From Orlando to Dallas and Beyond.



October 19th, 2016.

From Orlando to Dallas and Beyond.

Retired US academic and author Professor James H. Fetzer has recently released a new book, “From Orlando to Dallas and Beyond” a compilation of essays regarding the Orlando and Dallas events and some election related issues.

The book features the writing of many noted figures including Paul Craig Roberts, Ole Dammegard, Professor James Tracy, Wayne Madsen, Preston James and Professor Fetzer himself.

Some lesser known authors are also included and one of those is myself for which I am very pleased and grateful.

The book is available here: From Orlando To Dallas and Beyond – Moon Rock Books,

My understanding is that the money raised is being used to help Professor James Tracy in his legal battles with his former university.

Many thanks to Professor Fetzer and also to Professor Tracy who probably exposed Fetzer to my work.

Thanks also to truth1, Mark, silver palomino, Burning Blogger, Aangirfan and other stalwarts who offer ongoing support.

It has not been a good year personally or for the website. My only sibling, my dear sister Amy died in February at the age of 39 and dealing with that immense loss has severely hampered my output this year.

I hope to increase the quantity of the output in the near future, thanks to all who have persisted despite the comparative lack of production.