Happy New Year!

New Day Rising. December 19th, 2014. Sunrise in Canberra.
New Day Rising. December 19th, 2014. Sunrise in Canberra.

January 2nd, 2017.

Happy New Year!

The current state of affairs was described well by Truth Media Revolution during his New Years video, how should we celebrate the advent of another year of enslavement and mass deception?

I would suggest laughter but the scale of the deception and the tyranny used to enforce it can make it hard.

There is a new number attached to events, and in less than three weeks there will be a new US President, representing the hope at least of a lessening of tensions between the US and Russia if nothing else.

There is no end in sight to the wars plaguing the Middle East and North Africa, Yemen, Libya, Iraq and Syria have each descended into a state of semi-permanent war under the bizarre Western policy of using it’s economic and military power to build new Somalias, new broken failed states across that region.

(One of the more amusing moments of a decidedly unfunny Obama Presidency was the moment in late 2014 when he described Yemen and Somalia as success stories to be emulated!)

In Syria the destruction of the state has been thwarted, the nation lies in ruins but despite everything, including the fact that the armed opposition recently poisoned their water supply with diesel, the New Year was celebrated with gusto in the Syrian capital.

New Year’s Eve celebrations in Syria 2016/2017

The Trajectory of Events.

The world appears to be changing for the better. The major media are losing their totalitarian ability to impose their manufactured reality upon the populace. This can only be a positive development and the results of the UK Brexit referendum and the US election along with many other events make this clear. Or was it all a cunning plot? Was Brexit an inside job?

I think not but there are clearly contingency plans long in place in many sectors so it would be naive to dismiss the possibility out of hand.

It is also obvious that almost all of the replacements for the traditional major media are also controlled, there were plans put in place in anticipation of the collapse of the major media and so while the big alternate media are less dishonest than the major media they are very partial in their willingness to tell the truth in certain key areas.

It is worth remembering that the totalitarian state will be built upon a fusion of the totalitarian aspects of both the right and left. After eight years people are sick to death of cultural Marxism and all the other leftist totalitarian nonsense but they are primed and ready for the other brand.

A few key events of fake terror could easily lead to demands for security leading to a more violent and intrusive state for all, with the “Muslim threat” merely a Trojan horse to justify totalitarian polices that will ultimately place the entire populace under something approaching martial law after a “State of Emergency” is declared.

After the Earthquake…the Meltdown.

As the Obama Presidency reaches it’s final weeks, the totalitarian message is still coming from the Democrat party and their allies. The pathetic story they have concocted to suggest Russian actions changed the result of the election without a jot of evidence makes it plain that these people have lost their minds.

It appears that there is a major factional battle going on within the US power structure, the faction in power are losing power and seem unwilling to let that happen. and therefore anyone who does not take the professional liars of the CIA at their word is supposedly a Russian agent and provocateur dealing in fake news.

The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States

US Takeover May Be Near

It is unclear if the faction opposing them are any better but it is hard to imagine them being worse.

The Economist World in 2017 cover.
The Economist World in 2017 cover.


The Rothschild dynasty vehicle the Economist has a record of predicting the future. If anyone is able to decipher the 2017 offering please share the details, it was beyond me.

One of the many wonderful things about being alive is that we have no idea what may come next. As for the coming year therefore I have no idea what may happen but there are realistic concerns about a crisis in the financial services industry that would have major ramifications throughout the world economy.

The elected US President seems to be intent on replacing Russia with China and Iran as new enemies, there is therefore the risk of a massive false flag terror attack on the US in furtherance of the destruction of these and other “enemies”.

The cycle that began with Bush junior coming to power is at the point of renewal.

Turkey will continue to be a focus of intrigue, the US has not finished with Erdogan by a long way, he is prominently placed on the “list” now whatever may have happened in the July coup.

