Special Effects and Modified Weapons Expose Dallas Deception.

The New York Post front page after the Dallas attack shows the powerful fears this event has been used to awaken.
The New York Post front page after the Dallas attack shows the powerful fears this event has been used to stoke.

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July 10th, 2016.

Special Effects and Modified Weapons Expose Dallas Psy-Op.

A Reworked Narrative.

When an incident takes place it is completely understandable that there will be a degree of confusion and misreporting of the facts. Observers of these incidents are accustomed to there being early reports of multiple shooters that are later withdrawn.

However in the case of the Dallas attack, the Dallas Police Chief David Brown stated unequivocally that the attack was conducted by multiple snipers at multiple locations.  The Chief also stated that several other suspects were in custody but this story was inexplicably dumped after many hours and replaced with the familiar tale of the lone nut/lone wolf gunman and the entire sniper narrative was also excised.

The abrupt change to the narrative was explained as being a simple mistake due to echoing gunshots!

“Officers had initially thought that multiple shooters may have operated as snipers from rooftop perches but said later that the sound of shots echoing off the downtown buildings may have created the mistaken impression that more than one shooter was at work.” (Source)

We are told that military veteran (of the carpentry and masonry section) Micah Xavier Johnson was the sole perpetrator and motivated by a desire to “kill white people” he conducted the attack and doubters are informed that a search of Johnson’s home revealed that he had been writing a journal cum manifesto on infantry tactics before the attack.

The idea that an enraged black man would choose as a target an anti-police violence rally is somewhat insulting but more importantly critical examination of several aspects of the event has exposed the fact that police attending appear to have weapons modified to fire blank rounds and that the sensational video depicting the killing of one police officer appears to be a work of fiction created with cheap special effects.

Several of the police appear to have red and orange attachments on the weapons that resemble a blank firing adaptor attachment.

Blank Fire Adaptors?

One keen observer with a military background noticed that if you look closely at the police taking cover in the Bank of America sign photograph, their weapons have red yellow and orange attachments similar to those used to identify a weapon temporarily modified to fire blank rounds only.The attachment is placed at the end of the barrel and blocks all objects from exiting the barrel whilst providing an outlet for the gases that are expelled when a gun is fired.

Blank-firing adaptor – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ticktocklede-1800 (3)
All three police in this photograph appear to have red,orange attachments on their weapons that are used to signify that a weapon is using a blank fire adaptor.
Member of the US Navy training at Fort Shelby Mississipi with a blank fire adaptor. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Charles White/Released)
Member of the US Navy training at Fort Shelby, Mississippi with a blank fire adaptor. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Charles White/Released)
This weapon appears to have red attachments similar to a blank fire adaptor.
This weapon appears to have red attachments similar to a blank fire adaptor.
A blank foirng adaptor for an M14 rifle. (Source)
A blank firing adaptor for an M14 rifle. (Source)

Dallas Shooting – Orange Pistol, Blank Adapters?

Sparks fly in Dallas as the gunman fires beyond the point blank target and into the rear wall.
Sparks fly in Dallas as the gunman fires beyond the point blank target and into the rear wall.
Sparks fly in Dallas as the gunman fires beyond the point blank target and into the rear wall.
Sparks fly in Dallas as the gunman fires beyond the point blank target and into the rear wall.

Police Killing Video is Charlie Hebdo Style Street Theatre.

Jesse Spots hails from Tennessee. An aspiring comedian, Jesse (born Jesse Spottswood Moorefield) moved to Los Angeles and wound up as a special effects assistant on a number of movies including Hustle and Flow, a film that cost under 3 million dollars and grossed more than 20 million at the box office.(Source)

Jesse Spots – Biography – IMDb

These are key quotes from Jesse Spots’ response to the Dallas Shootings taken from the youtube video “Spark Hits Used in Dallas Shooting.”

“I am only talking about this camera angle because I have specific life experience as a special effects technician where we used the actual technology that’s used in this frame… you can see a guy, a police officer presumably just fell down, you’ve got bullets hitting there, a couple more bullets are hitting, we know because you can see them…. ”

“This is like a wild west show at Disney World, you can actually see the bullets hitting because sparks are flying dust flies up off the ground look there are like seven sparks that bedazzle, that’s not what a real bullet does, that’s not what a real bullet does that’s what a bullet does in a movie.”

“So those are like paint balls filled with sparks or dust, they are called spark hits, they are called dust hits.”

“So you’ve got a sound and light show with the sound of the fake bullets and then you’ve got the visual of the fake bullets which is the dust hit, which you shouldn’t be able to see like that, and the spark hit”

“…and you’ve got this poorly choreographed police officer falling down when you can clearly see the bullet hitting the dust like three feet to his left. I mean it is all just a magic show.”

