Turkish Artillery Attacking Syrian Kurds as Escalation Threatened.

The aftermath of Turkish artillery barrage in the vicinity of the Menagh Airbase, February 13th, 2016.
The aftermath of Turkish artillery barrage in the vicinity of the Menagh Airbase, February 13th, 2016. (Source)
BBC map shos Menagh airbase with inset of Turkish Syrian border.
BBC map shows Menagh airbase with inset of Turkish Syrian border.
A map of the buffer zone in Northern Syria that Turkey is intent on creating from Azaz in the West to Jarabalus, ISIS final border town to the East.
A map of the buffer zone in Northern Syria that Turkey is intent on creating from Azaz in the West to Jarabalus, ISIS final border town to the East.

Turkish artillery shelled Kurdish positions in Syria

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February 14th, 2016.

Turkish Artillery Attacking Syrian Kurds as Massive Escalation Threatened.

“Cessation of hostilities” mirage is dissolving.

Several Turkish politicians including Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu have been alluding to a Turkish escalation into Syria in recent days. This escalation appears to be beginning and in recent hours Turkish artillery shells have been falling on the positions of the Kurdish YPG group in the vicinity of the Menagh Airbase. There are also reports of increased activity by Turkish warplanes in the border region.

The Menagh Airbase was captured by Kurdish fighters earlier this week with the overt support of both Russia and the United States. US and other Western forces are embedded within the YPG units and there were Russian airstrikes and ammunition drops in support of the offensive to seize the airbase.

Syria: Kurdish fighters launch offensive on militant-held Menagh airbase

Syria: Kurdish fighters capture Menagh airbase from militants – SOHR reports

Kurdish YPG & YPG captured airbase Menagh

The Airbase was seized from the al Nusra front, it had been in the hands of rebels since it was seized by a coalition that included ISIS and the Free Syrian Army in August 2013. The seizure was spearheaded by ISIS suicide car/truck bomb attacks and yet in the pro-opposition media the victory was attributed to the Free Syrian Army.

FSA takes control of Menagh air base near Aleppo – Al Arabiya English

Captured Syrian soldiers were beheaded on video by some of the ISIS fighters involved in the assault and the videos were posted on the internet.(Source)

US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford meeting with Abdul Jbar al Okaidi the leader of the FSA in Aleppo (he fled to Turkey long ago)
US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford meeting with Abdul Jabbar al Okaidi the leader of the FSA in Aleppo (he fled to Turkey long ago)
Okaidi inside the Menagh Airbase upon it's capture in Ayugust, 2013, the man alongside him is Abu Jandal al Masri, a mid ranking ISIS field commander (Source) and sectarian maniac.
Okaidi inside the Menagh Airbase upon it’s capture in August, 2013, the man alongside him is Abu Jandal al Masri, a mid ranking ISIS field commander (Source) and sectarian maniac.
Abu Jandal al Masri threatens to "kill all the Alawites" at Menagh Airbase in 2013.
Abu Jandal al Masri threatens to “kill all the Alawites” at Menagh Airbase in 2013.
The monster in action. Abu Jandal rants at the Menagh Airbase in August 2013.
Monstrous fool in action. Abu Jandal rants at the Menagh Airbase in August 2013.

Moderate Rebels.

According to the Western media and even the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, instead of targeting jihadist extremist fighters, the Russian Airstrikes have been targeting “moderate rebels” in Syria belonging to groups such as the Free Syrian Army.

“Russia has mainly targeted opposition groups and not ISIL (ISIS). Airstrikes of Russian planes against different opposition groups in Syria have actually undermined the efforts to reach a negotiated, peaceful solution,” (Source)

Stoltenburg has a problem with Russian bombing of al Qaeda fighters, which seems rather odd.

Yet the Free Syrian Army have been an on/off ally of ISIS for several years now in Aleppo so who on earth are they even talking about?

According to the Munich “Cessation of Hostilities” the al Nusra Front (al Qaeda in Syria) and ISIS/Daesh and their allies are still valid targets.

In the real world it was long ago stated by the US Vice President that there are no moderate militant factions in Syria of any note.

Biden admits there are NO MODERATES and the Arab Monarchies Fund Radical Islamists in Syria

All of the insurgent groups fighting in Syria of any consequence are now or have been the allies of one or both ISIS and al Nusra so they are all fair game. If Turkey and Saudi Arabia enter Syria they will risk devastating consequences beyond the imagination of their deluded leadership who appear intent on starting a major war in order to pursue the dead dream of regime change in Syria. If this leads to major war, history will condemn these criminals until the end of time.

Opposition leader warns of catastrophe in event of Syria incursion

It is interesting to note that the gangsters are no longer even trying to pretend it is about ISIS.

Turkish PM threatens military action against Syrian Kurdish fighters

False Flag a strong possibility.

