Massive Contradictions in Orlando Narrative.

The scene outside the Pulse nightclub in the morning of June 12th was missing one important elemtn-any visible medical effort to help save the more than 100 purported casualties.
The scene outside the Pulse nightclub in the morning of June 12th was missing one important element-any visible medical effort to help save the more than 100 purported casualties.

June 17th, 2016.

The Orlando Shooting Massacre.

There have been an absolute deluge of  stories and eyewitness accounts in the days since the Orlando event. Many of the eyewitness accounts contradict the police version of the event.  Someone is lying about what has happened in Orlando. It will take some time to sift through all of the evidence that has been brought forth in recent days but it can be demonstrated  unequivocally that the story people have been told about this event cannot possibly bear any resemblance to the truth.

Massive Contradictions.

The Missing Ambulances and Paramedics. 

The complete absence of any visible medical response to an apparent 100 casualty massacre is a classic sign of deception that has been encountered many times in the past a numerous events that have now been proven fabrications such as Boston and Sandy Hook. An internet search on the term “Pulse Nightclub ambulance” provides literally zero photographs of any ambulance anywhere in the vicinity of the Pulse nightclub. There should have been dozens and dozens given the casualties. There are police cars by the dozen, numerous fire department vehicles but not a single ambulance, let alone a Medivac helicopter or any paramedics.

Adding further to suspicions of deception the routinely available emergency transmissions from Orlando have  been scrubbed from the internet with only the three hours from midnight to 3am  missing from the online archive.

Overview of South Orange Avnue with the Pulse, Dunkin Donuts and Stand Up MRI Orlando all marked
Overview of South Orange Avnue with the Pulse, Dunkin Donuts and Stand Up MRI Orlando all marked
Google earth image shows the Dunkin Donuts and the Pulse nightclub.
Google earth image shows the Dunkin Donuts and the Pulse nightclub.
mri orlando and dunk
The Stand Up MRI building located at 2010 South Orange, two doors from the Pulse nightclub with the corner of the Dunkin Donuts located at 2000 South Orange also shown..

The “Victims” Were Being Carried Towards the Club.

The street address of the Pulse nightclub is 1912 South Orange Avenue, next door on the right is a Dunkin Donuts at 2000 South Orange Avenue and to the right of the Dunkin Donuts is the Orlando Stand Up MRI clinic at 2010 South Orange.  Anyone seeking to escape from the Pulse nightclub would travel up past Dunkin Donuts and then past the MRI clinic away from the maniac mass murdering people in the club.

. Yet in several videos from the scene on South orange avenue on the night of the supposed massacre we can see that the survivors are carrying the victims on the opposite side of the street up the road towards the club, not away from it!

This stll image is taken outside the Dunkin Donuts, the MRI business is to the left and the Pulse nightclub is to the right. The victims are being carried towards the club,not away from it.
This stll image is taken outside the Dunkin Donuts, the MRI business is to the left and the Pulse nightclub is to the right. The victims are being carried towards the club,not away from it.
Both groups are walking past the Orlando Stand Up MRI and towrds the Pulse nightclub.

The complete lack of paramedics on the scene means that these events must have taken place when the active shooter was still alive and dangerous. After all the incident has ended after 5 am, meaning that emergency medical responders had three hours to arrive at the scene and prepare to deal with it, their absence can only mean that this was long before that time, the shooter was still alive and their actions in walking towards the line of fire and putting the purportedly injured victim in harm’s way make no sense at all.

The videos embedded below offer a critique of the official account of the Orlando event. Both videos depict supposed victims of the massacre being carried up South Orange avenue.

100% PROOF Orlando Shooting Was a STAGED HOAX…This Is All You Need To See

Orlando Hoax/ False Flag Crisis Actor Gets Set Down After Mistakenly Off Camera

Witness Flatly Contradicts Police Accounts.

Greta Van Susteren of Fox News interviewed Orlando survivor Brett Rigas. In Brett Rigas’ account of events inside the Pulse the police were inside the club and escorted some of those trapped inside out of the club having earlier twice asked those alive to identify themselves by raising their arms.

In the wake of terror in Orlando, loss and heartbreak

The police account of events at and around the Pulse nightclub has changed considerably since the first day with an extra gun battle that makes absolutely no sense inserted into the story after the first day but in none of the police accounts do they describe officers being inside the Pulse nightclub and evacuating people. The police narrative is that the police breached the building using an armoured vehicle that created a hole in the side of the building and that hostages fled through the hole. The police account does not have the police inside the club at any time during the massacre.

