Amazing Dutch Whistleblower Video.

Screenshots from the key moment in the interview of Ronald Bernard conducted by Irma Shiffer. (Source)
Screenshots from the key moment in the interview of Ronald Bernard conducted by Irma Shiffer.(Source)
Screenshots from the key moment in the interview of Ronald Bernard conducted by Irma Shiffer.(Source)
Screenshots from the key moment in the interview of Ronald Bernard conducted by Irma Shiffer. (Source)

April 29th, 2017.

Amazing Dutch Whistleblower Interview.

A remarkable and very important video emerged on the internet this week. The video is a 39 minute long interview of a man named Ronald Bernard conducted by a journalist named Irma Schiffer.

There are large gaps in the story Ronald Bernard tells and there is no way to corroborate the claims he makes,, the story Bernard outlines is however broadly corroborated by many confirmed and substantiated facts established in recent decades such as the story told by Belgian woman Regina Louf who claimed to have been abused at an elite party in Belgium at which a young girl was murdered.

The police initially regarded Regina Louf as a fantasist until she was able to direct them to the place where the young girls body had been buried and in addition to that the body still bore evidence of the torture the young girl had suffered prior t0 her death as Regina Louf had described.

More on Regina Louf and Belgium’s well documented problem of elite child abuse and murder:

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Belgium’s silent heart of darkness

The Horrors of Hampstead Happened Elsewhere

Too Good to be True?

There is nothing new here, and the interview offers no names of people or institutions and therefore does not fall into the category of “too good to be true” at all in my view.

The Ronald bernard account is just another layer of confirmation. One of many. The importance of the story Ronald Bernard tells lies in the fact that we are hearing the story from the other side, an exceptionally rare event.

If people want to believe that Ronald Bernard is making this stuff up, there is no way to disabuse them of that opinion, there is no way to prove that his story is the truth, but having watched the interview there is no doubt in my mind that the story Bernard tells is substantially true.

I urge readers simply to watch the interview and decide for themselves via this link to the video or scroll to the bottom of this page.


The story Bernard tells is that he was a smart young businessman, acting as a private financial broker when a senior figure notice his talent and invited him “in” telling him that if he chose this path he would have to learn to “put his conscience in the freezer”.

The insider introduced Bernard to his clients and essentially passed his business onto Bernard in exchange for 10% of the earnings.

The role turned out to be a kind of Mr. Fixit, a middle man laundering money and hiding transactions on behalf of elite bankers and intelligence agencies who require these financial instruments to process and launder the money from their drug, weapon and human trafficking operations.

Bernard learned that intelligence agencies are operating as above the law criminal corporations on behalf of their elite masters. Bernard also learned that senior figures within the financial institutions through which the money was passing knew what was happening.

All in all things were going swimmingly, the fact that he was helping these people to start wars, fund terrorism and launder funds obtained through human and drug trafficking was not a problem.

Ronald Bernard was an atheist at this time also so he was not overly troubled by the knowledge that the elites he was working for worshipped a “different” God than most people, they worship Lucifer.

It is worth noting that some people profess themselves to be “light” or benign Luciferians, that may well be the case, or not, but the people who rule the world today are not of that variety, their Lucifer is the destroyer, the blackening force, the force that craves suffering and violent death, the more the better.

People want to debate the nature of Lucifer, that is fine, but the people who matter, those in power, believe in the evil version, an entity interchangeable with Satan, there should be no mistake about that.

One large gap in the story relates to Bernard’s progress within the cult itself, the story jumps wildly from Bernard being an amused witness to a “Church of Satan” ritual that he describes as involving “naked woman and liquor” to the climax of Bernard’s story and the event that precipitated his physical breakdown and fall from grace within the elite, when Bernard states that he was asked to murder a child within a ritual as a kind of “final binding” to the group.

There must be many steps that take place between being an “amused observer” and that request but the story jumps straight from the observer to the potential murderer, hopefully further interviews will flesh the story out in more detail. .

Downfall and Redemption.

After Bernard’s refusal to murder a child and bind himself to the group irreversibly, Bernard appears to have begun to completely break down, his work performance dramatically declined and at some point the group he had been affiliated with abducted and tortured him to in his words “make sure that I didn’t expose them”

At some point after that Bernard completely collapsed physically, suffered multiple organ failure and woke up in the Intensive Care Ward, he later realised that he must have almost died as when he had been taken to the hospital he had observed himself from above, he had looked down and watched the doctors working on his body.

Bernard interpreted that experience to mean that he was something more than simply his body. That he was more than an intelligent lump of meat and that his essence in some form would survive his physical death.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

The remainder of the interview is Bernard offering his post breakdown view of the world, one standout moment was perhaps when Bernard baldly states that “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” is an accurate depiction of the world today. Which is true but a rather shocking statement from a modern European.

