and 299 miles for our Denver readers) there’s a layer of charged particles called the ionosphere.  It’s created by radiation from space (mostly the Sun) knocking electrons free of their host atoms.  A nuke releases enough heat, suddenly enough, that the resulting upward and outward “puff” of air literally moves the ionosphere overhead.  That moving charge is what causes the bulk of the EMP.  To a lesser extent, a nuclear device also ionizes the surrounding air, and then moves that.”

So the EMP effect is created by the interaction between a powerful explosion and the ionosphere and the same source Why do nuclear weapons cause EMPs (electromagnetic pulses)? appears to answer the question regarding the lack of EMP observed in Tianjin, and in New York City in 2001.The EMP effect is greatly reduced when the detonation takes place underground as the ground acts as a cushion between the device and the ionosphere.

Why do nuclear weapons cause EMPs (electromagnetic pulses)?

“Do underground detonations have the same effect as above ground detonations?

The Physicist says: 

November 20, 2011 at 1:20 pm

“No, the EMP of an underground explosion is very small. But oddly enough, the effect may not be zero!”

The mass fish deaths in the Haine river, 7kms from Tianjin.
The mass fish deaths in the Haine river, 6kms from Tianjin.

Why Attack a Port?

If you think about a Port and what is special about a Port and about what might make a Port a target of an attack there are two standout possibilities.

A Port is an economic hub, the Tianjin blasts will have an impact on the Chinese Economy and the Chinese Government.So, if we accept that the incident was no accident, an economic attack on China is one possible motive.

The other special characteristic of a Port is that it is a transit point for all sorts of goods, so one other possibility that must be considered is that something being moved through the Port was targeted.

A nuclear device has been detonated, that seems fairly clear at this stage and no-one is even really denying it.

Another advantage of attacking the Tianjin Port lies in the masking effect, the plausible deniability achieved by the fact that a number of volatile chemicals were stored at the Port and standards of control measures employed at the Port were clearly inadequate as this had been the subject of previous public protests.

Either the Nuclear device was used as an act of sabotage and terror or Nuclear devices being moved through the Port were targeted by another party, an outside possibility that should not be dismissed.

Mushroom cloud in Tianjin, August 12th, 2015.
Mushroom cloud in Tianjin, August 12th,2015.

China, the United States and the New World Order.

A Very Short History of Post Revolutionary China.

The Chinese Communist party seized power in 1949, the leader was the Yale connected Chairman Mao. The nation that Mao found himself the ruler was overwhelmingly rural and agrarian. The story of CCP rule in China has been more than anything else, a story of urbanisation and industrialisation.

The results have been mega-cities filled with urban immigrants working in slave labor conditions  under leaden skies filled with industrial pollution. The mainstream mantra about the “”Chinese miracle” simply ignores the life that has been imposed upon China’s urban proletariat and the environment they are expected to inhabit.

The idea that people working 12 hour days and living in crowded dormitories are somehow better off than their impoverished rural forebears is a grotesque joke.

The relationship between China and the United States has had some extremely interesting moments. The current two largest economies were official enemies until the early 1970’s. The Korean war represented the high point of the first phase of the relationship.

China presented the US with an extremely unpleasant surprise in Korea. The US and it’s allies had all but won the war,  North Korea was facing total defeat and US forces were almost at the border with China when they were attacked by a massive force of infantry that managed to cut off the US Eighth Army who were largely surrounded by the Chinese forces.
“the U.S. Eighth Army’s retreat (the longest in US Army history)[193] was made possible because of the Turkish Brigade’s successful, but very costly, rear-guard delaying action near Kunuri that slowed the PVA attack for two days (27–29 November). On 27 November at the Korean eastern front, a U.S. 7th Infantry Division Regimental Combat Team (3,000 soldiers) and the U.S. 1st Marine Division (12,000–15,000 marines) were unprepared for the PVA 9th Army Group’s three-pronged encirclement tactics at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, but they managed to escape under Air Force and X Corps support fire—albeit with some 15,000 collective casualties.[194 “

The US forces were severely hampered by the delusional leadership of General Douglas Macarthur who refused to comprehend the fact that China had intervened and his forces required urgent assistance. The Korean setbacks led within weeks to President Harry Truman relieving Macarthur of his command.

