The Third Intifada and the Liberation of Palestine.

Palestinian demonstrators commemorate the second Intifada at the beginning of the third, September 28th, 2015.

October 20th, 2015.

The Third Intifada and the Liberation of Palestine.

The Occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem-Forty eight years of brutal subjugation and land theft.

The Occupation of the people of Palestine is an act of violence, the Palestinians are subjected to constant violence and oppression both implicit and explicit, the Arab citizens of the West Bank and East Jerusalem have their human rights violated from birth until death and this has been the case since June 1967.

The Arab population of East Jerusalem and the West Bank  do not enjoy property rights. If either the Jewish state or Jewish settlers decide to requisition and steal their land they have no legal recourse.

There is no question of equality of wrong-doing here, no moral equivalence at all.

There has been an escalation of violence in recent weeks with a number of random stabbings carried out by Arabs and Jews. The death toll in recent times is at least 42 Palestinian deaths and 7 Israelis.

Unintended victims have already been wounded and killed, Jews have been stabbed by Jews under the impression they were Arabs and an Eritrean died in the aftermath of a gun attack in Beersheba that left one IDF member dead.

‘Mistaken for terrorist’: Eritrean man shot dead by security guard, beaten by mob in Israel

Israel: Two killed in bus stop shooting, 11 injured

The clashes have also spread beyond the West Bank and East Jerusalem and Israel to Gaza where the IDF showed their customary respect for human life.

State of Palestine: IDF shoots six dead as Palestinians clash with Israeli forces *GRAPHIC*

Anatomy of a Land grab. The panels to the right show the process of illegal expropriation that has taken place sice the occupation began in 1967.
Anatomy of a Land grab. The panels to the right show the process of illegal expropriation that has taken place sice the occupation began in 1967.

The UN never voted for Greater Israel.

The Greater Israel monstrosity that exists today is not legitimate under international law and it could be argued that the greater Israel project with it’s systematic subjugation and neo-apartheid system has delegitmised the entire Jewish state project.

There is no question as to which party created and perpetuated the Palestine conflict:it was the Zionists. They were the aggressors from inception until today.

Israel is the racist state run by a clique of  Jewish fascists with complete contempt for both international norms and international law.

Israel is a criminal state marinated in genocide and this is not an accident but rather is exactly as it was envisaged and devised.

So depraved has Israel become that when a Jewish mob set fire to the house of a Palestinian family burning three members to death including an eighteen month old infant, there were no murder charges, indeed no criminal charges whatsoever.

Rage and Restraint: Duma’s Third Funeral – Diplomacy and Defense -Haaretz

The suspects were held for a short period under administrative detention and then released under the justification that “intelligence sources needed to be protected.”

Israel releases settlers accused of burning Palestinian family

Cynical and Brutal.

The knife attacks have provided an opportunity for Jewish settlers and IDF members alike to simply murder Palestinian civilians, leave a knife beside them and claim they were conducting an attack.

Caught on Camera: Israel’s extrajudicial killings

In this video a settler has simply murdered a young Palestinian civilian in Hebron. The helpful IDF provide a knife to display beside the body, one soldier gives the knife to another who drops it beside the body of the murder victim.

This is a typical example of the Israeli justice system in action.

Set up? Video appears to show Israeli soldier placing object next to Palestinian killed in Hebron– Mondoweiss

Settler Shot a Palestinian to death

In these videos a group of Israeli fake Arab protesters lure a Palestinian protester into their midst before turning upon him, beating and shooting him as he is helpless on the ground.

Video: Israel lures protesters into trap | Jonathan Cook’s Blog

1080i50 H264 10M

Trois Palestiniens jeteurs de pierre blessés par des tireurs infiltrés

Along with the terrible cynicism of the Israelis is a terrible naivete of the Palestinians.  It is unbelievable that such low tactics are still successful almost fifty years into the occupation.

Hamas and Hezbollah call for uprising against the occupation.

Amidst the escalating violence, the leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah called for more violent resistance.

State of Palestine: Hamas leader Haniyeh declares ‘new intifada’ in Jerusalem

Resistance only way to rid Palestine of Israeli occupation: Nasrallah

I find this a puzzling response to the situation as violence, like all the other ills of mandatory Palestine, falls overwhelmingly on the Arab population. It is hard to see how an escalation in suffering and death is supposed to help end the occupation.

The methods that succeeded in Lebanon will not succeed in the West Bank and East Jerusalem where the situation is completely different and where Israel controls all the relevant borders.