Dallas Shootout: Gunman shooting down police officer caught on camera (GRAPHIC FULL VIDEO)

“Spark Hits” used in Dallas Cop Shooting

Spark Hits Demonstration

It is claimed that the Dallas killings were conducted using an SKS rifle (one of the unwritten rules seems to be that an AR 15 is always mentioned first, but in this case and in the case of Orlando a different weapon was later assigned) Therefore the results that are seen on the streets of Dallas should be replicated in independent field tests.

Different ammunition can cause a different reaction from the object fired upon but the SKS does not appear to create any sparks at all when fired into concrete objects in field tests supporting the claims made by Jesse Spots.

No sparks at all here.

SKS vs Cinder Block

SKS vs concrete pads

In addition it appears that there were multiple takes on the dramatic police shooting production as two separate versions of the event exist, one version does not include any vision of the shooter at all, nor any sparks.

The Destruction of the United States?

The response to the latest psychological operation has been markedly different from what is generally observed. Fake terror with Muslim patsies never created the same type of response and it seems that the owners of the United States are preparing to deliver the coup de grace to the US nation now that they have used it for all it was worth and the long-standing racial divisions are going to be used in the planned controlled demolition of US society in the near future.

Psychotic tweet from an individual named Joe Walsh in response to the Dallas psy- op.
Ominous tweet from a former politician named Joe Walsh in response to the Dallas psy- op.

It appears that there is a widespread subliminal awareness that the US is being deliberately driven over a cliff by madmen and that given the persistence of the programmed Pavlovian response to every event as they are staged at an ever accelerating rate, it may well be too late to do anything to change this situation.

65 thoughts on “Special Effects and Modified Weapons Expose Dallas Deception.

  1. I find it a bit ironic that Dallas is the place for this psyop. Afterall, Dallas was the scene for the original big conspiracy that took out JFK. Only with that one, it was always just a lone gunman, a man who actually never had a thing to do with even firing a bullet. He was not the man shown hold a manlicker-manlicher rifle. His only mistake was getting involved with US intelligence in the first place. but sound tapes from a motorcycle cop are reported to have 6-8 gut shots detected. It was a shooting gallery there that day.

    But now it always has multiple players and is weeded down to just one. Now I am going to be very serious at this point. I like to kid and joke a lot but this is serious. Those responsible for these fake events take great delight in playing and making these events just as absurd and ridiculous as they can. Why? They have been engineering the stupidity of the population in the USA since at least 1860 when schooling became mandatory. Now I would suggest that the “brilliance” of this move was not fully comprehended by those who set it up. I suspect a far greater “other-worldly” intelligence may have “suggested” this move; He seeing far more than we, what it could lead to in time, with the right moves.

    but now they sit back and admire just how effective they were at turning us all into idiots. I mean really blank minds capable of almost nothing, so that a few intelligent people who see thru this would make no difference whatsoever, except in the eyes of the ultimate judge. The elite laugh and delight in their accomplishment. There is joy in putting out the most pathetic videos of supposed violence and seeing hardly a soul notice. It is an endless sort of delight for them. Worried about us who see thru this BS? Not at all! The arrogance and confidence of these guys is never to be underestimated. They likely even try to weave comedy or satire in these things. Take the Manlicher gun of Oswald. Oswald was known to be homosexual or have leanings that way. His wife was pretty hot. I have heard allegations that the FBI, while guarding her after the assassination, were helping themselves to her. But that Oswald was a man-licker and had that kind of gun, why this left them all laughing for years after.

    “Wow, we were brilliant. All that great humor and no one sees. Damn, we’re good!”

    And they laugh at us conspiracy theorists who love pointing out their absurd videos and they likely enjoy us doing so. “Go ahead! Point out some more of how dumb we are, you poor fools,” they say. They figure they are holding all the cards. They are! Well, except for that very last hand God intends on playing.

    We are doing some good. There are a small few that will listen and learn and realize that there are other-worldly forces that are manipulating us and that we can escape if we can accept the terms laid out and promised to us about 3500 years ago. God likes to give advanced warning in order to be fair. The other guy does not like fairness or honesty.

    So I expect these events to get more absurd and crazy, not less. Now we faked moon landings. I’m kind of holding out for some more of those and having a camera vehicle landing and catch a gang of aliens have picnic up there. That would be cool. But its just not crazy enough for our tormentors. So expect an alien invasion or visitation or some damn crazy thing like that. I know, right now I am the crazy one, but when it happened and it will, then I can be released from my straight jacket, although I am getting kind of comfortable in it. Now sure I want to go back.