The Eighth Army conducted a retreat that remains the longest ever retreat US forces have been involved in. In order to escape the Chinese encirclement the US soldiers abandoned their heavy weapons and much of their equipment and were reduced to the status of a disorganised rabble.

The territory of North Korea was thus reclaimed with the help of the Chinese forces who inflicted a terrible  setback on the United States despite the US having total air superiority and better weapons and equipment in every respect.

A similar situation persisted until the 1970s when a grand deal appears to have been struck between China and the West to make China a key manufacturing centre as the West was de-industrialised.
How the West Re-colonized China


Between 1980 and the present day China seems to have operated as a Communist Party gangster state in key partnership with the oligarchs of Global Finance.

The transition was overseen by a group known as the Eight Elders, also sometimes called the Eight Immortals. The most well known figure among this group is Deng Xiaoping. The model of leadership that this group put in place was seized upon by further generations of the CCP leadership including a group known as the Shanghai clique.

A key figure appears in the Shanghai clique was Jiang Zamin, a known confidant of Henry Kissinger who amassed a tremendous amount of military and political power within the Chinese Communist party structure

Jiang Zemin (born 17 August 1926) is a retired Chinese politician who served as General Secretary of the Communist Party of China from 1989 to 2002, as Chairman of the Central Military Commission from 1989 to 2004, and as President of the People’s Republic of China from 1993 to 2003. Jiang has been described as the “core of the third generation” of Communist Party leaders”

The Jiang faction appears to be engaged in a power-struggle with the current leadership that is active to the present day.

Stop meddling in politics: Chinese President Xi Jinping’s coded message to Jiang Zemin | South China Morning Post

Henry Kissinger, a Western powerbroker with extensive ties to the Dark elite meets with former Chinese Premier Jiang Zamin their most recent meeting was in 2013.
Henry Kissinger, a Western powerbroker with extensive ties to the Dark elite meets with former Chinese Premier Jiang Zamin their most recent meeting was in 2013.

The Power Struggle(s) in the CCP.

This faction, or series of factions appear to have ruled China throughout the industrial and urban transition. They were great friends with the Western elite who admired them due to their powers of coercion, the level of obedience they achieved and the ruthless measures they were willing to take against any who objected.

The China that came into existence over the past 35 or 40 years WAS  the New World Order in all its dystopian glory.

But China was never just a factory, it was a place producing millions and millions of engineers, doctors and other technically qualified University graduates. The New World Order dystopia was always destined to brush up against the reality of a burgeoning middle class making increasing demands regarding environmental controls and other lifestyle elements, as well as greater political freedom and more access to power.

The Chinese Government seems split between “open” gangsters who want the party to go on forever and realists who believe that the party will be destroyed unless it can be more responsive and transparent.

They have been above the law for several decades. So as part of Xi Jinping and his faction asserting themselves, many of these former strongmen with close ties to the Western New World Order leadership have been marginalised and destroyed by what is probably an equally ruthless and unethical opponent of a more Nationalist bent.
Numerous assassination plots against Xi and key allies have been alleged. In September 2012 Xi Jinping’s vehicle was rammed deliberately by another vehicle and forced from the road. On the same day one of Xi’s key allies suffered an identical fate. Neither man was badly hurt.

Xi Jinping and He Guoqiang injured in assassination attempt, claims Boxun|WCT

One of the theories listed in the Daily Mails “conspiracy round up” on Tianjin was that it was  plot against the life of President Xi Jinping. This rumour was probably started by the perpetrators, another intimidatory message as well as a smokescreen.


Bo Xilai and the death of Neil Heywood.

The very strange death of Heywood set off a chain of events that led to the complete political destruction of Bo Xilai, alleged to be a key ally of George Soros and the Western banking cartel families.

Wayne Madsen explains the significance of the Heywood, Bo Xilai nexus and their connections to British Intelligence and the Rothschild banking dynasty

“Heywood, fluent in Mandarin Chinese and the reported handler of Bo Guagua, Bo’s son, at the exclusive British Papplewich and Harrow boarding schools, as well as at Oxford University, was a consultant to Hakluyt & Company, Ltd., a secretive British private intelligence firm established in 1995 and linked to the Rothschilds. Chinese officials reported that Heywood died in his hotel room from severe alcohol poisoning, but his friends pointed out that he was a teetotaler.”
Bo Xilai;s wife .Gu Kailai, confessed to murdering Heywood several months after the death which had originally been attributed to alcohol poisoning.”

