Bastille Day Massacre in Southern France.

The truck purportedly used in the Nice incident.
The truck purportedly used in the Nice incident.
The truck claimed to have been used in the Nice attack is seen with bullet holes peppering the windscreen.
The truck claimed to have been used in the Nice attack is seen with bullet holes peppering the windscreen. The pattern of the bullet holes does not appear to be authentic as they are spaced too evenly across the area of the glass. A real attemtp to kill a driver will leave a cluster in the area of the driver’s body and head. The people shooting at this vehicle seem to not know what side the driver is sitting.
A hotel lobby is supposedly turned into a makeshift hospital in Nice. Does this scene seem to be people taking refuge in the aftermath of horror or simply a bunch of tossers sitting around doing nothing?(Source)

July 15th, 2016.

84 Reported Dead After Truck Rammed Bastille Day Crowd.

It is being widely reported that 74 people are dead and many others are injured after a man drove a truck into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille day in the French city of Nice as the Bastille day fireworks were coming to an end at around 10.40 pm, it is claimed the attack continued over a distance of 2 kilometres.

It is also being reported that after ploughing into a crowd of revelers, the driver emerged from the vehicle with a firearm and was shot to death by the French police.

It is being reported that the truck itself was packed with grenades and weapons, a detail that at face value makes absolutely no sense. How stupid and incompetent are we supposed to believe these people are?

Why on earth would you leave a bunch of bombs and weapons in a truck you are using to ram people?

Surely you either use the bombs and the guns or you remove them from the vehicle so that some of the other jihadists can use them later in another attack?

Several French media outlets are reporting that the perpetrator was a 31 year old French Tunisian dual national and that “an ID card was found inside the truck” revisiting a familiar and highly suspicious motif seen in both the Charlie Hebdo and the November 13th events.

There are also reports of other incidents in France, including at the Eiffel Tower and there is video that shows a large fire near the base of the Eiffel tower.

Fire at Eiffel Tower , Paris

2016 Nice attack – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

‘We heard gunfire, ran for shelter’ – Nice eyewitness to RT — RT News

Bastille Day attacks described by eyewitnesses in Nice as lorry hits crowd | Daily Mail Online

Dozens reported dead as truck plows into crowd in Nice, France (GRAPHIC IMAGES) — RT News

‘Truck attack’ on Bastille Day in Nice — RT News

Witnesses to Nice attack say white truck drove straight into holiday crowds

2016 Nice attack – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

State of Emergency.

Since the Charlie Hebdo incident in January 2015, France has been struck by a series of spectacular and completely fake terror attacks culminating in the apparent complete fraud of November 13th 2015 when it was claimed that 130 people died in what was merely a psychological operation.

France has been under an official state of emergency since the November attacks , earlier on Bastille day the French President Francois Hollande stated that the state of emergency would not be extended beyond July 26th.

France will not extend state of emergency beyond 26 July – BBC News

The Nice attack will almost certainly see this decision reversed and the state of emergency extended.

The French president has just announced that the State of Emergency will be extended for three further months. (Source)

Given that they have been under a state of emergency since November and have just suffered a massive attack what do they think the State of emergency is achieving?

Terrorist attack | July 14h 2016 | Nice, France

France: Scores killed after attack on Bastille Day celebrations in Nice *GRAPHIC*

BREAKING: Truck rams into crowd in Nice, dozens dead, reports of gunfire

Initial images to attack the city of Nice in France

France: Dozens killed after truck plows into crowd during Bastille Day celebrations in Nice

The front page of the Parisian newspaper responds to the latest attack.
The front page of the Parisian newspaper responds to the latest attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.

47 thoughts on “Bastille Day Massacre in Southern France.

  1. Hello James,

    Thank you for this. I had noted your update regarding the Black Friday attacks being more likely hoaxed/staged rather than a lethally violent false flag operation, but had not seen any justification for that argument (other than the captioned picture of the Bataclan aftemath, which was described as obviously staged). Was there further analysis/explanation, which I have simply missed?

    Much obliged,


    • Many thanks for that Stephan and I am very sorry about the tardy response to your message. I will respond but am unfortunately a long way behind in my correspondence at the moment. Regarding the Paris attacks, my work on that was a complete mess and a disaster. I have assembled a lot of evidence that the event was staged but have not had the chance to compile it together into a coherent whole but hope to do so in the future. The case is not a clear cut one where one outstanding piece of evidence can make the case. Many thanks for commenting.

