San Bernardino Shooting: Just Another Day of Psyops in the Big Lie USA.

The blackened brotherhood having a laugh with the cap of this second hand witness to the San Bernadino non event.

December 5th, 2015.

San Bernadino Incident is an Obvious and Brazen Staged Event.

The San Bernardino shooting of December 2nd, 2015 was a work of fiction created by the same team behind Aurora, Sandy Hook, Charleston, Garland, Chattanooga, the WDBJ shooting and pretty much all of the high profile supposed shooting massacres and “terror attacks” in the United States over the past several years.

The incident combines elements of two of this years previous faux events, at Garland and Chattanooga with a boosted “body count” for added emotional impact.

There was no shooting in San Bernadino  , there were no 14 people killed and 21 wounded, what happened in San Bernadino was just another drill sold as a live event, and a particularly poorly constructed example of the genre.

One look at the scene outside the Inland Regional Center made it very clear that there was no shooting incident there merely an active shooting drill and that fact combined with the recent history of similar events makes the hoax hypothesis the only sustainable and logical conclusion.

If there had been a genuine shooting massacre there would be no need to stage a fake scene of the aftermath of a shooting with fake victims.

All of the footage of the aftermath is footage of an active shooter mass casualty drill. All of this drill footage has been presented as being the authentic aftermath of a massacre, none of the footage from the scene outside the Inland Regional Center shows anyone who is wounded.

When you have fake wounded people laying down on pre-positioned ground sheets in an area marked by witches hats, in the middle of a supposed emergency, well they almost seem not to be trying.

When you have a group of people obviously playing the role of the wounded in a landscape that in no way matches that of the aftermath of a genuine emergency, all the other details become somewhat secondary but it is worth noting that the Inland Community Centre holds monthly active shooter drills.

The very easy to spot artificial aftermath of the San Bernadino incident.
Ground sheets, witches hats, no wounded people and the man in the blue vest appears to be evaluating the conduct of the drill.


The Official Story.

The shooting is claimed to have been carried out by a husband and wife team of Muslim Americans. The narrative is a bizarre and incoherent hybrid of the “going postal” and “Muslim terror attack” sub genres.

The absolutely ridiculous story is that the fellow they are blaming was involved in a minor dispute at his work Christmas party, went home to his wife (who they have back-filled as being a Facebook IS supporter!) Informed his wife that it was time to embark on a mass murder spree in the “name of Islam” so they dressed in combat gear, gathered up all the ammunition they had amassed along with a bunch of pipe bombs, dropped their six month old child off with relatives, drove to the Inland Regional Center and conducted the massacre before fleeing and being found and killed later by the local police.

According to the San Bernardino Police Chief Jarred Burguan the assailants were wearing masks, but the masks did not stop people from identifying them, so the police went to their address, encountered the vehicle they were traveling in close to their home, and killed them and during this encounter, despite being in possession of dozens of pipe bombs, the police state that the perpetrators threw a mock explosive from the vehicle before being killed.

The “Wounded” Woman in the purple top.

 I was watching a video of one of the wounded people being placed on a stretcher and evacuated, I was frustrated as I could not see the wounded person and thought it highly suspicious that two people seemed to be standing in front of the wounded person and shielding them from the camera.

Where is the wounded person in this photo?
Where is the wounded person in this photo?

To my astonishment one of the people who seemed completely unhurt up to that point WAS the patient and the woman, showing no signs of distress at all, calmly climbs onto the gurney to fulfill her role having walked unaided to that point, no gunshot wounds, no wounds at all.

The woman who is standing there the picture of health is the wounded victim.
The woman who is standing there the picture of health is the wounded victim.
Our star survivor yet again.
Our star survivor yet again.
These wounds are certainly horrific. The woman in the purple top is a real star player. here she seems to be feigning a sore knee. Great stuff.
These wounds are certainly horrific. The woman in the purple top is a real star player. here she seems to be feigning a sore knee.

