Massive Contradictions in Orlando Narrative.

The scene outside the Pulse nightclub in the morning of June 12th was missing one important elemtn-any visible medical effort to help save the more than 100 purported casualties.
The scene outside the Pulse nightclub in the morning of June 12th was missing one important element-any visible medical effort to help save the more than 100 purported casualties.

June 17th, 2016.

The Orlando Shooting Massacre.

There have been an absolute deluge of  stories and eyewitness accounts in the days since the Orlando event. Many of the eyewitness accounts contradict the police version of the event.  Someone is lying about what has happened in Orlando. It will take some time to sift through all of the evidence that has been brought forth in recent days but it can be demonstrated  unequivocally that the story people have been told about this event cannot possibly bear any resemblance to the truth.

Massive Contradictions.

The Missing Ambulances and Paramedics. 

The complete absence of any visible medical response to an apparent 100 casualty massacre is a classic sign of deception that has been encountered many times in the past a numerous events that have now been proven fabrications such as Boston and Sandy Hook. An internet search on the term “Pulse Nightclub ambulance” provides literally zero photographs of any ambulance anywhere in the vicinity of the Pulse nightclub. There should have been dozens and dozens given the casualties. There are police cars by the dozen, numerous fire department vehicles but not a single ambulance, let alone a Medivac helicopter or any paramedics.

Adding further to suspicions of deception the routinely available emergency transmissions from Orlando have  been scrubbed from the internet with only the three hours from midnight to 3am  missing from the online archive.

Overview of South Orange Avnue with the Pulse, Dunkin Donuts and Stand Up MRI Orlando all marked
Overview of South Orange Avnue with the Pulse, Dunkin Donuts and Stand Up MRI Orlando all marked
Google earth image shows the Dunkin Donuts and the Pulse nightclub.
Google earth image shows the Dunkin Donuts and the Pulse nightclub.
mri orlando and dunk
The Stand Up MRI building located at 2010 South Orange, two doors from the Pulse nightclub with the corner of the Dunkin Donuts located at 2000 South Orange also shown..

The “Victims” Were Being Carried Towards the Club.

The street address of the Pulse nightclub is 1912 South Orange Avenue, next door on the right is a Dunkin Donuts at 2000 South Orange Avenue and to the right of the Dunkin Donuts is the Orlando Stand Up MRI clinic at 2010 South Orange.  Anyone seeking to escape from the Pulse nightclub would travel up past Dunkin Donuts and then past the MRI clinic away from the maniac mass murdering people in the club.

. Yet in several videos from the scene on South orange avenue on the night of the supposed massacre we can see that the survivors are carrying the victims on the opposite side of the street up the road towards the club, not away from it!

This stll image is taken outside the Dunkin Donuts, the MRI business is to the left and the Pulse nightclub is to the right. The victims are being carried towards the club,not away from it.
This stll image is taken outside the Dunkin Donuts, the MRI business is to the left and the Pulse nightclub is to the right. The victims are being carried towards the club,not away from it.
Both groups are walking past the Orlando Stand Up MRI and towrds the Pulse nightclub.

The complete lack of paramedics on the scene means that these events must have taken place when the active shooter was still alive and dangerous. After all the incident has ended after 5 am, meaning that emergency medical responders had three hours to arrive at the scene and prepare to deal with it, their absence can only mean that this was long before that time, the shooter was still alive and their actions in walking towards the line of fire and putting the purportedly injured victim in harm’s way make no sense at all.

The videos embedded below offer a critique of the official account of the Orlando event. Both videos depict supposed victims of the massacre being carried up South Orange avenue.

100% PROOF Orlando Shooting Was a STAGED HOAX…This Is All You Need To See

Orlando Hoax/ False Flag Crisis Actor Gets Set Down After Mistakenly Off Camera

Witness Flatly Contradicts Police Accounts.

Greta Van Susteren of Fox News interviewed Orlando survivor Brett Rigas. In Brett Rigas’ account of events inside the Pulse the police were inside the club and escorted some of those trapped inside out of the club having earlier twice asked those alive to identify themselves by raising their arms.

In the wake of terror in Orlando, loss and heartbreak

The police account of events at and around the Pulse nightclub has changed considerably since the first day with an extra gun battle that makes absolutely no sense inserted into the story after the first day but in none of the police accounts do they describe officers being inside the Pulse nightclub and evacuating people. The police narrative is that the police breached the building using an armoured vehicle that created a hole in the side of the building and that hostages fled through the hole. The police account does not have the police inside the club at any time during the massacre.

This cannot be a matter of confusion or an honest mistake. Either brett Rigas or the policew are telling untruths, no other conclusion is available.

Orlando Pulse Club shooting: See full police press conference on mass shooting

Christopher Andrew Leinonen's mother did not know his full name when asked. But you would not ecpect a parent to recall the name of their child would you?
Christopher Andrew Leinonen’s mother did not know his full name when asked. But you would not expect a parent to recall the name of their child would you?

Chrstine Leinonen’s Amnesia.

Other witnesses have displayed strange and contradictory behaviour. The melodramatic antics of claimed victim’s mother Christine Leinonen have come to the attention of many. Mrs Leinonen was interviewed on ABC America by George Stephanopoulos.

At the 30 second mark of the interview Stephanopoulos asks Leinonen “What is your son’s full name?” to which she answers “Christopher Leinonen” which struck me as being somewhat odd at the time as  the majority of Americans in my experience have a middle name. It turns out that Chris Leinonen does have a middle name, Andrew but apparently his own mother did not know his name when asked which even accounting for the stress and trauma of the situation seems more than a little odd.

Mother of Potential Orlando Nightclub Shooting Victim Searches for Answers


The caravan has moved on. The political vultures quickly moved onto the real business, quarreling over ownership of the narrative surrounding this event. Each  faction has a mantra, these are “Radical Islamic terrorism” and “weapons of war.” Both sides are completely cynical and dishonest and neither interpretation of this event bears any resemblance to the truth. Whatever happened in Orlando will emerge over time and it will bear no resemblance to the official story of the event whatever that may turn out to be.

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  1. ​ About a dozen crisis actors caught. Here are some all over CNN and other mainstream news:

    Orlando Shooting Hoax – Crisis Actor Lies About Stay in Hospital

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    Orlando Shooting Hoax – This Crisis Actor is Sooooooooooooooo Bad

    Orlando Shooting Hoax – This Crisis Actor is Sooooooooooooooo Bad Another terrible crisis acting performance at the Orlando hooting Hoax. Please Truth Bomb

    Orlando Shooting HOAX Crisis Actor May be the WORST Ever!! (Redsilverj)

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    Orlando Shooting HOAX Desperate Crisis Actor Fake Crying EXPOSED (Redsilverj)

    Orlando Shooting HOAX Desperate Crisis Actor Fake Crying EXPOSED (Redsilverj) Orlando Shooting HOAX Desperate Crisis Actor Fake Crying EXPOSED (Redsilverj)

  2. And US senate agreed today to either discuss or vote on gun control. Not sure which as it was reported both ways by different msm and alt media. So, the next questions I had…

    UN calling for changes in US gun laws but not for ending arming terrorists??
    Will Mateen’s relationship to Afghanistan be used as the latest false excuse to ramp up US/NATO troops there??
    Because we are told that he had gone to Saudia twice – remind you of 9/11 at all?? Attack totally different country.
    Or will president peace prize take this chance to launch cruise missiles at Damascus??
    Is this totally messed up narrative the “event” that kicks off WW3??

