British Journalist Admits to Being Government Propagandist!

The dishonest and laughable Sunday Times front page. Snowden story.
The dishonest and laughable Sunday Times front page. Snowden story.

June 18th, 2015.

Rupert Murdoch, Tom Harper and Edward Snowden.

Tom Harper, wrote an article “British spies betrayed to Russians and Chinese” in the Murdoch owned Sunday Times implying that former US intelligence operative/whistle-blower Edward Snowden’s disclosure of classified material had caused the deaths of Western Intelligence agents- that Snowden had “blood on his hands.”

When questioned about the story on CNN by George Howell Harper frankly confessed that all the sources for the story were anonymous elements of the British government and in one astonishing gaffe actually suggested that anyone who had a “problem with the story” should “take it up with the British Government!.”

Tom Harper Sunday Times journalist
Tom Harper Sunday Times journalist “don’t blame me mate I just print what the Government tells me!”

This is a transcript of the interview.

CNNs George Howell):”Tom thank you for being with us, I just want to dive a little deeper into the nature of your reporting.”

(Tom Harper begins to look apprehensive.)

CNNs George Howell:- “You’ve named unnamed officials, how do senior Number 10 Downing Street Officials know that those files were breached?”

Tom Harper.-”Um well I don’t know  the answer to that George, All we know um is that  this is effectively the official position of the British Government,  we picked up on it, we picked it up a while ago and we’ve been working on it trying to stand it up with multiple sources and when we approached the British government last week with our evidence they confirmed effectively what you read today in the Sunday Times so , it’s obviously allegations at the moment from our point of view and it is really for the British Government to defend it

CNNs George Howell- ”Well I do have to ask though, just in understanding the nature of what’s in the files, how do they know what was in them if they were encrypted? Has the UK Government also gotten into these files?”

Tom Harper- ”Well I mean these files come-came from America  and the UK. so they may already have known for some time what Snowden took. that’s not something we’re clear on so we don’t go into that level of detail in the story . We just publish what we believe to be the position of the British Government at the moment.”

CNNs George Howell- “Your article asserts uh that it is not clear whether they were hacked or he (Snowden) gave them over when he was in Hong Kong and uh Russia, so which is it?”

Tom Harper- ”Well again sorry to just repeat myself George. I am sorry but we don’t know so we haven’t written that in the paper. It could be either, it could be another scenario. When you’re dealing with the world of intelligence there are so many unknowns and so many possibilities it is difficult to state anything with certainty and so we have been very careful to stick to what we are able to substantiate.”

CNNs George Howell-  ”So we are (really) just hearing what the British Government is saying at this point um, the article mentions MI6 agents, were they directly under threat as a result of this or was it just a precautionary measure to remove them?

Tom Harper “ Again I’m afraid to disappoint you, we just don’t know um there is a suggestion that some of them may have been under threat but the statement from senior Downing Street sources , suggests that no-one has come to any harm.erm which is obviously a positive thing from the point of view of the West.” (But disastrous for his story with it’s “blood on his hands” quote from an anonymous source within the British Government)

George Howell almost laughing at poor Tom Harper, One of Rupert;s London dunces!
George Howell almost laughing at poor Tom Harper, One of Rupert;s London dunces.

CNN’s George Howell “So essentially you are reporting what the Government is saying but as the far as the evidence to, to substantiate it, you’re not really able to comment or explain that at this point?”

Tom Harper-  ”No I mean, we..we picked up on the story a while back from an extremely well placed source in the Home Office and then tried to carry on um to substantiate what was going on through various sources in various agencies throughout Britain and then finally presented um er the story to the Government and they effectively uh confirmed what you read today in the Sunday Times. But obviously you know when you’re dealing with intelligence it’s the toughest nut to crack erm and unless you actually have leaked intelligence documents like Snowden  had it is very difficult to say anything with certainty.”

CNNs George Howell-  “Tom thank you so much for your time and explaining the report that has been filed there.”

This is the video.

Tom Harper Defends Snowden Story on CNN

,Journalist and conduit for the Snowden material Glenn Greenwald comments on the story here.

‘Sunday Times Snowden Story is Journalism at its Worst

Utter lies’: Greenwald debunks Sunday Times spin on Snowden

CNN Critical Reporting is not the rule.