The Second Crime Scene.

It is possible, albeit highly unlikely, that the second part of the story actually happened, that the police were told that these two were the perpetrators of a shooting and tracked and killed them on that basis.

The body visible on the scene does not seem to match the police description of the shooters.

It also appears, that the blood and other evidence of the second shooting were placed at the scene after the event.

The car before the blood.
The car before the blood.
The car after blood and debris appear to have been placed at the scene.
The car after blood and debris appear to have been placed at the scene.

The disposal of the patsies is always a very difficult part of these stories to unmask because the police completely control the scene and the information that is released so the really obvious signs of deception that are present in the main scene are generally harder to discern at the secondary scenes.

Whether the designated offenders were complicit in the deception or were simply framed and executed is of secondary importance in comparison with the fact that the core event they are accused of perpetrating clearly did not take place.

It is almost certain the entire incident is a work of fiction, but it is absolutely certain based on the obviously manufactured scene that the core event, the massacre at the Inland Regional centre is a work of fiction.

Lawyer David S. Chelsey during the CNN interview during which he claimed Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were found handcuffed in the back of the black SUV.
Lawyer David S. Chelsey during the CNN interview during which he claimed Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were found handcuffed in the back of the black SUV.

Lawyer States Suspects were found handcuffed in the back of the SUV!

In a stunning turn that strongly implies that Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were abducted and framed, an attorney representing the Farook family, David S. Chelsey stated during an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo that Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were found HANDCUFFED and face down in the back of the black SUV.

The response to this from Cuomo only served to underline the true role of the media.

It would have been completely legitimate for Cuomo to question the veracity of the “found handcuffed” claim, but he did not do that, instead Cuomo proceeded to attempt to intimidate the two lawyers representing the family into affirming the guilt of their clients and to reaffirm the official story and close down all questions.

If David S. Chelsey’s claim is correct there seems no doubt that Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were framed and murdered by sinister forces and left in the car to be found and blamed for fictional crimes.

The claim s made at the beginning of this interview.

Shooters’ family attorney: Everyone is clueless

Muslims: a good choice of offender.

Because the patsies, the designated offenders were Muslims, a group many Americans fear and hate, having been subjected to decades of fanatical Zionist propaganda, this strange mess of a psy-op is going to be widely believed, even compared with events like Aurora and Sandy Hook.

The hybrid nature of the narrative, means that today millions upon millions of people around the world are earnestly debating whether this infantile, clunker of a non-event was a terrorist attack or mere regulation mass shooting in the workplace. It was neither.

This is a classic psychological warfare tactic that is very effective, the phantom discourse, the duelling arguments anchored in illusion. The perpetrators simply press the right buttons and sit back and watch the inevitable Pavlovian response.

It is especially funny to consider that the creators of these disastrous and inept productions pat themselves on the back and consider themselves a race above and beyond the people they have brainwashed. It is especially amusing that they react quite viciously towards any who defy the designated version of these events despite the fact that anyone with eyes can see with these really bad ones that they are a total lie.

The IS Facebook Announcement.

The claim about the female member of the attack group posting her allegiance to the Islamic State on Facebook us especially silly. Think about it, you have decided to join a clandestine network of terrorists and attempt to conduct attacks in the US.

First step: climb on Facebook and provide the CIA, FBI, NSA and every other intelligence agency who own a computer full knowledge of your intentions!

None of these billion dollar heroes ever notice of course and this is solid evidence that they need a bigger budget, they must be shockingly under resourced to have missed something like that after all. It is not as if they need a warrant.

The NSA HQ at Fort Meade, the threadbare budget of the NSA in plain sight.
The NSA HQ at Fort Meade, Maryland the “threadbare” NSA budget in plain sight.

The Motive.

The overarching purpose is the one expressed by then CIA Director William Casey to President Ronald Reagan,

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

Lies and deception are as a source of power, an ongoing goal of the US and other Western Governments, they believe in lies as a way of life for the people they pretend to serve.

