A Russian Military Plane with 92 Aboard has Crashed in the Black Sea.

A Tupelov 154 similar to the jet that disappeared from radar 20 minutes into flight with at least 80 Russian military personnel present.
A Tupelov 154 similar to the jet that has crashed in the Black Sea with  92 people aboard. (Source)
Google earth image with some of the key landmarks adjacent to the site of the TU154 crash, the crash area is far closer to the coast than indicated because if placed in the correct spot it would be right on top of the airport.
Google earth image with some of the key landmarks adjacent to the site of the TU154 crash, the crash area is far closer to the coast than indicated because if placed in the correct spot it would be on top of the airport.

December 25th, 2016.

Russian Military Jet Crashes in the Black Sea-at least 90 Presumed Dead.

A Russian Tupelov 154 military transport aircraft has crashed in the Black Sea minutes after takeoff from Sochi bound for Syria. Russian law enforcement sources are quoted as stating the plane:

“crashed in the sea seven minutes after departure five kilometers from the coast, at depths ranging from 50 to 100 meters, close to Anapa” a spokesman said.” (Source)

The TU154 was carrying 84 passengers and eight crew , several journalists and almost the entire  the Alexandrov Ensemble military choir were present on the military flight along with eight Russian soldiers.

Sputnik News are reporting that bodies have been found close to the Sochi coast.

Portent of Doom?
This incident may prove to have been a tragic accident or it could be far more serious. It is too early to speculate as to the cause of the crash but if reports that no distress signal was sent are true, and it is already established that the weather was favorable it is hard to imagine a mechanical fault or pilot failure resulting in the loss of the plane because under either scenario there is an overwhelming likelihood of a distress signal from the flight.
The dropping like a rock into the ocean for no apparent reason phenomenon has been seen in numerous air disaster in recent years from the Air France 447 disaster to the Air Asia 8501 calamity and many others.

State Department talking head John Kirby and many other current and former US officials have repeatedlywarned Russia of violent retribution for the defeat of the Western proxy forces in Syria on many occasions. If foul play has led to the demise of this aircraft those words may well come to haunt them and the world.

Updated- December 28th.

There were no survivors of the TU154 Black Sea crash. The flight voice and data recorders have been recovered and sources well connected with the Russia government claim that these and other data overwhelmingly point to pilot and/or mechanical error as the cause of the tragedy,

‘The flaps, damn it!’ Last words of doomed Tu-154 flight crew leaked to media — RT News

“According to a source close to investigation speaking to Interfax, initial readings from the black box appear to confirm the pilot error story. “The preliminary analysis of the flight recorder is complete,” said the unnamed source.

“It leads us to conclude that that the version of the catastrophe connected to mistakes made by the pilot of the aircraft, is the main version.”

Published record of the last session with the falling into the Black Sea in Sochi, the Tu-154

 Three main scenarios behind Tu-154 plane crash in Black Sea

4 thoughts on “A Russian Military Plane with 92 Aboard has Crashed in the Black Sea.

  1. Of course accidents happen – but..? Have to suspect the rogue-behind the US have the technology, so why not? A special for the ‘Orthodox’ lot? “We don’t believe you/this with no heart to care” and need to excel in callousness? Or, go further – it ‘is’ that all-most in charge, knowing occultists and their desperate to symbol, appeasing some doomed entity? Revised version: “We ‘do’ believe you/this but have obsessive lost hearts, that only care what our master’s say/must be”. M’current alarm is decreasing to near no-speculation, alternatives to the overall analysis world events. Growing lock-step and 99.999% media agreement. Take ‘Berlin’? Yes, a handful or so of video makers. Articles? One-ish, maybe two, and – no disrespect – not at all substantial. ‘Russian ambassador’? Again, that it might be a more ‘Pulse’ like incident, gets a few vids/bit more, but barely much of a to-do. Now, if take it as read, that he died etc; CNN mumbled some slight remark and used the – thought dare not call – ‘inside job’ about. Is this the realigning adjustment? Leaking more than meets the eye, to build last gasping bits of interest, in MSM’s utter audience demise? ‘Conspiracy’ on their terms. Far, but not enough, to unravel info, that might cause those insistent it’s; mysterious, chaotic and coincidence, into admitting possibilities otherwise. Plus there’s: “The whole world’s a freak-out so don’t get me bothering about details around murders or plane crashes”? Noted on a report on Infowars about Berlin, comment-ers would have none of it, dismissive and rude at the suggestion it happened as said. Obviously many schooled in Sandy Hook and on, won’t see anomalies and shut-up. Haven’t looked but wonder if today’s plane crash gets much ‘Crimes’ type coverage? Suppose, what I’m proclaiming here is; The media response is what reveals a shifting. As the censors begin their new levels of engagement, is there a let the steam-out going on? As long as it doesn’t involve shouting “Allahu Akbar” of course, then the know is, it’s ‘them’ and out comes the cue card.

    Good you’re ‘up’ James. It’s symbolic. The right kind. Not going mad-along with kind. And matters called truth and overcoming evil kind.

    • Many thanks for those very interesting thoughts Mark. If we accept your hypotheses regarding Berlin and Ankara then this incident also deserves close scrutiny. Since 1968 the TU154 has been involved in dozens of deadly incidents (39 I believe but need to confirm)Western media are going to call this an accident and may be correct. On the other side, the weather was fine and more importantly there was no distress signal, no mayday call etc. The flight simply plunged into the ocean apropos of nothing.
      Of course there can be mechanical failure and pilot error but it is highly unlikely verging on the impossible that either of these could lead to something so sudden and catastrophic that the pilot is unable to even radio the people on the ground so they know where to look for the plane. This anomaly has been detected in numerous recent plane disasters, it is almost a signature at this point.
      Russia engaged in theatre, in staged terror in Ankara and several days later the real terrorists showed them a very nasty example of the real thing it seems. Russia will probably never be able to prove anything or do anything about it. This is a provocation intended to get Russia to do something silly presumably.
      In probably completely unrelated news a massive fire, origin unexplained has broken out at a northern Israel oil refinery.
      Large fire breaks out in Haifa oil refineries, residents of area urged to stay indoors – Israel News – Haaretz.com
      Many thanks for that comment Mark.

  2. Well, I am jaded and cynical. 1st I wonder if the crash was even real. Would anyone see it out over that bit area of water? Was there really anyone on board if there was a crash. Remote is possible. For me, don’t believe any ms media anymore. They either offer lots of solid evidence or I just ignore it as heresay.

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