The tone and content of the CNN interview. The way George Howell humiliated and destroyed Tom Harper by asking the right questions tends to support the thesis that Snowden was sent out by elements of US intelligence, Snowden seems to be a white (or at least grey) hat plot against the national security state from within.

CNN’s history is replete with examples of unrestrained and dishonest cheerleading on behalf of war with the astonishing “Saudi Arabia attack” footage, shot in a Los Angeles studio complete with rubber palm trees as one of the “funnier” examples. For better or worse CNN is there to serve a certain purpose with their reporting at all times.


Thank god some American still have the guts to stand up and speak the truth! This is the cover of a book that reveals the nefarious truth about so called whistle-blower Edward Snowden!
Thank god some American still have the guts to stand up and speak the truth! This is the cover of a book that reveals the nefarious truth about so called whistle-blower Edward Snowden!

The Snowden Revelations.

The purpose of all this nonsense, is to obscure the fact that the Snowden releases confirmed that Western Governments are monitoring the communications of absolutely everyone in the world regardless of any terror threat or any national security justification.

It is highly unlikely that anyone will actually listen to all those phone calls or read all those E-Mails, they are burying themselves underneath a mountain of garbage, it is pure insanity, but make no mistake, everything is being recorded and that should be the operating assumption for all electronic communication.

One of the more bizarre and outrageous facts that emerged from the Snowden files was that the British version of the  NSA, the GCHQ were actually downloading thousands of random webcam stills from thousands of Yahoo users webcam images. The fact that what they were collecting was completely useless did not matter to them and they recorded online remote sexual activity! Images from online sex chats between adults that were of no criminal or intelligence value.

Optic Nerve: millions of Yahoo webcam images intercepted by GCHQ | US news | The Guardian

So pathetic minions such as poor Tom Harper are sent out to get on the front foot and portray this depraved and deluded tomfoolery as being a matter of  vital importance to State Security. It is funny.

All the NSA and their ally agencies are achieving is burying themselves under a giant mountain of useless information, it is a joke but there are serious questions as to what they hope to achieve with these programs, about the mass surveillance programs, the contempt for privacy, and the contempt for the rule of Law that has been openly flaunted by Western Intelligence agencies since September 11th, 2001.

Lies and Diversions.

All the controlled media reporting on this issue will generally seek to justify the surveillance measures through the use of a couple of tactics in high repetition.

One tactic is to hype the terror threat.

The second tactic was Harper and the Times’, to paint Snowden,as a traitor who put lives at risk when he has embarrassed these parties severely and revealed their lawlessness and wrongdoing.

These buffoons clearly want to be able to simply invoke the national security mantra at any time in order to end all scrutiny of their excesses and crimes.

There is simply no evidence to support the assertion that Snowden took information even of that nature, he may have done, he may not. Unnamed Government sources who are clearly an interested, invested party, a party that has behaved unlawfully and never been brought to account for it are clearly not a reliable or remotely source on this story.

Russia obviously has been able to access some of the material, but it is completely unclear if the material is of any operational value at all. Most of what Snowden released was already known but these documents provided important confirmations in certain areas along with some new information.

The third tactic is an old classic; diversion. The controlled media will concentrate on the pathetic sideshows like the Merkel story.

Spying on Foreign leaders is one the things that these agencies are actually supposed to do so this story was the typical puerile soap opera the controlled media try and feed to the public in the hope that no-one will notice the real story. That the NSA and other agencies are building a total surveillance grid, a worldwide net that seeks to record and access all digital data everywhere always.

Never has the fact that the entire Western media is but a mindless tool of Government propaganda been made so obvious.

Lord of war and proponent of genocide and, paragon of unrepentant evil Rupert Murdoch.
Lord of war and proponent of genocide and, paragon of unrepentant evil Rupert Murdoch. Faster please!

Uncle Evil of the War Party.

Blood on WHOSE hands?

The Sunday Times is owned by Rupert Murdoch. Over several decades Rupert Murdoch has built a mighty media and entertainment empire andthe  universal support for Western wars has been a common denominator throughout this time.

If you were a Western politician seeking to start a war of aggression over the past several decades you could count on the support of the entire News Corp empire.

Wars? He supported them all. Loved the Falklands, adored Vietnam, lobbied the British Prime Minister personally to invade Iraq on several occsions and has been  earnestly pushing for strikes against Iran for at least a decade. Love in vain.Throughout his career Murdoch has shown a deep commitment to war and any evil he felt served his interests or that of his adored Zionist state, Israel.