    • Thanks for that silver pslomino, it can only be hoped that a major war is not started over this nonsense.Clearly at some level re-;egitimising the permanent occupation of Afghanistan is one of the many purposes served by the Orlando event. I had a lot of stuff about Omar and his Dad and G4S (fromer chair Malcolm Rifkind), both are clearly intelligence assets, but the story was getting stale and the piece unwieldy so I kept it simple. Thanks for commenting

  3. I think this is a combination of domestic divide-and-conquer tactics, and a sort of public hypnosis. Because when you think about it, the narrative serves both the Democrats AND the Republicans. It functions to create a more polarizing atmosphere in the country. It’s the old divide-and-conquer strategy, except domestically-focused rather than against International enemies. The two bodies it seems to immediately benefit are the military industrial complex with the terror narrative and the police state on multiple fronts. We should not be surprised. Humanity as a group are easily manipulated. See Mackay, extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds.

    If events such as these were not created, the public at Large might just come to their senses and defund the military and take much more logical public policy actions, and essentially provoke a revolution. That is what is feared by elites and why we see these events. As it is, the public is manipulated into holding almost completely insane political beliefs and disregarding logical thought.

    • Thanks for that excellent analysis anon. I think you are right on target there. The only thing I would suggest is that we need a “revolutionary restoration” rather than a revolution per se in my opinion. Many thanks.

  4. Whatever happened in Orlando will emerge over time and it will bear no resemblance to the official story of the event whatever that may turn out to be.

  5. You know, I was marveling how these various psyops screw up so much in such a variety of ways. But then it dawned on me. The Pharaoh and his army went down into the dry bed of the parted Red Sea, that God began taking the wheels off their chariots in pursuit of Israel. God was messing with their mission. I got the feeling as agreements were made between Satan and God as to how their dispute would be tested and the limits and rights of each in proving their points, that God must likely have reserved some right to disrupt a little since Satan got to lie outrageously. The JFK assassination was so full of blunders that I find it hard to believe there was not some kind of disruptions caused by God to confound the lies some. The one that strikes me mos is how they killed Officer Tibetts, because he was such a close look a like to JFK and then botch and boggled his being “doctored” up to be the autopsy replacement for JFK. so now they had 2 bodes, neither of which was any use to them then. The list goes on and on. But not remembering your son’s full name? Priceless!

    I am sure more entertaining stuff will follow. JFK stuff kept coming out right thru 2015. I feel all mysteries have been solved with the JFK psyop, one of the worst. Nothing fake about that casualty and many more to followed over the years. These shows may never end.

    • That is very interesting answer to an immense mystery truth1, thanks. I think that the show must come to an end at some point because if not the hradtyranny will follow at some point.

    • Bro I so don’t want to pick, especially as Oswald was on today. Might have read, how… some ideas/Bible are a red light. No need to go into again, I’m always banging on it but – with respect – NO ‘agreements were made between Satan and God’. Jesus shows us this. The early church and from Genesis on. There are no agreements. Yet, appreciate your comments but yes, have to stick my hand up. Not to explain-again about this? Not here. Not now. On this post. But keep thinking it through T1, fair play you suggest or believe such because… yes-this is something most Christians hold by the necessity of their position – yet – don’t think it through. So might say, they don’t, but.. etc etc. Shapers of this third century on. Bible and before this is one war that isn’t a false-flag. Two sides – no compromise. Not in some “agreement” or as far as indicates, anything mutual in communication terms. Not communicating. War-ring. Us up and “Christian” or other; justice, truth and reconciliation mission. Gospel preaching. Fight like God loves us, most through, prayer, declaring, commenting – we speak. Love and God. Concerned might-as-well-be, all we-got, jornos.
      Best to you T

      • Respectfully Mark, there is nothing in the bible that plainly and directly states that There were terms or agreements between Satan and God. But it is quite evident in the Bible that terms has to exist and limits and boundaries. The difference is between Bible readers or casual listeners, vs those who really give the Bible some thought when they read things. To look beyond the event to what was behind them, is an advanced technique that most in the world have not grasped yet. That is precisely why most people are not conspiracy theorists. You say what I bring up was not appropriate at this place and subject. i disagree. To try to understand what is going on, without consideration of this supposed battle in the spirit realm, in view of the remarkable predictions that have come true and describe our age, would be foolhardy. You do whatever you think is right for you. I’ll do the same. I care not whether anyone likes what I do or not. My actions are not influenced in the least, by the opinions of others, approving or not. For what its worth.

        I generally like your posts. Just not this one.

      • Truth1
        My miscommunication in suggesting ‘was not appropriate at this place and subject’. I was meaning my time-constraints to contribute. And yes, of course, ‘terms has to exist and limits and boundaries’. But described as an ‘agreement’ presupposes negotiation and this, raises questions about genuine freedoms and authorship. Intent, willingness, self-limitation – God’s character and ways. And to quote a book/title, ‘God’s Strategy in Human History’.

        All together on: Jesus dies/to destroy evil/here/now/far as… Yet an open view / theism rejects the ‘agreement’ that Augustine to Calvin – we say – constructed. Yes, mainstream, ‘agreement theology’. Best we ‘talk about’. Not pretend there’s no-differences. These two views – Arminianism in-between – are a bedrock for ‘Who is God?’ And something James has kindly given me/us, space to/here and there, to dialogue about. Non-Classical-Theism ‘believers’ take issue with some of the ‘remarkable predictions’ claimed to be Biblical prophecy. But this one cares less about that with another Christian, than “you hold this and…” What productive mission, we all can do?

        ‘You do whatever you think is right for you…’ through to, ‘…For what its worth’ – is somewhat prophetic and should exhibit through our radical honesty. Thanks for reply. Always read you and say “well done”. If I felt that strongly otherwise to address/would. Only really one reason. ‘Agreement’ thinking might (understandably), put some seekers off or reinforce their why “no-God” (no, good God) dilemma. All I hope to do, if someone’s ‘searching’: Note alternative Christian based considerations? Is God ‘working with’ evil? No. Is God..? and… So we go. The Bible, reason, tradition – and a search engine await. And God o’course. So loving, would like to meet.

      • Mark, I am not sure about what you wrote, But you bring up a question I would like to clarify. This relationship between God and his accuser/adversary I will refer to as Satan. Satan really, questioned God’s motives. Not sincerely. Satan just wanted what he wanted, which from what he has done over 6000 years, is what he wanted from the beginning, to receive worship from humans. Though we are primitive to spirits by comparison, they still seem to have a desire for our reverence and respect. In fact, because many of us deny Satan that worship, he strikes out at us with his anger for not giving him what he wants.

        I see this a lot in men who resent women because they will not give what some men want. Some resent the power and desirability that women posses. Some men are bothered they “need” women so much. Same for Satan in regards to us.

        But God does not fear His motives being questioned and explored and tested. He is confident and secure, as well as innocent of charges. But Satan wanted to cause a lot of misery with hist testing and exploring. God wanted Satan to just wait and see how humans progress on their own, without interference, and let that settle the issue over what humans really are or are not. And that sounds reasonable to me. Again, this is reason based on enough facts in the Bible, but no direct plain message in the form I present. God and Satan assume that any intelligent person will see this. Satan then sought make us “non-intelligent” to show Bod up for his “silly” creation. Most people do not grasp the dual nature and involvement of the instinct and intellect together. We start with instinct and hopefully progress to intelligence, which actually can reprogram the instinct in time.