The question then is what actions will help to end the Zionist nightmare and liberate all the people of mandate Palestine?

How should the Occupation be Resisted?

There is no doubt that the oppressed people of Occupied Palestine have the right to resist their oppression but the form of resistance to the Occupation must be the most effective possible .

There are many pieces of wisdom within the Art of War of War by Sun Tzu. One of the simplest lessons from the work is the recommendation to understand precisely how you are going to win a war before you choose to fight and also never engage in a military conflict that you cannot win.

There is no chance that the people of Occupied Palestine will be able to liberate themselves or their land with the use of force. Everyone knows this.

The stabbings allow the Israelis and their Western media stooges to obscure the truth about the situation in mandate Palestine, they are able to paint the entire criminal occupation enterprise as a necessary security operation required to protect the Jews from the Arabs who want to kill them for no reason.

Israelis Line Up to Buy Guns as Terror Wave Continues -Haaretz

Because of this fact, the intelligent and moral thing for the people of Occupied Palestine is to attempt to liberate themselves and their land by political rather than military means.

The conflict must be fought on terms that enable the opportunity for success, from a legal and political point of view, the people of Occupied Palestine have winning arguments and winning facts.

There can be no argument that the Israeli occupation of the past 48 years has comprised in large part an illegal land grab that has violated the legal and human rights of the people of Palestine in the name of Jewish supremacism.

The entire settlement program, every dwelling and every individual settler, is in violation of international law and only the most bribed of politicians pretend otherwise.

Of course people have the right to throw rocks at the occupation forces but in my opinion even the rock throwing is counter-productive.

Throwing rocks gives the occupation forces an excuse to violently suppress and shoot protesters. It won’t defeat the Occupation but it will enable it.

Therefore the form of resistance to the occupation should be actions of non violent civil disobedience and legal actions in the UN and other international tribunals.

All of Israel’s war crimes, from Deir Yassin, to Sabra and Chatila and the settlement program itself should face prosecution in international courts. In addition there has to be a thorough cultural boycott of Israel and all it’s supporters.

Classic image of the conflict in Palestine but a sonte throwing child will never defeat a tank in the field of battle.
Classic image of the conflict in Palestine but a stone throwing child will never defeat a tank in the field of battle.

One Person, One Vote, One State.

The two state solution is a mirage, an illusion designed to enable Israel to pose as being interested in peace while buying time to further illegally colonise the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

If Israel had any interest in the two state solution they would not have escalated the illegal settlement activities after the PLO came to the table and renounced violence in the early 1990s.

The only uprising that will achieve anything is a political and legal uprising, an uprising of protest and speeches not of rocks and stabbings.

All of the violence plays into the Zionist narcissistic personality disorder, it feeds their neurosis and enables them to con themselves into believing they are actually victims when the exact opposite is true.

Sacrifice that fails to achieve anything is hollow and wasted.

State of Palestine: Israeli soldiers open fire on civilians in Jenin, 27 wounded

Violent: IDF beat Palestinian stone throwers, protesters lie unconscious covered in blood

State of Palestine: Tyres burn as Israeli crackdown continues in Ramallah

State of Palestine: Clashes erupt in Ramallah as violence grips the West Bank

State of Palestine: Israelis throw rocks at Palestinians during day of violent clashes in Hebron

State of Palestine: Thousands attend funeral of Palestinian knife attacker killed by Israeli police

State of Palestine: Clashes erupt as students protest against Israeli attacks in West Bank

State of Palestine: Families mourn boys slaughtered by IDF *GRAPHIC*

State of Palestine: Mother and daughter killed in IDF airstrike taken to mosque for burial *GRAPHIC*

وا أقصاه .. لن تركع أمة قائدها محمد

Murder in Hebron.

It is perfectly clear from this image Hadeel al-Hashlamoun was no threat to the soldier, nor is there any sign of a knife.
It is perfectly clear from this image Hadeel al-Hashlamoun was no threat to the soldier, nor is there any sign of a knife.

September 24th, 2015.

Unarmed Palestinian Woman Hadeel al-Hashlamoun Shot and Left to Die by the IDF.

These incidents are routine as the illegal occupation of the West Bank nears half a century the oppressive and criminal nature of the occupation was made patently clear yet again yesterday when the IDF shot a young Palestinian woman Hadeel al-Hashlamoun ten times for unknown reasons and then made attempt to provide medical care as the 18 year old student lay bleeding to death in Hebron (Arabic al Khalil) on the occupied West Bank.

