Rogue State Returns Criminal Leader in Election Shock!

The Belated Honesty of the Murderous thug is Welcome as will be his departure.
The Belated Honesty of the Murderous thug is Welcome as will be his departure.

March 17th, 2015.Updated March 18th,

Netanyahu Won the Election!

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party have won the Israeli Parliamentary Elections securing an estimated 29 seats in the Israeli Parliament the Knesset, five more than nearest rival the Zionist Union with 24 seats. There are 120 seats in the Knesset so Likud won almost 25% of the seats while the Zionist Union won a flat 20%. The proportional representation system in Israel that sees any party that receives 3.5% of the vote seated in the parliament makes winning 50% of the Parliamentary seats almost impossible. Coalition Governments made up of marriages of convenience after a period of horse trading are business as usual in Israel as in many other nations.

A Personal triumph for Bibi and a Catastrophe for Israel and the Zionist movement

A few days ago the esteemed former BBC journalist Alan Hart wrote in Veterans Today that he hoped Netanyahu would win the election because he is such a calamity for Zionism and he was completely correct. The implications of this are huge. The Israeli Nation has just voted in support of permanent apartheid.

The farcical window dressing that was the peace process is now officially dead. The US role in brokering peace in the Middle East is also effectively over. The Israeli leadership have made it absolutely clear that they have no interest in either peace or justice. The opportunity for redemption has now disappeared forever for Israel.

In the short term this is a cataclysm. For Israel and the rest of humanity. Sadly Israel has become the nation of Sharon and Netanyahu and the supremacist Likud thug mentality. Truth is truth and there will be no hiding from now on. This is a rogue state, another South Africa, a supremacist warmonger state apparently intent on world destruction if deemed necessary. All the pretensions towards humanity have evaporated at this point leaving a vast black hole that demands dismantlement and  violence is not a viable option given the arsenal they hold.

The Open Apartheid Era has begun.

Israel is apparently about to embark on what might be called the “Open Apartheid Era” and Israel must face wide scale boycotts and sanctions. Economic and cultural boycotts must be enforced ruthlessly. Anyone who has any positive interaction with the Apartheid entity must be hung out to dry and mercilessly denounced and ostracised.. There is no other way.  The only way they are going to understand is apparently through decades of denigration and isolation such as the last apartheid state, South Africa received.

If Israel no longer believes in peace, as we now know, the one state solution is the only viable option to resolve the conflict. It is that simple. The two state solution is a dead duck. It is gone,  Netanyahu killed it, a rare act for which he actually deserves credit.

The Zionist movement has now conclusively proven that it has descended to a level beyond repair and redemption. This movement is inherently dysfunctional, dishonest and  marinated in supremacist wickedness. The dream is over it is time to pack up the tent and move on. All that remains is the awful denouement.

Rare Truths from the Desperate Psychopath and Proven War Criminal on the Eve of Probable Election Loss.

When a psychopath is desperate and cornered they will begin to do silly and desperate things. In his desperation on the eve of the Israeli election the Israeli Prime Minister has done the world a big favour by finally admitting the plain and obvious truth. The Israelis have no intention of leaving the Occupied territories, evacuating the illegal Settlements and allowing the people of Palestine to live in freedom on the 22% of their land that Israel does not comprise.

A Liar Who Know No Bounds.

Netanyahu at AIPAC (America Israel Public Affairs Committee)March 2nd, 2015 (nineteen minutes mark)
“Because the values that unite us are much stronger than the differences that divide us. Values like liberty, equality, justice. (for Europeans only presumably?!) “Tolerance.” (Israel is highly tolerant towards Jewish people who think it is ok to go out in the streets and chant “Death to the Arabs”, very tolerant!)

Israeli show their supremacist true colours, June, 2014.
Israelis show their supremacist true colours, June, 2014.

“Compassion.” (Towards wounded al Nusra and IS terrorists certainly.)
“As our region descends into medieval barbarism, Israel is the one that upholds these values common to us and to you….In a dark and savage and desperate Middle East Israel is a beacon of humanity and of light and of hope.”

Aftermath of IDF attack on UN school
This is what the “beacon of light” left behind in Gaza lat year. This was a UN school.

Netanyahu has said that there will never be a State of Palestine while he is Prime Minister of Israel.

Netanyahu pledges no Palestinian state on election eve

“(Netanyahu) announced that there would be no Palestinian state if he is reelected.”

Earlier the blood soaked “statesman”  had stated

“The truth is simple. If they form the next government, here on these hills, we will have a second Hamastan. But we prevented it. We develop here great neighborhoods for tens of thousands of Israelis .(in blatant and total violation of International law.) And we are committed to it.” (It being subjugation, theft and criminality with a healthy underpinning of Jewish Supremacism.)