People who have not read the Protocols completely misunderstand them, they believe that this work is an anti -Jew hate tract, a “warrant for genocide” as one professional liar described it, it is nothing of the sort.

Regardless of questions of authenticity this is the most important thing to understand.

The Protocols are written from the point of view of a Satanist or Luciferian who poses as a Jew. This is merely a front. The narrator is not a Jew and he does not like Jews, he sees them as he sees all other people, as a nuisance, an obstacle and a resource to be exploited, lied to and if necessary, destroyed.

The narrator is not describing a Jewish plot and the Protocols does not in the slightest suggest that all or most Jewish people are part of some evil plot, in fact it states precisely the opposite.

My understanding of the plotters is that they are a coalition of the blackened, so there are people from all backgrounds represented and in each case their job is to subvert the institutions and positions they inhabit for the benefit of the broader cult.

So you must have Christians, they are very important because you need them to destroy Christianity from within, to turn it into a travesty and we have seen this take place in all major Christian denominations and the same principle stands for all groups and institutions.

As far as authenticity goes, in my opinion the Protocols are a doctored document based on very good intelligence, almost all of the text appears to be authentic but some elements seem to have been added in an attempt to flatter and manipulate the Russian Czar to whom it was originally presented.

As many have stated, the authenticity of this document at this point is completely irrelevant, the document describes the world that is being built, how it is being built and the type of people who are doing it, if that is a consequence of a hoax document being embraced and implemented after release or the document was authentic when published in  1903 makes almost no difference at this juncture.

The Protocols describe the program in a very direct and powerful way. Many other (more respectable) works such as “Tragedy and Hope” and “Brave New World” provide similar insights to the Protocols, but both are far longer and far less direct.

It should be remembered that the elite want people to be prejudiced, to be ignorant, to lump individuals into massive groups and condemn them en masse.

It is the height of foolishness to allow yourself to be tricked or manipulated into thinking like that, while it is true that a demographically disproportionate number of the engineers and managers of evil come from a nominally Jewish background, that should never be used to smear anyone because of their family or religious background.

It is also the height of blindness to imagine that the numerous non-Jews who propagate evil and play key roles in the tyranny project are to be somehow swept aside and forgotten.

The final point Ronald Bernard makes is that people must overcome the divide and rule con if they are going to depose these evil forces who currently rule the world.

The interview is deeply moving and although it is conducted in Dutch, the language has so many words that are similar to or the same as English that it is very easy to follow what is being said rather than merely reading it on the screen as is the case with many more distant languages.

Please do yourself a favour and watch this video if you have not already done so. Whilst much on YouTube is ephemera and nonsense, this is the exact opposite

17 thoughts on “Amazing Dutch Whistleblower Video.

  1. OK. I clicked on the youtube button to see what might come up beside this video. Its a new release, maybe 12-20 days old, and getting lots of press. That’s good and bad in my book. I quote Irma, the interviewer:

    26:33 Interviewer: Is that . . . you are not telling me something new – what do they also do in politics?

    What he revealed has long been known in conspiracy circles. Whether its all personal experience or not, what was said is valid. Nor am i claiming fraud, though I leave it open as a possibility, but not by any mean s certain. My reservation is that a very consistent characteristic of all fake accounts is that they are sparse in critical details, that they do not want to go into. He seems to do the same at times.

    And how he got in and how he got out do not match up with any previous accounts and understanding that I have. People are thoroughly tested and a blackmail put in place before they put you in charge of a hen house or a cookie jar. Where is the trap that they always set? I did not hear of one. and Getting out? They usually kill you. No one gets out alive except some lucky MK victims with the help of God.

    Despite all that, he says a lot of good relevant things that people would do well to listen to. As for the Protocols of Zion, again, it matters not who wrote it but that its info matches the reality and as Henry Ford put it: “Why is it always so prophetic?” That is to say, why does it seem to accurately predict what later happens? It is like a blueprint, who ever the author was.

    I ended up transcribing most of this video. It has a lot of well illustrated things I can use.

    My caution to other reading my cynical review, is that I have reserved a certain judgment or harsh judgment. I have not reached the level of infallibility that the Pope has. I keep wondering why not! But in the off chance that his experience breaks a few established rules, I will remain silent. He says nothing bad and nothing wrong. Its all been proved by others. But I have never seen established patterns fail yet.

    Also of concern to me is that big publicity and many channels that support this. SGT Report did two great videos on the Hampstead kids and outside of his channel, as best as I can tell, is nothing. It matters what the subject is and who wants it to succeed or fail. The “Alt Media” is as well controlled as is the MSM.