        Anyway, God agreed to allow a testing of His Creation and Himself, too. He knew it would be better than not allowing it, for then, there would always be doubt. and by letting it be thoroughly tested, the matter would be clearly and undisputedly resolved for all eternity, so that it will never have to be disputed again.

        If Satan agreed to the terms, and failed, he would have to pay with his life. So God raised the stakes high. Why? Satan was not being rational and was going to create a lot of misery and harm. Satan had a chance to do it the right way. The little bastard would not wait. He as a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum. His own wants and thoughts (self-importance) were all he cared about. So now we have this dispute among us.

        its all in the bible and yet it is not. Its there if we want to use life and its lessons to fish this stuff out from in between the lines, so to speak. and incidentally, this happens to be the flaw with law and justice, in that they do not pay much attention to “inferences.” People will say, I never said that! That is correct. But they did infer it and it was their intention, though not clearly spoken out in direct and plain terms. most contracts are worded in vagueness and deception. Law and contracts is/are designed to hinder true meanings and deceive.

        When we explore conspiracies, we are trying to look beyond or behind surface appearance and discern what really was going on, for we know that appearances can be and often are, deliberate deceiving. so what I bring up, even in this religious context, bears a huge impact on the purpose of this particular blog, which is, Crimes of Empire. To get into those crimes, require the same inference that one would employ with the Bible. Really, motive is the key to discernment. God requires good motive and discerning truth also requires good motive and law and justice, supplied by the Status Quo of various times and places, has never had good motive. its always been about power seeking its on interests exclusively.

        so while I do appear mad and egotistical, its not my real intention. There is a method to my madness and my aim is true! All things are related to each other such as religion compared to law, justice, and compassion. And Religion just might be history and law, too. Imagine that!

      • Truth1
        Couple of reasons for not replying (here) fully. The ‘here’ bit, in taking more pixels from ‘Crimes’ to spout a long-ish reply and – time I give myself/available. New rhythms or rules of life have me on an hour to do Plant a Seed at 8am/Truthscoop after 5pm.

        Therefore, next scoop to address your comments. Suffice in making the briefest response now. Do well to explore but the question stands above; What re-action? To this we know what we’re told does most and all damages hidden-enemies upon earth – Praying. Knowing much at all but less/not communication with God, maybe/merely holding, theoretical knowledge? Action is prayer. For the health of humanity, in love from and in, God.

        Got to start most-fully. Have to haul this lazy frame into a quiet space. Do whatever takes. Do. Long and daily. Early. Pray as we-go isn’t so bad a move but the get-a-away kind is the powerhouse. (Even though may feel weak and frail as anything).

        I don’t think God wants anything from these evil forces (with personality). They came out the freedom life is built in and God, yes – waiting to return and fully deal with troubles, committed to letting life continue. At least thus far. Having thought twice, agreed with all who might hear, to raise up his body and army on earth. All welcome. Don’t read God makes deals with Satan etc, about this or anything – period. No testing and outcomes. All out war and what ‘we’ do. God made this all – ‘until He returns’ – dependant, on us, through him. Why the world as is? Good people do…/good people don’t… something/nothing? Unseen wars on the saints and all, rage to stop us realising who we can be/are ‘in Christ’.

        You/we asking what’s what? This is healthy. In the battle for remain and restoring what’s here, at its best – civil, communal and human. God wants us to kick back darkness in prayer with given-words. To expose the prison built on conspiracies; Catch and convict empire’s criminals; Work with one and all in the pursuit of good. ‘To those who by persistence in doing good…’ To fail as mad, bad as me – but picked up, go seek again and more.Take care. Reply on truthscoop if you like? Thanks

      • Greetings Mark! Listen, the problem may be me, but I am having a difficult time understanding clearly what you say or believe. So I will just take a few points that seem clear enough.

        God did not make a deal with the devil. The devil wanted his way and was insistent upon it. Rather then resort to His power and just authority, God decided to allow a challenge, so as to settle the matter. I am sure He foresaw that such a thing would come up and that it needed to be address and resolved. God does not hide things or run in terror from confrontation .But he did make it clear that Satan would pay with his life if he was wrong. Any decent person would make clear the consequences of any actions deemed wrong or offensive.

        Not sure if you were advocating war or not. But I don’t fight wars. I do take action as you mentioned action as important and the equivalent of being prayers. I agree. I put my money where my mouth is. But violent action is not allowed to Christians in the Bible. Many Christians wrongly participate in violence.

        For me, action is making known what God wants and why it would be wise to listen to God and even obey Him, even though He is not currently enforcing His will upon all the earth, since He has allowed Satan to do pretty much as he pleases, for a limited time, with some restrictions and boundaries, of course. God still holds ultimate power and could enforce it at any time He so chose.

        Since the world has been denied good education with Satan in charge, I try as best as I can to make God’s ways understandable and desireable. I believe humanity would prosper best that way.

        All Crimes of Empire result from our rebellion against God. So I advocate a return to God, and await the day when God will not allow any more crimes of empire, whose crimes are often initiated and enforced by Satan, the great enemy, not only of God, but of all human beings.

  6. Tweeted the first two lines on @scooptruth and @seedaplant ‘Massive Contradictions in Orlando Narrative’ needs to be said/written. Will the caravan move on? The reaction to, how false and a flag yet to be more widely assessed. As you commented on your first off the block – article, ‘(I am) sure that the evidence and (our) understanding of what has happened will grow in the coming days and weeks’. Please update us if you can. Thanks James

  7. Who ever made this and other stuff like it, knows that the majority of the people that see this on TV is stupid and will not argue with the story that is told. Even if the stories are still being written in an uncompleted script. They also know that the stupid ones will bully the intelligent people who criticize these staged events. The stupid ones will protect those who created this event.

    • Thanks for that Jorge, I certainly agree with you and it is rather annoying to be lectured by people who have lost all their critical faculties. I understand why you would describe such people as being stupid and in many ways it is true, however in my opinion these people- all of us are capable of being far brighter than we have been but the rulers have been able to maintain most of us at a very low level due to a complex series of threats and rewards. The people who act stupid and accept all they are told are potentially brilliant people who have been trained to restrict themselves and limit their thoughts. For almost all my life I was like that, it was only learning about 911 that changed me so there is real hope that eventually all, or almost all of these people will rediscover their potential. Many thanks for commenting.

  8. Great, thorough analysis, as usual James. Just wanted to add this more recent tidbit regarding the ‘other’ apprehended man, James Howell, who was arrested, armed with assault rifles and explosives and saying he was there to attack the Gay Pride event. It’s now emerging that Santa Monica police were told (by him) that he knew Omar Mateen and they were part of a planned, multi-attack operation that went wrong:

    I will probably post something on this tomorrow – but just wanted to let you know.

    • Many thanks for that burning blogger. The LA story is very interesting but I have struggled to comprehend what they were doing there. many thanks for that and i will look forward to reading your take on that issue.

    • Many thanks for those kind words and reblog cucumberlodge. It means a lot.Your comment about the comments is especially appreciated. Hope to have another Orlando story in the next day or two. Thanks again.

      • James, you could do like the mainstream media does, and just make something up. Fact, schmacts, says Buggs Bunny. Feed them lies and they will think you. Sleeping might be a little problematic they seem to do OK, 😉

      • Thanks truth1 if i knew how to do emojis I would place a smiling face here but sadly I never learned. I was very pleased that cucumberlodge had noticed the quality of the comments here. The site is very lucky to have people such as you making regular comments. Many thanks.