In the absence of a State of Palestine, Israel has only two possible choices. Israel could either extend citizenship and voting rights to the entire population of Palestine that live under Israeli control or continue with the apartheid and subjugation of the people of Palestine as it has done for the past 47 years since the 1967 occupation began. This is a very simple truth the former US President Jimmy Carter expressed in his book “Palestine: Peace not Apartheid” in 2002.

Amusingly the Zionists have never forgiven Carter for his honesty and to this day try and denigrate him as a “peanut farmer”. As if that made any difference to the truth.

Israel and the Zionist movement never had any interest in peace. Peace is conceptually impossible for them as base supremacists. It is as impossible for them to even imagine peace as it is for them to imagine Arabs as human beings with the same inherent rights as themselves.

The Basic Facts of the Occupation.

For almost 50 years Israel has been in illegal occupation of the 22% of Palestine that Israel failed to seize in it’s opening bout of genocidal land theft in 1948.

This is how low the state of Israel really is. The 78% of Palestine that is Israel was not enough for them. They demanded the lot and never gave a thought to the consequences for the people they murdered and robbed to get it, content to dehumanise and blame the victim and pretend the people of Palestine were actually Germans and they were getting “righteous revenge”.

Now the low rent butcher of Gaza has finally told the truth. They don’t believe in peaceful coexistence between human beings. They believe in Jewish Supremacism and the two cannot possibly ever coexist.

The Israelis actually believe that they have the right to subjugate the people of Palestine in apartheid style bantustans FOREVER! This is how sick and disgusting this project has become.

No human being should have to live under Military Occupation and  have every part of their life controlled and face the harassment and land theft of the illegal settlers..

This is the West. This is the beacon of light unto the world revealed to be nothing but racist, fascist criminals of the lowest possible moral and intellectual quality.

Anyone who ever says a positive word about the pitiful, ignoble Netanyahu must clearly be a supporter of  racism of apartheid and supremacist evil. How did we fall so low?

What depravity that hundreds of millions of Westerners still walk around with the delusion that we are the “good guys” representing “enlightenment” and “justice” and if only it weren’t for the backward Muslims and their aggression the world would be at peace.


There are no positive or valid forms of supremacism, There never have been and there never will be. The fact that we have actually allowed these criminals to get a waiver for their crimes by pointing to crimes committed in Europe, by Europeans in the 1940s says both that they are some of the most shameless and morally reprehensible people who ever existed and we must be amongst the most simple minded fools to have ever believed it .

Anyone who believes in any of those things who is above the age of ten years is either completely evil or totally brainwashed.

The End of Zionism is Nigh

Netanyahu will presumably lose the election, and we will be presented with a new, sympathetic and airbrushed Israel that wants peace. The measure of the Israeli intent should be the Settlements. Unless and until the Israeli government freezes all expansion of illegal settlements, internally or externally, authorised or unauthorised, they clearly have no interest in peace for two states and all efforts should therefore be directed towards a one state solution that would enfranchise all the people of Palestne Muslim, Christian and Jew as equal citizens with equal rights as takes place in all civilised nations. Israel/Palestine can still remain a putative “State of the Jewish People”, albeit with a Jewish minority. If by some unhappy miracle, a new Hitler emerges and begins murdering Jewish people, of course the people of Palestine and many other nations  would welcome the Jewish people to their nations in that case,  but not as supremacist overlords.

The fundamental underlying idea of the Zionist movement, that Jews need a place of protection against the all pervasive gentile threat is absolutely ridiculous today and has been absolutely ridiculous for many decades.We don’t hate you. Honestly! Why would we? You are just as brainwashed and foolish as we are, perhaps even more so. You are the victims of the lies far more than we are. The recognition of the immorality of supremacism in all it’s forms is also an affirmation of the fact that there can be no correct in or out groups within the human family, it’s that simple. To attempt to defame Jews en masse or attempt to cast them out of the human family would be to fall victim to the exact same supremacism we seek to oppose and condemn in my opinion.


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Bibi’s back! Netanyahu returns to Washington DC

Netanyahu's actions have consequences.
The consequences of Netanyahu’s policies.
The line up style photo seems fitting somehow.
The line up style photo seems fitting somehow.

March 3rd, 2015.

When it comes to generating antipathy the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a real leader. Few have been easier to despise than this psychopath who scarcely even bothers to conceal his true nature. He is apparently incapable of it as indicated by his remark to the New York Times on September 11th, 2001 that the attacks were “very good.” This is the quote from the New York Times article

A DAY OF TERROR – THE ISRAELIS – Spilled Blood Is Seen as Bond That Draws 2 Nations Closer –

” ”It’s very good.” Then he edited himself: ”Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy.” Please understand that Netanyahu is not saying he has sympathy for the United States after all the people were murdered there, he is stating that he is pleased because the massacre of Americans will cause the US to feel sympathy for Israel, it is a stratospheric degree of narcissism rarely seen.

