Massive Setback in Syria as Insurgents Break Aleppo Siege.

The moment of the detonation of an insurgent suicide vehicle bomb at the Aleppo Artillery school. The attack marked the start of a successful insurgent offensive against the site that has seen them break the month long Aleppo siege and turn the tables on the loyalists by cutting their sole supply line into Aleppo city..
The insurgent detonated a series of vehicle bombs against the Aleppo Artillery Academy on August 6th, 2016. Massive blasts.
Before and after maps show where the insugrents broke through the Syrian positions form both inside and outside the Aleppo pocket.
Before and after maps show where the insurgents broke through the Syrian positions form both inside and outside the Aleppo pocket.
Before and after maps show where the insugrents broke through the Syrian positions form both inside and outside the Aleppo pocket.
Before and after maps show where the insurgents broke through the Syrian positions form both inside and outside the Aleppo pocket.

August 9th, 2016.

Massive Setback in Syria as Insurgents Break Aleppo Siege.

A massive week-long series of insurgent offensives have succeeded in breaking the encirclement of Eastern Aleppo.

The jihadist coalition Jaish al Fatah (Army of Conquest) achieved breakthroughs from both inside and outside the Aleppo pocket on August 6th ending the siege imposed on insurgent held east Aleppo several weeks ago.

The insurgents broke through the Syrian defensive lines at the Aleppo Artillery Academy, enabling them to carve out a 1.5 km strip connecting the east Aleppo city pocket with their positions to the south of the city.

The strip that has been carved out does not provide the insurgents with a reliable supply line into Aleppo as the Syrian Army are still in position to fire upon any vehicles traveling into and out of eastern Aleppo but as far as the fighters being trapped, that is over.

To add insult to injury, not only have they broken the siege, they have semi-reversed the situation, cutting off the main supply line between Damascus and Aleppo meaning that Government held Western Aleppo is in danger of being cut off and besieged. The government now relies on the Castello road supply line captured from the insurgents in early July.

The jihadists have now announced their intention to drive the Syrian Army from Aleppo entirely, this is probably not a realistic goal at least in the short to medium term but it shows the effect that breaking the siege has had on their morale.

A Remarkable Victory.

So a bunch of guys with AKs, backed by high quality US made guided missiles and spearheaded by massive drive-in suicide bombs, managed to completely over run the Syrian Army’s defensive positions in southern Aleppo despite intense air bombardment.

The scene at the Artillery Academy was remarkable, a massive facility abandoned seemingly with barely a fight, yet this was supposed to be the primary loyalist defensive position on the Southern perimeter of Aleppo.

There were about three dead bodies visible and that was it. It seems that following the initial onslaught of vehicle bombs the majority of the defensive force withdrew from their positions.

A leaked recording said to be an intercepted transmission made by a Hezbollah fighter prior to the withdrawal from the Artillery Academy contained statements such as “only Lebanese are left here…all the militia went home..we have been abandoned.” You get the idea.

Hezbollah fighter in “leaked tape”: We were abandoned

This is an immense calamity, nigh on catastrophe and the best conclusion that can be drawn from this is that there is no military solution in Syria.

This does not mean the insurgents are going to win the war. They are not going to win the war, but this does show pretty clearly that the loyalist side for whatever reason, despite the intense Russian air support, cannot win the war unless dramatic improvements are made in the near future.

Massive Loss of Prestige.

The encirclement of the Aleppo pocket was a big deal in military terms, but more importantly in terms of the narrative of the conflict.

The whole prestige of the operation takes a massive hit on the back of this. When you call on the other side to surrender, as the Syrian Army have done in recent weeks. you look pretty bad when they are able to fight their way out of the pocket.

All available resources had to be devoted towards preventing the insurgents from breaking the siege yet the Syrian Army in recent days has started a massive offensive in Latakia province.

The headlines tell a sorry story. .The insurgent offensive began on July 31st.

This is from the 29th.

Hundreds of Islamist rebels leave Latakia frontline for new Aleppo offensive

And from the 30th.

Syrian Army begins massive offensive in northern Latakia

The lack of acumen and tactical flexibility is cruelly exposed.

Jaish al Fatah insurgents encounter almost no opposition as they enter the Aleppo Artillery Academy.
Jaish al Fatah insurgents encounter almost no opposition as they enter the Aleppo Artillery Academy.
The Aleppo Artillery Academy was seemingly largely vacated before the insurgents arrived, the bodies of around three Syrian soldiers were visible. This was supposed to be their major defensive position in south Aleppo!
The Aleppo Artillery Academy was seemingly largely vacated before the insurgents arrived, the bodies of around three Syrian soldiers were visible. This was supposed to be their major defensive position in south Aleppo!
MLRS shells and airstrikes rain down on the over run Aleppo Artillery Academy.
MLRS shells and airstrikes rain down on the over run Aleppo Artillery Academy.
Massive russian Aitstrike hits the over run Aleppo Artillery Academy.
Massive Russian Airstrike hits the over run Aleppo Artillery Academy.
The insurgent offensive was spearheaded by massive suicide blasts from both inside and outside the pocket. This was the vehicle used for the inside the pocket car bomb attack on Ramouseh.
The insurgent offensive was spearheaded by massive suicide blasts from both inside and outside the pocket. This was the vehicle used for the inside the pocket car bomb attack on Ramouseh.
The insurgent offensive was spearheaded by massive suicide blasts from both inside and outside the pocket. This was the inside the pocket car bomb attack on Ramouseh.
The insurgent offensive was spearheaded by massive suicide blasts from both inside and outside the pocket. This was the inside the pocket car bomb attack on Ramouseh.

Quality problems.

Other than the Tiger Forces, Hezbollah and the IRGC the loyalist side is fielding a combination of poorly trained conscripts and Shia volunteers from far afield, many of whom are completely out of their depth.

Conscripts make for wretched soldiers for completely obvious reasons, the problem of conscripts is compounded by the fact that the loyalist forces are constantly fighting on numerous fronts and thus dissipate the small portion of high quality forces at their disposal.

All the people in the insurgent held areas are part of the war effort whether they like it or not but in Government held Syria people are still frolicking on the beach and living their normal lives as if there was no war.

The Unseen side of war-torn Syria-Hundreds party at the beach and soak in the sun just 100 miles from Aleppo

Internal Critiques.

After the Tiger Forces left a state of the art T90 tank on the battlefield to be scavenged by US backed head choppers Nour al Din al Zenki, South Front stated that the Russians did not want to give any more equipment to the Syrian Army because they were not well enough trained and they left it behind too easily and too often.

South Front stated at the time that the Russians would in future only entrust high level equipment to the Hezbollah and IRGC units as they were the only forces considered competent and reliable.

The embarrassment with the T90 lost to al Zenki aside, the Tiger Force do have a solid record of defeating the insurgents of all stripes, they have repeatedly defeated both ISIS and the Army of Conquest, including key victories in north and east Aleppo in recent months, but they appear are fully stretched holding onto their northern part of the Aleppo encirclement, now comprising the sole government held supply line out of Aleppo.

It was the Tiger Force that actually closed the Castello Road from the north at the start of July having spent weeks fighting vicious pitched battles for the Mallah farms area just to the north of Castello road.

Generally the insurgents know where the Tiger Force are deployed and they simply launch their attacks somewhere else as they have done on this occasion.

It can be presumed that the Tiger Force will be expected to enter the battle in southern Aleppo in the near future to at least re-open the government supply line to Damascus.

Once they are fully mired in that area the insurgents will presumably attack the Aleppo pocket in another spot and on and on it will go.

Force Dissipation.

One of the things that I have always found troubling about the Syrian Government efforts is how dissipated they are, so while all efforts and all manpower available should have been devoted to the protection of the winning position in Aleppo, the Syrian Army was engaging in large scale offensives in Latakia and the Damascus countryside, as well as fighting a desperate but large-scale rearguard action in Der ez Zour in the far east and daily battles in the Homs and Hama countryside/desert.

