We Live in a World of Miraculous Coincidences.

The Malaysian Airlines Home Page after being hacked by the so-called
The Malaysian Airlines Home Page after being hacked by the so-called “Cyber Caliphate” presumably the Herzilya branch. (cough)

January 25th, 2015.

Hackers Taunt Malaysian Airlines in Name of IS.

We are expected to believe that individuals affiliated with IS (“Initially the words “ISIS will prevail” appeared in the browser tab for the page, but that has since disappeared ” BBC) -hacked the Malaysian Airlines website front page and changed it to a picture of a lizard smoking a cigar wearing a suit and taunting them about the loss of MH 370.

This is the twitter account.

The BBC story quoted earlier.

BBC News – Malaysia Airlines website ‘compromised’ by hackers

It seems that rather than anyone in the “Caliphate”  this was an arrogant and drunk on power cabal flaunting their evil audacity. It is an open secret that they hijacked MH 370, the specific motive is harder to ascertain, although it is pretty clear the the punishment of the Malaysian State assumed high priority for them following the Malaysian War Crimes Tribunal conviction of Israel in late 2013.

Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

War Crimes Tribunal: “Beyond Reasonable Doubt”, Israel Found Guilty of Genocide | Global Research

This is the front of a cool T-shirt the Israeli sell, really.
This is the front of a “cool” T-shirt the Israelis sell, really.

The fate of the passengers and plane is unknown. What can be deduced is that the plane did not crash into the ocean, it was hijacked and taken somewhere and the ocean crash story was a crude cover that has fallen apart because when an aircraft crashes into the ocean there is always a debris field. Therefore, the lack of any such debris can be taken as a solid indicator that something else happened. Yoichi Shimatsu appeared to provide the most coherent and complete explanation of the MH 370 mystery, in his two classic articles on the subject.

MH370 Revisited Part 1

MH370 Revisited Part 2

Shimatsu claims to be privy to a source within US intelligence, who claims the Israeli clandestine services for the hijack of the flight. Shimatsu further claims that the flight traveled to Diego Garcia, where he claimed there is an Israeli base. Shimatsu further claimed that the flight was then moved to Israel, he claims that the Phillip Wood message is authentic also. It’s very hard to know if this story is correct, but it is the most complete explanation of what remains a compelling and unprecedented mystery.

I wonder if the Malaysians rue the day they chose to speak the truth about the crimes of the Zionist state. The price has been immense. It is very clear that some very powerful people found the Malaysian findings “upsetting” and saw the need to “send a message” to them and to others who would seek to emulate them in future. Now they are laughing about it and the Malaysians are powerless to act. From a broader perspective, the actions of Malaysia were far more than a mere “heroic gesture” because, by upsetting the forces of darkness and evil, by provoking them into action, they have revealed themselves. They have dug a deeper hole for themselves when the time comes for them to be held accountable for their crimes.

Meanwhile in France Another Miraculous Coincidence.

French Far Right Grandee Le Pen Victim of Unexplained Arson Attack Soon After Speaking Charlie Hebdo Truth

Former French National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen injured in house fire — RT News

“Jean-Marie Le Pen, the former leader of the right-wing National Front party, was injured when a fire broke at his home in Rueil-Malmaison, French media reported.
The condition of the 86-year-old veteran politician wasn’t serious, BFM TV reported, citing sources familiar close to the matter.
Le Pen is said to have a bruise on his face. He was taken by firefighters to get medical assistance.
The fire was relatively strong, but its cause wasn’t immediately reported.
Initial reports on social media say either Le Pen was injured in an arson attack or targeted by a gunman. The rumors proved to be false. The latest controversy he sparked was in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, when Le Pen claimed the attack was staged by the secret services”

Paris attacks: Jean-Marie Le Pen says French terror attacks were work of Western intelligence – Europe – World – The Independent

If I didn’t know better, it may seem that Le Pen was accosted by a gunman threatened, beaten and had his house set on fire along with a warning that the next time they would leave him inside when they torched it. But things like that don’t happen. So the whole thing must be an amazing coincidence.

France: Jean-Marie Le Pen injured in house fire

3 thoughts on “We Live in a World of Miraculous Coincidences.

  1. Concise breakdown James. Making a point, out of context but inferred through the headline, I’d rather attempt to discern: miraculous -or- coincidence?’ And all mixed up in this, could also be, acts of God, or some other super-natural intervention.

    To not believe in miracles-ever might become difficult in the face of evidence that calls for legitimate investigation. Science and all is caught on the back-foot to cease and desist. Their understandable overriding bias in the main, which can never consider, ‘more or less miracles happen’ because – there’s ‘only materialism’.

    Conversely problems arise when the not-only-materialism-lot take the wonder of the world, the weird and magical, reducing to the always, “it was meant to be”. For the Church, and some other ‘faiths’, speculation it could also be of God, or conversely the enemies activity, is too often turned into an unknown, (as it most often and ultimately is). The overriding claim that God is in such control, that all-is-as-should, or at least, must – be. This with genuine dismissal of happenstance/luck etc, isn’t pragmatically acknowledged until there’s a circumstantial oddity and then comes, “nothing happens by chance/everything has a meaning”. This building up the assumption that all and every last one of us is in a closed system and that determinism over-rides risk and surprise – and on and on.

    You know my ever plea-ing for us to consider the arguments it was/is from a misreading of scripture, (first by Augustine), that so embedded in the big shifts of popular thinking-shaping and pumpin’ rationale that the empire’s criminal war on humanity, is set, without any ultimate possibility for change.

    A Globalist mantra if I ever I heard one conveniently used to cover-up, back-doubling a reverse psycho message. Science and God look no further. Suspicious connections are freaks, and conspiracy nuts can say what they will but these things happen. It’s a godincidence.

    I wouldn’t take this particular opportunity to rattle this again, if it wasn’t for the masses ( – most ? and I don’t mean the church but the gen. pop.) who believe and – with respect – chant… “there’s no such thing as…. coincidence”. And if that isn’t enough “of course” is dropped in with a nod of knowing reassurance.



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