This cannot be a matter of confusion or an honest mistake. Either brett Rigas or the policew are telling untruths, no other conclusion is available.

Orlando Pulse Club shooting: See full police press conference on mass shooting

Christopher Andrew Leinonen's mother did not know his full name when asked. But you would not ecpect a parent to recall the name of their child would you?
Christopher Andrew Leinonen’s mother did not know his full name when asked. But you would not expect a parent to recall the name of their child would you?

Chrstine Leinonen’s Amnesia.

Other witnesses have displayed strange and contradictory behaviour. The melodramatic antics of claimed victim’s mother Christine Leinonen have come to the attention of many. Mrs Leinonen was interviewed on ABC America by George Stephanopoulos.

At the 30 second mark of the interview Stephanopoulos asks Leinonen “What is your son’s full name?” to which she answers “Christopher Leinonen” which struck me as being somewhat odd at the time as  the majority of Americans in my experience have a middle name. It turns out that Chris Leinonen does have a middle name, Andrew but apparently his own mother did not know his name when asked which even accounting for the stress and trauma of the situation seems more than a little odd.

Mother of Potential Orlando Nightclub Shooting Victim Searches for Answers


The caravan has moved on. The political vultures quickly moved onto the real business, quarreling over ownership of the narrative surrounding this event. Each  faction has a mantra, these are “Radical Islamic terrorism” and “weapons of war.” Both sides are completely cynical and dishonest and neither interpretation of this event bears any resemblance to the truth. Whatever happened in Orlando will emerge over time and it will bear no resemblance to the official story of the event whatever that may turn out to be.

The Orlando Nightclub “Attack”

The scene in Orlando following the nightclub "massacre" in the early hours iof Jube 12th, 2016.
The scene in Orlando following the nightclub “massacre” in the early hours of June 12th, 2016.

Updated June 13th, 2016.

Afghan American Blamed for Worst Ever US Gun Massacre.

Police Claim 50 dead and 53 Wounded.

The Orlando police have now stated that fifty people died in the supposed attack on the Pulse nightclub.

The alleged attacker has been identified as an American Muslim of Afghan origin named Omar Mateen,aged 29 years.  Regardless of these details, all of th available footage points to the overwhelming conclusion, albeit preliminary, that this event was purely a staged psyop and one classic sign of the faux nature of the attack lies in the striking absence of emergency medical responders at the scene.

All of the scenes of the wounded being evacuated depict people being dragged away by fellow party goers and the only person depicted being evacuated is placed in the back of a police SUV.

The announced death toll exceeds that of all previous massacres perpetrated by a lone nut gunman.

America’s worst mass shooting in history: Death toll updated to 50 by Orlando police as Omar Mateen named as gunman

June 12th, 2016.

The Orlando Nightclub Attack.

After a seven month gap the cookie cutter psyops have resumed in the United States with another brazen and obvious psyop in Orlando Florida.

San Bernardino police chief Jaryd Burguan put it best during his press briefing following the San Bernadino psyop of last December. Despite having only hours earlier presided over a “bloody massacre” of some of the most vulnerable and one of the most violent incidents in the modern history of Los Angeles, Burguan described the event as “pretty generic.”

We are told that a gunman entered the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando at around 2am on June 12th and opened fire indiscriminately and that 50 people are dead and 63 wounded, a remarkable toll.

We are told that the gunman fired INTO THE CEILING and into the crowd who it is claimed numbered around 100. We are told that the gunman was armed with a hand gun and a semi-automatic weapon and had a bomb strapped to his body that was not detonated.

“One witness told Sky News there had been more than 100 people inside the venue for the club’s Latin night when the gunman entered the building and began firing into the ceiling and into the crowd.” (Source)

We are told that nine police shot the apparent terrorist to death.

The Facebook post.

We are told that the staff at Pulse nightclub posted on their Facebook page that people should evacuate the club after the shooting began.

This from the Guardian. “Staff at the venue posted on Facebook: “Everyone get out of pulse and keep running” and there were quickly reports on social media of an ongoing attack.”