To me this is one obvious reason why there never seem to be enough troops to counter the insurgents, they are trying to do too many things at once, some things, like Der ez Zour are essential, but others are not.


The town of Kinsabba has changed hands so many times that it is becoming meaningless. The Syrians have taken the town at least twice and lost it at least twice in the past eight or nine months.

The whole Latakia offensive faltered at a place/hill called Kabbani, many months ago the Syrians were poised to end the war in Latakia and be able to move east towards Idlib once the hill was seized, but for reasons that were never explained they were never able to take Kabbani (an admittedly great defensive position-a mountain layered with heavy forest) and ever since then the war in Latakia has been a back and forth non-event for the most part.

Syrian Army surrounds Kinsibba in northeast Latakia

The insurgents are not especially strong in Latakia so it might be better to simply engage in a holding operation behind heavily fortified and artillery defended positions and send all surplus forces available to the truly essential Aleppo operation.

The leadership of Syria appears to be incompetent.

The efforts of the Syrian Government to tell their side of the story have been half-hearted at best.

Both Iran and Russia do a far better job of telling the loyalist side of the story yet there is no reason this need be the case. Syria should not be relying on Press TV and Russia Today, they should be able to tell their story to the world and the failure to even attempt to do so speaks of a government that is firmly anchored in the past and with an apparent habitual passivity that is a complete disaster.

The Syrian state broadcaster actually seem to believe that if they say things are going well and the rebels are being trounced than people will believe it, especially if they play some ultra-corny martial music behind it. (In fairness the insurgent music is even worse, downright nauseating)

All The Rhetoric Now Rings Hollow.

The Syrian President’s claim that the Syrian Army will retake all of Syria now seems a distant and unrealistic dream.

The next round of peace talks are scheduled for late August, the loyalist side might as well try to come up with some kind of face saving compromise because all hope of a military victory has seemingly gone.

Syria is most likely going to be destroyed, the state is not going to exist in ten years time and the leadership of Syria bear immense responsibility.

Iran and Russia are going to lose immense prestige as a result of the fiasco in South West Aleppo. They appear to have been blind to the shortcomings of the Syrian Government and by propping it up they have almost served to mask the flaws.

For years now people have been making excuses for the Syrian Government that ignore the reality.

For example it is often stated that the war is not really the fault of the government because tens of thousands of jihadists flowed over the Turkish and Jordanian borders.

There is an element of truth here but it ignores the fact that the policing of the borders was the responsibility of the Syrian Government who were running a highly autocratic state so the jihadists were not simply magically inserted into the country they were able to enter Syria because the Syrian security forces were not capable of doing their job and sealing it.

The President of Syria Bashar al Assad often gives interviews and when he is asked how he would like to be remembered he often states that he would like to be remembered as the man who held Syria together throughout the crisis, if events continue on their current path he will be the last President of united Syria, he will be the incompetent who oversaw the nation’s destruction despite the loyal support of major allies Russian, Iran and China.

Next time you find yourself watching the BBC or reading the Guardian, remember they support this.
Next time you find yourself watching the BBC or reading the Guardian, remember they support this.

A Nightmarish Future Awaits the Entire Middle East.

These victories portend a nightmarish future for people right across the Gulf and the Levant as the viciously sectarian insurgents are not going to stop fighting after the war in Syria is over whether they succeed in destroying the secular, multi-confessional state and replacing it with a Wahhabist nightmare or not.

The insurgents have named their offensive in honour of a man named Ibrahim el Youssef, a member of the Syrian Army who summoned a group of Army cadets to a morning meeting in 1979 and proceeded, along with several Muslim Brotherhood counterparts to massacre between 50 and 80 defenceless young soldiers.

According to the government account, members of all sectors of Syrian society were among the murdered but the insurgent account has it that all those killed were Alawites and this makes it an act worthy of emulation almost 40 years later!

Aleppo Artillery School Massacre

These are not people who are going to win a war and return to civilian life, although there are always individual exceptions. The group is going to move onto the next battle.

The serial war propagandists of the Guardian and the BBC are contemptibly trying to compare the situation in Aleppo with Srebrenica or Rwanda, blithely overlooking the repeated chemical weapons attacks by the insurgents, some of which they actually openly admit to conducting and missing the point entirely that for all it’s faults, the Syrian Government has never targeted people based on their sectarian identity, but if they ever achieved their goal of a rebel victory,the Alawites if Syria would likely be in a position where they would leave or die because these insurgents have been sold on a deeply intolerant and viciously sectarian ideology, hiding behind the banner of supposed Islam.

How ironic the warmongers mention of Rwanda and Srebrenica will seem if that is ever allowed to happen!

All of this is happening because the decision has been taken to redraw the boundaries of the middle east, the Sykes Picot borders are to be destroyed and replaced with quasi-Zionist sectarian statelets in constant warfare with their neighbours..

A Zionist Plan for the Middle East PDF – Yinon

Syria now seems set to become the new Libya, Somalia or Yemen, the people are going to be mired in decades of chaos and mayhem and the only authority will be the bomb the gun and the warlord.

The Caravan of Death is Not Going to Stop at Iraq and Syria.

The foolish and wicked leaders of Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states who are currently gloating are going to be experience a rude awakening as the jihadism they have funded and nurtured is turned upon them and their nation is reduced to a chaotic bloody nightmare like Syria and Iraq. The clock ticks.

The Islam-Muslim Psyop

Brigades of the Islamic elite || The first moments storm the neighborhood Ramouseh Building E



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2016-08-07 Airstrikes using incendiary munitions on targets in Idlib city

Jihadist Aleppo offensive of early August | Ahrar al-Sham video (uncut)

Aleppo Artillery School Massacre

*”The Aleppo Artillery School massacre was a massacre of Syrian Army cadets by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was part of the Islamist uprising in Syria, 1976–1982.

Course of Events

The massacre occurred on June 16, 1979, in the Ramouseh district of the city of Aleppo, Syria. An officer on duty, Ibrahim el-Youssef, and members of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood calling themselves the Fighting Vanguard (at-Tali’a al-Muqatila) and led by `Adnan `Uqla, massacred between 50 and 83 Alawi cadets in the Aleppo Artillery School.[1][2][3] The duty officer in charge of the school called Alawite cadets to an urgent morning meeting in the mess hall of the school; when they arrived, he and his accomplices opened fire on the unarmed cadets with automatic weapons and grenades.[4] The incident marked the beginning of full scale urban warfare of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood against that ruling Alawites”

Massive Breakthroughs in Syria!

Loyalist fighter in Aleppo during a week of triumph.
Loyalist fighter in Aleppo during a week of triumph.
Citizens of Zahra in Aleppo province celebrate the breaking of the 40 month siege after the Syrian Army and Hezbollah entered the town this week.
Citizens of Zahra in Aleppo province celebrate the breaking of the 40 month siege after the Syrian Army and Hezbollah entered the town this week.
This map gives some idea of the importance of the recent Syiran breakthroughs in Aleppo. The reddish coloured strip in the middle has cut the insurgents in Aleppo into two pockets north and south of the Syrian area of control.
This map gives some idea of the importance of the recent Syrian breakthroughs in Aleppo. The reddish colored strip in the middle has cut the insurgents in Aleppo into two pockets north and south of the Syrian area of control. Area to the left of the map is under the control of the Kurdish YPG and therefore unavailable to the Sunni insurgents.
This map shows the overall situation in Aleppo provicne withthe insyrgent area of control in Eastern Aleppo city almost completely surrounded and cut off. If this is achieved the war may be almost over in Northern Syria. Without some kind of political settlement insurgency will continue indefinitely as in Iraq.
This map shows the overall situation in Aleppo province with the insurgent area of control in Eastern Aleppo city almost completely surrounded and cut off. If this is achieved the war may be almost over in Northern Syria. Without some kind of political settlement insurgency will continue indefinitely as in Iraq.

