R.I.P Michael Collins Piper 1960-2015

Michael Collins Piper in one of his favourite photos.
Michael Collins Piper in one of his favourite photos.

June 6th, 2015.

Michael Collins Piper Rest in Peace.

A very short note to commemorate the work and life of the sadly deceased US author Michael Collins Piper this week.

Michael Collins Piper was an excellent author and a very entertaining presence in his radio appearances and he will be deeply missed. MCP has left behind a wonderful legacy of written and oral material with the most prominent work being the brilliant book on the assassination of John F. Kennedy Final Judgement. 

I did not know MCP and others are in a far better position to write about his life but I do have a high degree of appreciation for the work he did and it seems important to celebrate his life and achievements at this sad time.

Along with the quality of his work one of the most notable things about MCP was his generosity of spirit. He was not wealthy yet he encouraged people to download his work for free and spread the word.

MCP was not a Jew hater or anything close although he was at times perhaps provoked into making statements designed to upset his critics within the Israel lobby. Piper had many Jewish friends and contacts, his opposition was to the Israel lobby, pure and simple.

People often assume that Final Judgement solely blames Israel for killing Kennedy, this is not the case, Final Judgement posits that the Israeli involvement is the MISSING LINK rather than the entire plot.

A number of conspiracy theories have, perhaps somewhat fittingly, arisen in the wake of Michale Collins Piper’s death in at the age of only 54. I have no idea what has happened but my understanding is that Michael had serious health problems for some time including a heart attack in 2013 and the most likely cause of death is natural.

Michael’s final media home was the Ugly Truth and Mark Glenn has generously made the subscription only archives of Michael Collins Piper freely available in the wake of this sad loss.

Michael Collins Piper Archives | The Ugly Truth

Right up until the end, Michael Collins Piper was highly entertaining and a real educator and he still had much to teach us. Happily the vast body of work he created remains. Thanks for all your work Michael and it can only be hoped that you have now adjourned to a better place.

Michael Collins Piper: FINAL JUDGEMENT lecture [Mossad connection to JFK Conspiracy]