  2. I saw a picture that look an awful lot like a bunch of stuffed clothing dummies. they did not look real. Saw lots of people running but not much more than that. Here is the thing. The last 10 or so staged events are, by my judgment, fake. Psyops! so now the burden of proof, as I see it, rests with reporter and evidence the media offered. If I do not see names and autopsy reports, then I do not believe! They are happening almost every day now. Do I look like that big of an idiot? Don’t answer that! 😛

    When one considers the whole of matters since 2012, it does not appears as if anything is real, anymore. The media and authorities will have to do a lot to convince me we are not being played for fools. Good thing for authorities that most people are idiots. Everything has been a joke since October 2015. All we need now is some little green or gray aliens (i.e. kids in costumes) Come on! You know its going to happen.

    • I agree completely with everything you wrote there truth1, however while you are right to state the burden of proof SHOULD rest with those with a proven track record of lying, and this appears to be another one, with the ridiculous fool terrorist too stupid to either use the guns and bombs in his truck or take them out beforehand so the others can use it later. All the eyewitnesses saw were people running. The attack took place near the end of the fireworks display, if the attack is in any way real, there will be DOZENS at a minimum of mobile phone recordings of the incident because we know that a lot of those thousands of people on the streets will have been filming the fireworks and therefore would have caught the whole thing on tape from the beginning. Until I can find something solid I cannot write that and hold my head up. I feel bad for having posted quite a bland and fairly pointless piece but I find the best approach is to take them at their word on day one and if it is a lie it will become very obvious very quickly as people look at the event critically. Thanks for commenting.

      • You know, the people running reminded me of those monster movies of the 50s, where everyone is just running into the streets screaming. But the bodies all looked staged. I am sure they got back up after the pictures were taken and signed autographs. and the dummies (is that not a oxymoron?), the ones made of stuffed clothing, that is, can be donated to Goodwill or what charities exist in France. I have seen little but I’ve seen enough. to be run over by a big truck like the one pictured, should have left some really mangled bodies that get run over by tires and dragged beneath the truck. It would not be pretty. for me, the burden of proof that anything real happened, still remains with the media and authorities quoted.

        The “reality” is that TV and movie violence too easy to fake and as well, it would be easy to pass off real violence and real sex as fake. There are allegations on youtube videos saying that some sex scenes were real and I have always wondered about that, anyway. How would we really know? this is the thing with video. Quick shots from various points are not a continuous narrative. Anyone can flash a scene so that you do not have time to assess it. Very clever. We live in a world that, by this time, should have made us more skeptical and inquiring but the masses are “drugged” and anesthetized. No one taught them how to think and thinking is a skill that requires learning. And Parents have never really bothered with that. “OH, the schools will take care of that!” Oh, they sure will. Now look at us! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

      • Thanks truth 1, you make a lot of good points, there should be blood and mangled flesh dangling from the front of the truck. It is fake but it is quite a good fake by their low standards. The French have finally found something at which they really excel at other than surrendering. They have the best hoaxes by far- since the Charlie Hebdo fiasco. There are some pretty obvious dummies and some really stupid elements to the story like the truck full of weapons and bombs and the state of emergency but this is a work of evil genius compared with San Bernardino or Orlando or Brussels or Dallas. Your point regarding critical thinking and education is well taken. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Eerily, last thing I looked at yesterday online was ‘What Actually Happened on the Original Bastille Day’. Switch on this morning to your email – and one from Memory Hole, with its notification of the ‘other James’ as-developing report. Again yesterday, re-tweeted an article about France’s General Directorate for Internal Security saying France is ‘on the verge of a civil war’ (in reference to tensions between the ‘extreme Right and the Muslim world’). Now this?

    Of course, unlike those awake/but/asleep, have to consider unpacking subterfuge generally buried in journalism’s chorus of presumptions. Ignoring of evidence. Blaming ‘them’ – whoever, and without a hint ‘they’ – over ‘there’ are rarely, if ever ‘alone’, in these horror-making enterprises. The motive to show utter hatred and protest through destruction of the rich and Western privileged? To destabilise Europe further? When coming like a train, economic clouds gathering, which no man or globalist beast, would be able to disperse the storms. I.e. we in trouble enough. Racial wars suit those intent on taking us into another world-order. See (try not to), ‘leaders’ two-faced caring anguish rattling the keys for more lock-down of ‘civil liberties’ will add to whatever distress at suffering-here – sickening revulsion.

    The first book alerting me to the details of pressing global concerns was called The Long Emergency. Took a few years for the awake-penny to drop. Then, common to all with sufficient sensibility – the internal emergency. Psychological crashes. This ‘why’ and what is happening, very different to those who don’t see the string-pullers, for much or most of the terror now beginning to hit the West. There’ll be crashing-some after this but with misdirected attention. Still, by and too largely, believing ‘the news’.

