Sydney Siege Inquest Begins-Facts Reveal a Farce

January 29th,2015.

Police exit Locked Door.  Perfectly natural.
Police exit Locked Door. Perfectly natural.

The Inquest into the Sydney siege has begun and we were given for the first time, a detailed version of the Official story of this event, They had six weeks to try and get their story straight, to hone the good parts and excise the damning parts and yet the story is plainly incoherent nonsense. Work will continue on the Official story until the end of the Inquest, but today the basic facts of what happened were announced for the first time. The account was provided by the Barrister acting on behalf of the Coroner, Jeremy Gormly SC

Jeremy Gornly SC, Counsel Assisting the Coroner.
Jeremy Gormly SC, Counsel Assisting the Coroner.

Here are some of the highlights from the evidence presented.

Monis was in the Cafe for at least half an hour before the siege began.
We were told that Man Haron Monis entered the Cafe at 8.33am, ordered a cup of coffee and some cake, calmly ate them and sat in the cafe for half an hour prior to the commencement of the siege. After eating his cake, Monis asked to move to another table . Monis apparently needed a line of sight on the street in order to be able to receive the “go” confirmation from his handler. This is just an assertion but really stands out like a beacon, he couldn’t start until he received the thumbs up. Three cheers to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for tactfully editing this unpleasantness from their coverage of the story.

Tori Johnson-the one individual Monis is alleged to have shot. Cafe Lindt Manager.
Tori Johnson- Cafe Lindt Manager-the one individual Monis is alleged to have shot.

Get the Manager.
When Monis decided to begin the siege, he asked a staff member to see the Manager, the allegedly murdered Tori Johnson. Tori Johnson duly attended the table and sat down, Monis informed him then of his intention and claimed to be carrying a bomb. , Monis asked the Manager to telephone the police and tell them what was happening. Including the  whole line of manure about this being an attack on Australia by the Islamic State. The phone call that the Manager made to the police  lasted for twelve minutes.
That is not an error, it lasted for twelve minutes.
The other astonishing and completely damning detail that was provided was that upon Monis request, staff procured his keys and used them to lock the doors of the cafe. It is remarkable that this detail was included in the story because subsequent events mean that this claim cannot possibly be correct. The subsequent event being the exits made by hostages and police through multiple doors in the afternoon. The two are quite simply incompatible.

Selina Win Pe in her astonishing Hostage video.
Selina Win Pe in her astonishing Hostage video. Her claim regarding a bomb in George Street has now been completely confirmed. Something the “heroic” truth tellers at the Guardian chose to edit out entirely.

The other absolute pearl that was served up was the fact that the George Street bomb claim was not restricted to the Selina Win Pe hostage video, the claim about a bomb in George Street was made by Tori Johnson in the initial phone call to the police. On this matter, it was extremely interesting to note that the Guardian’s blow by blow account of the initial Coronial hearing chose to edit this deeply unpleasant fact entirely whilst mentioning the bomb claims regarding Martin Place and Circular Quay. “Monis claimed he was carrying a bomb and had several radio-controlled bombs in place at Martin Place and Circular Quay. ” So the Guardian deserves our thanks for reminding us of two things.

The Guardian is aptly named as they operate as the Guardian of each and every big lie.

2. The controlled media are at the forefront of the lies and corruption currently plaguing Western culture. Their corruption is far more pervasive than in any other major Western institution. Counsel acting for the Coroner, Julian Gormly SC appears to have no idea that the event was completely manufactured and synthetic and therefore had no idea of what needed to be covered up. The controlled media were there to protect the lie by focusing  only on the good parts of the story and burying the damning details.The entire focus was on the death of Tori Johnson, everything else was just tiresome detail.

The closed streets are marked in red, George street is clearly marked as being open.
The closed streets are marked in red, George street is clearly marked as being open. Map is from the Australian Financial Review.