The soldiers are in complete control there is no threat this is murder.
The soldiers are in complete control there is no threat this is murder.

False Claims of Attack.

Typically, the Zionist apartheid regime tried to blame the victim for the crime they committed trying to claim that the woman was shot after trying to stab a soldier.

There is no evidence apparent that the woman even had a knife and even if she did have a knife it is perfectly clear the woman was no threat as she was on her knees surrounded by heavily armed occupation forces prior to her killing.

Murder victim Hadeel al Hashlamoun.
Murder victim Hadeel al Hashlamoun.

Hadeel Hashlamon shut Dead in Shuhada street

Shocking Aftermath.

As the poor woman lay dying in the street, the IDF members made no attempt to provide medical care to their victim, a breach of their responsibilities as an occupation force and under the Geneva convention.

When a Palestinian Ambulance arrived on the scene the soldiers pulled the woman’s body off the footpath without any pretensions to have any care for her well- being. The scene was an absolute disgrace and yet the supremacism is so ingrained that the troops no longer notice that their humanity has evaporated.

‘IDF saying woman had a knife, trying to justify unjustifiable action’

The glee from certain Jewish settler onlookers was simply unmistakable.

This Jewish settlers cannot hide his glee as he arrives on the scene where the young woman lays dying.

al Khalil- Hebron

Hebron is the largest city in the southern part of the Occupied West Bank,
The city is the home to several significant religious sites most notably the Tomb of Abraham, the perceived “father” pf all three major monotheistic traditions.

The occupation of Hebron is unique as in Hebron, a tiny group of extremist settlers live in the city centre causing the IDF to oppress an entire city of 200,000 people on their behalf.

The settlers of Hebron are by far the most violent and obnoxious of all the settler groups of Zionist Jews.

Israeli settlers torch Hebron family’s property for eighth time

Baruch Goldstein, the Jewish Supremacist from New York who murdered 29 people as they prayed in Hebron's Ibrahimi Mosque in 1994.
Baruch Goldstein, the Jewish Supremacist from New York who murdered 29 people as they prayed in Hebron’s Ibrahimi Mosque in 1994.

1994 Terrorist Massacre in Hebron Mosque.

In 1994 one of the Hebron settlers, a man named Baruch Goldstein from New York murdered 29 Palestinians as they prayed in the Hebron mosque.

As Mondoweiss relates:

“On the Jewish holiday of Purim, February 25, 1994, Goldstein, then a reserve officer in the Israeli army, walked into the Mosque of Ibrahim (the traditional burial place of the Patriarch Abraham) in uniform and with his army-issued weapon, opening fire on the Muslim worshippers. 29 people were murdered outright and 125 wounded before the survivors managed to disarm Goldstein and kill him on the spot.”

It was the worst single massacre conducted by an individual settler.

The Israeli number plates had to be removed, one of many funny little errors that indicate the Hebron kidnapping was conducted by a branch of Israel internal security forcespresumably at the request of the political and mid/ or military leadership.
The Israeli number plates had to be removed, one of many funny little errors that indicate the Hebron kidnapping was conducted by a branch of Israel internal security forcespresumably at the request of the political and mid/ or military leadership.

The False Flag Murder of three Young Hebron Settlers of June 2014.

The obnoxiousness of the Hebron settlers made them the ideal choice for the false flag kidnap/murders that preceded the Gaza massacre of 2014.

The Hebron settlers made for a plausible target for “Palestinian militants” in the false flag that led to the deaths of thousands and the destruction of Gaza to the point where it is becoming uninhabitable.

It is worth remembering that when the kidnapped teens phoned the police their kidnapper spoke to them in Hebrew with an Israeli accent.

Recording of emergency call from abducted Israeli teen released

In addition to that was the fact that the police simply ignored the boys call for help dismissing the call as a prank enabling the kidnappers to escape despite the fact that gunfire can clearly be heard as the kidnappers open fire and the victims stop talking.

It is amazing that Israel expects anyone to believe that this is possible in the most neurotically security conscious of all states.

In addition to the Hebrew speech of the kidnappers and the obvious security force stand down when the car used in the kidnap reappeared, it’s license plate was missing. The car had been burned out and left in a public place.

The reason the license plates had to be removed was that they were Israeli.

The Hebron settlers are the real deal obnoxious supremacist racist Zionist Jews, they do not go around accepting lifts from the Arabs of Hebron, it is not that type of relationship at all.

