200,000 Deaths since West Ignored Russian Offer to End Syrian War.

Destruction in Aleppo late 2012.
Destruction in Aleppo late 2012.

September 19th, 2015.

More than 200 Thousand people are dead due to Western arrogance over Syria in 2012.

A highly credible source has told the UK Guardian that Russia offered to exile Syrian President Bashar al Assad and end the Syrian War in 2012 when the death toll from the war was less than 10,000 people.

The current estimates start at 220,000 deaths.

Martti Ahtisaari,_
Martti Ahtisaari,_

The former Finnish President and UN Official Martti Ahtisaari claims that in February 2012 Russia made an offer to the US to exile Assad and end the war.

West ‘ignored Russian offer in 2012 to have Syria’s Assad step aside’ | World news | The Guardian

Former President Ahtisaari describes a meeting st the UN with Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin.

“He said three things: One – we should not give arms to the opposition.

Two – we should get a dialogue going between the opposition and Assad straight away.

Three – we should find an elegant way for Assad to step aside.”

Vitaly Churkin.
Vitaly Churkin.

Questioned as to whether there may have been some misunderstanding or whether Churkin had been speaking off the cuff Ahtisaari remarked

“There was no question because I went back and asked him a second time,” he said, noting that Churkin had just returned from a trip to Moscow and there seemed little doubt he was raising the proposal on behalf of the Kremlin.
Ahtisaari said he passed on the message to the American, British and French missions at the UN, but he said:

“Nothing happened because I think all these, and many others, were convinced that Assad would be thrown out of office in a few weeks so there was no need to do anything.”

West ‘ignored Russian offer in 2012 to have Syria’s Assad step aside’ | World news | The Guardian

Western Diplomats responded in a variety of ways to the Guardian’s inquiries. One stated frankly that

“At the time, the west was fixated on Assad leaving. As if that was the beginning and the end of the strategy and then all else would fall into place …”

Except he didn’t and it didn’t. Instead hundreds of thousands of people died and millions were displaced.

Others claimed that the offer was not concrete as it did not come from Vladimir Putin and was not specific enough.

This are valid observations but they only highlight the fact that if the Western leadership was motivated in the slightest by concern for the Syria people they would have sought confirmation that the Russians were serious and could deliver on the specifics of the deal.

Instead they simply stood back and watched Syria burn at the hands of al Nusra, ISIL and the others. Now they expect to be patted on the back for taking in a few thousand of the millions their hubris and arrogance and wickedness caused to be displaced.

As Mr. Ahtisaari told the Guardian

“We should have prevented this from happening because this is a self-made disaster, this flow of refugees to our countries in Europe,” Ahtisaari said. “I don’t see any other option but to take good care of these poor people … We are paying the bills we have caused ourselves.”

Aftermath of a triple suicide bombing attack in Aleppo, late 2012. (source)
Aftermath of a triple suicide bombing attack in Aleppo, late 2012. (source)

Darker Motives.

When the West says that it wants to remove the dictator, it lies.What the West actually wants is to destroy “enemy states” using the childish evil dictator narrative to justify their crimes.

This is part of the long-term Israeli strategy of fomenting strife among neighboring states in order to protect Israel from any and all rivals in the region described by Oded Yinon in 1982.

The Zionist Plan for the Middle East.pdf

That’s probably why the West had zero interest in the Russian offer Churkin delivered, to end the war with only 7.500 deaths and the state almost completely intact would not achieve their goal.

The next time you are watching the controlled Western media and they try to lament the plight of the refugees, remember that they chose not to even mention the Guardian story. They are the cheerleaders of war and the enemy of the truth and of humanity.

The Western media have a very special recent history of advocating the mass murder of Muslims and Arabs.This is presumably connected to the fact that Zionists own almost the entire major Western media.

Do Jews Dominate in American Media? And So What If We Do? – Mondoweiss

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13 thoughts on “200,000 Deaths since West Ignored Russian Offer to End Syrian War.

  1. Troubling… tragic… abominable… what words come close to describing these claims?

    How about… heartbreaking horror?

    Perhaps Putin had reasons to keep these negotiations and – presuming he did – offers, private. It may have been a costly move, with other unrevealed threat-based pressures being pumped to him through other channels.

    There’s got to have been a mish-mash of motives for Russia and with the Globalist-rest but the logic of some heart-beating sincerity, at least on one level, that Putin and his better collaborators might just care for life over power irrespective… is likely revealed in these disclosures: the missing dynamic in the world of so many power-pushers.

    ‘Western diplomats at the UN refused to speak on the record…’ – well that’s all clear eh, who-knows-what, could-be… that, ‘Assad’s forces had already carried out multiple massacres’.

    Not to get all too goodie-up on Syria’s boss (?) but the language implies crimes within a war and so examples are then cited… oh what do you know? The dips and/or daily rag ran out of space for that.

    Your Syria-based output James, is beginning to form a tragic but hopeful coming-miracle resolution – run-down, of this damnable escapade. ‘The Holy Land’ is somewhat of a misnomer but Elijah took refuge there and Paul was converted in these blessed parts and God weeps with the multi-faith sufferers and blazes anger at whoever is the oppressor of his ever-precious peoples.


    • Thanks Mark, some excellent observations here. I suspect the Russians kept quiet about it because their response was to redouble their support for the Syrian Government and they did not want to undermine that by admitting they had been willing to negotiate over Assad’s departure. I suspect this has emerged now because Russia is going to suggest that Assad goes into exile and further pull the propaganda rug from under the West. Thanks for comment and kind words Mark.

  2. Awesome info. But do you think that the west and russia are playing on the same side?
    However to us it looks like there are two sides. Cause this is starting to act out like the vietnam war.

  3. Thanks for that info very interesting. From my point of view the way things are around the world you have to have eyes in the back of you’re head. To many things going on in one go so it’s hard to find the truth.

  4. I guess the truth of the matter is it doesn’t matter what we known about these wars they’re going on regardless and when this ones over and all the money has been made they’ll start a new one somewhere else. Any country could be the next victim any country that doesn’t heel when told to by the elite.

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