    But I’m also a bit like those crazy guys making those videos. What If I present the truth ins such outrageous fashion that no one believe me, even when it comes true. You can’t make this stuff up, ya know. It writes its self.

    In short, we are laughed at by the jokers but we will have the last laugh. and you know what they day about who laughs last, right?

    • Thanks, that means a tremendous amount to me because it was listening to you on the BBC talkback show in 2011 that prompted me to look at 911 and that triggered the whole process of which this is the end product. Thanks again.

    • Mr. Fetzer, I think you are the one tho did a book on Sandhook and other books, too., I am please as hell that you are here. You have good tastes you know. This blog is top notch and right on things as soon as they start. James R. does not sleep 😉 or wait till its long over. I know you got some resistance, too. Far out is all I can say 😉

  2. Similar simulation techniques are found in the film The Game (1997) when Michael Douglas’s character was pursued by CRS actors using realistic fake machine guns (in my opinion the film, as well as the film Fight Club (also directed by David Fincher) contained a lot gang stalking motifs such as street theater and domestic terrorism apparently established and coordinated nationwide by nobodies)).

  3. Wrote my usual comment soon as read but all became twenty questions, OK a dozen so far, but could easily continue on and therefore do little but ‘ask?’ None detailed and examining how – but why? (None included in this comment “take-two”). And not about/why and; gun-grab, racial-dividing towards emergencies and more figurehead-Obama in 2017, prep. for economic collapse etc etc. Conspicuous political motives. Agreed-obvious but this-way planned, and/or failures-in, considering constraints and opportunities available, doesn’t lead me to believe it’s all about the fallibility of the ‘actors’ (not my term but one of the ‘authorities’ speak) and challenging organisation? Presumably did their ‘SWAT analysis’ – so what was or is, in their minds? Assume same back-room elite at this event and ‘others’? /…Here we go, questions tumbling out. And ‘they’ watch us sleuth away. All the while and those who previously amplified these banners, content to assume lone killer/s and i.e. causalities. A nod “included more than one killer, yet since we’ll never know (?) – so not much to mention”.

    Disagree with this approach and commend looking ever-more and again closely, as you – and few – are doing here. False-flag or full-hoax’s are dangled before us. Simultaneously constructed to cover-up -and- self-expose. M’holy hunch is this mostly about the mass-psychologicals come ritual. If correct, these motives better explain methodology. Participants and how, have purposes not least tests/experiments and different stakeholders, still reckon, leaves gaps in the explanation? I see some are going the numerology route – fair do’s. Me… I gotta hike into seclusion and do what I believe counts aka pray. If I get revelation, post out and aim prophetic.

    Two to close: False what-have-you incidents are worth ever-more attention. And best-as-can followed up and kept in living testimony. Sandy Hook on… From 9/11 – these ‘stories’ are being paraded as best-forgotten/move-on but as long as there’s anything like the internet/printed matter, are intensely where Truther-hope and deliverance from evil is at. And, repeating; these perverse acts of communication from initiation-central, are best countered by defiance and ‘their defeat’. Much has be written/said about the fear-bringing intent. Without pretending no-scares and the scale of the monster – we should speak the alternative scenario. I might have no-hope for us but ‘in God’ coming through but would at least encourage we talk us-up and ‘them’ down. This thinking I’m scrabbling in the dark to see more about. All to surmise is: What we all write and speak back – Matters. May Jim Fetzers book/series to ‘Crimes’, continue on strong, gathering us voices in the wilderness. Thanks.

    • Thanks for that mark, you have made a lot of good points here. I do not know whom is responsible for this or what is in their mind. It is very clear that they are trying to engineer some type of civil strife and this incident is very, very alarming and shocking because as despicable as the routine framing Muslims is, they are such a tiny group in the US that framing Muslims does not tear at the social fabric in the same way as the Dallas event has done. My opinion without basis is that it is time to move the tyranny project up a few notches and civil strife is a prerequisite for that. Many thanks for commenting I wish I could offer answers to the excellent questions that you have asked but I cannot.

      • “whom is responsible for this?”

        – The Jew World Order International Communist/Globalist’s that rule Europe and the United States.

        “what is in their mind?”

        – Federalization of the local police. Just as they federalized the department of ‘education’. They want blacks to be excused from their crimes, and they want blacks to be policing white people in white areas. How else are you going to have police arrest people for the coming ‘hate crimes’ anti first amendment laws that Hillary Clinton will put in place? Europe does not have free speech anymore and they intend to do the same here.