One interesting aspect of the San Bernardino incident is that what seems to have been intended to be another gun/mind control psyop has seemingly morphed into an “IS supporters” attack apparently in order to satisfy the media demand for the terror narrative. The media are actually running with both psyops simultaneously according to their owners priorities.

This seems to be happening because the owners of the media are absolutely desperate for a large Western ground operation in Syria and until that is achieved, all other goals are secondary.

On the local level, the city of San Bernardino has been experiencing long term financial problems, the city is broke so when the men from the Federal Government popped up with the suggestion of turning one of the local drills into a faux operation, the people from San Bernardino presumably felt they had little choice but to agree and accept the promised injection of Federal spending that the city would receive for it’s service to the cause of deception.

California: San Bernardino police chief shares details of mass shooting


34 thoughts on “San Bernardino Shooting: Just Another Day of Psyops in the Big Lie USA.

  1. “well they almost seem not to be trying.”

    EXACTLY !!!
    They do not need to bother! Why? Well, take a look at the U of Missouri students in the USA. Look at how stupid and ridiculous their beliefs are now. Morons of the highest degree. Can you blame the government for not trying? Most of the USA are now retards. And the Conspiracy folks like myself, we can’t be fooled and so they don’t even try to fool us. They know they got the dummies and useful idiots to stop us as the case need be.

    We took our cues from Hollywood, long the promoter of fantasy and illusion. And if you’ll pardon my reference to scripture, God speaks disparagingly of the mental (intellectual) condition of most people at the time of their destruction. They are far more stupid than is excusable in the eyes of God and deemed not worth saving.

    No one is paying any attention anymore, save a few like us. Total brain collapse. In fact, the leaders probably revel in this achievement that they could, over the decades and centuries, craft such stupidity as has come about now.

    Humans have remarkable potential, but they also have to exert themselves a little to reach that potential. Most do not want to bother. Most are dead inside. Jesus even referred to them as the “dead.” “Let the dead bury the dead,” he says.

    So when aliens finally land and a so called “Jesus” steps out, it will not be impressive or convincing and yet, most will easily fall for it and go along with it. The “aliens” just happen to look like us and speak English, too. How convenient, just like a Hollywood movie. Who could ask for more 😉

    Unbelieveable!!! But there it is, for us all to see. Those who survive under God, will never forget this spectacle of man in his last days. I sometimes wonder if future kids under God will even be able to believe that people could be as dumb as this generation was (is from our view).

    I did enjoy Mike Adams laughing about this, too. Frosting on the cake!

    • Many thanks fora great comment truthnow, I still believe that people areawakening but it is clear that the spell grows ever more powerful upon those still trapped. Many thanks for that comment.

  2. Jorno through the mist is back eh. Taking the attentive and open – to conviction’s conclusions. I didn’t look too closely but finally bothered and find reported anomalies. What should concern detractors from this/your(?) position is you haven’t even bothered, or decided not to mention; additional missing and added evidence/testimony. I saw these suspicious info. You pull back, keep it calm and carry on, with the obvious and overall. It helps the strength of its character to edit out ‘all’ the available ‘help’. Takes away a sense of overly ‘trying’ to contend, rather than allowing your specific observations to somewhat speak for themselves.

    The ‘just another day’ ‘bout it, quietly shouts most. A matter-of-fact, tick-tock, we’re going to take the guns. With appreciative respect in Aangirfan airing, (and comments), if they’re right, that guns are somehow there – and staying – for the good of the bad: What else are these certainly-looking false-flags for? Surely, buying backlash aside, they inevitably edge towards more legislation and the slippery slope to confiscation? I know there’s counter-intuitive, reverse-psychology and all that – but at what point does this contradict ‘guns-globalist-good’ claims? I suppose the argument is; they want them, to take them, use them to civil-war it to the next stage – if/when?

