God Save The Queen.

God Save The Queen

September 12th, 2015.

God Save The Queen.

This week Elizabeth Regina became Britain’s longest ruling monarch.

The controlled media celebrated this although Elizabeth Regina has never achieved anything nor even attempted to do so.

Elizabeth Regina has been the Queen of Australia for more than half of Australia’s history as an independent state. The Monarchy is an inherently unjust and immoral institution and the truth of this can be easily assessed by simply viewing the hideous and hate filled society that is modern Britain.

Elizabeth Regina is reaching the end of her feted life yet she has not achieved or contributed anything during her life and neither has her pitiful and well “beyond mediocre” son.

The idea that these people are to be admired is an absolute travesty.

The level of stupidity is equivalent to the worship of the badge that sits at the front of a car.

These people are simply nothings. To offer a single positive word about any of them for even a second is a powerful indication that the person involved is mentally dead.