    Oh for an uprising in making more accurate connections. And relieved that there’s at least a couple of able outposts on this process, in reasonable speculation towards reality sinking in? Reminds me, wrote this the other day:

    ‘The ‘wealth’ of fed-understanding: Most foundational of T.V. based-claims, more not less, defunkt of sufficient details. Ours is, the age of missing information – in the overload, yes, but primary disclosure withheld, is missing from the puzzled. Drama tells-us that the ‘detective’s job to speculate’ (taken from a TV show pretended to watch last night) and yet – same show – ‘the secret state they don’t fight fair’. These and novels, movies etc, are like sermons. A global psycho-ritual to have us disconnect. Disassociate fact from fiction. Children playing adults, playing children, playing adults.’

    To repeat my usual mantra: Relieved you’re here to keep the association between facts and current affairs together as best-can. Why only one or two of you revealing the adult-talk we-the masses urgently need, have relatively few outsiders viewing the overarching ‘crimes’? These cons-piracies that haunt our world. Keep the lamp on. Thanks.

    • Many thanks for that Mark, beyond the rather petty maintenance of the State of Emergency in France I have little idea why this is happening now, or more especially why the program is being accelerated at the moment. The gaps , the breathing space between lies is beginning to disappear. It seems like they are working their way towards some sort of conclusion or climax but I do not know what that is beyond the fact that it is certainly going to involve tyranny and an increase in social control. Thank you for that comment, you have helped raise the questions that need to be asked as this story develops.

  4. Good stuff, James. Mark actually directed me to check out your post. Like you, I called it in about three minutes – because I had already, earlier in the day, seen the report that the State of Emergency was going to end: and it was obvious Hollande was now going to reverse the decision.
    It’s pathetic how they literally did it on the same day. I mean, why not have a little foresight and do it a week earlier or something?

    • Indeed Burning Blogger of Bedlam you would think they could show some foresight and avoid that embarrassing confluence but sadly there is no need to worry about the audience noticing anything. I actually think they did a very good job with this event, of course there are many mistakes but context aside this is one of the best executed fake events that I have seen. In a few days or weeks it will unravel entirely but on day one it worked a treat. The people doing these things are acting a little desperately but ultimately they are winning and they are building their way towards something really big. Many thanks for your comment Burning Blogger of Bedlam.

  5. James,

    In an incident like this, are the people actually dead? Is anyone dead? This is a detail that has often escape to me I know that often identities can be created but this would be for smaller numbers when there are 84 people like this how is that detail handled are 84 people actually dead here? I ask you earnestly and I’m right with you in believing that not everything is what it seems certainly this is another example. That state of emergency just is not being allowed to expire is it!? Funny. But anyway my question remains are 84 people actually dead here? What do you believe?

    • Wow that is a great question. It is almost impossible to tell whether a person is actually alive or dead so the way I tend to look at it is to use a well known example “The Sandy Hook massacre did not take place at the Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14th, 2012.”This is a statement that can be made with confidence and support from hard evidence but if I said “all of the people who supposedly died in Sandy Hook are really alive” I could not prove that, it is impossible. From a tactical point of view it is a good idea to be humble and recognise the limits of your knowledge and stick to the claims that can be backed by hard and easy to understand evidence. In my opinion there were no deaths in Nice but I do it is merely an opinion and may well be incorrect. I generally believe that if one death is proven fake, as with the policeman outside on the day of the Charlie Hebdo incident, it is reasonable to conclude that none of the purported victims died on the day in that place. I think I explain the logic of that position in an ok way here: They still may have died somewhere else, of a different cause etc but once you know that some of the victims are fake it is highly likely and reasonable to assume that most or all victim deaths are fake in that case. That is only applicable once you know that there is a hoax element. With Nice, I may believe or assume a hoax element but it is yet to be properly proven. The other really difficult thing is figuring out whether the patsies were complicit participants or were genuinely sacrificed. In many cases it seems that the patsies are really killed but it is rather hard to verify it given the immense deception that surrounds these events. I personally believe that no-one at all died in Nice. It is entirely possible that the patsy was killed at some point but the evidence is not at the point where I would not seek to claim that no-one died there as it is still an open question. I believe that in days and weeks the truth will begin to emerge about what has taken place here but my personal assumption is that the event was completely synthetic. Thanks for commenting and I apologise that my answer was rather convoluted.

      • Thank you for the response and I actually found it to be quite a good answer. This question becomes all the more important as the numbers seem to rise with these incidents. It did not use to be so common that the event would feature eighty or a hundred deaths. An event such as Dallas is much simpler to Fathom how it might be fabricated, but with an event where there are eighty or a hundred the logistics become much more difficult and really makes you wonder how such an event is staged successfully. It would be very interesting to closely monitor the funeral events surrounding incidents like this. I suppose there would be multiple categories of events, the ones where the deaths are legitimate but the story behind the event is completely false and involves something like a patsy, whereas the other type of event being where the people themselves never existed and the entire story is pretend. With Nice I get the feeling of the latter type.