Given the recent history of false flag terror attacks the Turkish leadership have apparently conducted in Suruc and Ankara and their alleged intimate connection with the al Ghouta false flag chemical attack of August 2013 in pursuit of their geopolitical goals. It would be unsurprising to see a false flag massacre conducted against the refugee population in the border region in the coming days in order to justify the Turkish escalation and invasion of Syria. I am not predicting this will happen, but if it does happen it would be true to form and no-one should believe for a second that the Russians would attack a refugee camp. If anything bad happens to those people in the border region it should be attributed to the Turks and the Saudis until conclusively proven otherwise.

The Saudis did bobm a refugee camp in the early days of the Yemen attack, on March 30th, 2015 a refugee camp was struck by a series of air strikes that left dozens of civilians dead.
None of the people concerned for the fate of the people in Aleppo had a word to say about that criminal massacre however, that is not how it works. Our “side” make honest errors versus the “other side” conduct deliberate atrocities.

20 thoughts on “Turkish Artillery Attacking Syrian Kurds as Escalation Threatened.

    • Many thanks for that kind comment. If your question refers to ISIS as the “them”, the logical choice, I would suggest that Turkey and their allies have little interest in destroying ISIS but may attack them in Syria, or at least pretend to do so as a means to achieve their greater goal of regime change in Syria and the Turkish attacks will focus on the Kurdish forces in Syria and the removal of territory from their control.

      • So many lives and families destroyed for political ambitions and religious propaganda of some theatrical production full of lies. It is a good thing that hell is not real, or otherwise, there would be an awful lot of burning, if you get my drift. Lucky for them, they will only have to permanently die for their crimes against God and human beings. I have been assembling research on cults and psychology and I still marvel that people can be so oblivious to compassion and suffering. Centuries from now, It will be hard to comprehend this day and age. It will be left to us to explain it all. I look forward to it.

  1. You know, the poor Kurds have been victims for quite some time now. At least 30 years if not quite more. But I seriously doubt the entire Mid East would have anywhere near the amount of conflict and in-fighting they have, if it were not for the political and military meddling of of the super powers of the West. But I guess the super powers of the west have their hearts set on subduing the Mid East and any opponents of Israel so that their precious temple can be rebuilt to enable the crowning of the antichrist, who then can bring about death in a far greater scale than the world has ever known previously, once a deal is struck with him by the world. And hardly a soul will suspect that that antichrist false messiah was even behind it. They will say, Oh, he seems like such a nice wonderful guy. He wouldn’t do anything like that. You must be mistaken. Famous last words. But God will stop the species genocide before the whole world gets consumed. But I doubt He will get much gratitude for it. Some things never change. Kurds of the world, join God and flee from politics and war.

    • Thanks for that truth1now, I completely agree with you regarding the interference. I hope that you are right regarding divine intervention. Many thanks for that comment and also for the article analysing the Hampstead police interviews. It was really a great analysis. I had always wanted to write a similar piece but never got around to it. Now there is no need.

      • Well, I have to update the Alisa interviews as far as literal translation and there were some key points that need drawn out that I missed. I did hers way back in Feb or March of 2015 and Gabriel’s were only recent and I did a much better job at those, but Gabe was more varied in his 2nd interview and Alisa was more consistent and rarely varied in her body language which was very positive overall. But Again, some key point and I want to do another pointing out the many things covered in the 1st 2 interviews that were never resolved or retracted, like what 200 kids and their parents did to each other in the school no less. How was that resolved?

        the really sad and outrageous thing about it all is that there was so much ignored and the kids revealed so much and it compares so well with many aspects of more severe mind control programming and rituals I am reading about in two other books at the present. World wide research all comes up with the same consistent stuff often. So I work for the two kids but also just as much for far more many who suffer even far more than the two darlings from Hampstead. One way or another, I want to blast this damn thing open and rip its guts out. I’ll have to leave it to God as to whether He also has plans on this whole matter. Your compliment was very much appreciated.

      • Thanks truth1now, it is none of my business but I would suggest that you post links to your work at websites where people are interested in that case as I feel many who would appreciate what you have done have missed it. Thanks again.

      • That is a very good idea, James. Only problem is that I do not have all the rights that most have when they surf the net. If I try to send as message to a youtube channel thru “About” in the menu selection, my message will not go thru. I even tried sending 20 channels a message. Not got it.

        I get deleted comments a lot on youtube comments. MGTOW channels in particular. They do not like my message about the elite as I suspect they are paid by the elite.

        Also on youtube, I have had a friend get on his computer and visit sites the same time as I do and copy the screens. my comments show up for me, but do not show up for him. So if I post something good, no one sees it. Youtube is able to be selective and block whoever they do not like and no one knows anything about it. Except me. I have article on it on my site.

        The Hampstead arena is filled with shiils so that is not much an option. I still trying to determine why I can not paste a comment into facebook comments. I am sure I ave done it in the past.

        I am considered, I gather, one of the most dangerous voices on the net. I have had visitors to my site for years and still little traffic. Part of the problem is that my message tends to scare people and make them feel as if the world is a very corrupt place. That is not a welcomed message to most. So I also battle human nature in my efforts to tell what I believe is the truth. I must at least be in the neighborhood to get that much negative attention.