    Other whys? Well every unnecessarily poorer way dropped in the mix, you gotta wonder? “Use guns connected to the armed services?” How does that help? Isn’t there enough of a ruse goin’ down? Have any which charlie with a notebook and lens around their neck, stomp all over a just investigated crime-scene? It’s unlikely random mismanagement. What’s that all about?

    Casey’s ‘disinformation program is complete when…’ My speculation indicates, this holds back disclosing deeper overriding, sub-subterfuge: The riddling in of their top-dog religion; symbols and messages, rituals and magic-lesser dross. Strategy of tested cohersion doesn’t satisfactorily measure the methods and motive. Of course you could suggest, they’re bereft of anything but material-based ideology and pretending about powers beyond… but is this, less, or more probable? For minds – yes. Occult-other-worldly – ?

    Then there’s trans-intelligence(?)-services, those in the know and public/compliant and/or those not fully in and directly signed-up, practising, death-culters. Fully captured in their desire for followers.

    “Any/all-awake” they push, “|should be in no doubt that catching the crime doesn’t matter” is brash and outcome blind. ‘Lies as a way of life’ you write.

    Here we stand: Truth will overcome.

    What does my encourager say? ‘What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.’


  3. As you say, pretty brazen stuff. I tend to think this is indeed the usual mix of drills and psysops beginning with Act I: normal drill. Act II: black ops insertion complete with wind-up patsies, pretty much as you say. The amount of cognitive dissonance and dissociation from the drill participants must be stratospheric and with the usual media lock-down on witnesses. We can no doubt expect many more over the coming months.

    • Indeed, many thanks for that and the claim of one of the lawyers representing the family of the two accused that they were found handcuffed and face down in the back of the SUV seems to point to how this was done. Thanks for your comment M.K Stylinski.

  4. Great article, right now I am so frustrated that I deactivated FB and basically stopped talking to damn near everyone. I can’t believe they can’t see the bullshit oozing out of this entire ordeal. They are falling for the lies and look at me like I am the crazy one with the conspiracy theories. James did you happen to see the video of all if those reporters in the so called shooters house literally 2 days after the shooting? Now if they found 15 pipe bombs and rounds of ammo in that house like they claim, how could they say it’s safe to just walk around in? But besides that since when did they allow dozens of reporters trample into evidence? This screams false flag all day long.

    • Many thanks Kimberley, I share your feelings about the current situation. I did see the video and all the points you make about that scene are very valid. It cannot possibly be a crime scene in the traditional sense, it has to be a Hollywood thing. It is a very upsetting time to live in the West right now if you have a brain and a heart like you do. I cannot imagine things continuing like this much longer yet there is no reason to think they won’t. Many thanks for your comment.

      • I think something big is about to go down in America, maybe even Globally. The number of huge empty FEMA camps in America is rather frightening. It’s like they are just waiting to be filled with the likes of us that see the truth, the rest can be easily manipulated.

      • Thanks Kimberley, I think you are right about something big going to happen. It seems that a massive war may begin in Iraq and Syria at any moment as NATO and Russia are on a collision course. I hope the FEMA Camps are never used, but at this point the people who seem most vulnerable are American Muslims, if they put people like you there it would cause a lot more problems and issues than it would solve in my opinion but your apprehension is perfectly understandable. It is a dark time and it can only be hoped that this era of lies will end very soon. Many thanks for your comments Kimberley.

    • Americans will fall for almost anything. who worries about details when its only idiots who tune in to the nightly news, anyway, Dumbed down education works like a charm. Look at our universities now. They don’t teach anything and the students know nothing. Perfect. Now the devil can take over the USA and do as he pleases. And our electoral process? I don’t even want to talk about it. The USA is now one great big nursery and we’re running kind of low on baby bottles.