      • Thanks Anon, regarding the numbers it is very hard to fathom and the high numbers in Paris were one of the key reasons I could not perceive that event from last November correctly. Regarding the funerals I kept a very close watch on that after the Brussels attacks and found that besides a single reference to a memorial service in the US for two of the US victims, there was literally no mention whatsoever of any funerals for any of the Brussels victims a month after it happened. The main item that emerged from a search on the words Brussels attack victims funeral was that one of the Americans had supposedly been traveling to a funeral in Rhode Island before her untimely demise. I think your assessment of the varieties of deception is a good one and in the days to come I am confident that evidence will emerge that proves you right about Nice. I am just coming to terms with the fact that the footage of the truck we are shown shot from the balcony facing the water with the motorbike and the police is mid attack, yet (I am going to measure it properly) this fellow is only driving at maybe 20 kilometres or so an hour yet he is supposed to be engaged in this act of mass murder, trying to evade the police, trying to kill as many as possible so how could he drive so slowly? It is awful because once it is believed it becomes real in peoples minds and it might as well have happened. The people of the West are being successfully terrorised by lies.Thanks for commenting.

      • I don’t have any problem stating that I think the whole thing was a fake and no one died. You stated good reasons for those conclusions. If it should come about that evidence shows one or two deaths, I can only respond, what about the remaining 82 or 83? I am willing to revise my opinions and judgments in the face of better evidence later provided. But there have been a number of false flag psyops and not one of them has ever produced a revision or refute even one claim or casualty. With such a overwhelming track record of consistency, I am not bothered to suggest straight off the bat that many more of the same will follow until we have a one world government and truth it totally silenced.

        What has been the result of all the ones that have happened already? Most believed every one of them. The elite have nothing to fear. Nobody listens to us. And I just luvs tinfoil. Can ya blame me? Its so shiny and light, too. So I am going to go way out on a limb here. I predict at least 10 more of these hollywood productions of massacres. And I predict everyone, save a few tinfoil hatter like us, will fall for all of it. I must be psychic. How else can ya do this? Oh, and no evidence with be forthcoming, either. A good psychic would never leaven that out!

    • Hello Jorge, I am flattered that you would think it matters what I think. It is a good interview, very good. There are several details with which I would differ but he did a very good job. I should add that I actually, I try and avoid this but I do look askance at Geraid because he says he is a communist and therefore something of a dupe and an (unconscious) advocate of tyranny. Thanks for commenting.

  6. I have another observation. One video clip shows a number of supposed victims all laying face up as I recall or most of them. they were all uninjured and unbloodied on the face up surface, but all had blood, we assume, underneath them all around them. How did the truck manage to only injure people in their backs. and they all fell on their backs even though supposedly hit on their backs. Hit from behind, I would expect them to tall on fronts and faces. How convenient that they could all lay there face up. Fate sure is kind 😛

    • A good observation truth 1, the whole strip of road was a movie set and the bodies were strategically arranged along it but the bodies and blood all appear to be fake. Thanks for commenting.

  7. I really want to thank you for this blog. One can hope that it is helping me to wake up. I have been in and out of slumber for my 38 years, mostly in as it is very hard to stay awake. Fairly recently, I had an eye opening experience when looking at some material about Sandy Hook. As I then began spending a good deal of time looking for information, it became evident that there is not much real information available. I found your blog maybe 2 days ago and it is a real oasis that has appeared in a very dry and thirsty land. I am here to learn and I am so thankful. I know that I also need to get back into the Word and ask Him for wisdom and discernment in these treacherous times. I am struggling right now to lead my family in the Way, please pray for us.

  8. I don’t recall what post it was on, but we were discussing a claim of Ewen Cameron “visiting” James Holmes in prison, made on a radio show. Its been more than a week since my post on that youtube show and I sent a personal message thru their “ABOUT” the channel where is has a “send message” link. I have not received any response. I do not consider that very positive. Something is not right. Then listening to a supposed Mind Control Victim on another broadcast by the same channel, I saw 2 or 3 posts express skepticism about the so called victim. And the stuff I was hearing also seemed rather questionable and beyond proof, unlike a well written book such as Brice Taylor’s “Thanks for the Memories.”

    My conclusion would not be good for the radio show. I do like Chris Everard, however. But it goes without saying that probably most conspiracy channels and presentations ought to be taken with caution. Fritz Springmeier says that 90% of the conspiracy stuff is “opposition funded.” I would say that is quite likely.

    One thought is on clones brought up. It is no hwere near the proof stage. I am not saying it can not be, but that it can not be verified, unlike UFOs who have so many sightings by so many witnesses and with information of high quality sources and material, that I do not hesitate to defend the existence of UFOs. But Aliens? Not as far as I am concerned, unless some Mexican have been participating, perhaps.

