Trump Headed for Shock Victory.

The newly elected President of the US Donald Trump appears at the Republican convention in July 2016.

November 9th, 2016.

Trump Heading for Victory on Back of Rust Belt Rebellion.

Upset Stuns Establishment in Brexit Reprise.

On the back of a swag of stunning victories across the Midwest, Republican candidate Donald Trump has defied the pundits and is on the verge of claiming a shock election victory.

Donald Trump as won key swing states of Ohio and Florida, has taken North Carolina and  at around 100 am US eastern time Trump has a solid 259 of the required 270 electoral college votes with a victory in either Wisconsin and Michigan putting the election beyond the reach of the Democrat candidate.

With 97% counted trump is ahead in Pennsylvania, he also leads in Michigan and Wisconsin,Clinton surrogates admit that their only path to victory is to swing Arizona, with two thrds of the vote counted Trump leads in Arizona  by three points. It is over.

Neither candidate has appeared before the public despite the fact that it is well after midnight on the east coast. Presumably Mrs Clinton will concede in the coming hours as the faint possibility of victory is completely extinguished and the apparent President elect will follow after that.

Markets have plummeted across the world and the controlled media are alternating between ashen grief and pretending that they supported Trump all along.

The media, the polls and the establishment have received a stunning repudiation they would be wise to heed.

Donald Trump’s full victory speech

US election 2016: Donald Trump wins Florida and leaves Clinton reeling – live | US news | The Guardian

6 thoughts on “Trump Headed for Shock Victory.

  1. Plenty thoughts but for now mostly, thanks – appreciate your pieces. Pleased Crimes wire is up and presses rollin’ Lots of this -and- that re the dawn of slam Trump. ‘Non-partcipation’ and… (re your last post and much/else concur). What brings a better response? Almost thought the steal would’ve been more fitting but cataclysm Clinton would be an unmistakable, full-on indescribable, destruction spree. Brexit has probably become hypothetically, more problematic, assuming controllers failed to fraud the result and not all-along this, Plan A? Here another landslide just too big to fail and – so-hope, not strategic pull-back. Currently have the same theoretical glimmer of better direction and T. winning. But what a perilous path for this one man surrounded by… who? Unquantifiable and unknowns but – know me – he’ll need God personally and passionately, to come through and do any real securing good. Never thought he was all cover, a fake and yet, what can he do? And those as-dreadful-as plans, among voicing hence-forth not seen or heard before, all that blunt – big-time media unspeakable – sense? So… who he picks for team and soften or firming, which lines? This assuming he can defy un/expected stoppages and gets the door keys? The sad thing is, he’s almost more validated as a carrier of establishment resistance, if he doesn’t get there. But the conversation among masses he’s started, the best opener towards an awakening by any one person, due to his worldwide reach of a campaign. What will the enemy pull and what will/can we do? Back to you-knows-where for me…

    • Many thanks Mark, the prospective cabinet is not encouraging. Brexit was an important symbolic victory regardless of what ensues. Recent developments have not been encouraging as to whether the Brexit is allowed to proceed. I guess that key “fear porn” themes going forward will be Trump assassination, financial crisis and maybe a desperate attempt to start a war in the lame duck period before Trump’s inauguration. I have no idea what will happen but do sense another financial crisis may be the next tactic to “show them who is the boss”. Thanks for commenting.

  2. We are reclaiming our hijacked nation. Evil secret society intent on world control: Get off our country, now.

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