  5. James, I have some fascinating info for you. I had finished a new article on the dirty tricks that Youtube is playing.
    But then it gets even better. I send out to about 20 conspiracy or MGTOW channels about this with the link, and not one of them got the message. If you go to “about” on a channel, there is a Send Message link.
    So now I have another aspect to add to my article. Youtube is totally corrupt now. They have been helping agent provocateurs as well. Not sure how much of my communication is being shut down and I am getting some very interesting visits to my site, looking into me. Well, they sure have good tastes, if you ask me 😉

    but anyway, I seem to be quarantined. But the article deals with some of their tricks and I and a friend investigated together, suspecting that youtube was playing about with posts being displayed or not and in what order. Its funny how when you begin something, how it can lead to all kinds of other things you never would have expected.

    Some more interesting stuff going on with Hampstead, too. A D notice to the media. Why it would appear that they are expecting some media attention perhaps on the near future, say, February, maybe? possibly? You tell me. What are they so scared of and why? Just off hand, I think I might have nailed that one in my previous article regarding everything happening in October as if in anticipation of things to come regarding the kids. You don’t suppose . . .:-)

    • Thanks truth1now, I am sure you are correct about YouTube, bizarre things happen all the time, I once noticed that there were comments on a video I posted that would disappear and reappear, I tried to find the new piece you wrote but even searching on the title did not work, so I visited and was unable to see it there but please provide me with a link if possible. Thanks for comment.

      • Here is the link right from the site on my browser address:
        See if that works. LIsten, I would not be surprised if even that does not work. Truth1 seems to terrify the enemy. Can you imagine? Sweet loveable wonderful me? Craziness! 😉 Anyway, try what I just pasted but I get the impression they might be a bit upset with what I reveal. They whole scheme is falling apart right before their eyes. Ella and Abe recently did an interview and David Shurter was also with them. Shurter, a well known SRA victim in the USA has subscribed to my theory of miracles on the way and the importance of the Hampstead case. I also think the enemy has also subscribed to that, but with the intent (in vain) to stop it. If you cna’t get the page, then I know I have been blocked from most of the internet.

      • Many thanks truth1, and for trusting me with an E mail address. I have edited that section of the comment to avoid the public exposure of your Email, I have found the right page as I mentioned earlier, many thanks for your help. I hope you do not mind me editing the segment of your comment that contained your email and the comments that referred to it as they made no sense without it. I have heard David Shurter’s horrific story of the abuse he suffered, it is very compelling and it is interesting to see many elements recur across different places and times. Secret rooms and underground tunnels are tow things that crop yp time and again with these people, thanks for your comment.

  6. If you went to my site front page, its in the “Current Satanic Activities” page list. I did check it to make sure its there.

  7. I went to (Ella/Abe’s site) and it says the DNS does not yet have a site to link to. My concern is that the UK had just issued a “D” note, forbidding Media to talk/publish about Hampstead case. I am concerned for them and send my prayers and well wishes to them. All FB forums have been quiet. Satan is not happy about this case, nor is his favorite nation on earth, the UK, Satan’s capitol, if you ask me. And we in the USA are upset that we got beat out for that title. We thought we were in the running but the UK just just to evil to keep up with. But I got to say, if this ever reaches them, that this is actually a good sign for a mom missing her precious ones. Such fierce reactions on the part of the UK, signal that something has gone very wrong in hidden places. What has been revealed in the community supporting the kids has been sort of low key. This could not be the cause. So what is?

    I really think the elite have been confronted with a force no one ever thought they would have to confront, and I don’t suppose it was very welcomed, either. But that force had made His intentions quite clear and the implications are disastrous for any in power in the UK, as well as their other-wordly controller. That David Shurter is persuaded in the Providential character of this case is also a breath of fresh air. Its not just me anymore and I have heard Ella/Abe express faith and all shared a prayer together on a radio show of recent. So my encounters with resistance are minor by comparison, but also are more of the same going round everywhere. Someone is scared and its not the Hampstead persecuted that are soiling their undergarments. Its the elite, breathing fire and damnation to mask their fear. But I can’t help but notice the wet stain running down their trousers. Someone scared the crap out of them. Oh, what a shame.