      • In re-reading my post, man, did I leave out words. Maybe that late night posting is not such a good idea. I have gotten into some bad typing habits. Now I am the incoherent one. Mis-spelling, too.
        Here are a few emogies you can type in. WordPress converts them. I will put a space between each character. Type them without the spaces and you will get emogies.

        Wink/smile ; – )
        Happy face : – )
        tongue stuck out : – P

        See who those work: 😉 🙂 😛

    • Cucumber Lodge – First time I have seen poetry applied in such a specific way (to religion). I appreciated your like as well on a certain post. Unique.

  9. I have had an event in US history gnawing at me for some months now. It has been featured on several youtube channels but most particularly by Diana Davison whose channel is Feminism LOL. It is about the Women’s Temperance movement, whose origins are in Theosophy, which is another label for paganism and Satanism, in my opinion. The black arts. Anyway, upset with the harm of alcohol, which one MGTOW channel suggested was really women being upset with men staying out drinking to avoid their wives. Some evidence was related to give that some possibility. Wives had become intolerable and when men could talk to each other, they gained encouragement and could go on. Women wanted them home so they could bully their hubbies. Most men were habitually drunk and to be honest, hard liquor had been the main stay of US colonies since their founding. Pictures were shown of many men who looked drunk as a skunk when photographed. It was common.

    But that is not why I write. Prohibition was movement that made no sense, in view of the popularity of alcohol. And how it got put thru is even more interesting. I am insistent that this was a psyop, even though it was way back then. Psyops have been around a long time. US history was never without them. The Boston Tea Party was one such psyop, although the Crown was not amused by it or fooled, for that matter.

    Any way, as the story goes, the women were getting quite annoyed with husbands spending their wives’ money on alcohol, instead of them, the wives, I gather. Not said but by their dress at church and in public on Sundays. then one night it was determined that they would go show their disapproval by attacking and destroying a saloon. They tore it to shreds. the cry went out in the papers and the movement began in earnest.

    Now there are a number of things wrong with this account. Can you see them? If not, allow me. If you or I or a bunch of us attacked a business and busted it up, what would happen? Arrested and charged. forced to repay and probably time in jail or prison as well. But nothing happened to the women. What?

    Now how about the saloon owner? normally, a businessman would be outraged and seeking the heads of attackers and gathering support from other businessmen who would also all be concerned by the actions. Politicians and police would have been engaged. Yet, none of this happened, either. Why, this is the twilight zone! An alternate universe. A fairly tale! so what the hell really happened? Well, we are lucky because we have hindsight. We have seen this type of stuff too often by this point, to not know what happened.

    Someone wanted a psyop to boost the chances to get prohibition to be put into effect. that would not be easy. But if there are 2 things that magicians of false events love to use, its women and children as the focus. Those poor women can’t afford to eat cause men drinking their money away in saloons and bars. Those selfish bastards!

    So someone had to volunteer their saloon business to be attacked and ruined, with others pledging to compensate the owner for his generous contribution to the cause. Police had to be told to stand down and stay away and let the ladies do their thing. The press would stand by and never question a thing and accept it all at face value. The women could not take the poverty, anymore. Oh, the humanity of it all. But they were not real women. They were what my father called, old battle-axes. And these were the prototypes that would become feminism near to 100 years later.

    And so the call went out in papers to ban all liquor sales right now or women will be dying of starvation or something like that. I wish someone had called their bluff 😛 But anyway, Prohibition became law, and liquor remained just as popular as before and all kinds of people made tons of money. Organized crime was born from this as well, and had never gone way and has only gotten bigger with narcotics and the “war on drugs.” I note that we have never gained any ground on that war, or the one on poverty, illiteracy, trafficking, terrorism and no doubt others I have forgotten. Why do we seem to lose every war we start? Am I crazy? This makes no sense . . . or does it?

    Psyops have many faces, but the results are always the same. big power and authority win, and we, the people, lose. The solutions always fail and the problems ever remain and get worse. I hate psyops. Its just a reminder that we are sinking ever deeper in quicksand. Why is it that we can not learn from history and experience? I know readers here, for the most part, know why, but it seems to me, rather shameful that people have not benefited from experience.

    I know the status quo lies consistently and there are many ways to reinforce pressure to get people to not question. Indeed, our leaders, our shepherds like us dumb, but at some point, there has to be a limit as to what is excusable for not knowing, and what is not excusable for not knowing. I feel that too many people do not have a good excuse. I point a condemning finger are parents. I know for a fact that the parents of my self and my generation were much different from what my peers are as parents. I feel the the previous ones were better than those of now, but how did we get to where we are if my parents generation was so good. Truth is, they did many things wrong. They questioned almost nothing. the 60s rebellion in the USA was more bad than good, but there were very valid criticisms that came out of that period. But no one listened for long. they all sought out materialism instead, and my generation became worse than the previous one, and the children produced by my generation are appalling. There is no good excuse for not pondering and questioning life and giving some thought to life.

    There, I got it off my chest. Psyops are older time. And we do not think and question enough and it will come back to haunt us, guaranteed!

    • Many thanks for that epic comment truth 1. Prohibition was and always is a farce when imposed upon products such as alcohol for which there is a strong demand. One way that you can tell that the gun control lobby are interested in tyranny rather than a reduction in gun violence is they never advocate for the decriminalisation of popular drugs such as cocaine for which the market cannot be suppressed. Most of the people who die from gun violence in the US do not die in massacres, whether real or fake, they die in domestic incidents and inner city drug wars. All those gangsters in Baltimore, Chicago and LA are killing each other either with or over the profits from popular drugs such as cocaine and marijuana.
      If these drugs were freely available they would still fight but they would have far less to fight over and far fewer resources with which to buy weapons. The prohibition of alcohol seems almost to have been a plot to enrich and empower organised crime.
      I was prompted by your comment to do some research into the temperance movement and came across the story of a woman named Carrie Nation, she used to attack saloons with a hatchet- and on occasion rocks- in the early 20th century. She is the epitome of the “battle axe” and the term may have been coined to describe her.
      Carrie Nation was arrested more than 30 times for smashing up bars with rocks and later hatchets but generally simply received a fine, she died in 1911 before the prohibition movement achieved success.
      Regarding the failure to question and the price for that, the bill is waiting but it is also being paid. The cost has already been immense, in New York in 2001, in Iraq, in Vietnam etc. Thanks for commenting.

      • Ah, you brought up some more good points. We decry a supposed single incident of terrorism, while uncounted many thousands die in the illicit drug industry. And who are the distributors of the drugs? Organized Crime. Imagine that. In fact, Government and Organized crime have a long tradition together. For centuries the English crown has always had bands of criminals supporting them as muscle and enforcement, and even subterfuge. Smuggling has quite the history right in the USA. I got a book “Smuggler Nation” by Peter Andreas. The USA was founded on smuggling and it continues to “smuggle and snuggle” with criminals of all sorts, “smuggling” children for sex, drugs, weapons, anything you want. Smuggling makes more money the legitimate business, I dare say.

        I have long advocated the legalization of all drugs, and prostitution as well. Now being a Christian, that might sound wrong. But since we are not able to stop prostitution, and it causes far more harm to the women and children FORCED into such work, Better for them if they had some legal protection. Solomon tolerated prostitution in his Kingdom, about 1000 BC.