February 8th, 2016.

Massive Breakthroughs!

Loyalist Victories Prove Russian Presence Has Transformed the Syrian War.

Aleppo victories mean that Insurgents Northern supply line has been severed.

Aleppo City pocket almost encircled.

After four months of Russian Airstrikes the situation in Syria has been transformed and in the past several weeks the Loyalist forces have won important victories in the North and South of Syria with the capture of the key crossroads town Sheikh Miskeen in the South as well as the key towns Salma and Rabia in the northern Latakia province.

Those important victories have this week been eclipsed by the major achievements in Aleppo where the sieges of the towns Zahra and Nubil were lifted after forty months and the loyalist forces have now cut off the insurgents in Northern Aleppo from their supply lines via the Aleppo countryside and the Turkish border. Both sides are taking heavy casualties but the Syrian Army and allies are achieving their objectives, the insurgents are dying and at the same time losing territories they fought hard for years to capture and hold.

Residents Nubl and Az-Zahra meet liberators

International Military Review – Syria, Feb. 8, 2016

International Military Review – Syria, Feb. 4, 2016

International Military Review – Syria, Feb. 5,

SAA/Hezbollah Operations in North Aleppo: Ratyan

Syrian Army And Hezbollah In Heavy Clashes During Assault On Northern Aleppo

The R and U Videos channel is an excellent compiler of footage of the war, almost the raw footage equivalent of the always excellent South Front analysis.

Battles for Syria | February 5th 2016 | Aleppo province

Battles for Syria | February 6th 2016 | North Aleppo Front | Mayer

Battles for Syria | February 7th 2016

Battles for Syria | February 7th 2016 | Aleppo province

Syria: Syrian Army makes push to fully encircle Aleppo

CIvilsain wounded in Russian/Syrian strike is rescued from destroyed byilding in Hama province, January 2016.
CIvilsain wounded in Russian/Syrian strike is rescued from destroyed byilding in Hama province, January 2016.
Child wounded by Syrian/Russian strike is tended to in an Idlib field hospital. January 2016.
Child wounded by Syrian/Russian strike is tended to in an Idlib field hospital. January 2016.

The Suffering is Immense.

There should be no mistake about the fact there is an immense amount of suffering currently being visited upon the beleaguered people of Syria, nor that the Russian/Syrian air campaign is playing a significant role in this suffering and death.

 While many of the areas of fighting in Syria are devoid of civilians, having been emptied during previous battles, many people live in rebel held areas of Idlib, Aleppo and several other provinces and civilians in these areas have died in large numbers at the hands of Russian and Syrian airstrikes targeting militant positions.

The insurgent and Western media propaganda line that Russian Airstrikes are targeting civilians is not supported by facts or logic, but the idea that the Russian Air-force are launching thousands of airstrikes without killing civilians is equally ludicrous and the Russian media do themselves no credit the way they have completely ignored the civilian deaths the air campaign has caused.

Despite this the Syrian-Russian-Iranian operation is worthy of support because a victory for the insurgents in Syria would not see an end to the fighting but would lead to fracture and descent into chaos as competing insurgent warlords vied for power.

Previous victories in Afghanistan and more recently in Libya have seen this descent into chaos and failed statehood status. If the likes of Jaish al Islam, Ahrar al Sham, al Nusra and ISIL/Daesh were vying for power the results would be almost identical to the process that has seen the once thriving Libyan state become a failed and broken state and a base for the extremists who threaten to attack the West and bring instability to wherever they operate.

The only party with any chance of stabilising the situation is the Syrian state, deeply flawed as it is. All other paths lead to long term mayhem and broadening instability.

Syrian displaced by the Aleppo fighting gather near the Kilis border crossing to Turkey. They will be used, the only question is how?
Syrian displaced by the Aleppo fighting gather near the Kilis border crossing to Turkey. They will be used, the only question is how?

Turkey and Saudi Arabia threaten invasion of Syria.

Saudi Troops Headed to Syria? Saudi-Turkey Invasion in Support of ISIS? | Global Research

Turkish, Saudi Ground Operation in Syria Spells Major Trouble for NATO

Saudi Arabia and the mini me Gulf States the UAE and Qatar have responded to this situation by suggesting that they will send troops into Syria to “battle Daesh.”A pretext that should no longer fools anyone.

The Gulf coalition are clearly already suffering a severe shortage of quality ground forces, hence their need to deploy Blackwater/Academi/Xe mercenaries in large numbers on the ground in Yemen. Saudi Arabia is also suffering regular cross border raids from their Yemeni enemies.

As far as Turkey goes they are not going to be able to do anything significant in Syria without the assent of the US and there is little chance of that happening given that the key Turkish target in Syria is the key US ally, the YPG Kurds. It is a non-starter even by Erdogan’s loose standards.

Erdogan calls on US to choose between Turkey or Syrian Kurds | THE DAILY STAR

The US has no interest in choosing between Turkey and the Syrian Kurds, but a leadership change in Turkey may allow the US to solve the dilemma in another manner.

Turkey still supports the regime change operation in Syria but they are not about to attack the Syrian Army inside Syria and find themselves under bombardment from the Russian Air force.

One option they may seek to take would be to corral the tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the Aleppo fighting within Syria and send a “protection force” to institute the long mooted (and even announced in July 2015) safe zone in Northern Syria although whatever happens the presence in Syria of the Russian S400 anti aircraft and missile systems mean the proposed no fly zone is an impossibility short of open war with Russia and the highly factionalised US administration does not seem to support this project therefore it will not happen.

The US refused to support the safe zone prior to the Russian military involvement in Syria, back in July, when the risks and costs were far lower so it seems inconceivable that it would be supported at this time . At a moment of high desperation for the plotters the refugees will presumably be again used to try and rescue the situation.

Syria: Makeshift camp set up for refugees stranded at Turkish border

Messages of Despair and Pleas for help from Insurgents.

“This is my last video from the revolution in the north. Iran and Russia attacked us and the world made war on us destroying the green and the dry.( Apparent Google translate error) The Americans betrayed us and got us into this shameful situation. We thank our allies Turkey and Saudi and Qatar. We needed anti-aircraft weapons but we didn’t get them. So we have to pull out.”

Syria, Northern Aleppo, Militant in Rityan message to People before Withdrawing This Morning.

This video is quite horrific. It consists of a plea for unity among insurgent factions. The wounded fighter is named Abu Homs. It is hard to watch but serves as a reminder that real people are dying unnecessarily in this war. The Syrian opposition contains many Syrian who were duped, manipulated and sold a suite of false promises and lies from their sponsors.

This is what he looked like before he was wounded.

"Abu Homs" before and after he was wounded.
“Abu Homs” before and after he was wounded.

Wounded Insurgent’s Hospital Message

Ending the Carnage.

Even if the Syrian Arab Army and their allies are able to win every battle and destroy the insurgent formations, a political solution will still be required and the insurgents will have to be given some type of autonomy and increased participation in Syrian politics otherwise the insurhency will continue indefinitely long after the war ends, as has happened in Iraq.

The initial round of Syria peace talks were an empty farce with the opposition making the ridiculous demand that the Syrian Government and their allies stop fighting prior to the dialogue. It can only be hoped that the reality of their situation dawns upon them soon and a more realistic and conciliatory outlook will replace the delusional grandstanding that still dominate the opposition public narrative.

Israel’s Dangerous Game in Syria.

Israel F15 fighter bomber from Ha'aretz.
Israel F15 fighter bomber from Ha’aretz.

November 13th, 2015.

Israel still bombing Syria.

Israel has now conducted at least two sets of air strikes inside Syria since the Russian entrance into the Syrian war in support of the Syrian Government.

The Joint Committee.

Before the start of the Russian operation in Syria, Russia sought to avoid confrontation with Israel by forming a Joint military committee to co-ordinate between the two forces.

Israeli, Russian Armies to Form Joint Committee on Syria Actions

Russia, Israel to Launch Consultations on Coordination in Syria

The Understanding.

