The Orlando Nightclub “Attack”

The scene in Orlando following the nightclub "massacre" in the early hours iof Jube 12th, 2016.
The scene in Orlando following the nightclub “massacre” in the early hours of June 12th, 2016.

Updated June 13th, 2016.

Afghan American Blamed for Worst Ever US Gun Massacre.

Police Claim 50 dead and 53 Wounded.

The Orlando police have now stated that fifty people died in the supposed attack on the Pulse nightclub.

The alleged attacker has been identified as an American Muslim of Afghan origin named Omar Mateen,aged 29 years.  Regardless of these details, all of th available footage points to the overwhelming conclusion, albeit preliminary, that this event was purely a staged psyop and one classic sign of the faux nature of the attack lies in the striking absence of emergency medical responders at the scene.

All of the scenes of the wounded being evacuated depict people being dragged away by fellow party goers and the only person depicted being evacuated is placed in the back of a police SUV.

The announced death toll exceeds that of all previous massacres perpetrated by a lone nut gunman.

America’s worst mass shooting in history: Death toll updated to 50 by Orlando police as Omar Mateen named as gunman

June 12th, 2016.

The Orlando Nightclub Attack.

After a seven month gap the cookie cutter psyops have resumed in the United States with another brazen and obvious psyop in Orlando Florida.

San Bernardino police chief Jaryd Burguan put it best during his press briefing following the San Bernadino psyop of last December. Despite having only hours earlier presided over a “bloody massacre” of some of the most vulnerable and one of the most violent incidents in the modern history of Los Angeles, Burguan described the event as “pretty generic.”

We are told that a gunman entered the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando at around 2am on June 12th and opened fire indiscriminately and that 50 people are dead and 63 wounded, a remarkable toll.

We are told that the gunman fired INTO THE CEILING and into the crowd who it is claimed numbered around 100. We are told that the gunman was armed with a hand gun and a semi-automatic weapon and had a bomb strapped to his body that was not detonated.

“One witness told Sky News there had been more than 100 people inside the venue for the club’s Latin night when the gunman entered the building and began firing into the ceiling and into the crowd.” (Source)

We are told that nine police shot the apparent terrorist to death.

The Facebook post.

We are told that the staff at Pulse nightclub posted on their Facebook page that people should evacuate the club after the shooting began.

This from the Guardian. “Staff at the venue posted on Facebook: “Everyone get out of pulse and keep running” and there were quickly reports on social media of an ongoing attack.”

So it is a small venue, a maniac has opened fire with a semi automatic weapon and the dedicated ever helpful staff are thoughtful enough to take the time out to post a message on Facebook advising patrons to leave the venue as if they would not have noticed the incident taking place before them.

Because almost everyone uses social media, the half -bright buffoons who design these events believe that twitter and facebook are the ideal platforms through which to bring an aura of verisimilitude to their pathetic work of fiction.

How obvious do they need to make it?

The post has now been removed along with the rest of the Pulse Orlando facebook page and despite being captured three times the page is also unavailable at the Web Archive. So we must thank the Guardian for repeating this obvious nonsense whatever their intent.

It gets better as according to CNN an off duty police officer was working security at the Pulse nightclub and quote “engaged the shooter as he entered the club” but despite this the killer was still able to walk inside, waste rounds with the attention seeking shots into the ceiling and still kill “around” 20 and wound another 42 before the police killed him.

20 Dead & 42 Wounded In Gay Nightclub Shooting At The Pulse Orlando After 3 Hour Hostage Standoff

While too high an iq can be used as a legal justification not to hire someone onto a US police force, it seems a little odd that many hours after the completion of the incident the Orlando police are not able to state how many people are supposedly dead inside the Pulse nightclub!

This is not a bombing where this can be difficult, it is pretty simple but they cannot say because that obviously comes from somewhere above them . They are as yet unaware how many victim identities have been assigned to the psyop by those who designed it.

USA: Multiple people dead inside LGBT nightclub say Orlando police

It is still theoretically possible the designated perpetrator could be an “angry white man”, the next most popular choice of patsy, but the suicide vest is a massive and obvious sign that this will be another fictional terror attack landed at the feet at the blameless Muslims of North America who can expect to be engulfed in a tidal wave of hatred in the wake of this staged event.

Police and bystanders in Orlando, June 12th, 2016.
Police and bystanders in Orlando, June 12th, 2016.

Echoes of San Bernardino.