Alcohol poisoning was not a feasible choice for a cause of death as Heywood did not drink alcohol at all and an investigation was reopened and the matter exploded when Bo Xilai’s former police chief Wang Lijun fled to the US consulate and accused his former boss of corruption and involvement in the Heywood murder.
The US refused to let the apparent whistle-blower take refuge and he was force to leave after 24 hours and taken into custody by the Chinese Government who had him declared mentally unsound and committed to an institution. Wang Lijun was later sentenced to fifteen years prison.

One sign of Bo Xilai’s audacity was the fact that he intercepted and spied upon any and all phone traffic inside Chonqing, his sphere of influence. This included the interception of phone calls made by the then President Hu Jintao made during his time in the city.

Certain elements of the CCP have seemingly decided that Bo Xilai and his British Intelligence pal had to go. It seems that agents of the Chinese state “got to” Heywood but made a nasty error in their chosen cause of death.

So the crime was used to destroy the entire Bo Xilai network with his wife taking the blame for Heywood’s murder, presumably under coercion, Bo Xilai imprisoned and Heywood dead.

Logically it seems that part of the reason Tianjin happened was that multiple lines of succession that had been put in place in China by the Western oligarchs had just been destroyed or otherwise marginalised.

This is obviously just conjecture that attempts to find meaning in this deeply puzzling and troubling event.

The reliable old allies such as Jiang were being aggressively sidelined and arrested for corruption.

The contract the Bankers felt they had with the CCP was no longer to their mind being adhered to, so they made their feelings known in their customary manner, by conducting a false flag atrocity. This is the favored form of communication when other channels are not working, the “deep” message.

The apocalyptic Tianjin aftermath.
The apocalyptic Tianjin aftermath.

Who Could Possibly be Behind this?

The Cabal – A Geoplutocratic “Elite” Bent On Global Domination

The Cabal” refers to a claque of global-scale plutocratic manipulators who use their immense wealth, prestige and power to control governments and economies to perpetuate their stranglehold on global society.”

Before entering into speculation as to the identity of the perpetrators and the delivery method they used, it is worth contemplating how serious a situation this is for the perpetrators.

China has been attacked. China is going to know that it has been attacked and it is going to know that a Nuclear weapon has just been used in one of its cities.

This is an unprecedented event. A nuclear armed superpower has just seemingly been covertly attacked in a shadow war with an unnamed enemy using Nuclear weapons.

The comparisons with the damage caused to Manhattan and Tianjin are quite clear. But the situation here is completely different.

“Toasted” cars on 911.

The Limits to 911 Comparisons.

When the Cabal conducted 911, they were offering a great deal to the US government. They were giving them a story, a national security story, a foreign policy story, a story where the US government played the good guys and no-one questioned the level of military spending and the new police state measures.

It was quite a friendly deal in many ways, probably reflecting the fact that the US Government was heavily penetrated by the Cabal and thus considered an “unruly ally” that needed to be put in line.

They are not really offering China anything at this point in terms of a narrative.Indeed there seems to be a concerted attempt to crash the Chinese stock market and possibly entire economy underway at the moment, in parallel with this attack.

This is a covert declaration of war against a Nuclear superpower. This is an act of insanity, utter insanity and can only rationally be seen as an attempt to promote general war between China and the United States or as part of an attempted coup in China.

The intent of the plotters is not known but there can be no doubt this is a most sinister plot with the potential to begin a far broader human catastrophe.

The cars in Tianjin show the signs of having been struck by a Thermal blast associated with a Nuclear blast, the premature corrosion giving a rusted appearance is one strong tell-tale sign.
The cars in Tianjin show the signs of having been struck by a Thermal blast associated with a Nuclear blast, the premature corrosion giving a rusted appearance is one strong tell-tale sign.

US Involvement?

There have long been and continue to be parallel chains of command operating within the US state. The Official US chain of command has not done this and I severely doubt that the unofficial chain of command did it either, but once you get these parallel chains of command you never know what may happen.

The action does not fit the profile of either the CIA or the US military neither of whom are about to declare war on China. A cruise missile has a return address, as well as a distinctive sound that was not heard.