        “framing Muslims does not tear at the social fabric in the same way as the Dallas event has done”

        – Framing arabs and blacks is ONLY DONE in these highly charged (((media))) psyops. It does a couple things. First, it makes the arabs and blacks think that ‘white’ people run the gov’t and media and not the jews. Second, it makes it harder for Whites that are racially aware to accept these events as hoaxes/staged events, they see how much the jew media covers up and ignores massive black criminality and thinks that these must be real because this or that event will wake up non racially aware Whites.

        Lastly, you may seem to notice that the psyops in Europe and the recent ones in the US have people/liberal idiots setting up candlelight vigils and demonstrations that proclaim ‘we will not let the terrorists win, destroy our multicultural diversity shithole, bring more immigrants here”. That gets countered by people/nationalists that say ‘yeah, get these fuckers out of our countries, we don’t benefit in any way by their presence, we are sick of their gangs and our women being fucking raped”. The BIGGER CRIME in the minds of the (((media))) and these idiot leftist faggots is the latter statement not the former.

        So in the end, although it seems initially to GO AGAINST their goals (mass immigration into white countries and ONLY white countries), the brainwashed leftist TV watching pieces of shit demand our countries to do more of this nation destroying behavior unknowingly carrying out the jew agenda. Make sense?

      • Thanks for that Faker Than You Know, it is good to see that you are not bound by PC constraints! I would however respectfully disagree with your claim that “jews run the government and the media.” In my opinion, Bankers run the government and the media, and while many of these elite bankers are from a Jewish background many others are not. Individuals such as JP <organ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._P._Morgan and Allen Dulles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allen_Dulles are a couple of classic examples of peoplke who were very important, very sinister and gentile. In my opinion the elite want you to blame the Jews and use immoderate language because it lets them off the hook with the masses. It makes things easy for them.
        You write that "… you may seem to notice that the psyops in Europe and the recent ones in the US have people/liberal idiots setting up candlelight vigils and demonstrations that proclaim ‘we will not let the terrorists win, destroy our multicultural diversity shithole, bring more immigrants here”. That gets countered by people/nationalists that say ‘yeah, get these fuckers out of our countries, we don’t benefit in any way by their presence, we are sick of their gangs and our women being fucking raped”. The BIGGER CRIME in the minds of the (((media))) and these idiot leftist faggots is the latter statement not the former."I think that your analysis of the way fear and terror are used to further the agenda is pretty strong, you make a lot of good points but more people will probably listen to what you are saying if you moderate the language a little. Thanks for an interesting and thought provoking comment.

  4. Hi awesome stuff again. I agree with most of this info. But the photo with the police having a blank firing adaptor looks like it was photo shopped. The yellow I would assume it’s the tasers.

    • Thanks for that Marios. As far as the tasers go, you are right about that and thanks for the info, I will make the changes required. As far as the other photo being photo-shopped, I am extremely confident that is not the case as I took that photograph from a neutral source and I assume it looks like that due to the severe cropping that I have done to it. Obviously I have no idea what was done to the photo prior to my viewing it but I am very confident it is legitimate. I took the large photograph of the police in a line and made several smaller cropped photographs from it but did not make any alterations to any of the photos other than to crop them, I did not even change the contrast or colour saturation. Many thanks for that very helpful comment.

  5. You moron, the orange devices you see on the pistols held by the officers in the photos are round excluders placed in the chambers of unloaded weapons with external high visibility “flags” to clearly show all that the weapons are unloaded. The officers in the photo appear to be removing them so that they can load and fire them. You obviously need learn a great deal of knowledge on this subject before you open your mouth or hit your keyboard. Go put on your aluminum for foil hat and think about it for a while…

    • Thanks for commenting Wesley. I would suggest to you that the storm has been manufactured artificially. The powerful are seeking to promote chaos and fear to divide the people and save themselves. I do not know what group you belong to but I will tell you that the whites/blacks/hispanics do not want to kill you and the only real enemy you have are those trying to convince you that other groups of people are your enemy. Whomever you consider your enemy, please do not use your gun against anyone as this is guaranteed to only make things worse. (I know that you only said lock and load) Thanks again.

  6. First off, it wasn’t a psy-ops operation. Have you ever been shot at in an area where there are multiple echo’s? Second, there weapons DID NOT have blank fire adaptors on them. It was the glare of the sign. Who are the conspiracy idiots saying this?? Probably never served a day in his life in the military. This is whats wrong with the media today….smdh

    • Thanks Ken, the blank fire adaptor observation was made by a US military veteran named William Mount. here is the video. https://youtu.be/aq0OOJqGHuU
      it is true that the light in the photos is distorted and it is possible that William Mount and I were mistaken. However, none of that is going to fix the centrepiece of the show, the police killing video where there is no way around the fact that the shooter is firing past the target, the impact is visible and it is absolutely clear that we are watching a faux event or a psy-op, Thanks for commenting.