        So while getting my message out is something I would love to accomplish, its not in the cards for me. But Revelation 3 in addressing the “church of Philadelphia” promises that Jesus is going to, at some point, “open a door that can not be shut!” I am hoping that might fix a few problems with dishonest gatekeepers.

        Till then, I have been pretty much gagged and tied up, much like the Hampstead case.

      • Thanks truth1now, point taken. I will place links to your analysis of the children’s interviews in the Hampstead pieces here that still get read. It might generate a small (tiny) amount of the traffic you deserve. Thanks.

    • Thanks for clarification. The Kurdish groups have been armed by the US and Russia, they are being bombed by Turkey so I am confused by the question you asked but thanks for commenting.

  2. Sorry What I’m trying to say is that Turkey has been helping the Kurds to go into Syria and fight but now Turkey wants them destroyed. Turkey has always had issues with Kurds but a few month back they were both working together so what’s changed now?

    • Thanks for your contribution and I am sorry that I misunderstood your meaning however I think that the assertion you make that “Turkey has been helping the Kurds to go into Syria and fight” is not supported by the facts, at least as I understand them. Turkey has been assisting al Qaeda/al Nusra and ISIS/Daesh and some Turkmen groups also in Syria but I am unaware of any support for Kurdish militants in recent times. It has been the US over a long time and Russia more recently supporting Kurdish fighters. Thanks for your comment.

      • Thank you for that.
        But I’m a bit confused that Turkey and America are close allies. So why is America supplying the Kurds then Turkey is bombing them.
        I know for while that Kurds have been at war with Turkey and Iraq and other regions of the ME. Also are these Syrian Kurds that are been bombed?

      • Traditionally America and Turkey have been close allies but there is a large rift between the current Turkish and US Governments and this rift is best exemplified by their varying attitudes towards the Kurdish Syrian organisation the YPG or people’s protection units. Turkey regards the YPG as the Syrian wing of their local Kurdish enemies the PKK, this is largely correct. Turkey has been at war with the PKK off and on for thirty or so years so the rise of the YPG in Syria was very upsetting to them. It caused them to restart the Turkey/PKK Civil war in Turkey last July.
        The US has formed an alliance with Syrian Kurds of the YPG and US and other Western Special Forces are embedded within the YPG units in Northern Syria. These YPG units co-operate with the Syrian Army and have never “joined the revolution” in Syria nor opposed the Government forces. They have sought to capitalise on the situation to carve out a statelet in Northern Syria but they have never sought to seize territory from Syrian Government forces and vice versa. The relationship between the YPG and the Syrian Army is so close that at certain points of the fight against IS in Hasakah city last year, combined units of the Syrian Army and the YPG were involved in attacks that drove the IS group from the city.
        These facts are hidden by the Western media as the co-operation between the Syrian Kurds and the Government forces is completely counter to the propaganda message they have been delivering against the Syrian Government but it is very important because once US Special Forces were involved in joint operations with the SAA and once they chose the YPG as their prime ally in Syria, the regime change project was essentially dead. The US had chosen the side of the Syrian Government in the war and it had chosen their allies, the YPG to attack IS in Northern Syria backed by US air support. So the US found itself on the “good guys” team of the YPG, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Russia and this group is fighting against al Nusra, IS and their prime backers Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. So Americas traditional regional allies such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia are enraged and feel betrayed by what the US has allowed to happen in Syria, the Iran deal and other issues, so the US Neocons are encouraging an enraged Saudi, Turkey etc to do something that will force Obama to completely change direction, rejoin their side and fight World War against Russia over Syria. Thanks for comment.

  3. Push, push, push… when do Russia presumably say “no more”? The up and down of this conflict should be upsetting enough because… on and on and on – unnecessary causalities and all the suffering, the families, friends. Syria aching. Although, without – I hope being glib – imagine, there’s some inspiring in the midst. Their love for one another. And many – for God.

    But having hopes raised and dashed, periodically for years, caused me to struggle to comment when I first read this post. At what stage will someone mainstream and surrounding, break ranks and – lose-job or what – get louder, somewhere… over this ‘moderates’ ruse? This the upset: The disconnect. And we’re inching daily to the tipping. How many troops on the border? Saudi’s and who know what mercenaries? And the news from the box? Dot squidly but earnest sounding, childish, Putin-hate. A quick in-between, relatively no-news-UK.

    The necessity to be seen with apparent credibility still in place. Or seems to be. But the bigger the unfounded claims become, the more there’ll begin to turn it into actual admittance, but…

    I saw your post within an hour of going up. And wider coverage? That’s my first response after reading. That’s the shock. As the contrast becomes starker – may this light here keep strong.

    • I think you sum up the very strange situation at the moment very well mark, as we collectively seem to be sleepwalking towards a cataclysm, many thanks for kind words and a wise comment.

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