Rupert Murdoch owns 65% of the newspapers sold in Australia’s major cities and 60% overall.

Prior to the criminal invasion of Iraq that has left at least 1.3 million people dead in the ensuing fighting, one of Murdoch’s smallest and least important newspapers, with a current circulation of less than 50 thousand, the Hobart Mercury with little or no national influence, printed an editorial in September 2002, six months prior to the invasion. questioning the rationale of Invading Iraq as part of the War on terror, pointing out that al Qaeda were not present in Iraq, that Saddam Hussein was not an ally of al Qaeda and that blowing up thousands of Muslim civilians might be more likely to inspire than prevent fresh terror.
The Editors of the Hobart Mercury were flatly informed by News Corporation headquarters the following month that all editorial content should unambiguously support the illegal war. That was that.

When next the Hobart Mercury visited the issue they had changed their tune entirely and were in line with all of Murdoch’s 175 publications worldwide in their support for the criminal Iraq invasion.

Three quotes from prior to the Iraq war that show the prescience of the great man and also his immense moral stature.

Rupert Murdoch takes on US gossip website over ‘tweeting while drunk’ rumour – People – News – The Independent

“Once it [Iraq] is behind us, the whole world will benefit from cheaper oil which will be a bigger stimulus than anything else.”

“The greatest thing to come out of this for the world economy…would be $20 a barrel for oil. That’s bigger than any tax cut in any country.”

“Appeasement is not an option when it comes to dealing with Hussein…Failure to disarm Hussein would make the world a much more dangerous place.” 

Commenting on Twitter in 2012, Murdoch was still trying to defend the war,

“What was wrong with Iraq war? Saddam Hussein evil major killer, etc. Execution another matter…“

The gunman in Paris Two men and no getaway driver.
The gunmen in Paris .

Punish ALL the Muslims!

In the wake of the blatant and pathetic false flag terror attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris of January 7th the malevolent and depraved Murdoch called for the collective punishment of the more than one and a half billion Muslims of the world in response.

No matter that more than one million Muslims had perished in wars he co-sponsored over the past decade, in the sick parallel universe of Uncle Evil, the deaths of 12 French civilians should see the murderous campaign expanded to include ALL Muslims.

“Maybe most Moslems peaceful, but until they recognise and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible.”
— Rupert Murdoch (@rupertmurdoch) January 10, 2015

I love the maybe! According to Wikipedia there are around 1.57 BILLION Muslims alive today, yet Murdoch is not sure if non jihadist terrorists are a majority! This is defamation of the most childish and wicked possible type. This is evil.

These are the ravings of a demented, genocidal maniac. How else to describe them?.

How would the Western media deal with an individual who made similar comments about Jewish people?

What are the words that would be used to describe an individual who stated that ALL Jewish people should be punished for Israel’s crimes?

Phone Hacking/Intelligence gathering.

Along with supporting Western war crimes and massacres Murdoch has also been involved in a number of criminal activities although due to his power, and the corruption and cowardice of the British legal authorities Murdoch never faced criminal charges despite being taped openly admitting that he had personally directed and approved of the criminal actions of the journalists in his employ. Murdoch journalists and even editors were prosecuted for the crimes they committed while simply following the instructions of their employer Rupert Murdoch who admitted this openly on the Sun tape.

Transcript: Rupert Murdoch recorded at meeting with Sun staff | ExaroNews

Murdoch was recorded secretly by an apparently embittered staff member after he stopped by to apologise for the fact the News Corp journalists were facing criminal charges for working by News Corp rules yet only the workers were ever prosecuted. The owners? Well that would be rude, that would be troubling.

Rupert Murdoch tape reveals media mogul’s contempt for police

Power is Above the Law in Blackened Britain.

Rupert Murdoch, like Greville Janner is simply too important to be prosecuted in Britain. British Courts are the sites for the Establishment to enforce their authority upon whom they please they are not a place where the little people are ever allowed to seek justice against powerful criminals. It just does not work like that and these conditions existed long before the odious and wicked career of Uncle Evil, Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch’s war: How a lovestruck teenager, an angry man and an ambitious baron made sure bad news was no news on the path to Iraq | The Monthly

Why Rupert Murdoch can’t be stopped: The political empire of the News Corp chairman | The Monthly

FactCheck: does Murdoch own 70% of newspapers in Australia?

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