Atheism is Dead!

The wormhole symbol for the jet engine in time travel flick Donnie Darko.
The wormhole symbol on the jet engine in time travel flick Donnie Darko.

May 1st, 2015.

Reductive materialism and it’s sister belief system Atheism are, from a scientific point of view completely dead.

Materialism defined.

Materialism is a form of philosophical monism which holds that matter is the fundamental substance in nature, and that all phenomena, including mental phenomena and consciousness, are the result of material interactions”

I must emphasise that the right to whatever set of spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof) is a sacred right of  every human. The intent of this piece is to state a rather obvious scientific fact not to change anyone’s mind or convert them to any specific set of spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof). Nothing is more tiresome and irksome. and it is of course, the major action of the Atheist in the world. The lack of content of their faith somehow convinces them that their prosletysation is not proseltysation.

The Western Orthodox Belief System.

Atheism is essentially the overwhelming western orthodox belief of this era.and I was in fact rather a staunch atheist myself. I tried to be respectful but in private often railed against the “silly ” people with their “sky god fairy-tales.” Pretty standard stuff really, the funny thing, the funniest thing is that all throughout this time, decades of life.I was both completely ignorant of the fact that my beliefs themselves were the product of cultural indoctrination of a rather crude variety.. At that stage I also believed that all religious beliefs were the result of indoctrination and that having avoided that my atheism was the natural and correct human response to life on earth.

Eventually I realised that Atheism, was rather flawed in its confident claim to know that there is no god. It occurred to me that it would be almost impossible to prove or know that there is no god.

The point about the death of Atheism is not that the existence of god has been proven, the point is that the existence of non-material interactions of many kinds has been proven. The existence of the world beyond the visible physical material world has been proven in dozens if not thousands of ways.

The neat example that Rupert Sheldrake uses in the speech below is simply the precognition of being watched that all humans have experienced and that many experience daily. You are walking down the street, lost in thought and suddenly realise that someone is watching you, someone is directly looking at you and you felt the force of their consciousness upon you, Sheldrake explains that this precognition, this rather mundane but very real psychic power has been tested in the laboratory and substantiated.

Sheldrake1.vp – JCSpaper1.pdf

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Old News.

Although atheism remains a very respectable and widespread belief system, the truth is that the claims of atheism were scientifically disproven by 1925. The very idea that humans know exactly what is going on here or why it is happening seems to be largely hubris and delusion.

The underlying assumptions of materialism are very helpful tools and rules for managing and understanding life on this plane, the folly is to think that we know that this is all there is and that all matter is essentially mechanical.

These are simply religious assumptions of the atheist, they deserve the same respect as any other set of spiritual beliefs, but they do not have any legitimacy from a scientific point of view.

Atheism lives in the hearts and minds of men and women around the world and that is their right. Reductive materialism as an explanation of reality is on the other hand completely dead and atheism is in my opinion little more than a set of religious beliefs founded upon the incorrect and arrogant assumptions of reductive materialism.

It is funny that all the canards that atheists toss at religious people about primitivism, backwardness, simple mindedness and belief in fairy tales can all be aimed fairly and squarely upon the atheist, it is just the truth, as upsetting as it may be to certain people’s core beliefs.



Rupert Sheldrake – The Science Delusion: Why Materialism is not the Answer

The Sheldrake video is completely brilliant, this is also,interesting.but not something I would offer a ringing endorsement.

The Unknowns go in all sorts of directions, such as anti-gravity. There is no supernatural element here but the deeper point is that the human understanding of and mastery over the mechanics and content of matter and reality, are in some ways only in their infancy, To ever think for a second that we have reached the end of the road as far as understanding lie and the nature of matter and reality is surely the most foolish possible type of belief.

The Hunt for Zero Point.

Click to access the%20hunt%20for%20zero%20point.pdf

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