There was an understanding, although this was never entirely spelled out, that now that Russia was openly fighting on the side of Syria, Iran and Hezbollah in Syria, that Israel would respect the fact that Russia is a greater military power  and cease its bombing of Syrian government and allied forces inside Syria..

As Russia Moves Into Syria, Israel’s Red Line Is Dissolving Before Our Eyes- Haaretz

With Israel Grounded by Russia Syria Recaptures ISIS Farms on Golan Heights | Veterans Today

Putin Hints Russia Will Clip Israel’s Wings Over Syrian Skies – Haaretz

Russians to the Israelis: Back Off or Face War! | Veterans Today

The Russian assumptions on this matter were articulated in this interview with Russian academic from the Middle east Center at St. Petersburg University Alexander Sitnichenko although Mr. Sitnichenko never actually makes the comment attributed to him in the title about Israel having no choice but to support the Russian operation.

Russian analyst: Israel has no choice but to support Russian military operation in Syria

At the end of the interview Mr. Sitnichenko alludes to an ultra Zionist plot to build the Third Temple on the site of the al Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem and states that according to Christians and Muslims this event would precipitate Armageddon.

The al Aqsa Mosque compound in East Jerusalem.
The al Aqsa Mosque compound in East Jerusalem.

The Reality.

The first sign that the Russian Israeli Joint Commission may not have succeeded in its goal and that Israel would not accept Russian military superiority and back off came in mid October when it was reported that Russian jets intercepted Israeli fighter jets over Lebanon and caused them to return to their bases without conducting whatever operation was intended.

Report: Russia blocks Israeli jets over Lebanon – Israel News, Ynetnews

What coordination? Russia and Israeli warplanes play cat and mouse over Syria

On October 30th Israel attacked several Hezbollah and Syrian positions in the Qalamoun region of Western Syria close to the Lebanon border. Debka file, an Israeli intelligence outlet, described it thus:

sources described a large number of Israeli airplanes as bombing a Hezbollah unit based in the village of El Ain in northern Lebanon and the arms depot of the 155th Brigade of the Syrian army at Al-Katifa to the east.

First Israeli airstrikes reported in Syria since Russian intervention | IHS Jane’s 360

Report: Israel Strikes Syrian Military Bases, Hezbollah Targets Near Syria-Lebanon Border – Haaretz

This attack was followed up with a fresh wave of attacks on November 11th on Syrian Army facilities in the area of the Damascus airport.

Other than the location of the attack and the ritualistic, inevitable claim that Israel was striking missiles destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon, no details on the target or casualties are available.

PressTV-‘Israel jets strike near Syria airport’

Israel Reportedly Hits Syrian Army Sites in Damascus, Local Media Claims -Haaretz

Syria says Israeli airstrikes hit near Damascus airport

Part of the intention may have been to distract from the successes the Syrians and their allies are achieving in Aleppo province where the insurgents are suffering severe setbacks and taking heavy losses in personnel, equipment and territory.

Prior to the Russian intervention Israel had conducted more than a dozen attacks on Syria throughout the Syrian war, the most memorable and infamous being the apparent tactical nuclear strike on a military base on the outskirts of Damascus in May 2013.

Israeli Nuclear Attack on Syria, All Known Footage

Russia has recently installed sophisticated anti-aircraft systems at its base in Syria.

Source: Missile systems shipped to Syria protect Russian air force group | Russia Beyond the Headlines

“A joint air defense system has been set up in Syria with Russia’s participation, which protects all military and strategically important civilian sites, including the Latakia airfield, where the Russian air group is based now,” the source aid.
The joint air defense system in Syria also includes modernized Osa, S-125 Pechora-2M, S-200, and other systems, he said.”

Russia has also in recent days agreed to supply the S300 anti aircraft system to Iran. A fulfillment of a long-delayed contract and another action that Israel violently opposes.

PressTV-‘Iran to receive Russian S-300 by year-end’

Why Russia’s S-300 Deal With Iran is Shrouded in Secrecy

Massacre in Beirut.

Borjal-Barajaneh Hezbollah;s heartland and stronghold in South Beirut has been struck by two explosions that have left at least 37 dead and almost 200 wounded., The area has been the site of several previous terror attacks in response to Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria.

When the takfiri mercenaries and dupes face defeat on the battlefield they respond with these low tactics.

Over 30 killed, dozens wounded as twin suicide bombings rock Beirut – reports — RT News

PressTV-27 killed as two blasts hit Beirut suburb


There is a lesson to be learned from the coincidence of these apparently disconnected events. The Metrojet massacre, the IAF attack on Damascus airport and the latest terror massacre in South Beirut are all coming from the same source.

The Sunni extremists of al Nusra and ISIL and the Israeli Airforce and their German and US comrades each serve the same master. They belong to the same team and they act in coordinated manner.

If Russia allows them to continue with these operations Russia itself will appear to be a paper tiger and an ally of limited value.

Russia surely must find a way to convince Israel that any further violations of Syrian sovereignty are not in their interests.

Hopefully this can be achieved without the use of force but sadly, force may be the only thing they understand., it seems that until Russia finds the will to teach Israel a painful lesson these atrocities will continue all around the world as the coalition of the wicked protest their relative impotence with these terrorist attacks.

Today SITE intelligence is reporting that ISIL are threatening to attack Russia “very soon.”

Curiously no mention is made of the Sinai air disaster that the group has repeatedly attempted to claim they caused despite it becoming increasingly clear that Israel and some of their Blue Flag exercise allies were the culprit and the jet was destroyed by a missile attack.

Islamic State video threatens attacks in Russia ‘very soon’: site monitoring group | Reuters

These threats deserve to be taken very seriously as the manufactured monster ISIL is now being utilised as the mask for false flag terror it was always intended to be.

Israel’s actions further show that Israel has been intended from day one to serve as the World War 3 device used to initiate Armageddon in the Sabbatean tradition.

.The Sabbatean-Frankist Nazi Empire after WW2

Rabbi Marvin Antelman – The Sabbatean-Frankists

Syrian War Imagery.

From Russia with Love by David Dees.
From Russia with Love by David Dees.

November 4th, 2015.

A Long and Grinding War.

The Russians initially mentioned a time frame of three to four months for this operation. The SAA initially tried to conduct a blitzkrieg style operation but the anti-tank rockets in the rebels hands made a mess of the Syria Armour so the blitzkrieg was shelved and the grinding war of the past four years resumed.

The Russian estimate of an operation that lasts three or four months is more likely to morph into an operation that lasts three or four years, at least in the absence of a political deal.

The delusion and sheer evil of the governments of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel mean that a political solution is highly unlikely. The Saudis are going to fight Iran down to the last Syrian Sunni fighter it seems.

Securing the Khannassar highway remains a key goal of the Syrian Army at this time.
Securing the Khannassar highway remains the key goal of the Syrian Army operationat this time.


International Military Review – Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Nov. 03. 2015

International Military Review – Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Nov.04.2015

International Military Rewiev – Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Nov.05.2015

International Military Rewiev – Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Nov.06.2015

International Military Rewiev – Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Nov. 8, 2015

International Military Review – Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Nov. 9, 2015

Syrian rebel fighters in the outer Damascus region of Eastern Ghouta thought it would be a cute idea to kidnap a bunch of civilians and drive them around in cages as human shields. This type of thing makes me a big joke of the idea that these people are some type of liberal democrats.

An armed man who places a female civilian  in a cage in the hope that it may help him stay alive is nothing but a putrid worm begging to be put down in my opinion.

The antics of the rebel fighters have become most wearing.

Syrian rebels cage people as human shields: activists

These videos are propaganda, selected and sanitised, but they do give some idea of what is happening in Syria.

The Syrian/Hezbollah operation mirrors the operations in the Qalamoun mountain region of earlier this year.