    • It must take a giant intellect to regurgitate the most banal cliche ever. If you are going to irritate people at least take the trouble to use your brain. If possible.

    • Mine fits just fine and I really look hot in it. I make tinfoil look good! Doubtless, it will be a craze in no time. And the comfort is far in excess of those army helmets your buddies wear.

      • James, there is more than one way to express anything. And one way is not necessarily better or worse than another. A variety of responses only insures that a variety of people will respond. Some respond to one method and others respond to something else.

        I just happen to like humor and clowning around. And its hard to take the phonies seriously, anyway. I is what I is and so are we all. Together, we offer variety. Choice is a good thing.

      • Very good points truth1 but I think the lighter approach is the best for dealing with those type of people and I am going to try to remember that for the next time. I think an angry reaction such as what I offered is a sign that the person doing it takes themselves too seriously. Many thanks for your comments.

  7. I am on the personalliberty.com site and they have a smaller version of the 7 cops against the wall and not in the picture here, the 2 cops to the right of a large lamp post. And it struck me. It looks exactly like a Norman Rockwell picture. Each of them seems to be doing something (or nothing) different. Its really comical.Surely I can be forgiven if I laugh my you know what off.
    Send in the clowns! Oh! they’re already here. I’d like to see more of those Rockwell poses. Sort of like those moon mission photos. Now I know why Hollywood can’t put out a decent comedy anymore, Their writers are too busy doing scripts for false flags.

      • Yes, I did see that. And then I had to check my glasses to see if they needed cleaning. They were fine. so then I wondered if someone had tainted my beloved caffeine capsules with some kind of hallucinogen that was making me see crazy things. But no, it was the video. Me thinks the government employees have been taking their own drugs rather than selling them like they used to do. Our taxes are sure to go up again to support their “habits.” But I luvs muh country 😛

      • Thanks truth 1, the one thing that is really strange about that is that THEY CHOSE TO RELEASE THAT VIDEO. Why would anyone do that? It is not like it is even a half ok job, it is such a strange thing to do. Thanks for a customarily amusing and witty comment.

      • I really think that they released that video because they marvel at how effective the mind-depriving school system has been at preventing learning and critical thinking, so that even the worst acting in the world does not set off any alarms or concern. They don’t care about us knowing better, they are too few of us. But we can see why so many will one day perish, not seeing the day of doom approaching.
        I think of some lines from Gordon Lightfoot’s song Sundown:

        Sundown, I think its a shame, when I get feeling better when I’m feeling no pain.
        Sundown, I think its a sin, when I feel like I’m winning, when I’m losing again.

        The elite think they are winning, when they are engineering their own demise. How ironic. They can’t see thru Satan’s lies to them. the success they are having has blinded them to critical thinking. they are victims of the same as they perpetrate. You gotta love it 😉

      • Thanks for that truth1, I will have to listen to Sundown. I really admire the faith that both you and Mark have about a “happy ending” and I hope that you are right.

      • The certainty of the outcome is because prophecy is being fulfilled just as predicted. symbols aside, this was all forecast over 1900 to 3500 years ago and yet is an accurate predictor. If one has a model in science and that model can predict outcomes, then the model is deemed precise as are the theories behind it.

      • On Prophetic time lines

        Oh, I love these 🙂 Very few people like Bible Chronology, but that chronology is actually very important or it would not be there. And it happened to be one of the two subject that got early attention for my site in January 2000, along with my article on Masturbation, When the spooks saw that subject take off at my site, they had a hundred people make Bible Chronologies so that I would be lost in a sea of competitors. That said, Mine is the best history. I am able to blend and unite with key scientific and historical event for which not on other SOB can even come close. I’m trying to tack them all off right now as I write. Yes I am well studied in archaeology, dating sciences, history, etc. in 2016, we are at 6020 years from Adam’s creation. I say the world is far older. People do not know how to interpret the 1st 2 verses of Genesis or they would know that.

        As well, we have the very pivotal prophecy that predicted the birth of Jesus, to the year, but not exact day. But we can know the exact day of his death, April 13, 33 AD. And I can do astronomy, too..I even out-did Sir Isaac Newton in that. And did I mention I am very humble and modest, too? 😉

        There is a prophecy that indicates a slight amount of time beyond the 6,000 year limit allotted to mankind. I think it is Zephaniah but my memory does not work so well any more. Its on my site and article on the timelines of Jesus, which are important because the prediction of his birth to the year, is a very precise prophecy. Most prophecies lack that sort of precision. but God gave us one to show He can do that.