    Now if clones should end up being real, I’ll be putting in an order for particular model or two 😛

    • Thanks truth1, I am pretty sure that the comments were on this I am sorry that Kev did not respond to your request, he may be inundated with messages, I assume he simply made an error and is embarrassed, I really like Johnny Whistles and Kev but for some reason I never liked the show as much after they got rid of the third guy who was called Marty. They have some good guests and some not so good guests perhaps, people like Anthony Patch and Chris Everard are always worth a listen. I was very pleased to see that you updated with some new articles after a gap since May. Is it still ok if I Email you?
      I know nothing about clones so will not waste time. Before I was doing this I was a big skywatcher, I would film the sky every day. I filmed many UFOs, nothing like what you are shown in Close Encounters and other Hollywood movies, my understanding is that there are many human “Space craft” and there are also numerous dimensions alongside our own and things come in and out that way all the time it seems. My understanding is that the whole alien meme is a bunch of crap designed to hide what is really happening and condition people for the fake invasion.
      Anyway, you were right about Nice, it really was a hoax and I hope to do a proper story on that soon. Thanks for commenting.

      • you and all others are welcomed to email me. The email was changed on my site a few months ago and it s up there now as well, on the front page of my site. I think Yahoo deliberately screwed me back near to march or april. So its Outlook now.

        I understand embarrassment but if it were innocent, I would simply state I was wrong and that I apologize for bad info. But in the world of conspiracy, one always has to be ever on guard against false info, usually coming from the elites who want to discredit us in our pursuit of truth.

  9. Apart from an apparently rousing endorsement of Donald Trump, which I find curious, heading the page, this material from on the Nice truck attack shows some impressive lateral thinking, at least to my mind. When things happen far away, as is so often the case, sometimes a little ‘problem’ detail will alter the course of an armchair investigation. Here, we have several such considerations:

    • Thanks Stephen, there is some very interesting info there. The astonishing thing that has just emerged and it will sound like crap but i have checked, is that the french government have ordered the nice authorities to destroy ALL CCTV footage from Nice on July 14th, 2016 and are trying to claim this is to “protect the dignity of the dead” and “prevent jihadist propaganda’
      “NFO LE FIGARO – An urgent legal requisition was sent to urban supervision center of Nice Wednesday, July 20. The Paris evokes a desire to “avoid the uncontrolled dissemination of these images.”

      Panic and misunderstanding for mayor of Nice. Wednesday at 11 am, the Anti-Terrorism Sub-Directorate (SDAT) sent to agents who manage video surveillance of the city requisition citing Articles 53 and L706-24 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and Article R642-1 of the Penal Code erasure asking them “complete” 24 hours of images from six cameras named, numbered, but also of all the scenes from the beginning of the attack that took place on the promenade des Anglais, on the night of July 14 .
      “This is the first time we are asked to destroy evidence.”

      What to stunning state agents of urban supervision center of Nice. “This is the first time we are asked to destroy evidence, says a source close to the dossier. The center of CCTV and the city of Nice could be prosecuted for this and also the officers in charge of the device does not have jurisdiction to engage in such operations. ”

      The demand is all the more astonishing that the SDAT sent since last Friday servers to recover the 30,000 hours of CCTV related events. A backup operation that will extend even several days. “We do not know if giving a destruction order while we are in full backup is not going to curtain the whole system,” is are we concerned in the case entourage.

      “This was done in this case to prevent the uncontrolled spread uncontrolled and these images.”
      The Paris prosecutor.

      Contacted by Le Figaro, the Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed the information and said: “this was done in this case to prevent the uncontrolled and uncontrolled dissemination of these images.” Regarding the national police, it is recalled that “the thousand cameras in Nice, 140 had interesting elements of the investigation. The police recovered 100% of videos of them. PJ and prosecutors have asked to delete pictures of these 140 cameras to prevent malicious use of the latter for the sake of the dignity of the victims and to prevent the resumption of these images by jihadist websites at propaganda purposes. ” Finally, at the chancery, it is specified that the application of an erasure “complete” is explained by the inability to make partial destruction of such equipment.
      Images shared by several services

      The day after the tragic drama of the Promenade des Anglais, the police officers had come to make a first review of the cameras in direct contact with the event. This led to a first report sent to the Interior Ministry. Strangely, it would be these same cameras that are affected by the requisition of SDAT.

      By Saturday, the Elysee had requested copies of pictures of the attack. An authorization granted by the Paris prosecutor. “It is not shocking that the president had wanted to see the attack. Will he ask the Elysee return the CD that has come to him? “Asked one expert dossier. In any event, these videos are shared by multiple services concurrently namely those of the police and the national gendarmerie, the police and firefighters.”

      Thanks for the link and for commenting.