Like the city of San Bernardino, the City of Orlando has been experiencing severe financial problems recently, making them an obvious and vulnerable target for conditional federal money.  In September 2014 it was reported that “the City Council will be discussing Orlando’s $52 million budget crisis and will have to vote on increasing taxes, cutting public services and an across-the-board 4.5% cut for every city department.” (Source)

It was very very funny the way that the US president was excoriated for not treating the San Bernardino incident as a terror attack. It appears that what at the front end was simply another gun control/mental illness themed psyop was hijacked at the midway point and morphed into a “terror event.”

One group are trying to run social control psyops like Charleston, Sandy Hook or WDBJ while another group who appear to have the upper hand now, are more intent on war on terror psyop buttressing the Zionist narrative regarding the dangerous nature of Muslims thus justifying Israel’s criminal half century occupation of both Israel and the leftover 22% that is supposed to be Palestine along with the disastrous middle eastern wars.

While that is completely speculative, it makes complete sense when you consider the target, a gay nightclub, the social control faction wanted their gun and social control psyop wedded to the winning gay rights movement. They obviously wanted to invest the gun control movement with that in much the same way as the Charleston psyop was designed to harness the civil rights movement by targeting a black church in the deep south where they still flew the flag of the confederates.

The fact that it was apparently Latin night at the Pulse only makes it clearer that faction one were seeking to serve the interests of the Democrat party by making Latinos the victims of a massacre and thus smearing the Republican candidate Donald Trump who has been accused of making numerous bigoted remarks about Latinos.

The idea that even an amateur self-starting Muslim terrorist would have the slightest interest in an obscure and small nightclub in Orlando is absolutely ridiculous. It is farcical.

The lack of respect for the audience can be distressing but at this point who can say that they are wrong in their assessment of the critical thinking ability of the broad US public?

Pulse Night Club Mass Shooting Orlando, FL June 2016

USA: Wounded led from scene of deadly Orlando nightclub shooting *GRAPHIC

Mass shooting in Orlando gay nightclub: Wounded evacuated from deadly attack scene

(This is a very funny piece of street theatre, we are presented with the heart warming sight of the overwhelmed patrons forced to carry the wounded from the scene, absolutely pathetic, genuinely laughable)

Orlando Shooting HOAX at Gay Nightclub Omar Mateen is a FAKER



Orlando Shooting HOAX Desperate Crisis Actor Fake Crying EXPOSED (Redsilverj)


103 thoughts on “The Orlando Nightclub “Attack”

  1. Last night I retweeted ‘Dominos’ to ‘Is Orlando becoming the new Chicago?’ Be honest, I never really paid attention to the incident. Isn’t this telling, carried on. How many die a day – and where? Numbed by numbers. Earlier, I’d retweeted a photo of a girl that stated, ‘Muslims are NOT terrorists’ – ‘Why would they be? But yes, needs reiterating’. And another, ‘Major Muslim Terrorist To Americans, “WE ARE COMING AFTER YOU” – ‘Major..? Yes there’s Islam-based terror but who holds the flags? Who is pulls the…’

    And now you shake-up my lack of attention. As though I don’t want to look. Will and do, obviously. But/and so do I weep (would that I would) for what? Been sharing my concerns, details over some stories, decreasingly matter among overturn-lies-journalism. In regard to incidents in US and Europe of ‘terror’-ism. At the very least, profiles of alleged killer manipulated to manufacture through to..?

    Here you come: Refusing to err on the side of broad-strokes, “we know they do false-flags, what’s it matter how far this one might be… lots going on, move-on…” Outcome: If it’s Islamic? That’ll do.

    Not here James. Thank God.

    My consternation is this. I recently listened to Bill Warner interview. Intend to listen again. Previously heard him and others – many there are. I take in, for me a balance; History, Koran-says, general research over communities attitudes, along with – personal communication with Muslims. Particularly ones met, again and again, who say; “the ones with bombs and guns etc, outside a war-zone? Are NOT Muslims”. Not bad ones, or those from an ‘extreme’ perspective – Not-Muslims. At all. I believe them. And the ones at ‘war’? Jacked-up on stimulants, grabbing the Koran because tribe-do, peer-pressured/threatened, into psyched-up hate. Not…

    ‘Islam/Muslim’, if not defined or discerningly expressed, can be dumb-blunt discrimination. At least add ‘-icist’, then we understand. Like some people’s use of the word ‘gay’ (oh, not supposed to use that – it’s ‘homosexual’). More alienation talk, without necessity. There are vast numbers gay and/or into Allah, those exposing the psyops and central-command sickos, would do well to encourage their viewing, let alone participation. Is what’s said, always considering this? Encouraging? Not necessarily, if I was a Crime of Empire busting companion in the fight and ‘one of them’.

