Is This Love? A Mothers Plea.

Is This Love? A Mothers Plea.

By Carol Gobey. (Original Source)

This book is based on a true story – one of many, I believe – about the heartache of a mother who found out with horror that the father of their children is in reality sorely lacking in one of the corner-stones of normal, ethical fatherhood. while disguised as a civilised, principled, and socially and financially successful man. A man of good standing in his community; but with a Jekyll and Hyde double personality. His children confide in their mother, describing his acts and behaviour towards them – that exposes what must be one of the most despicable abominations and abnormalities imaginable.

I shared with horror her hazardous journey through the institutions of society that are supposed to fight this evil – the police; the child welfare organisations; the courts. And finally had to arrive at the same conclusion that she did: That Western society per se seems to be turning a blind eye to this type of monstrosity. That people do not want to leave their comfort zones, get involved, and speak out for justice towards innocent children. That the Justice System in Western countries – for the most laudable reasons like individual human rights; innocence until proven guilty; standard court procedure; tangible proof of abuse and the like – seems to be biased in favour of the perpetrators at the expense of the victims.

The book exposes the totally incomprehensible situation that in the course of charges having been laid at the police in two Western countries (the country where the parents reside and the country they originate from and are still citizens of), and two court cases later – one in each country – the children have neither been extensively examined physically by specialists qualified to do so, nor comprehensively evaluated emotionally by qualified welfare officials and psychiatrists in their mother language. At the time under discussion, they were only respectively five, three-and-a-half, and two years old.

My wish – no, my prayer – is that other women will come forward and tell their stories so that Western society will hopefully wake up to the fact that we are failing our Future by failing to protect our children from this scourge.

To this effect, a Facebook page has been created that people can join and tell their stories – and spread the word via the social media.

Unity is strength. Let us show the world the magnitude of this problem. Let us make them aware that there is no time to waste – being left in those circumstances for too long, children struggle to fully recover and become normal, balanced and joyful citizens of our civilised world.

Using the title of the book, the Facebook page is called “Is THIS Love – a mother’s plea”.

Click here to start reading the book online.

One thought on “Is This Love? A Mothers Plea.

  1. This is exactly what we all need > another voice to add to the chorus and curse of MISANDRY which plagues all westernized thought police filled slave lands.

    DO you know how many evil vindictive low down women LIE their asses off in DIVORCE courts and get the man thrown in jail or branded as a SEX offender with FALSE and UNPROVABLE ACCUSATIONS?

    THE epidemic of our times is unjustly accused and incarcerated men.

    I’m a man and I will never put my self within the vicinity of children. NEVER. Too many man-hating women out there with the brain and emotional maturity of an 8 year old walking around in adult bodies. Especially the ‘good-looking’ women. They are the most depraved and the most dangerous because their ‘looks’ have always given them an easy ride. They are spoiled brats in adult female bodies.

    Yea. This is exactly what we need – another poor victim woman and children and an abusive pervert man story. This classic bullshit story is the opposite of the more common reality. Women do emotional violence and abuse and get away with it. The badger a man and push him around and bully him emotionally and when he has finally reached his limit and moves to defend himself, guess what ? He gets thrown in jail and everyone rushes to the aid of the poor victimized woman. What about all the abuse she heaped on his head and heart and soul ???? Never even mentioned. She is the victim.

    It isn’t any one woman’s fault necessarily . They have been collectively brainwashed and indoctrinated and they persistently reinforce this by consorting with their girlfriends. They have all been weaponized against masculine men. They must have a soy boy pushover whom they can manipulate and turn into a slave for her benefit. Any masculine man that tries to show proper God ordained dominance will be thrown into the re-education camps to be made more ‘sensitive.’

    I’m glad I’m single. MGTOW.


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