        It should be noted that cocaine, in the purified concentrated form, can be a problem. On the other hand, coca leaves are mild and safe and have been used by locals where it grows naturally for at least 3000 years. It is even possible that it has health benefits and/or reasonable use and benefits, even as we have with caffeine in coffee beans and coffee. Were caffeine more narcotic, it, too, would be illegal and yet easily obtained. In fact, in my area, drugs are commonly and easily available on practically every street corner. My self, I think all drugs should be legalized and if they are upset with people using drugs, then they should provide jobs and better lives so that people do not have to medicate in order to be able to tolerate life.

        I am talking about mercy and non-judgment, as opposed to evil vile men profiting from the exploitation of the inflated prices of narcotics and sex. Sex workers are often not paid in many nations and circumstances. they are slaves in more than one sense of the word,.To quote Jesus, who quoted Samuel, who was quoting God, who I hear is a good authority to listen to, “I want mercy and not sacrifice!”

        Illicit activities and sales are the real problem around the world. Our so called wars on this and that are also conveniently used to justify huge standing armies and a vast arsenal of weapons and explosives and other sick morbid weapons that no talks much about. Some we don’t even know about yet, but the day is coming.

        isn’t it ironic that the war on illiteracy might be the most phony war of all. For schools are carefully crafted to actually hinder and subvert true learning and to scar kids so that they are damaged and less functional. The ultimate psyop, no? “We want to prevent illiteracy.” The truth was the opposite. and that is the consistent pattern of all psyops. They do the opposite of their stated purpose. They are pure lies. Psyops give governments more excuse to take away rights and freedoms and enslave and oppress us under a police state. I’m against that, for the record.

      • Thanks truth 1, I can remember being terribly shocked to learn that the British establishment were deeply involved in the opium trade, the CIA etc have clearly learned from that example. You make a very sound point regarding the legalisation of prostitution etc. When governments delude themselves that they have the ability to control peoples actions by passing a law they play into the hands of gangsters.
        Regarding education, I came across a former teacher named John Taylor Gatto he makes a lot of interesting points about the education system, he resigned as a teacher after 30 years stating that he could no longer participate in the harming of children.
        This is a short video about his ideas.
        This is a longer one, I have not managed to watch it all yet but it is very interesting and he makes a point I have long believed-that we are all potentially far more intelligent than we seem to be in our current state, it is just a matter of unlocking the untapped potential.
        many thanks for that comment truth 1.

      • Bravo James !!! I got his huge book, The UNderground History of American Education and his book is on as well, Got that, too! I also got h is book “Weapons of Mass Instruction.” I did not finish it due to be gin enticed by other books. I am a weak soul, James, very vulnerable to temptation 😉 There is so much we could say about this subject. It is very sad that so many have taken part, unwittingly, in starving minds and hindering potentials. To waste the potential of life, could almost quality as an forgivable sin. But the only “Authorized” unforgivable sin is to ignore a miracle of God’s spirit operating. The plain demonstration of His Power and ability, and proof of His existence is justification in His mind, to demand obedience once the miracle has been manifest as it was in the days of Jesus performing his miracles. On the other hand, seeing prophecies fulfilled in a direct powerful way, if we have seen that yet or are about to, might qualify as unforgivable or unreasonable or inexcusable. But that will have to be God’s call, not mine. I can not begin to qualify to make such judgments.

        Did I mention you have very good tastes 🙂

      • Many thanks for that truth1, your knowledge of Gatto’s work is far deeper than mine. If you are being tempted by books you are very lucky to have such a positive vice! Thanks again.

      • I thought I would add this interesting piece From Daniel Ryder’s book, quoting Schefliin, whose book I just got, but have no read yet. It goes into the waiting pile.

        From Daniel Ryder’s “Cover up of the Century:” Page 178
        (Italics are author Ryder’s)

        In April 1953, the CIA’s M.K. Ultra project was approved.
        “This set in motion an enormous, heavily funded… thoroughly top secret program to explore all facets of mind and behavior control,” said Scheflin.
        M.K. Ultra became an umbrella for 149 sub-projects. There were projects to experiment, for instance, with such amnesia-producing agents as electro-shock, ultrasonics, sub-sonics, hypnosis, sensory deprivation…
        Note: One of the mind-control techniques ritual abuse survivors frequently report having been exposed to is sensory deprivation. That is, they report being locked in places like small moms, closets, coffin-like boxes… without light, sound, food or water for extended periods of time.
        An environment sometimes used is a sensory deprivation floatation tank. That is, literally a soundproof black box with body-temperature water and salt solution to keep a person buoyant and in a state of, what could be considered, suspended animation.

        Page 179
        Scheflin said what researchers were learning was, in some cases, the use of short-term sensory deprivation in breaking down the personality, could sometimes bypass months of torture and forced drug use to achieve the same effect. If sensory input is sufficiently curtailed, said Scheflin, the subject will eventually lose more and more touch with their core personality, and start to project fantasy worlds around themselves — eventually effecting the ultimate in dissociation. In this state, the person is extremely open to having their personality altered.

        short term sensory deprivation is faster and more effective, much more effective, than months of torture. So what would happen with long term sensory deprivation, i.e. , 12 years of schooling? Schools are the equivalent of a sensory deprivation tank used for 12 years. You’d be a vegetable. Too late for me 😉

        Now make all your newspaper and TV programing void of any real stimulation and what do we have? A nightmare! But it does not mean that one can not overcome these odds, as bad as they are. Some have done it. God gave us remarkable abilities that can overcome tremendous odds. But many prefer an easy way out. The proverbial broad and spacious road leading to destruction that everyone likes rather than that narrow cramps hard-to-travel road that no one likes.

        But it goes without saying, schools are the single greatest weapon of destruction known to man and carried out right under our noses. This is how the devil had made it possible to pull the wool over most peoples’ eyes. Very cruel, but ever effective.

      • Many thanks truth 1, your body of knowledge is very impressive. I had not heard of Daniel Ryder or Cover Up of the Century, I will try to get a copy and read it as it looks important. I am not generally a fan but David Icke made many similar points in a recent talk he gave that you may find entertaining. He does a good job of talking about the way people are reduced to mindless pulp in our culture as you outlined.
        This is a long one but he makes a lot more sense than what I thought. Thanks for another great comment truth 1.

      • James, if you check USA, this book used is rare and at least $590. However, angels from heaven can deliver such a book in PDF form but the file is 200 MB, which I do not know how to move such a big file. So I am sending a copy to a therapist in the UK and I can send one your way unless you have a way to do this over the net. My only request is the 40 cents for the DVD to burn, and whatever the cost of shipping says on the package. This book will not disappoint. One copy goes for $17,000. But $590 is possible. You can’t make this stuff up ya know. I think Ryder might not be alive any longer. He had another book due out according to this book and it never came out. His name is a pseudo name to protect him but he was part of a therapist network in the USA and abroad. Randy Noblitt is co-editor of “Ritual Abuse in the 21st Century, also a collaborative work of many and Ryder was connected with all them, too. You’ll be amazed at what we the public have not been told, although David Icke has good stuff. I’ll be headed of to your links to him later today. My email may have changed since our last exchange. check my site, front page, at the bottom. My address is there.

        As well, Ryder has another book, previous, Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse, on Amazon USA for 1 penny plus $4 shipping. And it is a great book as well, focusing more on treatment.

      • Many thanks for that very kind offer truth 1, I would like to read the book but I do not want to put you through the hassle of sending a DVD to Australia etc. Although the offer is much appreciated, I would suggest that you use the book as the basis for an article on Truth 1, you could summarise the contents of Daniel Ryder’s work and people would have some access to the ideas and information if not the actual book. Obviously this is only a suggestion and it is none of my business what you choose to post on Truth 1. Many thanks for offering to got to such an effort to help others, I hope you understand that I could not ask you to do that.