    Ricky had gotten real mad on the Ella/Abe site and called his own kids “lying little shits.” and that he was going to eat them next week. He was very angry. so what has his panties all in a bunch? It was like he had seen a ghost or something. Bad news from heaven? Things are all up in the air and I say its a good sign. The kids will be coming out. And if mom and Abe end up captive, they will be coming out, too. It ain’t business as usual anymore. And I may sound out of my mind but the fat lady has not sang yet, either. So dont get out those white jackets just yet.

    • Thanks for a great comment truth1, I really hope that you are right about everything. I do not think there is anything mad at all in what you wrote but because of their nature it is very hard to know when a D Notice has been issued.

      • got an email today from E & A. The Iceland sight was down for a day or so due to weather. As for the D note, there is some question about it. I’ll put it in quotes so that anyone can judge for themselves.

        “Jaqui/Charlotte spreading rumours or wishes that Gov has put D notice on Hampstead Cover Up ; which could be due to info regarding the whole Satanic Talmudic, Masonic obfuscations being the means which justify the State sponsored MK/Monarch Trauma based mind control programmes. A recent post introduced visitors to the subject which is what we feel sparked the latest reactions from Tavistock/ British Intelligence . They should have returned the children . These programmes are in many schools across the planet. Obama is a mind controlled sex slave who attended Jakarta International School, where Neil Bantleman, a teacher was exposed committing the same crimes that Alisa & Gabriel testified to. See Aangirfan .”

        So it appears they are OK. That is a relief. The D notice first appears on the FB Justice for the Hampstead Kids site. I had sent a screen copy of the posts regarding it to E/A. So they are well advised of it. Maria was the author of that, I think. But I know there is a secret forum of a small select groups which includes “Jacqui” as “Jacob.” I can’t get in to it but someone sent me a couple posts from it. There was some considerable tension in it. They haven’t been willing to recognize the “problem” but I am working on that, too 😉

        Lets just say that that house needs some cleaning in a big way.

      • Thanks truth1now. The International Schools are a very, very strange and interesting subject, I know the Bantleman case quite well and there are many others like it. It does seem that they are engaged in far more than mere “recreational” child rape and this seems to be one of the very closely guarded secrets. Thanks for your comment.

  8. There are several people on this thread who are fantastically paranoid and in need of mental health counseling immediately. The most appalling conspiracy is Sandy Hook. As if a hundred plus people in law enforcement, Etc., are going to conspire to murder dozens of children on behalf confiscating guns or forwarding government control, or whatever. People can’t even keep a surprise birthday party a secret for fu@k sakes. Such a disgrace. Again, get help.

    • If you are going to critique something, at least take the time to know what you are talking about lest you make a fool of yourself as you have just done. The predominant counter narrative regarding Sandy Hook is not that all those people conspired to kill those children, you dunce, it is that the event was a complete deception and that it was simply a security drill sold as a live event, just as San Bernardino even more obviously was.
      That is the reason that the recent scholarly work on Sandy Hook authored by a bunch of University Professors present and former, and PHd.s, was titled “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,”
      Your claim regarding the families of the supposed San Bernardino incident is especially laughable. Where are those families? Where are the eyewitnesses? What about the wounded? Why did the lawyer David Chelsey claim that the supposed perpetrators were found handcuffed in the back of the car? Why do several eyewitnesses describe the attack as being conducted by three large men? Why were the media allowed to traipse through a supposed crime scene?
      You are clearly suffering the effects of prolonged and severe brainwashing, I pity you. One thing that you should understand is that in the not so distant past I shared your every delusion and illusion.It was not until I took the time to check the veracity of the Official 911 story, 10 years after the event, that I discovered to my shock that it could not possibly be true. The whole idea that jet planes cause the total destruction of 110 story steel and concrete skscrapers is simply impossible. A joke.
      I understand that you watch television, you trust the major media and it probably does sound nuts to you but that is simply not the case and the fact that you have not taken the time to even research what the conspiracy theory regarding Sandy Hook even comprises, indicates that you are operating at a very low level.
      I would suggest that you check for yourself whether the Official story of 911 is correct, because in the case of 911 we are not talking about matters of opinion, we are talking about the basic rules of Physics.
      It is acknowledged by the US Government in their NIST investigation into the destruction of WTC7 that WTC7 achieved free fall acceleration during it’s descent. This means that the building fell through thin air, a complete and obvious impossibility as the result of office fires as NIST claimed.
      Here is a video made by David Chandler, a physics teacher and he shows the measurements and calculations required to prove that free fall was achieved. When people make the controversial claims, rather than responding emotionally, the intelligent thing to do is simply to test the claims. Do some research and make a decision based on the best hypothesis upon the available evidence. There is nothing “mental” about it and you do yourself no credit with the ad hominem trash. Thanks for comment.
      WTC7 in Freefall: No Longer Controversial