Hezbollah seek to seize the elevated positions and control an area from there. Once the difficult hills are under their control, they use their superior firepower and surveillance ability to overlook the surrounding valleys and destroy enemy fighters as they traverse the valleys.

These tactics appear to work very well in the open areas. When towns and cities are the objective the situation is far more difficult and complicated.

This video is somewhat novel as it portrays the same battle from the viewpoint of both sides.

GoPro POV Footage Of Fierce Confrontation Between Syrian Army And Syrian Rebels South Of Aleppo

Airstrike cam: Bombs rain down on supposed jihadist hideout in Syria

Airstrike on terrorists’ ammunition depot (Raqqah province)

Strike against an ISIS militants’ training camp (Idlib province)

Russian aviation hit an ISIS fortified strong point (Idlib province)

Syria: Drone footage captures Syrian army advance in Latakia Governorate

Syria: Territory of Telb-Gmam and surrounding area under Syrian army control

Footage from the South ‎Aleppo battlefield were Syrian Army (SAA) and Hezbollah are making progress against the terrorist gangs in the surrounding areas of Al-Hadher town.

Syria: Army continues successful offensive against militants in Douma

Syria: Damascus troops exchange fire with militants in Ghouta

Russian strikes for terrorists isis in Palmyra

Airstrike on a militants’ column of armored and automobile hardware in Latakia province

Destruction of a workshop used for fitting automobiles with explosives in Aleppo province

Airstrike on a bridge, controlled by militants (near Raqqah)

Airstrike against terrorist training camp in Aleppo province

Airstrike on a strong point (Lattakia province)

ISIS blockade ceased: Assad forces retake key highway to Aleppo

Battle on! Syrian forces target ISIS near city of Sadad

Syrian army recaptures sole road to government -held side of Aleppo from ISIL

Syria: RuAF Mi-24Ps Providing CAS near Eastern Rif Homs

Syria: SAA/NDF Re-secure The Ithriya – Khannaser Road 11-4-15

Syrian Army retakes 8 Aleppo villages from militants in 24 hours

خاص الإخبارية – عمليات متواصلة للجيش على طريق أثريا – خناصر و
التنظيمات الإرهابية تتكبد خسائر كبيرة
Syrian TV News Frontline report.

Hezbollah Sniper

Su-34 performed strike against a plant, which produced explosive devices in Aleppo province

Airstrike against hangar with 10 cars fitted with explosive devices in Eastern Ghouta

Syrian Army and Hezbollah – Khanasser- Aleppo

Syria: SAA/NDF/Hezbollah Operations In South-West Aleppo: Part 4

Russia started to use 3 times more powerful bombs in Syria (laser guided KAB-1500)

Syrian army and Hezbollah


The Third Intifada and the Liberation of Palestine.

Palestinian demonstrators commemorate the second Intifada at the beginning of the third, September 28th, 2015.

October 20th, 2015.

The Third Intifada and the Liberation of Palestine.

The Occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem-Forty eight years of brutal subjugation and land theft.

The Occupation of the people of Palestine is an act of violence, the Palestinians are subjected to constant violence and oppression both implicit and explicit, the Arab citizens of the West Bank and East Jerusalem have their human rights violated from birth until death and this has been the case since June 1967.

The Arab population of East Jerusalem and the West Bank  do not enjoy property rights. If either the Jewish state or Jewish settlers decide to requisition and steal their land they have no legal recourse.

There is no question of equality of wrong-doing here, no moral equivalence at all.

There has been an escalation of violence in recent weeks with a number of random stabbings carried out by Arabs and Jews. The death toll in recent times is at least 42 Palestinian deaths and 7 Israelis.

Unintended victims have already been wounded and killed, Jews have been stabbed by Jews under the impression they were Arabs and an Eritrean died in the aftermath of a gun attack in Beersheba that left one IDF member dead.

‘Mistaken for terrorist’: Eritrean man shot dead by security guard, beaten by mob in Israel

Israel: Two killed in bus stop shooting, 11 injured

The clashes have also spread beyond the West Bank and East Jerusalem and Israel to Gaza where the IDF showed their customary respect for human life.

State of Palestine: IDF shoots six dead as Palestinians clash with Israeli forces *GRAPHIC*

Anatomy of a Land grab. The panels to the right show the process of illegal expropriation that has taken place sice the occupation began in 1967.
Anatomy of a Land grab. The panels to the right show the process of illegal expropriation that has taken place sice the occupation began in 1967.

The UN never voted for Greater Israel.

The Greater Israel monstrosity that exists today is not legitimate under international law and it could be argued that the greater Israel project with it’s systematic subjugation and neo-apartheid system has delegitmised the entire Jewish state project.

There is no question as to which party created and perpetuated the Palestine conflict:it was the Zionists. They were the aggressors from inception until today.

Israel is the racist state run by a clique of  Jewish fascists with complete contempt for both international norms and international law.

Israel is a criminal state marinated in genocide and this is not an accident but rather is exactly as it was envisaged and devised.

So depraved has Israel become that when a Jewish mob set fire to the house of a Palestinian family burning three members to death including an eighteen month old infant, there were no murder charges, indeed no criminal charges whatsoever.

Rage and Restraint: Duma’s Third Funeral – Diplomacy and Defense -Haaretz

The suspects were held for a short period under administrative detention and then released under the justification that “intelligence sources needed to be protected.”

Israel releases settlers accused of burning Palestinian family

Cynical and Brutal.

The knife attacks have provided an opportunity for Jewish settlers and IDF members alike to simply murder Palestinian civilians, leave a knife beside them and claim they were conducting an attack.

Caught on Camera: Israel’s extrajudicial killings

In this video a settler has simply murdered a young Palestinian civilian in Hebron. The helpful IDF provide a knife to display beside the body, one soldier gives the knife to another who drops it beside the body of the murder victim.

This is a typical example of the Israeli justice system in action.

Set up? Video appears to show Israeli soldier placing object next to Palestinian killed in Hebron– Mondoweiss

Settler Shot a Palestinian to death

In these videos a group of Israeli fake Arab protesters lure a Palestinian protester into their midst before turning upon him, beating and shooting him as he is helpless on the ground.

Video: Israel lures protesters into trap | Jonathan Cook’s Blog

1080i50 H264 10M

Trois Palestiniens jeteurs de pierre blessés par des tireurs infiltrés

Along with the terrible cynicism of the Israelis is a terrible naivete of the Palestinians.  It is unbelievable that such low tactics are still successful almost fifty years into the occupation.

Hamas and Hezbollah call for uprising against the occupation.

Amidst the escalating violence, the leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah called for more violent resistance.

State of Palestine: Hamas leader Haniyeh declares ‘new intifada’ in Jerusalem

Resistance only way to rid Palestine of Israeli occupation: Nasrallah

I find this a puzzling response to the situation as violence, like all the other ills of mandatory Palestine, falls overwhelmingly on the Arab population. It is hard to see how an escalation in suffering and death is supposed to help end the occupation.

The methods that succeeded in Lebanon will not succeed in the West Bank and East Jerusalem where the situation is completely different and where Israel controls all the relevant borders.

The question then is what actions will help to end the Zionist nightmare and liberate all the people of mandate Palestine?

How should the Occupation be Resisted?

There is no doubt that the oppressed people of Occupied Palestine have the right to resist their oppression but the form of resistance to the Occupation must be the most effective possible .

There are many pieces of wisdom within the Art of War of War by Sun Tzu. One of the simplest lessons from the work is the recommendation to understand precisely how you are going to win a war before you choose to fight and also never engage in a military conflict that you cannot win.

There is no chance that the people of Occupied Palestine will be able to liberate themselves or their land with the use of force. Everyone knows this.

The stabbings allow the Israelis and their Western media stooges to obscure the truth about the situation in mandate Palestine, they are able to paint the entire criminal occupation enterprise as a necessary security operation required to protect the Jews from the Arabs who want to kill them for no reason.