      • Not a problem. Others are working with info similar to what is in the book. Eventually, I will, too. I got a few things on the back burner waiting right now. A busy time for me. Summer is work time for one.

      • Thanks truth 1, I still want to read it I just did not want to cause you so much trouble. I am hoping that I can find a PDF in some dark corner of the internet such as Pirate Bay or some other torrent site. I hope that your work goes well and I look forward to reading the things that are on the back burner.

      • In the USA, we have inter-library loans. Not sure if there are international ones, too. Its an uncommon book in the USA, known primarily to those who have a deep concern for the evil practiced in secret among us. And there are not many of us. On that note, I have uncovered another serious crisis.

        Feminists in the USA and Canada have been preaching for the population of men to be reduced by 90% of their current numbers. To put that in perspective, if we accept 7 billion as the world population and men at half that, 3.5 billion, then they are calling for 3.1 billion of us to disappear thru some means not specified. Attrition, killing, disabling thru vaccines and autism and the like, or thru preventing breeding or discouraging it, a means of attrition.

        But the bottom line is that this is a openly declared war on men, which amounts to nothing but an extreme hate crime and genocide and yet, no mention by the media, government, or civil rights type orgs. They cried like hell about Germany’s so called genocide, which partly was carried out by typhoid. So why are they not upset about this war on men? Good question. Its the 2nd best kept secret in the world, with Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) being number one.

        SRA, were it possible to quote likely numbers of lives psychologically destroyed the world over and I include forced prostitution in that, would easily be in the many millions. But if the war on men has any success, the goal, of 3.1 billion certainly sets new record never before contemplated in the history of mankind. However, the scriptures do indicate a slaughter, the likes of which have never been seen before, nor will ever be seen again. But with this Feminist declaration, we might wonder exactly who the targets are.

        But my interpretation had been that it was somewhat random. Who knows. It remains to be seen. We live in unbelievable times.

      • Thanks for that truth 1, I am sure there are people who advocate those policies but in my opinion the main body of the criminal Western elite ultimately despise 90% plus of the people regardless of gender. Like so many other fields of life extremists are sent out to upset people and sow division and fear. Even if the intent exists the ability to carry it out is not there and almost all women even feminists would be opposed to such an extreme idea. If there is a mass culling in future it will be applied against both men and women in my opinion. Thanks for commenting.

      • It is an extreme idea, but not so far out of reach as I would see it. The laws are designed to heavily favor women in divorce and ruin men. Hiring policies and work conduct all grossly favor women now. Vaccines attack males causing Autism, which disables the potential man. He is held down in school. I’d say there are enough thing sin place to diminish his power substantially.

        But of the most concern to me is the declaration of reducing males to 10%, is that no one is upset with this. If I said right here today that such and such race should be reduced to 10%, they would be throwing a rope over a tree limb and hanging me fast. I’d be called a hate monger, a racist, and every vile and horrid name. Where is the media protest? Human rights advocates? SJWs? Oh, yeah, they are the ones who support it. Perhaps it is just wishful thinking on their part. But that they are thinking it and saying it and no one objecting, is among the most dangerous signs I have seen in some time. Indeed, were a big wars started and primarily only men were sent into the dangerous battles, this could be accomplished. Its not out of the realm of possibility.

        Too many aspects of this to not to give this some serious attention to what is going on in the minds of powerful people. Men have more will and independence and are harder to control. Women are happy to go to the highest bidder says I and many others. I wish this were impossible, but I do not think that is the case. Time holds the answers to all things.

      • Thanks truth 1, it is certainly correct that people feel they are entitled to make negative comments about males and also white people as a a group because they are supposedly collectively tainted by the actions of their forebears. We can see a pattern of almost victim-hood supremacy where different parties compete to prove the most wronged by history and then use their victim-hood status to engineer cultural supremacy and untouchability.
        We have seen this type of process most obviously with the Jewish/Zionist and Gay identity movements, both argue that because of the historical disadvantages they have suffered all their demands must be met today and these groups must be protected from all criticism.
        I would suggest however that the social engineering project is not being done in order to help woman (or any of these other groups) or give them any real power or anything like that. One of the major components of the project has been the destruction of all pre-existing social structures and cultural norms. This was necessary so that the overseers of the project could remake the culture according to their preferred design but also simply to achieve tension and atomisation as people identify with an expanding number of smaller and more obscure political identities so that all their energies are wasted on concern for the people in their specific ghetto identity group while they ignore the broader well being of the society.
        To give an example, by all barometers life in the US and the West has been in steady decline for at least forty years, however a gay person who identifies politically as a gay person may see the same period of time as a wonderful era of freedom and progress because viewed from the Gay ghetto mindset, that political movement has achieved a lot over that period.
        This is not to suggest that most or all gay people think that way, but some do and to do so will mean that a person is blinded to the reality of increasing poverty and tyranny and endless war.
        When the project began the structure of the society was that men enjoyed a great deal of power when compared to women. In order to destroy the old structure, a critique of the old system was required along with a program to change the situation on the ground.
        This is the reason for the feminist movement or at least the latter generations of that movement but I think that it would be a mistake to see the project as being aimed to benefit woman or as having done so. The ultimate aim of the elite project as I understand is to banish and destroy gender identity completely both male and female. Yes woman are being conned and co-opted and are participating in the destruction project but the goal of the project is anti-human across the board. So I would suggest that certain groups are manipulated into perceiving the program as being to their benefit in order to get them to co-operate and by the time they realise what has happened the damage will have been done and it will be too late. Thanks for your comment Truth1, I realise I may be incorrect but this is my opinion.

      • No, actually, your reply was brilliant and flawless. You see the ultimate agenda to overturn everything that was in favor with that which should not be. But in the case of men, I am going to add one thing. Feminists are being used because one, they are willing, and they go to the highest bidder. 2nd, they have no morals and will promote whatever is desired by their wealthy powerful patrons..But this alone does not explain the war on men. Men were placed at the top of the early hierarchy put in place by God in Eden. We call this Patriarchy And Satan wants that eliminated. but it does not stop there.

        Men have more of a feisty will and independence in them. Women were made to be more docile and yielding, accommodating, compliant, so as to be able to live under a man in reasonable happy fashion. Satan may be of the assessment that his plan will not be fully capable of implementation unless men are out of the way entirely or reduced to such small numbers as to be of no effect. But if for no other reason, Satan would take some satisfaction in totally dismantling everything God put in place. So man goes from top to bottom, either way.

        Now though the plan is to neuter men and reduce their numbers to a handful of slaves and the oligarchy at the top, God may also have plans to thwart and subvert what Satan is attempting. I do not know what the ultimate end might prove to be. Does the NWO have genes or viruses that can target men far more than women? I have no idea but it is at least possible. War alone could reduce mens’ number substantially.

        But what I know for sure, is that there is a war and grudge against men. Genesis 6 mentions the sons of God noticing the daughters of men, that they were either good looking or desirable, depending on the translation used. I say desirable. Women are more reverent to status and power and that sort of thing, says I. This makes them attractive to spirits (demons) that desire worship. so this may add into formula as well.

        Consider that Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex upon leaving office. A rather bold move for a politician who was in the habit of doing whatever he was told. We all know how “treacherous” JFK proved to be. They punished him in open sight in broad daylight. Johnson wanted to leave office as revered and beloved. But the “Bosses” wanted to use him for their war and taint his image. Johnson told them to go to hell and refused a 2nd full term. “I will not seek, nor will I accept, the nomination to run for president” or something like that. That’s 3 stubborn men in a row and it did not end yet.