Lies to order.
Despite their Efforts the George Street anomaly is not going to disappear.The opportunity to bury it has now disappeared and the media are helpless to change this fact.Selina Win Pe had already alerted us to this glaring anomaly in her hostage video, now we know that police were informed of a bomb in George Street at the very beginning of the siege.The claim that Selina Win Pe made was not a mistake, these were the claims being made by the supposed IS terrorist himself.

The police were informed that a bomb was in George Street and yet they did not close, evacuate or search George Street. There were also claims of a bomb in Circular Quay and Circular Quay was closed and largely evacuated. There is no reasonable explanation for the failure to do this at George Street. The NSW police either did not care that a bomb might be placed in George Street and could not be bothered to look for a device, or The NSW Police were completely aware of the parameters of the Security drill and knew that there were no bombs anywhere, but the evacuation of Circular Quay was part of the drill and part of the psy-op. The closure of George Street was too great an inconvenience and was not part of the planned drill so it didn’t happen.
NSW Police have only two choices on this matter, gross incompetence or complete complicity in the psyop. The truth is that no-one is actually that incompetent, the truth is obvious.
Again I am absolutely astonished that they left this part of the story in place over the six weeks they have had to concoct a more coherent piece of nonsense.
The Counsel largely skipped over the actual siege, We were told almost nothing about events during the siege.
The story moved straight to the end. We are told that at 2.14am, Monis shot Corey in the head as he was on his knees from a distance of 75 centimetres. (30 inches). It is extremely unclear why the Police snipers did not open fire on Monis at this point. Given that by their own account, a police sniper witnessed the killing.
We are told that Monis fired five shots in total, One warning shot in the afternoon that was not aimed at anyone.. One shot to murder Tori Johnson and shots that missed the police. We are told that Monis had an additional 21 rounds of ammunition of various brands in his pockets. Quite the “warrior of jihad” with his three round magazine, his fewer than thirty rounds and his cake and cup of coffee prior to going into “action”. I am sure that there are budding young militants throughout the Middle East who are in awe of his achievements as a jihadist. They will start doing the same thing in Iraq and Syria soon I am sure. Instead of driving up to the army base with the truck bomb and detonating it, in deference to Monis, the hard men of the IS and Jabhat al Nusra will soon pause for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake prior to their violent immolation. Presumably sharing a piece with the soldiers or civilians they plan to blow to pieces alongside themselves.
The most stunning and unbelievably damning detail given regarding the conclusion was that when Monis’ gun was found it was broken, it seemed he was in the process of trying to reload the gun. Reloading the gun would make no sense whatsoever as there were two rounds in the gun at the time in the three round magazine. We are expected to believe that the police stormed in and Monis fired at them and then decided it would be a good time to reload his weapon despite the weapon being two thirds full.

The wonderful Guardian cover themselves in glory once again on this topic, offering two mutually contradictory accounts of Monis’ actions at the end of the siege. They write. “Monis fired two shots from his sawn-off shotgun as police entered the building. He was hit at least 13 times in the face and body and died “instantly” while trying to fire another. ” and in the same article write that “It appears he died trying to reload his shotgun.”

How to describe this other than amateurish trash? One of the claims must be untrue, either he died trying to fire at police or he was trying to reload his gun. The Guardian have utterly humiliated themselves by printing these contradictory claims alongside one another in the same article.
The amount of shots fired by the police was drastically reduced to 22 (yes, elevens everywhere in this story) shots fired and it was claimed that the police threw 11 flash-bang stun grenades, which he described as SPF9 “distractors”. The 11 flash-bangs each caused 9 bangs leading to 99 bangs in all.

I have no idea what an SFP 9 distractor is, the internet quite simply contains no information whatsoever about these stun grenades or any stun grenade that creates 9 bangs.

Category:Stun grenades – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I am not about to claim they don’t exist, more research is required it does seem odd that there is tonnes of detail about other stun grenades but not a word about the SFP9.
So they improved the story somewhat there and managed to add some of their favoured numerological signatures at the same time. Win win.
The other major admission today was that all the deaths and injuries other than the Tori Johnson “murder: were caused by the “ricochets” of police fire. The other hostage who they claim died, Katrina Dawson, is claimed to have died as the result of a police round ricochet, all other wounds were ascribed to the exact same cause.