  9. Ah, Cincinnati James. What an interesting character. James Robertson, dont think for a minute that CJ does not know better. He knows what is really claimed for SandHook. He is just trying to distort and lie about it so that those not inclined toward conspiracy will continue to remain not inclined, for fear they might have to strain their brain and figure out who is lying and who is not. or worse, begin to suspect that something is horribly wrong and out of order. Better to retreat into denial and live in blissful ignorance, so they think.

    So CJ never intended to convince us. Not at all. He knows we are brilliant 😉 And I am very modest, too 😛

    But I do have to agree some with CJ on the following: one guy “who is/are fantastically paranoid and in need of mental health counseling immediately.” He left out bitter and cynical. He must must have had a bad day, so I’ll let it go this time. But yes, there is at least one mad man here on regular. That would be me.Paranoid? I should say so! I trust almost no one or nothing. That ought to qualify. I am truly sicked by the world CJ seeks to lie about. But I will not lie, even if I am crazy. Actually, being crazy helps one to survive in this Madhouse called life. So I do not recoil from such accusations, I embrace them. CJ was dead on in my case.

    On youtube, I believe all my messages sent to other YT channels were never allowed to go thru. Now my partner in research is also shown my stuff but not what others get to see or not see. Now they got us both shut off from the rest. I am not even sure all my emails are getting out. I think I have hit a tender spot. I am accumulating more evidence. Youtube is a serious censor and aids any and all disinfo agents on the net. Its far worse than most have imagined. But sooner or later, a door is going to be opened. February is not far away. Just 1.5 months now.

    But I want to thank CJ for stopping by. At least we are getting attention now. Someone is scared and keeping many eyes on me. I am overcome with attention and flattery. James, aren’t you feeling a little tingly inside? Anyway, can’t wait to see what happens next. So many fans. What is a guy to do?

  10. Interesting theory. I am generally open to the possibility of conspiracies and false flag attacks. One problem/question I have is regarding the victims in San Bernardino. There is a very real list of people killed who are documented co-workers with families. One of these victims is only one degree removed from me. How do you explain these deaths if it was a hoax or drill?

    • A good question. “There is a very real list of people killed who are documented co-workers with families.” There is a list of people, real people who it is claimed have been killed. The most likely explanation is that these people have been given new identities. As far as the reality goes, I really question that when I look at the interview of a supposedly grieving family being smilingly interviewed by Anderson Cooper the day after. When I was aged 7 my father died and I think our grief was more profound than that ONE YEAR LATER, let alone after only one day.
      San Bernardino Shooting Hoax – Anderson Cooper Interviews Young Crisis Actor
      You are taking the narrative for granted without evidence. The entire premise of your comment is incorrect. All that can be taken from your assertions is that these were real people, which I do not doubt and have never sought to question. If you are incapable of imagining the myriad of ways that these deceptions could be constructed you never will.
      As far as one degree of separation goes, please tell us about the person you knew and how you knew them. The way you stated that without offering any details, it looks like a line to be honest. Thanks for comment.