      • Well James, as regards destruction of evidence, which in Truth1’s court is an automatic guilt conviction and hanging, with no appeal allowed, and the sentence carried out swiftly, though with care to record the whole thing for public viewing to enhance the effect of deterrence as it is distributed broadly with mandatory viewing by kids as well, who grow up to be adults; this is one of many such acts of cover-up. JFK’s Zapruder film was hidden for 11 years and when it turned up, it had obviously been tampered with. In Truth1’s court, tempering with evidence is about the same as destroying it. I’d hate to be in his court as someone accused 😛 Hiding evidence is also the same. Most JFK evidence has been hidden away.

        Then we have the beloved Sandyhook, where they suddenly refused death certificates and autopsy photos. I sure wish those shills would come back. Me thinks I might have to give them a little note to come say hello.

    • That was an amazing link showing all the fraud. You know, the beauty of having so many people now look these events over is that it puts so many minds on the same task. There are bound to be details come out that a small group of investigators might not pick up, or even want to pick up. Stephen P. I think you for your wonderful post. How did you find this blog? I ran into it over a year ago thinks to Sabine. Then I forgot about it and somehow, maybe an old link or something or I just checked it out again and by this time, things were hopping all over the world, slowly at first. But it was up my alley and a well done blog, too. I prefer quality over sensationalism that I often saw in the Hampstead affair-cover-up. But the fake bullet holes in that article and the wrecking bar? Priceless!

      Time and again, no one died, no bullets fired adn now they want to destroy all the evidence. Chelsea, where are you? and there was a guy, too. Shill are so sad but amusing. I predicted the 1st time the subject went up here that much more fake stuff would follow. It always has in every other false flag psyop. You would think shills would be embarrassed after this. but they will be back to make fools of themselves some more.

  10. Hello truth1, I came across the material, in reblogged form, here:

    I have only just encountered the Crimes of Empire site, to my great satisfaction, and have visited your site also, a most stimulating exercise I intend to repeat many times.

    I have come a long way from the days when I was cheer-leading the attacks upon Afghanistan and, later, Iraq. I believed in the 9/11 official story until mid-2014 when I stumbled upon some challenging comments by Paul Craig Roberts, while trying to make sense of the strange MH17 thing. My life has not been the same since. I have been on email threads with the likes of Jim Fetzer, Christopher Bollyn, Steve De’ak, Ace Baker, Rosalie Grable, and many more, and have even been interviewed on the American Underground Network (though I, too, like James, am resident on Australia’s eastern coast).

    I agree with you, it should come as no surprise to a Christian that man’s heart is inclined towards depravity, and even non-religious types (if there truly are such) happily concede that power tends to corrupt. So these sorts of horrible games should not startle – indeed, if they were *not* happening, it would rather be a strange thing.

    There is conclusive evidence that America scammed the world with the Apollo ‘moon landings’ which I can share, for those interested, in some other forum, and at another time. I also see most of the major ‘hot’ events of the 20th Century as really one continuum, particularly the Manhattan Project and all that is claimed to have arisen from it, Apollo and much of the NASA space program, 9/11 and the Alien/UFO smoke-and-mirrors.

    Consider, if you will, just one (what I see as an intriguing) example of this interconnectedness. The following quote is from Part 3 [as shown on YouTube] of the ABC live coverage of Apollo 11 (launched, like the Trinity device at Alamogordo, on July 16). The ABC anchor, Frank Reynolds, is discussing things, in between the animated screen sequences, with Science Adviser, Jules Bergman, at this ‘crucial’ juncture in proceedings:

    FRANK REYNOLDS: “They don’t really have too many more great big tremendous earth-shaking, moon-walking type events to follow through on, do they?

    JULES BERGMAN: “You know, Frank, now that we’ve been through these difficult four days, five days since last Wednesday, launch last Wednesday, and particularly since the lunar landing and the thirty straight hours we’ve gone here, I am weakened – I am weakened to think of what has been accomplished because, by my own check list, they have accomplished – Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins have done beautifully, performed beautifully 9 of the 11 major hurdles, 9 of the 11 major rocket engine burns on this flight.

    From launch at pad 39 of the Saturn V, from the trans-lunar insertion a couple of hours later – two hours and 44 minutes later, to lunar orbit insertion almost 76 hours after they lifted off, to the descent orbit yesterday afternoon, the powered descent initiation that took them down to a safe touchdown, that was event 6 at Tranquility Base in the Sea of Tranquility, to that heart-throbbing ascent that went so beautifully of three-and-a-half hours ago, through the steps of rendezvous, which may seem like old hat to those of us who have covered Gemini and the Space Program, but it was the first time men had lifted off the Moon and rendezvoused. Through the docking, four or five minutes ago – the two major events that lie ahead are the trans-Earth insertion, burn, later tonight or perhaps tomorrow morning, depending on what space craft Commander Armstrong decides to do – elects to do – and the splashdown, Thursday, about 12:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time – 9 of the 11 critical and dangerous events have now been done. Technology triumphed. And all I can think, Frank, is that it’s, it’s that Eric Hoffer quote I used the other day that “it’s the great genius of America to take something momentous and make it seem un-momentous – only in this case it doesn’t seem un-momentous to me”.