        And the best there is on the whole span of man and time since then:


        http://truth1.org/create7.htm its important to chronology.

        Now while there are a lot of prophetic symbols in the bible, there are only a handful that have a really big impact for us here in the last days. They all involve a very small compressed amount of time. and the big one by far is the coming, the arrival of the false Messiah, the supposed return of Jesus, commonly called the antichrist by John’s writings and that was what the Christians sued after that, most commonly. When Antichrist arrives, there is only 7 years left. So when he arrives, its just about over and it is very precise. But it is the arrival of him that is going to be preceded by some events and these are what I will focus on.

        Paul spoke of lying signs and wonders. Sabine recently referred to that phrase. These wonders were going to be impressive but would be designed to mislead us in the wrong direction. In order to make arrival of antichrist impressive, he needs to “pull a rabbiit out of his hat.” When I discerned that UFOs were real and made by men, I realized how vital they could be to deceiving and lying about this so called returned Jesus. Jesus is not coming back in physical form. He sacrificed that body and its rights and gave them up. So He won’t be back again in the flesh. He warned his people not to believe anyone who says he is the Christ/Messiah. I also saw several things that I thought would be crucial to antichrist. A world wide economic crash which I predicted to Jehovah’s Witnesses in the early 80s. It went over their heads.

        I also saw another world war as essential. Paul says the fake Christ will sit in the temple and proclaim himself to all So I know the temple will be rebuilt, but there are obstacles to that, like Muslims and the Dome of the Rock, maybe.

        As well, the antichrist will make a covenant with the world at the mid-point of his 7 year reign, 3.5 years in. That is when Christians get locked up and away in camps or prisons. They are let loose at the end of the 7 years when antichrist mysteriously dies at the hand of God. but that last 3.5 years is going to be horrific. Billions, not millions, will die. 2 billion, 3 billion, I have no idea exactly how much but it will be big. The people will be punished for being stupid and falling for a really pathetic psyops. Aliens that speak perfect English and other languages, too. All sorts of BS claims. So lame, but we have come to expect it.

        But how near would you say the world is to WWIII or an economic collapse and many other horrific things? I think October of 2015 was amazing. We got real close there. This next election just might start things off. We don’t know exactly when it will start, but its not apt to give us much more warning any longer. It could happen at nearly anytime. A convenient false flag. A nuke set off? A crash. !0 things at once so that everyone is confused and uncertain and not thinking well. But you are here now. its not far off any more.

        I am going to discuss the paranormal-supernatural in another post. We are seeing some deceiving signs and wonders now. they are on video no less. later!

      • Thanks for that extremely detailed explanation truth1. I have a lot to learn on that subject and you have shown me several avenues to pursue. Thank you.

  8. I’m so glad to hear your explanation of that scene. I could hardly believe my eyes the first time I saw it. The “shooter” comes out waving his gun all over the place, firing in six different directions. Then in a bold laser-tag type ambush, he just runs up to the person behind the pillar and tags him dead. Then he waves his gun around some more while doing some kind of voodoo dance and seems to be shooting at the walls. Good thing those weren’t the kind of bullets that can ricochet.. The dust and sparks had me confused. I was pretty sure that was typical munitions physics. Good grief!!! I live in Texas and get the feeling that most folks here aren’t buying it, though it often goes unspoken. Thanks for speaking the truth!

    • Many thanks for that Ann, I am hoping that after the first wave of shock passes people feel freer to critique the story here. It is very pleasing to learn that someone from Texas has read this piece. Thanks again.

      • I got an interesting piece of info for ya. On the Kev Baker radio show in Scotland,

        the guest Rod Scarth reports that James Holmes, Aurora shooter, reported to other prisoners that he did not remember a thing and he would go thru cycles of behavior. You can see his look of bewilderment in his court appearances. But guess who would come to visit him in prison for “treatment ” ?

        None other than Dr. Ewen Cameron who did the hideous experiments at McGill university in Montreal Canada, paid by the US CIA and not Canada. Sirhan Sirhan did not remember anything, either. It is a repeating pattern. AS well in Aurora, there were said by witnesses to be multiple shooters with their heads concealed. The show also talked about anchors & triggers and the polkadot dress in the RFK murder. But Ewen Camerons must have been pretty old by the time of Aurora.

        Lots of fascinating things about hypnosis that lead me to believe that the paranormal/supernatural is involved in much of hypnosis. Scrath is also a medium as well. I got some real fascinating stuff I will be publishing on my site on hypnosis. All the stuff you will never hear anywhere else.