The settlers never ever allow themselves to be put in a vulnerable position with the local people. This group loathes the local people, not all the settlers are like that, all are to be condemned but the Hebron settlers are atypically awful, an embarrassment even to criminal apartheid Israel.

Iman al Hams an IDF officer emptied an entire magazine from an assault rifle into her head at point blank range as she tried to hide.
Iman al Hams an IDF officer emptied an entire magazine from an assault rifle into her head at point blank range as she tried to hide.

The Day of Reckoning Awaits the Zionist State.

Whether it is in Missouri, Texas Sydney or Hebron, the use of deadly force by police or military forces should only ever be a last option taken in order to preserve human life. Anything else is gratuitous and criminal.

In the IDF a soldier can literally empty an assault rifle into the head of a cowering 13 year old girl and face no serious criminal sanction.

Not guilty. The Israeli captain who emptied his rifle into a Palestinian schoolgirl | World news | The Guardian

In fact the soldier that committed the especially vicious and memorable murder of the 13 year old Gazan school girl Iman al Hams in 2003 was only charged with use of excessive ammunition in the killing.

According to the IDF the soldier was right to shoot the unarmed girl trying to hide behind a rock in the head at point blank range, but he should have stopped firing after two or three shots instead of emptying the entire clip into her as he had done.

The IDF rules of engagement are literally criminal and they criminalise the ,members of their army forcing them to murder civilians safe in the knowledge they will never be made accountable.

.Israel’s crimes have not gone unnoticed in the world and there is no doubt whatsoever that the day of reckoning awaits the criminal Zionist state and I hope they repent of their evil before it is truly too late.

Dissident Israeli and IDF whistleblower Eran Efrati served in Hebron during his time in the IDF. At the start of his speech in the video below he tells the story of the time he was stationed in Hebron and the IDF conducted a raid in Hebron and killed, shot to death a Palestinian boy of 12 or 13 years of age.

When the soldiers returned to their base Efrati noticed that while some of the soldiers seemed saddened by the wretchedness of what they had done, the other half were having celebratory drinks.

An Israeli Soldier’s Story – Eran Efrati

Gaza Massacre signals Beginning of the End for Zionist movement.

Citizens of Southern Israel gather to watch and enjoy the Gaza slaughter
Citizens of Southern Israel gather to watch and enjoy the Gaza slaughter

Friday, August 1, 2014.

Mass Murder in Gaza spells Doom for the Zionist Movement.

Gaza massacre exposes the sad truth and signals end of all hope for the Zionist movement.

There will be no redemption now. Redemption and reconciliation have now become impossible for Israel. A state for whom “criminal Zionist entity” is no longer a pejorative epithet, but rather an accurate description.
At the time of writing, more than 1400 citizens have been slaughtered during Israel’s Gaza offensive, entering it’s fourth week with no end in sight. The people who are dying in this war, the Palestinian civilians and fighters, the IDF troops and the Israeli civilians are all our people. They are all our brothers and sisters. We belong to them and they belong to us. Our fates are interconnected no matter how different or distant we may seem.


One of the Empire's victims.
One of the Empire’s victims.

This event marks a tremendous human tragedy, but also a tremendous human failure. As cliched as it is, we really should have grown up and moved beyond this ridiculous tribal warfare aeons ago. As much as I abhor the rocket fire of Palestinian militants and the deaths of two Israeli civilians in Israel undoubtedly represents a crime. We are witnessing an horrific litany of atrocities from Israel. Now an open rogue state that appears to be under the permanent control of a psychopathic gang of fascists and arch supremacists.
Indeed, so many and varied have been the Crimes against Humanity committed by Israel during this hideous and wicked onslaught that it is hard to know where to start.
The images have been harrowing and devastating, and the statistics are the same.
At least 250 children killed, two thirds under twelve, civilian deaths running at a minimum of 75% OF Palestinian casualties and possibly more than 90%. Three Israeli civilian deaths, more than a thousand Palestinian civilian deaths.

Numerous UN schools housing refugees have been attacked. All of Gaza’s hospitals have been attacked with missiles by the Israeli military. The children;s ward and the intensive care wards of the al Shifa, Gaza’s largest hospital were both directly targeted by Israeli bombs. The Israeli military habitually tell outrageous lies, that even the controlled media discard about the mass casualty attacks being caused by Palestinian fire.

Aftermath of IDF attack on UN school
Aftermath of IDF attack on UN school

Citizens of Southern israel have been gathering on the hills overlooking Gaza and cheering and celebrating as the people of Gaza are murdered. It seems different this time, the Israeli’s hardly seem to care what anyone thinks of them.