    I find this conversation utterly fascinating. Cheers.

    • You picked a topic I love. The fake moon landings. I had an interesting experience with these. I hard the science end, how and why it was impossible to do what they did. But it was the Stanley Kubrick hints that intrigued me. As I listened to Jay Weidner explain the hidden messages Kubrick left. I was totally amazed and convinced that Weidner was right. But I said, he never could have solved that puzzle, had someone not let out the secrets to him. The clues were obvious if pointed out but one would have never discerned them, otherwise. It turns out that Kubrick had revealed all this to Weidner. I was right! Bible prophecy is sort of like that. Its cryptic symbols are hard to understand unless you have a few “keys” to unlock it all.

      But Kubrick was squealing on his masters. He was exposing another level the scientists were not aware of. There are several books that are amazing on the topic of going to the moon. Fred Steckling revealed things going on, on the moon, that reveal another level of secrecy involving UFOs as man-made government operations. There are so many directions to go in, in this sort of stuff. Youtube has lots of stuff on this, too. The topic is rich in detail spread in many places. I hope you stick around. You got the stuff, if ya know what I mean. Smart people love mysteries and challenges. In fact, we are addicted to it. Obsessive compulsive about it. And every new mind working on something adds more to it. The proverbs say, “In a multitude of counselors, there is wisdom.

  11. James, I have noted some very odd turns in USA politics. I would call it a bit of a psyop. You recall the hate and resistance that Trump was getting early on. Many swore they would never vote for Trump. Well, Never say Never, says James Bond. But now most have back him. But its what is going down on the other side boggles. BLM is upset that Bernie is not being treated right. They are even grumbling about going to Trump. What? And Bernie quickly sold out his fans and supported Hillarity. I forget the other item or two, but there seems to be a mass exodus to Trump . . . All in a day or so? I feel like I am in the twilight zone, but I do not recall trying out for a part. Oh, Hillarity was shown acting as if possessed in a video clip. Mind control or a hypnotic plant? I have never seen so many twists and turns. All almost over night. This was all planned and planned well. This is not one of those typical sloppily executed psyop false flags. This was a very sophisticated Broadway production. Probably long in the planning. did I not say the Simpsons would end up being prophetic?

    So as I pondered the whole thing, I ended up watching 1 of 5 of Kubrick and the fake moon landing. It dawned on me more concretely as I watched, that the many players and nations all had to be in on the con of going to the moon. USSR said nothing. No one said any thing in any nation and has not to this very day. If one ever need a sweet chunk of evidence to suggest all nations are controlled and cooperate behind the scenes, this is the single best piece of evidence there is. The USSR certainly knows the impossibility of a moon landing. They were researching it themselves. They had a lead in the space race.

    And now we have nations poised for who knows what and Putin has been cast in his best role yet, as the good guy trying to save the world from disaster. Surely the little green men can be far behind? the sad thing is, that I can write this script with a confidence that at least 80%-90% of it will come true, it must be pretty damned obvious. And with psyop false flags happening every day now, we are getting very close to something very big. This Upcoming USA election is going to be a doosie! (USA slang).

    I am waiting for one other thing. I saw some movie trailers around 2010-2011 that were focusing some on the paranormal and spirit apparitions. Oh, wait, Let my put my tinfoil hat on now. I look pretty hot in it anyway. and no wise cracks from the peanut gallery. You’ll just have to take my word for it, which you all know better than to do, anyway. I say that sooner or later, we are going to see much more in the way of the supernatural and magicians and mediums, not optical illusion ones but ones producing real certified supernatural stuff. Satan and his gang have been somewhat discreet about it in the past but that is soon to change. Satan has those abilities and he can make great progress with them and showing off. I got a feeling that it won’t be too much longer in coming, either.

    • Many thanks for that truth1. The whole thing may well be a psyop but I must admit to having been taken in by it. I think that Trump will win, and I have always believed that because Hillary is not a likeable person and it is very very hard to get that “third term” in US politics with George H.W Bush the only person since the end of WW2 to achieve that. Trump is the lesser of two evils by far, he will probably be an ok President but at this point it makes little difference who is in the White House, the criminals will still be in charge no matter what. Trump appears to be a front man for the CIA and the Jewish Mafia, Hillary also represents the CIA but a more noxious and toxic faction within it.
      The point about the moon is a very good one, I find it very confusing that Russia said nothing. They do the same thing today with all the fake terror today. I also noticed that Russia recently stated they are planning on setting up a base on the moon.
      I will defer to your greater knowledge regarding the supernatural phenomena we are going to see. iI do not look forward to that as it is already irritating enough trying to persuade people that very obvious illusions such as the fake terror are not real. Thanks for commenting.