        Tricky Dicky did not want to bow out of Viet Nam without USA honor. But with the 1973 crisis coming upon Israel even in 71, some wanted the USA out of Nam and prepared to defend Israel to any length required. So they punished him for backing them and out he went. He was set up. That’s 4 stubborn bastards in a row, say the elite. And they may not have been happy with Ford pardoning Nixon. I am not sure. But Ford was replaced with Jimmy Carter, who was told to play dead and let the USA go to hell so he did.

        So Satan and the elite were getting some damned tired of stubborn independent men who did not know their place and obey. So Satan said, what we really need youz guys ta do, is to replace all these SOBs with women. For sure, they won’t give us any lip or resistance. So we are seeing that policy being dramatically brought about now, me thinks.

        So how this all ends up is still up in the air, but it is very clear that no good will or good intention is meant by these declarations against men and boys and baby boys being vaccinated, They might as well neuter them as well. How far that war will go, is not important to me. That my brothers are being attacked is everything to me. They want war? Fine! Then War it is! I got my battle armor on and am ready and willing. for near to 6 months I have been prosecuting this case among MGTOW sites who also cover for the elite. But all of a sudden, in the last month, I am getting responses in comments on youtube. often not aimed directly at me, but now some are. And first it was just one, then two at a time and the other night, 3 signed on to my post. Its starting and its changing. MGTOW is going to be challenged for concealing the elite from the problems men are facing.

        I consider this, along with Satanic Mind Control and sex trafficking operations to be the 2 big problems at the top right now.I think of little else.

      • Many thanks for that truth 1, there is much truth in what you have written and it is a great comment, however in my opinion at least part of the way we get out of this situation, how we break the program is to reach out and attempt to achieve some kind of unity so that as many as possible stand against them. Sadly a great proportion of modern women are tge simple minded, grotesque and venal creatures you describe, but they were not always like that and in my opinion we have to attempt to save all of humanity from this program not just the people in our sub group (this is kind of a straw-man argument as you never said that but you know what I mean.) I am pleased that the MGTOW thing seems to be catching on and you are getting all those responses. Thanks again for commenting.

      • You know me James. I can’t shut my mouth 😉

        Well, the reason that people have gone to hell, so to speak, is that we did not protest when employers would not pay a man enough to keep his wife home caring for the kids. In fact, many couples went to work to make ends meet easier. So the elite upped prices so that it was not a luxury to work, but a necessity. So we had to dump our kids into day care, which ruin out kids and gave others a chance to “teach” and “program” our kids. WE sent them to school at 5 and continue to program and condition them with school curriculum and by allowing peers to badly influence the class climate. So now all the kids are ruined and become miserable adults. I can not change this or undo it and it does tie your hands and mine and every ones’. We fell for the trap that we did not recognize was a trap set for us. They were smarter than we were.

        So I avoid marriage. I would not dare to do otherwise. It is not likely that we can win many over. In fact, it is not our job to do so. Our job is to present the truth to people and it is their job to act on it, if they are smart enough to do that. If not, as long as we told them and warned them, they have no excuse and we have done our duty to God. If we do not tell, than God will hold us accountable for not telling. So it does not matter to me is anyone listens or not. Only they can decide if they want to live or die. I can’t drag them into God’s Kingdom. God will not allow me to do that.

        God has already stated that most of the world will reject Him and follow Satan. We can not change that. But we do have a duty to be always examining whether we can improve our message or explain it more thoroughly. I feel most churches have failed in that respect. But besides that, it is out of our hands. That is not a great place to be, to see and know so much and be able to do so very little, really. But sounding the warning alarm is all that god asks of us.

        That is not so little at times. Many prophets died for warning Israel. And many Christians have also lost their lives warning the world. But if we are going to be of any use or value to ourselves or God, or others, then we must speak out, even at risk to our own security. For what it is worth, I have delivered the warning as best as I have understood it. I reserve the right to improve or modify it as I learn and grow.

  10. sigh…as much as I just want to lay into you morons, I won’t, instead, I offer the point of view of someone(myself) that lives just about 500 feet from the nightclub. I’m not gay, have never been inside the club, but I do some of the local people that visit, and am also very aware of several deaths, since many of them are from the area. what can I do, to help you understand that denying this as a real event is only hurting people, and nothing else :'(

    • Thanks for that Jason, I love the way that you are “aware of several deaths’ without being able to offer a single name. They need to provide you people with better resources clearly. The canard about “upsetting people” is complete and utter bullshit. How on earth do you think any of those people would even be aware of what is written on a deeply obscure blog post such as this? What planet are you on? It is the mainstream narrative that is shoved down peoples throats 24/7, the opinions that appear here are easily ignored by any who wish to do so as most people do, and those who do will never be exposed to these ideas. At the heart of that pathetic meme is the fact that controlling 99.999% of the media is not enough for your paymasters, they want 100% and thus pursue the despicable nonsense about upsetting people. You are an unprincipled prostitute in the pay of tyrants. For the sake of your soul and whatever conscience is left, get yourself another job, preferably one that does not involve the amateurish perpetration of childish lies. Thanks for commenting.

  11. Aw, Orlando did not get published. Good! the mainstream media has promoted the lies everywhere. They never publish our views on their forums and formats so why should we give them any air time here. Too bad Orlando. I get to rip you like the media does me and those like me and you’ll have nothing to say about it. But I did mention that no one came back to admit my predictions were right. So you came back! but you did not address the predictions did come true. You just used a lot of vulgar language, which is the hallmark of that unique hybrid combo of shill/troll blended into one. You guys are so pathetic. Love seeing your butts kicked. Nest time, put a pillow in the back of your pants so it does not hurt quite as much. Ya live and ye learn. This is our place, not yours. don’t you have newspapers where you live? Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot. A lot of them went out of business in 2008, didn’t they! Know why? Because they were not doing their job and delivering real news. Get it? Your a sad man, Orlando. Do you have anything between your legs. Don’t answer that, I know the answer already. It was a rhetorical question.

    • I felt the message was not worthy of approval. Once again we have the people claiming all their friends were killed but these shills are so amateurish they do not even bother to do the research to be able to give the names of their supposed friends. If I thought that an actual human being made the comment on their own behalf I would probably publish but when it is complete horseshit, being transmitted because the story is a bunch of crap so they have to try and intimidate people not to look at it I do not see the point. I actually feel a little weak to trash it like that but the comment had no merit whatsoever, it was completely absurd, referring to non-existent emergency vehicles and other obvious nonsense. Any real humans making comments on their own behalf will be published but when it is very very clearly just a whore it seems fair enough to me. The reference to the nameless dead friends is a recurring theme with the low level shills assigned to irritate a small website like this, it makes them very easy to i.d and I could not be bothered even to read the comment and rebut the many absurdities and falsehoods. Thanks for commenting truth1.

      • I am totally in favor of deleting the creep. I just wanted to irritate him and rub it in. I was returning evil for evil. I know, I’ll surely be at the front of the line in hell. But I could not resist the temptations of the flesh. He had nothing constructive to say. I was saying on the Personal Liberty Digest Website to one shill that were I in charge of that forum. he’d never be allowed to post. The mainstream media keeps us out so why should we give them or their shill any “airtime” or posting rights. Let him post his rant on the Huffington Post or the New York Times.