The story has many missing pieces but the Pizzagate controversy is only beginning, there is a real story there. At this stage many important pieces are missing and there have been many excessive and irresponsible claims made but there may be something absolutely explosive there and it is not going to go away regardless of the stunts they pull to try and make it disappear.

Happy New Year! All the best to all the inhabitants of this planet for there will be tribulation, that is the one certainty.

Prince- The Cross.


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Needed someone to do a sense-y sum up. Thanks James. Appreciate your tentative hope, and that, we should. Following the links and mulling your commentary knowing more and I Must Do, with less attention on what might happen/is happening. But as you write, these first 2017 couple or so days, do make y’wonder. Prediction and oft noted programming. Watching (for others sake), ‘Dr Who’ last night, couldn’t see past the heavy handedness of the programmers. Don’t believe it was all the product of natural cultural drifts and idle hip plot dynamics, to me, it was a full-on messaging with intent. Elite-elite reading themselves and religion into. Projecting our considered place. (Where’s Jay Dyer when you need him eh? Of course, we readers-here, know the approximate story-line). Helps me though, know why and how/what/to do. And the year ahead? Reckon; increasing revelation of their manipulations, in a paradox that couples confusion… and yet, confession. From those with loadsa viewers and seen as influential tip. Sound wild and freewheeling, yet lines drawn on specific questions and maintaining ‘it is’ as/is/said, like on the box/thereabouts. A drumming, dulling down, of alternative and insightful-through-the fog media. Again, paradoxically pushing through on certain levels, just not most establishment and popular perception threatening. Particularly and exemplified in, lack of detailed observation and so-called, western-based terrorism. Watched a gets-deep in controversy pundit, who seems somewhat moving more reticent, about ‘that kind’ of challenging conspiracy. Someone with millions of viewers, getting pushed by a professional skeptic/guest and; “Yes… but if you had, to choose,” re 9/ll – “100% inside or out?” Forced to confess the side. Forced to lie (in t/his case). Don’t overly knock him for it, or the other ballsy sounding all-for-Truth, pretending along. But my thought is, the next phase, will see more ‘reveal -and- deny’. Key is empathy. Goal; admittance and our acceptance, with as much shame to be poured on consider(ed)-clever broadcasts as poss. In the unveiling. Assisted in the wind-up, by smug – typically – anti-God believing, anti-conspiracy-ists, mixing-up with the hot topic’s shows, poised to insist lines are drawn away from the “fruit-cakes” who believe in secret states and their constructed by spectaculars. What’s revealing is their impatience and need for quick wins, acting like deeper discussion is outrageous and demeaning. The immorality towards families of victims etc etc. With the one classic retort; “it’s all too chaotic for our disorganised state apparatus and too many people would have to be involved/remain silent”. This my wee add to your enthralling 2017 kick-off. Stay sparking and this, always with potential to catch. God’s promises tell me to boldly believe and pray the word. This my must do. Your posts bring discernment and for me, the daughters and sons of God, overcomingly revealed, will.

    • Many thanks for a great comment Mark. I have not been a Dr. Who fan since Tom Baker but I did catch an episode visiting a friend a year or so ago, it may have been the Christmas episode but I know exactly what you mean regarding the programming. The whole BBC is like that really. Thanks again for many fine observations and a very beautiful ending “the daughters and sons of God, overcomingly revealed, will.” Many thanks for sticking with the barren wasteland of a website. Hopefully this year will be different.

      • Thanks James but just chatting to a mate and recounting, realised it was… ‘Sherlock’. Of course. (Not used to telly). And ‘choose’ not chose, an obv. typo in my comment. As for ‘barren wasteland of a website’ reads fruitful to me. But yes, always like, so more better yet free-as and when ye can, go. Light outposts for all who visit. Here’s to a defiant and overturning 2017.

      • Thanks Mark, your kind words mean a lot. Many thanks for your encouragement despite such a dismal year and I hope that you are right about 2017.I will fix the minor typo.

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