      • Well, since most people do not bother much with history, they are not aware that paranormal “performances” were not always so uncommon as they were/are in the Darwinian age of atheism we live in. Even in the Bible, 2 Egyptian priests were able to turn two rods into 2 snakes. Not with illusions, but the real thing, turning the laws of physics on their head. But Moses and God had one better. Moses’ rod became a a snake as well and ate the other two. Histories of Livy and Herodotus, among others, recount times when supernatural events took place. Satan is going to try everything he has to keep as many from God as possible, to spite both God and the people Satan tricks. And while UFOs are not a recent technology and are in fact, over 116 years old, they are of such an unusual branch of physics involving voltages so high that the laws of physics seem to almost get turned on their heads. It will seem like magic to primitive people. but its just plain solid science.

        We never had a reason to pursue 50 million volts before, so we did not become familiar with the effects one encounters are such ridiculous levels of voltage. But then again, how often do we get extremes in temperature, for instance. Lead in liquid nitrogen, becomes magnetic. But we have not been able to achieve liquid nitrogen till compressors came along in the industrial age. Same for super high temperatures. The universe we live in, here on earth, is a very small spectrum of the ranges of energy and matter, so we are kind of “innocent” in that respect. Satan will exploit that. But since he can bypass the constraining laws of physics all together, he could put on quite the show. But just as psyops fall on their faces often, I suspect God will have a few tricks up His sleeve as well. He is always full of surprises. Just ask Moses.

        I forgot to add with Shillary (Hitlary?) the sudden release of a number of her emails by wikileaks. How convenient. Too convenient. As for Trump, he will do what all politicians do after they are elected. He will develop a sudden case of amnesia and forget to do anything he said and instead, do everything his bosses, who put him in power in the first place, tell him to do. There is no winning. But with the population so dumbed down and stupid, far more than can be excusable, they continue to think and hope something will change with the same old stupid system in place. Now there is a mystery, if ever there was one.

        Another thought about proving total global control by someone or something. Every nation on earth is bringing women into the military. No one sees anything remarkable in this. What? Excuse me? It is unprecedented in history, one, for its universal adoption for starters. It is feared by many that women will make the force weaker. But I pointed out on the Personal LIberty Digest forum, that since all nations are doing it, one does not have to worry that their military is weak since all militaries will be weak. The weakened state of our nation and world is due to mixing women into everything. And hiring younger more ruthless types, rather than the over 40 types and older. The whole fabric of society is weakened so that power can more easily manipulate everyone. Satan is not stupid. And his followers dare not cross him. But if any nation should say, we are not going along with this crap any longer, the other weak nations will gang up on that insolent nation and beat the hell out of it. A bit like a Roman Decimation.

        To me, it is evident that there are global forces making everyone go along with the same plan, at the same time and in the same way. A united culture, so it would appear. United and synchronized! How about that ?!! in most respects, we already have a global government, but it operates in secret. But they want it public and official so that they can force everyone, openly, to do as they say. Satan hates choice. He loves bullying and violence, Some things never change.

      • Thanks for a great comment truth1. You have a very impressive body of knowledge. “It is evident that there are global forces making everyone go along with the same plan, at the same time and in the same way. A united culture, so it would appear. United and synchronized! How about that ?!! in most respects, we already have a global government, but it operates in secret.” That is a great observation, thanks again.

  12. I watched this new piece of info. It starts slow but once he gets going, it gets real good. He shows that the truck did not start at the hospital. He uses the photos, one with the truck just starting out with distinguishing backgrounds. He notes other things such as a prominent hotel clearly marked out. This is the point he indicates is when the truck started. the claimed point way back at the hospital is much further back than the hotel. More proof that most details in this hoax are a fraud. And he does this just using Google maps/earth. You’ll be amazed. More stuff surfaces every day.

    • Thanks truth1, he did a good job but the story about the attack starting at the hotel was just a media story, abandoned when it became obviously ridiculous, the story they are now going with is that the attack started at the area near the hospital but that the street was not closed down that end so he was driving on the footpath to hit people-until he got to the closed area and drove straight through them. Obviously every word is a lie, but that is what they are going with.
      This story itself makes absolutely no sense because when we see him drive past the Westminster Hotel, which is around 200 metres from where the truck stopped. According to them the truck has traveled 90% of the distance it will travel during the attack so the attacker HAS to be speeding for the attack to be even halfway believable, but it isn’t.
      The French Government have a slimy but clever style of lying in these cases that is very frustrating. They do one very quick early press conference when everyone is in shock and then let the media assemble the story. When errors occur, the media can simply be blamed and the story fixed without the government making fools of themselves or exposing the deception. Thanks for commenting.

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