So it is a small venue, a maniac has opened fire with a semi automatic weapon and the dedicated ever helpful staff are thoughtful enough to take the time out to post a message on Facebook advising patrons to leave the venue as if they would not have noticed the incident taking place before them.

Because almost everyone uses social media, the half -bright buffoons who design these events believe that twitter and facebook are the ideal platforms through which to bring an aura of verisimilitude to their pathetic work of fiction.

How obvious do they need to make it?

The post has now been removed along with the rest of the Pulse Orlando facebook page and despite being captured three times the page is also unavailable at the Web Archive. So we must thank the Guardian for repeating this obvious nonsense whatever their intent.

It gets better as according to CNN an off duty police officer was working security at the Pulse nightclub and quote “engaged the shooter as he entered the club” but despite this the killer was still able to walk inside, waste rounds with the attention seeking shots into the ceiling and still kill “around” 20 and wound another 42 before the police killed him.

20 Dead & 42 Wounded In Gay Nightclub Shooting At The Pulse Orlando After 3 Hour Hostage Standoff

While too high an iq can be used as a legal justification not to hire someone onto a US police force, it seems a little odd that many hours after the completion of the incident the Orlando police are not able to state how many people are supposedly dead inside the Pulse nightclub!

This is not a bombing where this can be difficult, it is pretty simple but they cannot say because that obviously comes from somewhere above them . They are as yet unaware how many victim identities have been assigned to the psyop by those who designed it.

USA: Multiple people dead inside LGBT nightclub say Orlando police

It is still theoretically possible the designated perpetrator could be an “angry white man”, the next most popular choice of patsy, but the suicide vest is a massive and obvious sign that this will be another fictional terror attack landed at the feet at the blameless Muslims of North America who can expect to be engulfed in a tidal wave of hatred in the wake of this staged event.

Police and bystanders in Orlando, June 12th, 2016.
Police and bystanders in Orlando, June 12th, 2016.

Echoes of San Bernardino.

Like the city of San Bernardino, the City of Orlando has been experiencing severe financial problems recently, making them an obvious and vulnerable target for conditional federal money.  In September 2014 it was reported that “the City Council will be discussing Orlando’s $52 million budget crisis and will have to vote on increasing taxes, cutting public services and an across-the-board 4.5% cut for every city department.” (Source)

It was very very funny the way that the US president was excoriated for not treating the San Bernardino incident as a terror attack. It appears that what at the front end was simply another gun control/mental illness themed psyop was hijacked at the midway point and morphed into a “terror event.”

One group are trying to run social control psyops like Charleston, Sandy Hook or WDBJ while another group who appear to have the upper hand now, are more intent on war on terror psyop buttressing the Zionist narrative regarding the dangerous nature of Muslims thus justifying Israel’s criminal half century occupation of both Israel and the leftover 22% that is supposed to be Palestine along with the disastrous middle eastern wars.

While that is completely speculative, it makes complete sense when you consider the target, a gay nightclub, the social control faction wanted their gun and social control psyop wedded to the winning gay rights movement. They obviously wanted to invest the gun control movement with that in much the same way as the Charleston psyop was designed to harness the civil rights movement by targeting a black church in the deep south where they still flew the flag of the confederates.

The fact that it was apparently Latin night at the Pulse only makes it clearer that faction one were seeking to serve the interests of the Democrat party by making Latinos the victims of a massacre and thus smearing the Republican candidate Donald Trump who has been accused of making numerous bigoted remarks about Latinos.

The idea that even an amateur self-starting Muslim terrorist would have the slightest interest in an obscure and small nightclub in Orlando is absolutely ridiculous. It is farcical.

The lack of respect for the audience can be distressing but at this point who can say that they are wrong in their assessment of the critical thinking ability of the broad US public?

Pulse Night Club Mass Shooting Orlando, FL June 2016

USA: Wounded led from scene of deadly Orlando nightclub shooting *GRAPHIC

Mass shooting in Orlando gay nightclub: Wounded evacuated from deadly attack scene

(This is a very funny piece of street theatre, we are presented with the heart warming sight of the overwhelmed patrons forced to carry the wounded from the scene, absolutely pathetic, genuinely laughable)

Orlando Shooting HOAX at Gay Nightclub Omar Mateen is a FAKER



Orlando Shooting HOAX Desperate Crisis Actor Fake Crying EXPOSED (Redsilverj)