There were a couple of other funny little things that emerged. We were told that “Two police snipers who killed Monis are being represented at the inquest but their identities will remain a secret.
Solicitors for the pair asked for their clients’ identities to be withheld for their safety.” Which is rather a joke, not that their identities matter, but that all the hordes of non existent Monis fans are going to be after them if they know who they are. Monis has no fans in Australia, neither within or without the Muslim community, a fact exemplified by the fact  no Muslim organisation in Australia would even accept his body for burial in an undisclosed location.

Martin Place siege gunman Man Horan Monis buried in NSW

Another fetching detail was the “extraordinary” new security measures in the Court with each and every attendee subjected to a bomb detection search. Sterling stuff.

Ultimately all this pathetic fiasco tells us is that Australia is pretty low on the NWO totem pole. We get the petty and amateurish operations copied from the capitals of the Anglosphere. The nation is in such an advanced stat of zombified mental death that they can say and do anything and almost no-one will notice, no matter how ridiculous and insulting the story as is the case here.

Sydney Siege Sound The Alarm


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11 thoughts on “Sydney Siege Inquest Begins-Facts Reveal a Farce

  1. on SwissNatlRadio, the relevant journalist for Australia reported in his audio report, that no evidence proved links between Monis and “Jihadists”, Monis would have acted just “as a normal criminal”. The report stated also, that Police snipers could not intervene, when Monis went about to shoot the manager. The “security glass, several centimeters thick, a leftover from the place being formerly a Bank” would have prevented the snipers to achieve a safe kill.
    see also

    • Thanks for commenting. Hopefully you will follow up and clarify the specific point you were trying to make. If the glass was supposedly too thick to fire through, why were the snipers even deployed? What purpose did they serve if not to engage the supposed hostage taker?I think you are buying silly excuses in this case. Indeed if the building was formerly a Bank what would that have to with thick window glass? Why would a Bank have special glass for their front window? They are not after all guarding against someone trying to shoot through their windows. Bank robbers during business hours will walk into the bank and the primary countermeasure is glass that protects the teller from the gunman. The glass at the front is irrelevant. What purpose do you propose it would serve?

      • thanks for replying. Had assumed that you would be located in Australia and therefore be able right away to confirm or dispute, if the place had been a former Bank. (had just wondered if the Swiss journalist had completely made up his statement)
        this view of the place doesn’t look to me like a former Bank, the visible windows looks standard issue.
        The entire building in question contains restaurants/bars only
        Tried to swoop down with with Google Street map for an outside look of the crime scene, but Google shut down the program repeatedly, looks a bit fishy to me..
        It is my understanding, that Police are always having snipers on standby, even if the hostage takers hide behind bullet prove wall/glass, this in order to be able to intervene if the criminal would step out into the street, behind a “shield of hostages” and try to flee..
        For me, the main reasons I believe the event was staged was
        a) extraordinary worldwide coverage by MSM, despite the relatively small incidence (at the same time there was a hostage taking in Belgium, with practically no coverage)
        b) Monis had been able to acquire a weapon, despite having a criminal record, which points to a stand down order given by the authorities (same thing applied in the Charly Hebdo case)

  2. One day, when we beat these might-as-well-be aliens, we should look back at pieces like this, realising the facts, speak loud enough but James, we couldn’t say it better
    ever thanks


    • The police were in complete control at all times. You have been brainwashed and it is a sad thing to witness. The best place for you to start would be to understand that September 11th was a false flag attack conducted by Westerners in the tradition of the Operation Gladio false flags that the Western “deep state” conducted in Europe during the 1970s and 1980s. All of your fears regarding Muslims are completely misplaced. You are the victim of a psychological warfare campaign to enable the domestic police state and the ceaseless Middle Eastern wars. The pathetic Sydney concoction was merely the local installment of the international big lie. Thanks for comment.

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