Israelis Line Up to Buy Guns as Terror Wave Continues -Haaretz

Because of this fact, the intelligent and moral thing for the people of Occupied Palestine is to attempt to liberate themselves and their land by political rather than military means.

The conflict must be fought on terms that enable the opportunity for success, from a legal and political point of view, the people of Occupied Palestine have winning arguments and winning facts.

There can be no argument that the Israeli occupation of the past 48 years has comprised in large part an illegal land grab that has violated the legal and human rights of the people of Palestine in the name of Jewish supremacism.

The entire settlement program, every dwelling and every individual settler, is in violation of international law and only the most bribed of politicians pretend otherwise.

Of course people have the right to throw rocks at the occupation forces but in my opinion even the rock throwing is counter-productive.

Throwing rocks gives the occupation forces an excuse to violently suppress and shoot protesters. It won’t defeat the Occupation but it will enable it.

Therefore the form of resistance to the occupation should be actions of non violent civil disobedience and legal actions in the UN and other international tribunals.

All of Israel’s war crimes, from Deir Yassin, to Sabra and Chatila and the settlement program itself should face prosecution in international courts. In addition there has to be a thorough cultural boycott of Israel and all it’s supporters.

Classic image of the conflict in Palestine but a sonte throwing child will never defeat a tank in the field of battle.
Classic image of the conflict in Palestine but a stone throwing child will never defeat a tank in the field of battle.

One Person, One Vote, One State.

The two state solution is a mirage, an illusion designed to enable Israel to pose as being interested in peace while buying time to further illegally colonise the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

If Israel had any interest in the two state solution they would not have escalated the illegal settlement activities after the PLO came to the table and renounced violence in the early 1990s.

The only uprising that will achieve anything is a political and legal uprising, an uprising of protest and speeches not of rocks and stabbings.

All of the violence plays into the Zionist narcissistic personality disorder, it feeds their neurosis and enables them to con themselves into believing they are actually victims when the exact opposite is true.

Sacrifice that fails to achieve anything is hollow and wasted.

State of Palestine: Israeli soldiers open fire on civilians in Jenin, 27 wounded

Violent: IDF beat Palestinian stone throwers, protesters lie unconscious covered in blood

State of Palestine: Tyres burn as Israeli crackdown continues in Ramallah

State of Palestine: Clashes erupt in Ramallah as violence grips the West Bank

State of Palestine: Israelis throw rocks at Palestinians during day of violent clashes in Hebron

State of Palestine: Thousands attend funeral of Palestinian knife attacker killed by Israeli police

State of Palestine: Clashes erupt as students protest against Israeli attacks in West Bank

State of Palestine: Families mourn boys slaughtered by IDF *GRAPHIC*

State of Palestine: Mother and daughter killed in IDF airstrike taken to mosque for burial *GRAPHIC*

وا أقصاه .. لن تركع أمة قائدها محمد

Iran Nuclear Deal: the Death of the Neoconservative Dream.

Iranians celebrate the Nuclear deal and the detente with the West.
Iranians celebrate the Nuclear deal and the detente with the West.

July 16th, 2015.

The End of a Dream.

Following the September 11th attacks,  the US conducted several expeditionary wars of choice involving hundreds of thousands of troops who took tens of thousands of casualties in wars that killed millions, cost trillions and produced failed states as the end result.

In 2007 retired US General Wesley Clark provided some background to these events and spoke of a plan to attack seven nations in five years beginning in late 2001.

“General Wesley Clark: The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years

“We had instead a policy coup in this country, a coup, a policy coup. Some hard nosed people took over the direction of American policy and they never bothered to inform the rest of us.”
“Nobody can tell us where to bomb, nobody.” (Donald Rumsfeld as quoted by Wesley Clark.)

Conversation with a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, November 2001
“Are we still going to attack Iraq?”
“Oh Sir,” he said “it’s worse than that”, he pulled up a piece of paper off his desk and said.
“I just got a memo from the Secretary of Defense that says we are going to attack and destroy the Governments of seven countries in five years! We are going to start with Iraq and then we are going to move to Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran
“These people took control of the policy in the United States.”
“This country was taken over by a group of people with a policy coup. Wolfowitz and Cheney and Rumsfeld and you could name another half a dozen collaborators from the Project for the New American Century. They wanted us to destabilise the Middle East, to turn it upside down, make it under our control”
Retired US General Wesley Clark, 2007.

Of the seven nations on the list  Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and to an extent Syria and Sudan were targeted successfully.* Somalia, the failed state Obama hailed as a success story, was invaded by Ethiopia in 2006 at the behest of the US and is a continuing target of intermittent US drone attacks and special forces raids.

Lebanon and Iran were the other names on the Neocon target list provided by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to the Joint Chiefs of Staff in late 2001.

This is far more than a Nuclear deal this is Detente.

The world changed for the better yesterday and  the openly Imperial era of the West in the Middle East appears to be over.

The infantile and aberrant “clash of civilisations” narrative is on life support today,  sustained only by the NATO and Western backed mercenary thugs  the ISIL group and their media promoters.
The dream of the violent overthrow of the Government of Iran by the US is over and there seems to be nothing that Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, Netanyahu or any of the other Zionist “monsters of the universe” can do about it.
The false Zionist narrative imposed upon the US in the wake of the attacks of September 11th, 2001 has been discarded. All the lies, the millions of lies that continue to be told in the Zionist owned and controlled Western media, have failed.
The Zionist  project to use the US military as their spearhead to destroy Israel’s  (largely imaginary) enemies in the Middle East is seemingly at an end.

This is not merely a Nuclear deal, this is detente. This is Iran making tremendous, even ridiculous concessions, in order to facilitate a re-entrance to the mainstream international community and especially to restore the relationship between Iran and the West.
It seems inevitable now that full diplomatic relations will resume between Iran and the West, and presumably in the near future. the US will reopen their Tehran Embassy for the first time since the Islamic Revolution. Britain has already announced it’s intention to reopen it’s (more recently closed) Tehran Embassy.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Iran and the Nuclear Crisis.
The entire Iran nuclear crisis was largely a work of fiction. It was never clear that Iran was even attempting to build a Nuclear weapon. According to US intelligence, the Iranian Nuclear weapons project ceased in 2003 and was never anywhere close to producing an actual weapon.
The intelligence that pointed to the program up to 2003 itself appeared to be planted on a laptop that “helpfully” turned up just as the Imperial project looked upon Iran as the next target.
The Iranians never produced Uranium enriched beyond 20%, the enrichment level for weapons grade material is at least 90% with optimum results from 95%+ pure Uranium, so the Iran nuclear program never came close to producing a weapon, but the reasons for the Iranians enriching to that level remain unclear.
The Nuclear crisis almost seems to have been engineered as the tool of detente between Iran and the West although much of the energy behind the crisis was sincere and directed towards military engineered regime change.
Clearly this deal offers tremendous benefits to Iran, in exchange for major concessions but this does not mean that Iran is suddenly going to have things all it’s own way in the Gulf or the broader Middle East.

Obama and iden announce the Nuclear deal with iran, July 14th, 2015.
Obama and iden announce the Nuclear deal with iran, July 14th, 2015.

The United States.
This represents a possible important turning point for US foreign policy in two important respects.

The first is the obvious recourse to a more conciliatory and non-confrontational policy in the Muslim world.On the strategic,  if not tactical level.(bearing in mind the US is currently staging air attacks in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen!)
The policy of confrontation and occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan and the smaller wars, has been a disaster and an attempt to repeat the Iraq episode in Iran would have seen the end of the US as a great power.

The decision to abandon military confrontation in the Iran case was also achieved in a deal that was brokered by the other current Great powers, China and Russia and this points to a United States that is ready to acknowledge that fact and work within those parameters rather than going down in flames seeking to cling to sole or predominant superpower status as fading empires are prone to doing..
Obama is understood to represent the interests of the “realist” or “Brzezinski” faction in the US and within the CIA.