Hospitals are routine IDF targets
Hospitals are routine IDF targets

The fascism and supremacism are now openly and shamelessly on display. This is a state in which racist football fans face no censure whatsoever for chanting “Death to the Arabs”.

Zio Fascists roaming the streets of Jerusalem. “Death to Arabs”. (June 6th,2014)

and at the same time a pro-Peace organisation (B’Tselem) is actually forbidden by the state media regulsator from placing an advertisement that listed the names of some of the children murdered by the Nation’s military.
Harriet Sherwood in Jerusalem

“The Israeli Broadcasting Authority has banned a radio advertisement from a human rights organisation which listed the names of some of the scores of children killed in Gaza since the conflict began 17 days ago.
B’Tselem’s appeal against the decision was rejected on Wednesday. It intends to petition Israel’s supreme court on Sunday in an effort to get the ban overturned.
The IBA said the ad’s content was “politically controversial”. The broadcast refers to child deaths in Gaza and reads out some of the victims’ names.
In its appeal, B’Tselem demanded to know what was controversial about the item. “Is it controversial that the children [aren’t] alive? That they’re children? That those are their names? These are facts that we wish to bring to the public’s knowledge.”
Israelis in Tel Aviv 26.7.2014_ _There’s no school tomorrow,there’s no children left in Gaza! Oleh!

This video depicts Israeli extremists openly celebrating the Genocide of the children of Gaza.

One thing worth bearing in mind is that this is Zionist evil, not Jewish evil. Zionism is not equivalent to Judaism. Not all Zionists are Jewish and not all Jewish people are Zionists. The idea that all or even most Jewish people are supporters of Zionism is a myth not supported by the facts. The majority of the Jewish people in the world do not live in Israel and are not in need of the “protection” of a Jewish state.
These crimes are not being committed by “the Jews” and attempts to label Jewish people collectively negatively based on Israel’s criminality are immoral and completely misguided. Any analysis that attempts to throw a blanket over a whole group of people as all anything is simple minded, troglodyte nonsense.
Equally immoral and ridiculous are attempts to label all of Israel’s critics as being motivated by anti-Jewish prejudice. Judaism did after all, exist for thousands of years prior to Zionism. The Zionis movement is itself regarde as heretical by many Jewish scholars who believe that there shoul only be a Jewish stste after the return of the Messiah. This movement has really been an awful con job from day one, and the people who were recruited into the Zionist movement were overwhelmingly naive and innocent. They were completely unaware that they were being misled and manipulated.
It has become completely obvious that there will never be a Two State solution in Palestine. Israel has had 47 years to do the right thing, obey International law, and leave the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. Instead, Israel has done precisely the opposite. The time is up for this ridiculous process that has been cynically manipulated by Israel to enable them to requisition more of the land of Palestine in total contravention of International law.
Ultimately, this means that the challenge for humanity is going to be to manage the end of Zionism in as consensual and non-violent manner possible. It may seem impossible today, but so many human achievements seemed impossible before people tried to make them happen. We have to try and convince the people of Israel to accept the people of Palestine as citizens of a Bi-national, unified democratic state in the land of Mandate Palestine. It is the South African solution th the Jewish Apartheid problem. No big war, no-one forced to leave or driven out or slaughtered. It will simply be a move to a State where people live together and co-operate regardless of background or religious affiliation.
Until that happens, the nightmare of evil and supremacist madness that Israel has descended into will presumably worsen. The Zionist movement is destroying itself and it’s tenuous legitimacy right before our eyes. We have to try and ease their fall into reality and also prevent them from destroying others as they fall.
To Christian supporters of Israel I will make two simple points.
One, Israel subjugates and oppresses the Christian population of Palestine along with all other non-Jews. Another far more fundamental reason that Christians should not support Israel is that Israel breaks the Golden Rule everyday. Each and everyday they inflict treatment on the people of Palestine that they would find immoral and unacceptable if it were inflicted upon them and this has been the case each and every day since June 1967.
The people whose forebears were the victims of Nazi persecution now have their own untermensch to torment and murder. It was unacceptable then and will always be so. We cannot hope to build an enlightened and civilised future until we realise that there can never again be uber and untermensch, not in Europe or Palestine or anywhere else.


Gaza onslaught has shattered west’s view that Arabs are source of violence

‘Tomorrow there’s no school in Gaza, they don’t have any children left’ — Israeli chant

Video: Jewish mob roams the street in Jerusalem chanting ‘Death to Arabs!’

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