    Sure, don’t pussy about and hide facts about crimes/nationality/religious beliefs. Discuss the subject deep and true-seeking but the divide and – trying to be – conquerors, are in full-swing. The enemy makes us..? This the most worst way they have.

    One solution: talk (more) to Muslims.

    Yes, yes, yes, Gay-mafia, yes, yes, hostile people with dreadful aspects of culture immigrating in. Truly dreadful. And a scandal to override public reluctance to open-borders. But, a football match can cause ideological violence, Donald talking to his fans etc. etc. And ask numbers of peoples and c/o cultures or what other drivers; attitudes to women, gay-people – what have you? Shocking discrimination. So dear man, your post stirs me thus. I almost don’t want you to boldly go… but must… lies are lies. Investigation is honesty in action. Today, looking at a bit in my Good Book, hadn’t so noticed; ‘when he lies, he speaks in his native language, for he is a liar…’. Haven’t done a study on it but ‘language’ / ‘native’ ?

    Mean to speak right but once something gets adopted, we might want to check it’s communicating what we mean.

    Not often enough here on ‘Crimes’ but never superfluous or duplicating. Stand in that gap.

    • Mark, I agree that muslims are not likely to blame for the terrorism. I believe its all orchestrated by “our own.”
      The migrant issue? Wat Muslims believe is easy to verify, whether the migrants are genuinely muslim or not. but I know among Christians that not all believe the same thing. But I know that some christians were quite silent about abortion clinics being bombed or doctors being shot. Now those, too, might have been carried out by agents pretending to be Christians. but why were the rest so silent?

      All I know for sure, it that Orlando is almost certain to be yet another psyop. I don’t think we have ever seen a genuine atrocity. Were it not for the governments, we would not have terrorism.

  2. It’s to get liberals on board with war and make the “global war on terrorism” into a gay friendly crusade, this sort of gay diplomacy is something the Obama Administration has already tried out with Russia. I say that as someone who rejects homophobia and voted for the gay marriage thing in my state. I just look for the agenda behind things. They control us through raw emotional responses to these news stories, they can predict how people will react without thinking.

    • Thanks Tyler, you make a lot of great points. I try and go by the Golden Rule and as far as i can see, homosexuality does not breach the Golden Rule but it is very clear they have become a vehicle fro something sinister.

      • The biggest problem with the gay community is they make all their decisions around their sexuality and it blinds them to many other subtle aspects of politics and they get used by manipulators.

    • I definitely agree with your sentiment, Tyler. one big multiple psyop to support a big war. I am going to puke now. Good post.

  3. This is part of the Jews’ methodology “Order out of chaos.” They engineer a terror attack in a way that makes the Jews look like they didn’t plan the whole thing out. Once these Terror attacks are over, The Jews pretend to promise that they will fix things back in order when they really want more power.

    • There does seem to be a lot of evidence for Jews comprising substantial amount of “influence” over matters here on earth. Even Moses warned them that in latter times, their disobedience to God would not be tolerated by Him. I personally believe that Satan made a deal with Jews while they were in Babylon. That 587 BC-539 BC. Babylon was only an empire for 70 years, 609 BC-539 BC. But she inherited a merchant network and tax collection system. Most Jews did not return to Judah/Jerusalem. the “opportunity” afforded in Babylon and its business and banking activities was too much to resist. Opportunities are many when wealth is abundant and with Satan on your side, you can go far (yet not far enough).

      Babylon was quickly taken over by the Persians/Medes who continued the massive trade and tribute (taxes) business. In turn, the Greeks continued on land and sea. At the same time, Carthage (Phoenicians: Tyre and Sidon, Canaanite origins right next to Israel and Judah) was also plying the waters and hinstory in prophecy indicates there was a substantial connection tween Javan, who populated the coasts and isles of SE Asian seas, the Pacific and Indian oceans. These are used figuratively to finger a riddle: “”Who is “Babylon the Great” of Revelation?””

      From these origins came forth this “Babylon” who ends up owning the world, so it says. I believe it. And on this topic you can find no better than the following:

      The reason its way better? Cause Christianity was infiltrated and ruined and remains so. You won’t find anything anywhere that can even come close to what I have revealed, Most never really did their home or took the right approach, There might be one other reason, but main thing is, you guy always approach matters of who is running what by political means and facts. And you probably unaware, as religious people are, that God foretold the entire history and fate of “Israel.” You need to know it and use it to your advantage. Religious people, so called, are more apt to listen to something from the Bible than from politics. Politics is too scary for them although they are pretty afraid of the Bible, too 😉

      Now there are key events in history that nail much of this. Rome ascending and waging war and conquering Cathage/Phoenicia after 200 years of war, was important. And who made up the Roman Senate is also very interesting by the time of Tacitus, who wrote under the Flavian Emperors. He said there were no Romans in the Senate and the the Tiber river flowed from the Orontes River, “so to speak, Tacitus spoke very carefully about this. The Orontes is in Syria, close to Israel, mind you. So who was Rome, really, by that time and what took place after? Rome fell about 400 AD and Venice was born. I can not fill in Venice entirely, but I can show you the start and how Venice migrated and assimilated into Europe.