    To Bernard’s credit, his eye did water up real good a couple times. that makes him more convincing than Mr. Dearman, the faker. But there was also a few a brief moments where he seemed closer to Dearman. But over all, a far more reasonable reaction than Dearman. The camera always stayed on Bernard. that is as it should be Congrats for that!

    A wish list for Bernard. More detail on the in and out of the “gang.”
    Well, I am 3/4’s healed. Perhaps I was a little abut of shape and certainly older. And I was not aware a porch mail box could put up such a fight. Worse, I think the mailbox won. Was that ever embarrassing 😛

    • Many thanks for that excellent critical analysis truth1, I am very pleased that you are feeling better, there are many gaps in Ronald Bernard’s story as you write, hopefully further interviews will fill some of those and further substantiate Bernard’s claims.

    • Bernard has since done another video interview with a guy name Sasha, I forget the last name, but things revealed convince me this time that while the types of things are what goes on, that Bernard is a actor, delivering a script. He mentions beings of light and yet no God. For me, that settles it all. But wrote some observations. If I can find them, I will link them here. Truth won out!

      • Thanks truth1, I watched some of the other videos, you may well be right. In retrospect, this story was evidence free and poorly chosen. In future, if there is no hard evidence, I should have just ignored this guy because all he really does is talk shit. I mean liar or not, there is no substance whatsoever to his story, no names, no evidence, typical conspiracy trash really. Hopefully I will do better in future. Apologies for slow response, I read the part where it said “In response to truth1” and missed that it was you too.

  2. Concerned I should watch this. Couldn’t get through it. Appreciated, made the call, but dare say – got the gist. More diabolical screaming. Take it? What Do we Do? What/Exactly. Write, what you did above. Echoing children. How many thousand, how many mill. Getting whacked and suffering. Dare we think. Where the other articles?? Online some noise, the beleaguered big blessed like @calamiTcat  and, @samhill1212 – who today says tweet-wise – ‘Explains a lot about how such a segment of society was able to silenced so many csa survivors through abusing their positions of power.’ Said I’d comment Mr. capable journalist. Like reading the Papers we should ‘ave. On ‘…Profess themselves to be “light” or benign Luciferians, that may well be the case, or not…’ Those damned-few who do most of life’s troubles, are outside our understanding of moral shape and managing mental health. Who knows what goes on in – let’s go Estulin’s (last 3mins on AJ) and Family/s Cult behind Roth and Rock having it out – minds? Child hate love pain and killing and pretending terrorist attacks. Speaks state. Therefore, we have no business psyching m out. Be demonised to the uttermost. Any can? Repent. Know can. These/them, the mills of, thousands and hundreds, dozen to one. Children. Child. Dare not… Them we should consider. Can we, should. Would that there be, more articles. My comment maybe – they want us to know, they/them. Make friends. Like a lost child in one of their unimaginable. Respectfully, unspeakable. As Young’s Literal Translation proclaims ‘for the things in secret done by them it is a shame even to speak of…’

  3. I’m supposed to believe a guy who created wars for money. He pushes his own one-world order with pushing the races together.

  4. Anyone who doubts Ronald Bernhard’s testimony may reconsider, now that he is dead. Awaiting the results of the Medical Examiner in Florida. RIP brave man.

    • Thanks for commenting Joan, I would however be very cautious about the claims of Mr Bernard’s demise, the source on those claims is not a solid source, indeed in my opinion precisely the opposite. The writer is a pure disinformation artist connected with the notorious site Your News Wire He appears to simply write works of pure fiction and post them online.
      The stories seem semi believable, it is constructed fairly well. The recent CIA 911 whistle-blower deathbed confession was a pretty good example.
      The story was basically correct, in what it said about 911, but the part about the dying CIA guys testimony was pure fiction. A lot of smart people fell for that one.
      It is part of freedom of speech obviously, but stories like that really pollute the well. I do not think that is necessarily the intention, it is simple attention seeking as far as I can see. That bogus story provided Snopes with a free and easy opportunity to “debunk 911 truthers” with their story about the bogus YNW story There is no doubt then that they are empowering the enemies of the truth.
      In order to lessen their “baggage” YNW re-branded themselves as News Punch with all the same people.
      This story is the same, it seems believable until you check for sources, realise there are none and understand this is simply made-up.
      Here it is anyway, you be the judge.

  5. Thanks for being fair minded about Jewish people throughout your blog. If there wasn’t so much crazed, rabid anti-Jew talk (death wishes to all Jews! etc.) all over truther sites and YouTube videos I bet 9/11 truth and deep rooted evil and corruption would have a much greater chance of getting a hearing with normal people. It takes a real desire to dig for truth and ignore some ugly bedfellows to stick around sometimes. I personally don’t know anyone for whom a typical comments section wouldn’t send them right back into the arms of the New York Times. Wish more people would get that. Good take on the Protocols.

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