        On another note, on July 11, I had a record number of visits for the day, It was the day that James Fetzer showed up at your site and you put my link up. my record previous was either 18 or 19. July 11 it was 30. right off the hook. And last month was my highest month total as well at 229. And today just checking, Google has visited my site 5 times from its Mountain View location in Cali. So Mr. Fetzer, in some way or another has boosted things real good. I have had 4 different cities from Texas visit and 3 from North Carolina. Usually a state only has on location on a visit. California is normally my most common state visitor, usually checking up on me I suspect. Southern Cali is more common than the north. I get a lot from the DC area, like around Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, etc.

        So thing are rocking! An update about Hampstead should be showing up on the Kev Baker Youtube channel soon. Looking forward to that!

      • Many thanks for that truth 1. I will listen to the fellow being interviewed by Kev Baker. As far as Ewan Cameron goes, there must be some misunderstanding because the notorious Ewan Cameron is supposed to have died in 1967, at least according to Wikipedia.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Ewen_Cameron I am very pleased that you had extra traffic to truth 1. As more people become aware of your site I am sure that will skyrocket as it deserves to do. I am very pleased that your mood is optimistic and I hope it lasts. Many thanks for commenting.

      • That Cameron info is interesting. I am going to revisit it. You know, then guests like this come on, they often lie and deceive. I am going to verify. I noted the time, 59:45. This ought to be interesting. That Scarth was both a hypnotist and medium did make me suspicious. too many effects of hypnosis exceed normal human parameters. He recounted how he hypnotized a man to not see another person in front of him and then see what another person behind him was doing that was concealed from vision and the guy saw it. eyes can not look thru a person. Hypnotic effect could make you not see someone but not enable you to see thru them. that would be the province of the demonic paranormal realm. I’ll be back later.

      • Thanks truth 1, your knowledge of hypnosis is far greater than mine, I genuinely have no idea if the phenomenon described is possible. I have just downloaded the show and will listen to it. I cannot put my finger on any reason but after being a pretty big fan and enjoying many of their shows I stopped enjoying the Kev Baker show in recent months and am no longer a regular listener but they do have some very good guests on there at times and Rob Scarth may well be one of them.

      • Hello truth1 I listened tot he show, I thought it was very good, I am a big admirer of Chris Everard and the hypnotist was very interesting. what you wrote was completely correct, at 58 minutes Kev baker says that Ewan Cameron was visiting James Holmes, I figured he must have got the names confused so I checked James Holmes’s story to see if I could figure out to whom he was referring. James Holmes psychiatrist was a woman named Lynn Fenton who is employed at the University of Colorado as a threat assessor specialist. She was embroiled in controversy after it was claimed that Holmes told her of his homicidal thoughts but she allegedly did nothing about it. She does not appear to have any links to mind control programs that I could see. There may be another James Holmes psychiatrist that I have missed but I do not know what Kev was referring to there. As far as Aurora goes it all seems academic to me because in my opinion Aurora was the first or one of the first completely fake events so I do not therefore believe that James Holmes or anyone else shot anybody in Aurora but Holmes was clearly caught in some type of sinister web of people who set him up.

  9. As I was working on my father’s house today, I was running thru my head what might have happened. 1st when you get into conspiracy theory and territory, you have to expect many lies and false leads. but I was not able to listen to the recording while at the house. I am going to ask Kev about that. Did Cameron get his death faked or is someone confused, or is someone else somewhere lying, or like me, partially senile. So I will ask Kev Baker about it. was it another famous doctor or was he missing Sirhan in with this? Candy Jones was a CIA programmed agent from Hollywood.She had a doctor treat her but he went by another name. Some have suggested it was Sidney Gottlieb who died in 1999.

    He operated out of an office in Oakland Cali. not only did he “operate” on Candy Jones but was the programmer for Sirhan according to Jones. I have her book. Its only available used or thru an interlibrary loan, in the US. so there can be no doubt about Sirhan being a programmed victim. Same for James Holmes. Discussion of Sirhan did come up with Baker and company.

    As for Lynn Fenton, we can never be sure of her real qualifications, but that she had any dealing with Holmes raises a lot of suspicion for me.

    Now I have also read/own an excellent book by Carla Emery, called: Secret! Don’t Tell! – the Encyclopedia of Hypnosis. She does a great history of it and investigated it by taking a course on it and getting as well as hypnotizing. It was probably a mistake that she did so but she likely did not know at that time the dangers of hypnotism, which are denied by professionals. She ended up dying with cancer she insists was caused by her enemies for publishing this book. I tried to order the book thru her heir, her boyfriend, but he never filled my order and I got it refunded on my credit card. I found a used copy and bought that.