Until the beneath the surface reality of what was being stored at the site emerges, it is impossible to tell if there was something in the Tianjin Port that was specifically targeted. If this information becomes available a far more complete picture of the incident may emerge to illuminate the hidden facts behind this attack as the knowledge of the twelve dead Syrian scientists illuminated the April 2004 Ryongchon disaster.

Delivery Systems.

All logic points to the device being placed at the site of the attack rather than fired from a projectile. This is the only delivery method that makes any sense as a cruise missile has a return address. Any external weapon has a return address.

If you imagine yourself in the perpetrators position and you are going to engage in a covert  Nuclear attack on a target, The device will be placed at the attack site by an agent rather than any military delivery system because if you use a jet or a satellite to deliver the weapon to the site, it will be much harder to disguise what has happened and the identity of the perpetrators.

The fact that no object was filmed nor described nor heard impacting in Tianjin is not proof that there was no impact but it does place a massive question mark over any hypothesis that relies on this such as the rod of god and cruise missile hypotheses. If Tianjin was attacked by an aerial platform it was an invisible platform delivering an invisible weapon it seems.

This does not exclude the possibility that a laser based platform was used to detonate a secondary device in Tianjin.

This event has many of the signatures of the Western Dark elite, the Cabal or Bankers Empire.

‘If we are caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.’

Alleged D.I.A recording of Benjamin Netanyahu, Finks Bar, 1990.

This is a shocking little speech but the really interesting thing here is the we. Who is “We” here?
It’s not Israel surely, Israel as a state does not hate the United States for obvious reasons. Few nations have done more for another state than the US has done for Israel in terms of financial and military support.

It’s not Israel, nor even the Likud party, it is certainly not Jewish people in general or anything or anyone that is associated with the Netanyahu public persona.

The “We “ Netanyahu refers to is the Western Financial Oligarchy or to put it bluntly, the Cabal.
When those former IDF members detonated weapons in New York City in 2001, this was who they were serving and this role has been played by a number of Western and Law Enforcement and Intelligence organs to a greater or lesser extent.
This has very little to do with the State of Israel or any other state. MI5 and MI6 have played the role, the FBI, CIA and even elements of the US military have played this role at various times along with the Mossad.

The crimes belong to the criminal overlords and the co-opted agencies but it would be incorrect to identify these operations with any nation.

All these groups were simply cut outs, they were being used, it could just as easily have been the Nigerian Security Services or the Australian, but the ability to get things done would not be achieved by that, hence the intense targeting of so many US agencies.

The US along with the British, French and the Israeli’s got priority for infiltration because of the power it conferred. That is how it seems to work.

tianjin later
The stunning devastation and fires in the aftermath of Tianjiin blasts.


The response to this incident from the Chinese Government is a matter of mystery. Some things can be assumed. The Chinese probably know that a Nuclear weapon has been detonated in one of their cities, and if they do not know this now, they soon will.

No matter what is said in public or how long it takes, they are not going to sit back and take this. This is not the Government of Syria or a small weak state that has been attacked. Bad things are going to happen on the back of this event whether it takes them ten or twenty years they will and they can extract revenge for this event.

Surely it is time to recognise the threat these sinister elements represent to the West and to human civilisation?

The best that can be hoped to come from this would be the destruction and imprisonment of the criminal cabal. If Western agencies help the Chinese Government identify the real perpetrators of this event the Chinese will understand that someone is trying to manipulate a major war and avoid this cataclysmic path.

The dismantlement of this group would have been the logical thing to do following 911, all things considered. The failure to act on previous atrocities has and will continue to leave the way open for these fiends to commit fresh evil such as the attack on Tianjin. How many more must die before people recognise the true nature of this group and what they represent?

Inside look at Tianjin’s core blast site

‘Horror and disbelief’ over Tianjin explosions – BBC News


Aerial shots of blast zone 60 hours after Tianjin blast

RAW: Apocalyptic scenes in China after massive Tianjin blasts

Tianjin explosion from car dash cam

This is one of the most stunning and chilling videos I have ever seen. Every element of this short video howls nuclear attack without a word on the subject being said. The scale of the evil here is very clear and there is a sense of the consciousness of it from the Chinese. Russia Today will often show but not voice difficult truths.

RAW: Post-apocalyptic scenes in core blast area at Tianjin, China

The Tianjin Explosion – Stabilized



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