History will apportion the blame and weigh the consequences of what the Obama administration has done but this deal  represents a small and belated delivery on Obama’s promise to be an anti-war President and means that there is at least something on the positive side of the ledger of the Obama Presidency. Many would argue that this step does not come close to redeeming the Presidency of the “nowhere man.” The Obama Foreign policy legacy remains one of destruction and failure in Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and the Ukraine.

The Israeli Prime Minister during his customary hysterical speech in response to the deal.
The Israeli Prime Minister during his customary hysterical speech in response to the deal.

Israel is facing an almost unprecedented diplomatic defeat, the loss of prestige, the psychological blow is tremendous. The paid lackeys in the US Congress and the Western media cannot hide the fact that Israel is now completely isolated from the West in it’s one dimensional confrontational approach towards Iran.

The Western narrative and the Israeli narrative have departed ways.

Iran is no threat to Israel
The material consequences for Israel from this are almost non- existent. Hezbollah will presumably see an infusion of new and better weaponry, but the truth is that Hezbollah remain deeply embroiled in the Syrian Civil War and while the Hezbollah group are more than a match for the Sunni extremists backed by the West and the Gulf monarchies in Syria, Hezbollah will pose no real or significant threat to Israel in the foreseeable future.

Israel’s Solution

If Israel want to pretend they  fear Iran and Hezbollah, the answer is to leave the Occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and Golan Heights and end the Gaza blockade and the conflict will be over. Hezbollah’s or Iran’s arsenal will be of no relevance to Israel either way.
The real consequence for this will be hat the event is part of a pattern of international isolation that Israel is increasingly encountering. The BBC had the temerity yesterday to name Israel as a Nuclear state. Scrutiny of Israel’s position on this issue , the rank hypocrisy of a Nuclear armed rogue state calling for war will only add further impetus to the movement to Boycott the Apartheid Zionist state.
It is now too late for Israel to act against Iran, and this was never the preferred option anyway.An attack on Lebanon remains an option for Israel as an attempt to violently express their frustration (as the Saudis have been doing in Yemen for almost four months now) or in the hope of forcing the West to  “choose sides’ with Israel against Hezbollah.
This is the most stunning defeat for the Zionist movement since Israel’s inception but the only actual threat to Israel is the increasing international awareness of the nature of the occupation as an apartheid system.

The last King Of Saudi Arabia? King Salman.
The last King Of Saudi Arabia? King Salman.

Saudi Arabia.
Israel characteristically is providing the histrionics but the House of Saud are clearly the primary target of this agreement. Israel has been sidelined, Saudi Arabia were REPLACED.

Iran is clearly going to be the primary power in the Gulf region in the future along side the United States. It seems that a decision has been made to target the House of Saudi for destruction
It is not clear why the decision was made and this is only an intuitive claim but there are small tangible signs that at least certain elements of the CIA are preparing to target the Saudi monarchy and whether that eventuates or not the Saudis have just been cut loose by the United States, pure and simple.

While the Government of Saudi Arabia is a key sponsor of Sunni extremists who have clearly been a key source of international instability. The  removal of the House of Saud would be very risky and likely lead to a three sided Civil war between al Qaeda and the Saudi Government with a side war in the East where the Shia majority in that region will   probably attempt to achieve defacto independence in a similar manner to the Iraqi Kurds.

The Nuclear deal represents a tremendous downgrading of Saudi Arabia as a US ally. Iran and it’s allies now represent a greater concentration of energy resources than the Saudis and their allies.
This was one piece that had to be put into place in order to do away with the House of Saud, who will presumably be replaced by chaos with the Al Nusra front fighting against whatever is left of the hOuse of Saud with a Sectarian Civil war at the same time in the Shia majority oil rich East of Saudi Arabia.

Republican Congressman Ben Sasse, in a just world he would be a streetwalker on the SUnset Boulevard, ibstead he works for Israel.
Republican Congressman Ben Sasse.

The Memes.

State Sponsor of Terror and Sectarianism.

None of the groups that Iran supports in the Middle East conduct or have recently conducted mass casualty attacks on civilian targets.

The Ansurallah group fighting in Yemen are a fairly standard militia, they do not attack civilian targets deliberately in Yemen nor during their many incursions into Saudi Arabian border areas in recent weeks.

The Ansarallah Houthi group does not follow orders from Iran anyway as it recently came to light that iran had advised the Ansarallah group not to attempt to take the capital city Sa’ana by force. The Ansarallah group did the exact opposite and attacked the capital .

Hezbollah are currently fighting the al Nusra Front and IS remnants in Western Syria. During their years long involvement in Syria Hezbollah have been fighting a grinding conventional war against the enemies of the West IS and al Nusra Front. None of these operations bear any relationship to terrorism it is regular warfare.

The Iraqi Shia militia groups on the other hand have been responsible for very serious persecution of Sunni Iraqis and did conduct what amounted to “sectarian cleansing” operations in Baghdad that saw Sunni neighborhoods disappear and mixed areas become Shia dominated. There are many issues with the Iraqi Shia militia groups but there is no indication that any of these actions are being undertaken with Iranian instructions or anything approaching it.

If the recent history of the Middle East is examined honestly it is clear that the rise of Iranian proxies has been as a result of Iran successfully capitalising on primarily Western acts of aggression in the region.

In 1982 Hezbollah did not exist, the group formed in response to the needless Israeli invasion of 1982 that saw tens of thousands of Lebanese civilians slaughtered in months of carpet bombing from the Israeli Air Force.

The Israeli occupation of Lebanon lasted until the year 2000, Hezbollah were the most dedicated and successful group that opposed the Israeli occupation and Hezbollah’s prestige and power spring from their response to Israeli aggression in Lebanon. It was not Iran who started the war.

The same type of thing happened in Iraq. Iran’s allies came to power in Iraq because Iran has a Shia majority and the US toppled Saddam Hussein’s secular government in an illegal war of aggression. The ascent of Iran in Iraq was completely due to the actions of the US and Iran simply capitalised on the fact that the imposition of Democracy on Iraq made it absolutely certain that a pro Iran party or parties would be in power because ALL the major Shia factions in Iraq have a close relationship with Iran.

Iran’s comparitive rise to power in the region traces back to these two seminal acts of Western agression in Lebanon and Iraq so the portrait of Iran as a destabilising force is pretty unfair and dishonest.

The state sponsor of terrorism accusation is pure nonsense.

Nuclear Threshold State.

The Western media have struggled to manage their dual  loyalties to Israel and the US, often dealing with the contradiction by both gushing and fretting in the same report. When Israel’s interests are at stake the facts can never be allowed to get int the way and nonsense such as this from the Mail Online is the result.

Critics warn Arab rivals will not ‘sit idly by’ after Iran’s atomic accord | Daily Mail Online

“Yesterday’s announcement was met with a profound wariness in the Arab world, where there are fears of Tehran gaining a nuclear weapon and deep skepticism that the accord will prevent that from happening. Critics of the U. S-led negotiations warned that the other nations in the Middle East will ‘not sit idly by’ while Iran develops its nuclear capabilities. Republican Senator Ben Sasse said: ‘Sadly, the Administration just lit the fuse for a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.”

The Mail alludes to the “profound wariness” of the Arab world without citing any source and then turns to a Zionist US Republican Senator to voice the views that were previously attributed to the “Arab world.”
The premise that Iran is trying to build a Nuclear weapon is itself a ridiculous and hackneyed trope with little basis in reality.
‘We all know Iran’s neighbours will not sit idly as the world’s largest state-sponsor of terror becomes a nuclear-threshold state.’” US Republican Ben Sasse.

The dishonesty in the statement from the notorious lobby mouthpiece Sasse is very plain. The description of Iran becoming a nuclear threshold state is not anchored in reality. It is psychotic.

Iran is agreeing to give up two thirds of it’s centrifuges, 98% of all fissile material and to reduce the maximum level of Uranium enrichment from 20% to 3.67% so Sasse is simply ignorant or a total liar, or both.