Hatred of Netanyahu is so widespread that is almost redundant at this stage.

Israel Zionist Jew Benjamin Netanyahu chronic liar & conman


One of Netanyahus many moments of absurdity, the UN 2012.
One of Netanyahus many moments of absurdity, the UN 2012.

The truth is that Netanyahu is no longer an effective advocate of the Zionist cause. Netanyahu’s speech at AIPAC yesterday was met with no more than a polite response. The last time the response would have been rapturous, the way it used to be for BIbi in the Congress.

Netanyahu gets more standing ovations than Obama –

Netanyahu received no less than 29 standing ovations during his speech at the Capitol in 2011. It feels like the distant past. Although the Israeli ownership of the House and Senate persists till today, they only represent the views of the highly partisan or ultra-ignorant at this stage.

Netanyahu’s visit is aimed at bolstering his chances in the Israel election in a fortnight and more broadly at ending the Iran nuclear deal. Netanyahu’s fate in the Israeli elections scarcely matters, any replacement will be almost identical policy wise. The Nuclear deal with Iran is a big deal, the subject of a major power struggle that has not yet been completed. Netanyahu’s history of exaggeration and inaccuracy regarding the Iran nuclear dossier mean that the prevention of a deal will be impossible for Israel if the US shows an adequate degree of political will.

The Death of American Democracy

There have been many recent signs that Israeli intelligence factions now believe that Netanyahu’s leadership is counterproductive. A new salesman/con artist is required. It would not be surprising to see a very violent and sudden end to the Netanyahu career as his backers abandon him and seek to use his demise to their advantage. I hope that Netanyahu dies in prison in many years time but I fear that fate will not be so slow in returning Netanyahu to his source, whatever that might be.

War Criminal in the House of  Harlots on the Day of Treason.

The Speech.

That was some of the worst fifty minutes I have ever spent. The final twenty minutes a completely boring rehash of what had already been said. Had to laugh that he had the chutzpah to drag Elie Wiesel in there as the poster boy of Holocaust survivors, the whole “everyone wants to kill us that’s why we constantly have to murder people” schtick is becoming immensely tiresome.

There were some comic gems as you would expect.

“If Iran wants to be treated like a normal country let it act like a normal country. ” So does this mean that Israel is going to start acting like a “normal” country?

“No of course not, Israel is the only Jewish state and our history of victim-hood means that our aggression is not aggression, our murders are not murder our theft is not theft, our outlaw behaviour is not unlawful.”

He really does try and claim the special right to aggression on the basis of a shared neurosis fostered by the Zionists and the Nazis that all gentiles have some strange Jew hating disease that constantly causes them to be singularly obsessed with killing them all. The whole thing was like watching a children’s play. The actor’s are deadly earnest, everyone offstage knows the play is pure nonsense.

For this criminal to actually think he has the right to attempt to dictate the Foreign policy of the West regarding Iran after the cataclysms the Israel leadership and Lobby in the US  have engineered over the past decade or so is quite remarkable. The narcissism really knows no end. Nor the gall.

Oh and I did keep count of the standing ovations. Sometimes it was hard to differentiate between one extended and two separate standing ovations. I counted sixteen, which is only an approximation but within one or two either way.

The standing ovations are basically written into the speech, so the number is not important. There were several times during this speech when a standing ovation, an extended pause was written into the speech and on occasions only a tiny proportion actually stood. Mostly it was half or two thirds, but there were several only cheered by the most enthusiastic “funding recipients” at the very front. There were certain times that it seemed as though almost none of the Democrats were participating.

The whole Netanyahu vs Obama brouhaha now seems very simple. Obama wants to make a deal with Iran, Netanyahu wants to stop him. Netanyahu has no credibility whatsoever but the controlled media will support Israel’s aims as always. If a deal is done, Obama wins and Israel begins it’s fast track slide to obsolescence and assimilated disintegration within a single state in Palestine.

If the deal is quashed by the Lobby, this tells us that the US is still an owned and controlled Zionist colony on the road to total self destruction and when the next President enters the White House, there will be no question about deals, the debate  will be all about when Iran will be bombed.

Here is an interesting and very different point of view on this subject from Tony Cartalucci..

Land Destroyer: Obama-Netanyahu “Fallout” is Theater – Planned in 2009

These are some of the reasons Netanyahu is justifiably despised.

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