Happy New Year!?

New Day Rising. December 19th, 2014. Sunrise in Canberra.
New Day Rising. December 19th, 2014. Sunrise in Canberra.

January 4th, 2015.

There is something almost touching in the way that people continue their rituals and traditions despite everything.
Life in the West seems to exist on two completely separate levels. The personal life continues with all the characteristic ups and downs. Yet there is an underlying knowledge that complete happiness, or better described as overall happiness is completely impossible in this situation. We all walk beneath a long dark cloud whether we see it or not.
We in the West live in a world of lies. Insulting lies, childish lies, and until this changes all who live in the West are tainted by this fact. The shadow of evil overlooks us all. I have no idea what will happen this year, I am sure many wonderful and terrible things will happen as they do each and every year.
I may be short sighted in my outlook, but the way it looks to me it is all rather simple.
Either the cabal(s) that rule over us with their manipulation and lies will be exposed and they will all from power or their evil deeds will continue.
This is the only pertinent issue and supersedes all else. The fall of the cabal(s) is inevitable. The brazen crimes they have committed have been detected and exposed and will destroy them in time. That is guaranteed. The only question is how long it takes and how much they destroy with them as they fall.
Happy New Year.

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  1. What is worrysome, if you see the way the reality is being re-framed, is that our masters are in control of the thought processes of the “awake”, raising the spectre of jew-hate, sowing the seeds of gold currency, making the wakening souls ready for the mob to turn on, then to become the mob as Lenin shaped the revolution. WE live in a false reality and are being driven to another false reality.

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