Ankara Bombed Again

Aftermath of the latest bombing to strike Turkey in the Guvenpark bus station of the Kisilay district of Ankara.
Aftermath of the latest bombing to strike Turkey in the Guvenpark bus station of the Kisilay district of Ankara.
Aftermath of the latest bombing to strike Turkey in the Guvenpark bus station of the Kisilay district of Ankara.
Aftermath of the latest bombing to strike Turkey in the Guvenpark bus station of the Kisilay district of Ankara.
Google earth image of the Guven park bus station area, targeted in the latest blast.
Google earth image of the Guvenpark bus station area, targeted in the latest blast.

Updated March 20th,2016.

The death toll from the Ankara blast rose to 37 victims and the TAK Kurdistan Freedom Falcons group again claimed responsibility for the massacre having already claimed the very strange and beyond suspicious February attack.

Whenever a group such as the TAK pops up from obscurity and starts conducting devastating large scale terror attacks that clearly harm the Kurdish cause and bolster that of the Turkish Government the authenticity and even existence of the group must be questioned.

March 14th, 2016.

Ankara Bombing Leaves at least 27 dead and 75 wounded.

A massive explosion has struck the Turkish capital Ankara leaving at least 27 people dead. A bus interchange area was struck by what is being claimed to have been a car bomb.

At least 27 killed, 75 wounded in Ankara blast: Ankara governor’s office

This is the third major bombing attack to have struck the Turkish capital in the past six months and comes less than a month after a highly suspicious blast left 29 dead in the Ankara administrative central district.

The largest city in Turkey, Istanbul has also been targeted in recent months.

Whereas many of the previous attacks like the Suruc attack of July 2015, the Ankara blast of October and the February Ankara attack were rather obvious false flags designed to bolster Turkey’s flagging position in Syria in various ways the motive for the latest attack is not immediately clear. Turkey is the host to so many different terror outfits both supported and opposed by the Government that if this was an authentic attack,  the list of suspects will be a very long one.

Hurriyet Daily News reports that the US Government warned it’s citizens of plots to attack the Government district of Ankara on March 11th.

The U.S. Embassy informs U.S. citizens that there is information regarding a potential terrorist plot to attack Turkish government buildings and housing located in the Bahçelievler area of Ankara. U.S. citizens should avoid this area.”

There has not been any claim of responsibility at this time.

Moment of the Ankara Explosion.

Turkey: At least 27 killed, 75 injured in Ankara blast

Turkey: Aftermath of Ankara bomb blast which killed 27 people

4 thoughts on “Ankara Bombed Again

  1. Erdogan: ‘These attacks, which threaten our country’s integrity and our nation’s unity and solidarity, do not weaken our resolve in fighting terrorism but bolster our determination’. BBC: ‘No group has admitted carrying out the attack in the capital, Ankara, but…’

    …bomb those who’ve yet to admit, or produce evidence, were involved? No pause, even to consider named-Kurds, who denied they did the last one, decided to do this one? And the protest about this, moving more-mute. Those who’d have previously reported alternative analysis – at least speculated – so-far, seem quiet.

    Quite the day for Putin to say ‘objectives achieved’? Perhaps this, additionally timed to stall Turkey and – more – invasions into Syria? Now they’ve been ‘attacked’. If it is a false..? What’s to be achieved? One regardless, is about numbing us into, submission. Once news… and concern: Now they come and go, with decreasing media-fuss. Familiarity breeding… While we’re increasingly into ‘impossible to tell?’ – before even looking – so let’s not bother. The history of false-flags, says otherwise and the reason to cry-out about these mainstream ‘hidden unmentionables’. Talk like adults should. Talk like responsible adults, should. Must. Where will this all go, if we don’t, stop it?

    Here’s one below to re-post for those less-acquainted, or prepared to accept the evidence, let alone conclusions. We need more. You should rename this site, ‘crimes… in the wilderness’. Raise that voice now. Please. Lights might be few and far but none can be sure, we won’t start seeing, the switches go on.

    All of America’s Wars Begin with False Flags (and WWIII Will Too)

    • Many thanks for that mark, you make a very good point,as the Burning Blogger pointed out after the previous Ankara attack,there is absolutely no point in conducting a terror attack if you are not going to take credit for it. I am very surprised by the Russian announcement, I have no idea who was behind this but Erdogan is trying to justify his increasing tyranny with the “under siege” narrative so every attack helps to some extent. It is entirely possible that a third party is involved and that Turkey is being deliberately plunged int civil war as Syria was, as part of a broader regional reshuffle that will see Ethno-Religious statelets replace most of the existing nations. It was interesting that Israel recently stated it’s approval of a Kurdish state. Thanks fr comment.

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