      • Thanks truth1,I would not be so sure about your destination. If I had more energy I actually would have approved and rebutted the silly comment point by silly point. That would be my preferred response but I am trying to finish other things, including about Orlando and even if each point was rebutted immaculately,it was not going to persuade that person.
        I was thinking today about the simple absurdity of the hashtag Orlando really happened or whatever it was. No genuine authentic terror attack in the history of the world has or ever will require an orchestrated campaign in support of it. There will never be a Baghdad really happened or Damascus really happened hashtag for the obvious reason that they did really happen and everyone knows it.
        It was actually very interesting to hear Hillary Clinton talk about Alex Jones recently and she mentioned OKC, 911 and Sandy Hook, when she tried to slam him for saying that OKC and 911 were inside jobs, there was almost no response from the crowd, like they already know that but feel it is rude to speak about it, but when she said Jones said Sandy Hook was fake, the crowd reacted with genuine shock and outrage it seemed. So I think the campaign to suppress all Orlando truth is probably completely misplaced and unnecessary, as long as the story is upsetting and these clowns can appear on the mainstream media telling their sob stories and pulling on the heart strings, it is going to be believed. Thanks for commenting.

      • I had never thought about the defending of false events, sort of like supporting a candidate or something. Crowd support to cheer on their side of the verdict, which is not the event so much as the overall agenda. Liberals is another word, in my opinion, for hate. Conservatives in the USA are blamed for everything. Genocide, hate, discrimination, and all men are rapists. But oddly, when liberals openly declare the goal of genocide, then suddenly its OK and no one says anything. Its OK for liberals not to supply evidence, and OK to launch ad-hominen attacks and disrupt lawful gatherings of conservatives or anyone who disagrees with liberals. They are as one-sided as I have even seen. Typical for commies, too. They kill the Czar and become ten times worse.

        so now all current events will have to be campaigned for, for many months or years after. Honestly, that is kind of funny. I hope you have your campaign signs, buttons, bumper stickers and the like being printed and displayed. I am kind of behind on that right at the moment.

        and further pondering Orlando, people can not believe that their world could have gotten that far out of control. The fact it was on TV news seems to be enough to them to verify it. We are just monsters. Well, at least I will not need a Halloween costume. I wear mine all year round. But people have not really examined how TV shows are made or news shots, either. It takes so little in footage to plant an idea in the minds of people.

        But here is the worst part. I think people are absolutely terrified of the concept that those in power could be as evil as to fake the worst. Because behind that is the realization that it is an extreme evil that would do such things. They would not begin to know what to do or how to respond. Their minds are so weak in ability and thought, that they are no where near to seeing any solutions or hope. So they retreat into fear and denial. You’ll never coax them out of it. This is the danger of sensory deprivation in regards to learning, ah, sorry, not learning and not being taught. with enough brains, one can see solutions but without the brains, nothing but catastrophic fear can be seen. That was the plan. And we have force schooling to thank as well as lazy parents who were too willing to hand their kids over to others.

        As well, throw kids into anything and stupid adults respond with dumb knee-jerk reactions. Their brains automatically stop working. Yet they can ignore Alisa and Gabriel and their tragedy. What an amazing contradiction. I have not be able to explain that one. I must have gone into fear mode. Damn!

        You know what I like most about these conversations? They keep bringing up new ideas in my head. The subconscious goes to work and poof, another idea. Your idea was needed to kick mine off.

      • Thanks truth1, there is no doubt that the Cultural Marxism has reached unprecedented and insane levels recently. As far as “cannot believe that their world could have gotten that far out of control” that is a great point, it is almost impossible to comprehend the scale and depth of the deception at times, even when you know for a fact that it is happening. As far as people being terrified, you may well be right about that though I hope it is not the case.It does seem to me that our civilisation has become numb and blind, I know that I have been so almost all my life. Many thanks for a great comment.

      • Well, there are different reasons for not knowing something. Fear is one, laziness. or the right info did not cross one’s path till later in life. Once it is found in your path, you respond. but those in deep fear will never likely come out of it. They are confronted and block it out. My father ran into a real rats nest working for a state reform school for boys, A boy’s prison, really. And I saw RFK get killed and those two things did a lot to wake me up and yet, I still had a very long way to go. Having a major fall out with Jehovah’s Witnesses really open my eyes wide. But still not in the direction of government fully. really, the big one was Oklahoma Murrah Building as well as Waco event. I learned about Ruby Ridge after the fact. Now I’m a jaded bitter cynic. How’s that for a combo? But I can still have fun. So from my father’s stuff in 66 to JFK jr 99 is 33 years. Oh no, a Masonic number. I got the 33 degrees, alright! ouch! 911 was no shock at all. The morning I heard it, I was at the portland airport working where 2 of the suspects boarded, so they say. I said then it was a repeat of Pearl Harbor. I was a hardened tough cookie by then.

  12. The reason they faked it at a gay club was because look how vocal they have been getting their ways and the government thought who better to get hating on guns than the gays…… doesnt take many clicks of a mouse button to alter a persons face and turn him into some realistic looking unknown murder victim….

      • Its a good point. But I will say that CGI graphics are not as good as was hoped for. They not very convincing to those who know them. But we do have old material and photos, too. How would we know that the picture in front of us was not pasted in or if that “criminal was even there. The biggest problem is that we are not directly acquainted with most things we here on the news. But I would say that most of the world is far too trusting and unconcerned about so much danger looming in the near future. Sticking heads in the sand has never been an effect I’ve technique, but human nature is soft.

        We are left with the “rules of evidence,” and those are fairly solid. at least 2 or 3 witnesses who can be cross-examined or questioned. There are things had to fake as well. And humans have many patterns. suspicion is aroused when pattern is broken or out of place. I would say that there is room for truth in nearly situation. The real problem is that most do not want to bother. They will say, what does it matter (to me) or why should I care or how does it affect me.

        My father said that in Kings County Nova Scotia, Canada, the farmers would often say this about politics. That county was was the apple producing capitol of the world, thru the 40s. big business sought to destroy that and have others grow the apples. Nova does not have much in resources or jobs. farmland, forestry and fishing and a little coal mining were all they had. Not any more. Farmers were told that they raise cattle. That did not work out and smell outrageous, I can testify to that, though only being 4-6 in age. The farmers kept listening and trusting and now farming is dead and gone. Amish and Hutterites are the only farming, now. Same for a good deal of Maine, USA, too. Amish migrate all over the 2 countries now to get farm land, they know that working factories is a disaster.

        On other problem with faking is the proliferation of video material and photographic material Faking one picture is very easy, but faking a lot when publicity has been intense, is more than just a bit challenging. For instance, if you were going to make up a fake story about Paul Mac being dead, you’d have an awful lot of picture to temper with. Odds are, you are going to have to live with what is out there.

        The one last thing I think of is that God is not un-involved in our affairs, but he is selective, partially due to agreement in a dispute, But it was His promise thru His son that all things would be revealed sooner or later. So for myself, this is fair reason to trust in “conspiracy” justice in the long run. As old Abe Lincoln, a well known liar to some, but eloquent all the same, “You can fool some of the people some of the time . . . Now I am going to change it a little. I’m like that, ya know.

        You can fool most of the people forever but you’ll never get them all. Some are always going to get wise and see thru things. That just how it is. God designed the human mind to withstand, to some degree, nearly anything imaginable. People tortured from birth to adulthood and still breaking free. The worst of circumstances overcome. It does not happen often but had someone not interfered, God had the right design and programming to withstand just about anything as a species collectively.

        But everyone should be a skeptic always. We are living in a battle field crisis mode and need to act accordingly.

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