    • Hi Curious! I feel that James answered well, probably negating my need to respond, but temptation got the best of me. Here are some things I wonder. You are generally open to possibilities of conspiracies and false flags and I assume, given that, psyops as well. If you are and have been, open to those things, then surely by this time, you must have encountered a few of those types of events already. If this is all just new to you now, then I would tend to doubt how open you truly are. It has the sound, to me, in my experience, as being insincere shill-ery. I hope I am wrong.

      As for deaths, Sandyhook was a great lesson in how such false flag psyops are carried out. Not to mention 911, for which James has posted the perfect controlled demolishing of building 7, for which there is not excuse on earth for not seeing thru. But in Sandyhook, there is no evidence that has ever been released to the public, which could prove or even suggest, that there were any shooting victims. Worse, the government passed law forbidding the release of hospital records of deaths or even death certificates. All these things were legal public records that the public was entitled to , so that even if the law was passed after, should not have denied what was the public’s rights when the crime was committed, allegedly.

      If one is even vaguely familiar with the vast coverup of the murder of JFK, known around the world, I might add, then surely you can appreciate that a government denying evidence for death certificates of supposed victims is nothing but a ruse for covering up a false flag psyops, which was immediately followed by cries for gun control, so that we now have a motive for the crime and its coverup. Motives are important, right? In a court of law at least!

      And it has since been revealed that photos of one little girl were actually faked, placing her in with the real family, when she was not apart of it. Many of the supposed victims are alive today at older ages, and whose photographs from younger years were used to play the victims, so called, All those photos were real of real people, but deliberately applied to other situations they were not related to.

      So now the burden of proof needs to be higher for all claims of atrocities since reporting media have all been complicit in going along with these psyops. So I want birth certificates, death certificates and graphic pictures of the victims, which hospitals should be taking. Privacy is a false pretense for hiding so called personal information. “oh, those dead people and their surviving kin should have the right to privacy.”: I say BS. The overriding interests of law for citizens in general, takes precedence over individual rights or preferences. Besides, If I had lost a loved one to a crime or conspiracy, I would not want it covered over or hidden.

      Note that in Palestine, when the Palestinians make a point of showing off their victims so that the world might know what is being done to them. There is no shame in being a victim or loving and mourning a victim of an unjust crime. so there is no excuse for covering over a crime such as supposedly happened in San Bernardino. Those who help coverup a crime are, quite reasonably, to be held as accomplices to that crime. That makes San Bernardino law enforcement and the Feds, and the Media all partners in this atrocity, whether real or faked.

      So in closing, I’d like to know about your opinions of what might have gone on in the past that you would be “open” so suggesting that they were or are conspiracies, false flags, or psyops. One reason I am curious is because this blog seems to be getting more attention as of recent, which is perfectly justified, but it is different from how it was. Something has changed and I am rather curious about that. And that attention seems to be skepticism, which I deal with in great volume, in the USA, and I have seen a fair share of it in the UK as well. And I am not unfamiliar with many things going on in Australia, too. and I note that my recent discoveries about Youtube have seem to generate a good deal of “concern,” on the part of some.

      In Maine USA, our law code for things like Whistle Blowing retaliation or discrimination/Harrassment reporting and retaliation has what I call, the legal doctrine of “Temporal Proximity,” which is a fancy yet repulsive term for saying that coincidence proves guilt. If a person is fired just after reporting on his employer, then that is reasonable “prima-facie” evidence for Retaliation for reporting.

      Unless the employer can show other believable reasonable reason for the firing, then the coincident timing convicts the employer of “Retaliation,” which then results in a settlement in favor of the victim fired. Of course, there is a vast difference between legal theory as opposed to legal realities, which two forces never seem to agree on any thing. That in itself is a conspiracy, when what is written about law is not practiced or observed by law. In short, hypocrisy and lies. I see far to much of that every day.

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