The Hampstead Cover-up (Video)

The Hampstead Cover-up

November 1st, 2015.

The Hampstead Cover-up.

This video provides an excellent summary of the Hampstead case. This case involves actions that are so disturbing and so much an inversion of accepted human behavior that people simply prefer to pretend it did not happen.

It is understandable, the world is a very different place than is widely understood and coming to terms with this fact is a lengthy, difficult and stop-start process as the mind struggles to absorb the horrific reality.

There is no doubt that certain aspects of this case were handled imperfectly, but the police actions in this case are the actions that deserve to come under scrutiny. The police did not conduct the investigation of the allegations in a professional or thorough manner.

Quite the opposite, and the words written about this case from the major media were simply psychotic as was the farcical and despicable Judgement delivered by the British High Court Judge, Justice Pauffley.

Each and every institution of British society has failed to investigate these claims and to protect the children.

The cover up, can only logically have been necessary were it the case that either some, most or all of the allegations made by the children were based in fact. Just because a story is beyond our personal life experience does not mean that it is untrue, but this is a reflex protective response of humans to unpleasant information.

The facts remain.

Comment from truth1now.

“I see the Hampstead cover-up as the most serious thing to happen yet, in revealing so much and delivering such austere warnings to a world wide population that does not seem to want to recognize those warnings. We have been penetrated and overcome by evil. Those who ignore it, are sealing their own fate. Ignoring what happened to those 2 children is really inexcusable. I know they are only 2 of many. But no two have ever brought so much to us all at such high cost. If we can not be warned and moved by this, then we can not be warned or moved anymore. We are now truly the living dead, total zombies unworthy of life and living. I hope that as I work to complete my works on Hampstead, that the USA can be aroused to finally realize what has happened on the other side of the Atlantic, in a nation that serves as the international capital of the Banking Empire of the world.’
‘Meanwhile, I urge any readers of this, to look much closer into the Hampstead Cover-up. It may be one of the most important steps you can take to realize you do not have any law, order, or justice, anymore, anywhere in the world. The USA has covered up just as many horrific cases of mass child rape and trafficking. This can not go on unrecognized and still have the world survive much longer. You lives are at stake and don’t you dare ignore it if you really want to live much longer in this world.’

A blurred still from the Hampstead victims/witnesses video.
A blurred still from the Hampstead victims/witnesses video.

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