    But It is now dawning on me that while there is a natural hypnosis that can be performed, it is a slow process when done the normal way. That someone could hypnotize most people in 5 seconds can only suggest demonic help. and there was more reveal on that show that indicates demonic participation. As well, secret Government Mind Control Programming is intimately connected and associate with all forms of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Hypnotic programming is the key feature of that programming, along with electro-shock and frequent rapes beginning at very young ages and continues as long as they are controlled agents.

    Looks like I got more work to do.

    • Thanks truth 1. I have thought about this and I do not think Kev Baker would just make something up out of nowhere,but I do not think he could have meant Lynn Fenton so I will check further to see if Holmes had another psychiatrist. As far as Ewan Cameron goes, he was born in 1901, all those people pretty much got away with it, Sidney Gottlieb was up to his neck in all sorts of nastiness as you state but he had no problems prior to his death at 81 in 1999so I assume Cameron’s death was authentic whilst realising that this may not be the case.
      Derren Brown is a television hypnotist with a very strong dark occult undercurrent and one of his more interesting shows featured a man being hypnotised and given a trigger to shoot someone, on reception of the cue, they used blanks but it was very convincing and he did show some interesting capabilities.
      I will be very interested to read your piece on hypnosis, it is not a subject I have even begun to research so I am sure that I will learn a lot as I did even from your comment for which I thank you.

      • Well, Cameron being born in 1901, makes him pretty old, a little too old to be around for James Holmes. I’ll check with Kev Baker and hopefully we can iron this out. But the similarities between Holmes and Sirhan is not small. neither memories of what they supposedly did. Sirhan never killed anyone. He just left some holes in the walls. I don’t even know if Holmes ever held a gun or not. I do not believe he was even in the theater. He is dumped off outside to be picked up and framed. Yet another Oswald for our collection. You know I am running out of room here with all these innocent patsies piling up. But as for real victims, I am having trouble finding any.

      • Thanks truth 1, my understanding of those two events is identical to what you have written. With Aurora a bunch of crime scene photographs were released last year. Jim Stine published them at his site, there was nothing in those photos that even began to suggest that anyone had been shot and killed there. Aurora appears to have been one of the earlier fake events in the US and once it worked they were ready to move onto the more ambitious Sandy Hook job four or five months later. Thanks for your response.

      • I like how they used a giri in a polka dot dress, just like RFK. And Sirhan does not remember what he did, either. Derren actually summons spirits in his performances. Xendrius channel on youtube has amazing magicians performing tricks by means of spirits. Xendrius does damn good work.

  10. I posted the link to Derren Brown’s video. That was a helpful link to my article on Rod Scarth/Kev Baker show. I wonder now if Derren was not suggesting at least a couple things in the polkadot association. One, that both Holmes and Sirhan were victims of the very same type and that neither did anything, except get framed by being at the crime scenes. As well, was the white with blue polkadots dress a trigger in the RFK killing? Or one of several? There was significant testimony about the woman in that dress. Sounds like the elite bragging again. Show offs! Could also be a hint about how many assassinations and psyops are done. Anchors and triggers as Rod called them. A very interesting performance by any measure. In my book, it goes down as solid evidence. The choices could not have been an accident. They were chosen deliberately and no one need doubt that. Too many similarities and associations. Another little lesson in “rules of evidence” as applied in conspiracy research carried out in the spirit of an urgency similar to martial law, where normal order is completely missing and another method (martial law) takes precedence until the situation has been brought under control.

    We are in a state of emergency where we should have by now realized that we have been outnumbered and outplayed and surrounded by evil and regular rules and conduct are not possible at this point. We can not wait around for solid proof in all things. Some things will have to be accepted on their face value. I wish it were not that way but I can not ignore what my eyes are seeing.

    • Thanks very much for that truth 1. Regarding RFK there was an eyewitness who claimed that she heard the polka dot woman say words to the effect of “We killed him” as she left the scene. The witness who made the claim was bullied by police to change her mind, I have heard a recording of the police interview. As far as thge rules of evidence goes, you make an interesting point and you may well be right about that. many thanks for commenting.

  11. I’m not really familiar with this webpage and came across it by accident, so I am hoping it is an ‘onion-style’ website.
    The notion that the officers are using BFA’s is ridiculous. What you are seeing in those frames are the glare from the BofA neon. Nothing more. On the rifle, there is a red spot between the upper receiver and the front sight? What are you trying to say that is? As far as the sparks coming off of the column, we are not seeing what is being hit. There could be some type of plate or metallic object in the column.

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