Phot of the year 2015. Pretend terroirst pretend killing of a frenchmen pretending to be a police officer, Paris, January 7th, 2015.
Phot of the year 2015. Pretend terroirst pretend killing of a Frenchmean pretending to be a police officer, Paris, January 7th, 2015.
Getting on the front foot in week one. The liars excelled in Paris in 2015 and every single terrorist killing in France in 2015 was a work of fiction, a low farce. The fake shooting of a fake policeman in full public view on January 7th set the tone nicely for the year that followed.

January 1st, 2016.


Lie, lie, lie, lie LIE!

Anyone who tries to claim that 2015 was not a great year must not be a fan of lies. It was one of the best ever years for lies and liars. A real beauty.

The funny thing about the year 2015 is that the history of the year in the West is dominated by fictional events. At some point the history of the West is going to require a heavy rewrite and 2015 will need a heavier rewrite than any other recent year.

After Charlie Hebdo, the Kosher Cafe, Copenhagen, Garland, Chattanooga, the French Train, the WDBJ Live on TV fake shooting, the Charleston comedy, the Oregon sitcom, the Lafayette nonsense and so many others, eventually it became too much and after the second round of fake terror in France,  the San Bernadino clown show was seemingly the last straw.

Even people who knew it was a fraud started acting and talking as though it were real.

Highly respected veterans of the supposed “truth” movement turned to mush and jelly by the end of the year. It was as though every fake event represented a flash bang being thrown into a room, after ten or twelve in a row many people lost their bearings completely.

Some began to spout anti-Muslim garbage. The power of the tribe (the Western tribe) was simply too much for them it seems and there are dozens of people I respected a month ago for whom I now have nothing but contempt.

After San Bernadino, it was as though there had never been any truth movement at all. No-one knew anymore that 911 was a false flag attack. No one could remember that they there is a police state being built on the back of a series of lies and manufactured threats and that anyone who gives credence to the Muslim (or any other)threat is an agent of the New World Order whether intentionally or not.

Pioneers, scions of the 911 truth movement were paying lip service to the nonsense coming from the populist buffoon of the day like they had never known anything about anything.

I guess it would be like there were all these people who knew that Oklahoma City was a false flag attack and then 911 happens and suddenly they BELIEVE EVERY LAST WORD.

Despite the fact that 911 was a far more obvious and easily exposed big lie than OKC given that it happened LIVE ON TV.

In 2015 the people of the West were bombarded with lies from beginning to end. It is difficult and confusing and those who are genuine victims of brainwashing deserve compassion and sympathy.

The people who tag along and pretend to be awake until it becomes less fashionable, I hope they all retire to hell in the near future. There is no hope for them.

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