Unexplained Explosion at US Military Base in Japan

Amazing explosion in U.S base in Japan. [Complete vídeo]

August 24th, 2015.

Sagami General Depot Explosions.

A series of unexplained explosions have rocked a US storage facility in Japam called the Sagami General Depot, no casualties have been reported.The incident took place in the early hours of the morningat the depot which is located South-West of Tokyo.

We seem to be moving into the next phase of human history. Something has ended and something else is beginning. Unfortunately I do not know what is happening.

In my opinion we are not seeing the US attack China and China responding. This is pure conjecture but a third party is doing this. A rogue element is upset and trying to engineer something terrible or so it seems.

Pentagon confirms explosion at Sagami US military depot in Japan | US news | The Guardian

“The Sagami depot is home to the 35th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, concerned with army supply and logistics including the management of chemicals and ammunition.”

We may have reached the time when the veil is beginning to fall. It is also possible I have been watching too many Youtube “disaster movies” obviously but there is a very strange atmosphere right now.

There is an unmistakeable sense of the calm before the storm. Whether the “storm” is financial collapse, major war or a true “Black swan” event that no-one has anticipated there is no doubt that there is a very very widespread understanding, rightly or wrongly, that something horrendous and dramatic is about to happen and may be in the process of happening.

The Financial Markets alone are testament to a type of collective consciousness and the recent 3% drop on Wall Street prior to Friday closing, coupled with multiple percentage drops in Tokyo and Sydney today also reflect this to some extent at least.

Japan Explosion At Kanagawa US Military Base! WHY IS EVERYTHING EXPLODING IN ASIA?!

Explosions at US Military Facility – Sagamihara Japan Aug 23 2015

Japan: U.S army base on lockdown after explosions rock military building

21 thoughts on “Unexplained Explosion at US Military Base in Japan

    • Many thanks Whitewraithe.I wish I could be more helpful and I wish I knew but Tianjin looks like an attack and it looks a lot like the 911 site. Logically the group responsible was probably similar to the group responsible for 911.So the best guess is that someone is trying to really start World War 3 right now. They want the Chinese to blame the Americans and vice versa. They want war between the US and China. This is only a guess. Thanks for your comment.

      • I wonder if the U.S. thinks China or the Japanese attacked their base?

        Then that second explosion in China which I used your report to re-post at PW, thank BTW.

        But it looks as if no one is taking responsibility.

        I would bet a dollar that the U.S. is causing these strange explosive anomalies.

  1. This is baffling. But I hve a number of scenarios that I keep in mind. I think the NWO has a list of possible paths to take. They could take just 1 or several, but they are not even sure themselves which one or several might be most appropriate and useful. Economic collapse might be good but might be dangerous, too. Full scale race riots, the same. WWIII? It has a nice ring to it, they think. But there is another one that has bee on the books and it might be the one they decide to lay now, rather than later. A mock (we won’t know its a mock) UFO Alien invasion. Might they eventually get hte blame and the world has to unite for fighting the crisis and an supposed alien steps out of one of the UFOs and says he is Jesus returned (the antichrist in reality, the false messiah). Or there could be 2 sets of aliens, one pitted against us and the other UFO fleet and the other recuses us against the first and then out pops “Jesus.”

    UFO tech is not recent nor far out tech, either. Part of Operation Paperclip and designed by Tesla near to 1900 AD, so that by now, it is actually outdated technology. They kept it hidden and held technology back so that it might appear more amazing than it really is. All I know is that they are all liars and speak nothing but lies. It certainly is perplexing to say the least.

    • Thanks for another fascinating comment truth1now. The fake alien invasion Project Bluebeam is a very interesting card that is waiting to be played clearly. My interpretation of this actually grows from your earlier comments that I think were right on the mark. They are trying to start WW# and it is a third party. The Bankers Empire for want of a better term. They have a track record of similar shenanigans, including very recently. The motive seems to be angst over Iran deal and the general marginalisation of Israel within the West. This is only a guess obviously. Thanks again for comment.

  2. China and Japan are politically and culturally very different. On hearing of the first explosion in China my initial thoughts were of a badly managed factory or plant. The subsequent explosions increase suspicion of something more sinister or planned. This explosion in Japan is very different matter, as health and safety and site security in Japan are of paramount importance. Is it then more significant? Beyond that there seems to be little other than speculation, and loosely joining the dots at this point. But keep asking the questions, James.

    • Thanks Covenant woman. There is little more than speculation you are right. It is frustrating and insufficient. I will try harder.

  3. Stop it now. There was no criticism intended. The lack of information makes it frustrating. But your reporting in not insufficient.

    • I was only agreeing with you. The work is somewhat half baked, and I will try and improve. It was not a mean criticism or harsh, but still true. Thanks for comment Covenant woman.

  4. Agreed we are all speculating. But one of these days, that speculation is going to look a lot like fulfillment. Don’t know which cards will be played or what order they are played in, I know the cards they have in their hand. I just don’t know which ones will be played first or at all. They do like to keep us guessing. Of you could be Bill Cooper and nail it right on the mark. But then Bill was done in for that, too. Better that we are not too good at forecasting or we will be joining him 😉

    • Thanks truth1now, I know I am no Bill Cooper but he was quite isolated. Now there are thousands of little Bill Coopers complicating matters if something large is attempted. Thanks for comments.

      • I notice the same in that there are too many wise to too much to be able to wipe them all out now. What used to get people killed, now is freely allowed to be spread. They got their military and militarized police waiting to give us demonstration or two of what they can do. Sort of like the Navy Blue “Angels” coming to show off their goods. I am not sure I want attend that one, though.

      • Yes, they are clearly gambling on being able to implement the police state to the extent that when the truth dawns on people it will be too late to do anything about it. It seems a desperate gamble they are doomed to lose but time will tell.

  5. Some crazy bastard who kind of claims to be responsible for The Panama Papers (and claims to have good reason for not sharing with anyone else) has a theory involving Israeli Zionist infiltration of Pentagon and Defence Agencies…. (mainly the National Reconnaissance Office), and recent NRO payloads that have been delivered into Earths orbit.
    Unexplained explosions have been occurring in Iran for a number of years. Possibly more in China (these areas where populated)….

    • Thanks for that anonymous, these are very interesting ideas and there have been many strange events in many places in recent years. The person offering the information may well be correct but this is a very difficult area to check and confirm the claims that have been made. If you have any further links to this information they would be appreciated. Thanks for commenting.

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