Nuclear Agreement Text.


A Path Forward.
There are undoubtedly many cynical and self interested motives behind this agreement and much cause for wariness but the methods of conflict resolution that have succeeded in this case could  be used to solve all human conflict (in theory at least) if the will was there to do so .The events of the post 911 era have proven yet again just how ineffective high explosives are in achieving positive political outcomes. War is a broken formula..

If the US can achieve detente with Iran, facilitated by Russia, how absurd is the new Cold War? It is completely ridiculous. The entire posture from the West towards Russia has been completely  counterproductive since the end of the Cold War.

There is no rational basis for Russia and the United States to be enemies, any more than there was for the US and Iran, but Russia and the US have many more common interests even than Iran and the US. There is blame on all sides in the Ukraine but the West needs to accept that the multipolarity of power is now a fact and is not a threat to the West, only to the delusional world domination project. The West should help implement the Minsk accords, accept the annexation of Crimea as a consequence of the Maidan coup and abandon the anti-Russian sanctions that have caused unnecessary economic harm to both Russia and Europe to the benefit of none.

Iran & IAEA still to resolve ‘outstanding issues’ despite deal

The Plan — according to U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.)

Israeli Nuclear Attack on Syria, All Known Footage

.*Sudan was partitioned in 2011. The new South Sudan state descended within months into a brutal Civil war that continues to this day. There are two Governing Authorities within the South Sudan, a catastrophically failed state from day one.

Hezbollah DRONES Blast al Qaeda in Syria!

al Nusra fighters leave their vehicle in an isolated area of the Qalamoun border region.
al Nusra fighters leave their vehicle in an isolated area of the Qalamoun border region.

May 30th, 2015.

Hezbollah, Drones and the Next War.

A Short History of Hezbollah Drones.

Hezbollah announced their possession of surveillance drones way back in 2004 I was stunned to discover. Using the Iranian made Mojaher in surveillance missions over Israel in 2004 and 2006,

The use of surveillance drones is now commonplace, even amongst non-state actors. It is little more than a remote-controlled plane with a camera attached when you get down to it.

Attack drones, on the other hand are still an “upper end” item requiring a high degree of technical sophistication.

Iranian Miltary Officials show off the captured RQ 170. drone.
Iranian Miltary Officials show off the captured RQ 170. drone.

In 2011, Iran gained possession of a US Sentinel drone and claimed to have hacked into the device’s communications a claim that was borne out by the fact that the Iranians were able to display the US drone completely intact.

Breaking News Footage from captured U.S drone RQ 170 by Iran

In October 2012 a Hezbollah drone flew over Southern Israel, near the Dimona Nuclear site, before being destroyed by an Israeli F 16 aircraft. .

‘Hezbollah drone photographed secret IDF bases’ – Defense – Jerusalem Post

Video: IDF downs drone that entered Israel airspace

Iran claims this is the reverse engineered version of the RQ 170 they produced.
Iran claims this is the reverse engineered version of the RQ 170 they produced.

Later Iran used the information gleaned from the Sentinel, produced by Lockheed Martin, to make their own version. This was followed by a very strange incident in April 2013, when it appears that Hezbollah remotely hacked into and seized control of an Israeli drone forcing the IDF to destroy it.


In September 2014, Hezbollah commenced the use of armed drones, killing a claimed 23 al Nusra fighters in a drone attack in Western Syria. This week Hezbollah conducted at least two drone strikes against al Nusra fighters in the Qalamoun border region.

Hezbollah drones wreak havoc on Syrian rebel bases | The Times of Israel

Apparent al Nusra way station in the Qalamoun region.
Apparent al Nusra way station in the Qalamoun region.
The site is attacked and destroyed.
The site is attacked and destroyed. Stills from al Manar.
This vehicle is the second target.
This vehicle is the second target.
The vehicle is destroyed. All stills from al Manar.
The vehicle is destroyed. All stills from al Manar.

In recent days Hezbollah’s media outlet al Manar television released footage shot by their drones that have successfully targeted al Nusra front fighters in the Syrian/Lebanon border area. This is a video that shows the strikes.

Syria: Hezbollah Operations in Qalamoun – Part 8: Ambush

In the wake of the September, 2014 attacks, Israeli newspapers released imagery purporting to show the site of a Hezbollah runway in the Bekaa Valley region of Eastern Lebanon.

Israeli photograph of purported Hezbollah landing strip in Eastern Lebanon.
Israeli photograph of purported Hezbollah landing strip in Eastern Lebanon.

Drones- An Ethical Means of Warfare?

These attacks took place in a remote area and there appear not to be any civilians or villages in the vicinity of the strikes. If Hezbollah were using the drones in the manner of the United States they would blow up the homes of militants and kill their extended family. Armed drones are a tremendous battlefield tool for fairly obvious reasons. They enable the enemy to be identified and targeted without any risk to your own fighters.

The problem with the US drone attacks has been the targets that have been chosen. The funerals, the family homes, the attacks on civilians helping the wounded from previous attacks. Therefore in my opinion the rules for drones are basically the same for any other weapon. If militants are targeted on a battlefield, the use is ethical, if civilian areas are targeted the use is unethical.

War is Not a Game.

The idea that in war you are supposed to give the enemy an even chance and “fight fair.” that you should stand on one hill with a rifle firing at the opposition on another hill and the person with the best aim and eyesight wins, is hopelessly naive. War is the destruction of human beings and infrastructure in pursuit of a political goal.  The object is to destroy the enemy. There is no fairness, no even chance. This is not analogous to a sporting contest. That was a lie the war party sold to a naive public in order to promote war in my opinion. To make it seem like a fun and harmless game. It is the exact opposite.

The Negev Nuclear Research Centre,  in Dimona. Iran and Hezbollah have alluded to attacking the site. To do so may elicit a cataclysmic response.
The Negev Nuclear Research Centre, in Dimona. Iran and Hezbollah have alluded to attacking the site. To do so may elicit a cataclysmic response.

Will Israel Strike Lebanon?

From the psychopathic Zionist point of view, it would make sense to attack Lebanon while the Hezbollah group are heavily engaged in the Syrian Civil war and taking heavy casualties there. If the Israelis believe that another war with Hezbollah is inevitable, it would make sense for them to conduct the war whilst Hezbollah are stretched, reasoning that this will give them a greater chance of Military success.

The Israelis know that they cannot destroy Hezbollah, or anything resembling that and the Hezbollah possession of attack drones may give the Israelis pause, contemplating the fact that there would be no defense against a large number of Hezbollah UAV’s deployed simultaneously. Even a superficial attack on the Dimona Nuclear plant could lead to a major World War 3 type of dramatic escalation that in a worst case scenario could see both Israel and the surrounding region destroyed.

Israel may well hope to somehow provoke an Iranian response that could derail the detente currently underway between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the West. A detente that is the biggest slap in the face that either Israel or the Saudis could ever suffer. Israel may hope that an attack on Lebanon, under whatever pretext could trigger an Iranian response that would destroy the diplomatic process. Mondoweiss speculated upon this scenario recently,

Turning Lebanon into Gaza — Israel’s hole card against Iran deal?

and the same speculation was also found in this Huff-Po article.

The Iran Talks Game Changer: An Israeli-Hezbollah War? | Trita Parsi

Two of the three months between the implicit Nuclear agreement and the date to actually sign the deal have now passed. If  the month of June passes without calamity the Zionist war party may be facing the death of the cherished dream of the United States violently destroying Iran forever.

If Israel wanted to attack Iran, they would attack Iran, they do not . They want the US to do it and that has been obvious for years.

The Saudis have responded to this disappointment by engaging in the campaign of mass murder and crimes against humanity that is still underway in Yemen. The campaign is ongoing after more than two months and achieving absolutely nothing for the dead men walking of the House of Saud. Israel’s response,  if experience is anything to go by, will make the Saudi crimes against humanity look puny.