      Venice was rightly a power in its own right, It has military allies and mercenaries and it was a powerful merchant and financier. Europe and the West would become dominant even now. The 1066 AD conquering was also very interesting because of William’s sponsors and “supporters.” they might better be called controllers. But the fact is was a very large island made it a perfect capitol for the start of an empire.

      Who runs the world today and from where. You know that answer. I have not written enough on the historical aspects yet. But I would not be hurt or upset if someone beat my @$$ to the punch. I’d be just fine with that. But I do hope you will consider backing up your politics with sound prophecy to aid it.

      Satan has been alive since we began as a species. He has been able to guide history and politics. He got China, far and away the most advanced and powerful empire to come about till our modern time. China shows up at Venice and hands off a huge amount to technology to Venice, that kicked off the Renaissance and European domination near to 1434 AD. You game?

      • Religion is the no 1 human scurge, a cancer of the mind, it’s caused more grief in human history than all other factors combined, and it proberly will be the cause of the extinction of all life on the planet in a nuclear war

      • Firstly, there is an o in scourge. The only worship involved with the Orlando incident is the worship of money and power. Religion and the nation are mere tools or devices that demagogues use to manipulate and control people but this does not disredit the beliefs that are abused in this way. whether that be the nation or any brand of spiritual beliefs.

      • To O’brienski (no doubt a fake name). to throw one big blanket over the word “religion,” is beyond stupid. Its like saying all politics is bad. Oh, wait, you might have something there afterall, But honestly, there are good and bad religions and good and bad political ideas. Can’t you be a little more specific? I’m gonna take a wild guess, You hate Christianity and especially prophecy. There is that embarrassing fact for the status quo that prophecy tends to be very accurate in describing what we are seeing going on around us now, all over the world. And it indicates bad intentions behind the lies dumped on us by the powers that be at this time. You and Chelsea must work at the same facility, eh? You both sound alike. But then again, all shills sound the same. its that cookie cutter mentality of mindless drones paid to lie and deceive. I’m sure glad I don’t have a job like yours or morals like yours.

  4. You probably need to leave your mum’s basement, get some fresh air and get some compassion for your fellow humans. This was real, a colleague of mine was killed.

    • A colleague whom you were unable to name!! Seriously though if this event was authentic it would be an immense tragedy. The evidence however indicates that it was a psyop and an attempt to manipulate the masses via their emotions hence my dispassionate approach. Thanks for comment.

    • Show me the evidence! I need to know who you are, and your former friend and much more. Got to have facts. I saw the video. That’s real evidence. I note at Sandyhook that not autopsy reports or death certificates are even allowed to be seen. As such, the state of Connecticut has failed to prove any case at all. If you encounter the same, there will be no way to prove your case.

      And I’ll have you know its very comfy in my mom’s basement. And as you might imagine, the women can’t keep their hands off me. I have to post my mother in the front yard to chase them all off. That’s the down side you know 😉 I luvs muh liife! And don’t believe anyone who says I live in a cardboard box. Just nasty rumors. Looking forward to the evidence. I love the truth and evidence happens to be a good way to get at that and we have the video. And more coming, no doubt.

    • Thanks Jesse, what appears to be happening is that BOTH SIDES of politics are seeking to exploit this event for all that it is worth. It probably does help Trump but given that Hillary is the Dem nominee that is fine with me.

    • Thanks anon. I try and wait for the dust to settle and the evidence to develop but this is honest to goodness nonsense and it is obvious. There are no bodies, no real wounded, no emergency medical response, and as the days go by these will mount and solidify. Thanks for comment.

      • The lady who could not find out if her son was still alive was adorable with those fake tears and fake crying. I know who I am voting for in the Oscars. NOT! 😛

  5. Pulse is owned by Ron Legler. Legler belongs to the same Tribe that owned all the venues in the Charlie Hebdo Hoax, and all the venues in the Friday 13th hoax as well.

  6. Queer times three

    Pulsation nation, a Vicious narration

    So amateurishly insulting – and the masses are buying it hook line sinker.

    Simply a test of how dummied down we are, and with each event they get away with, we get dumber and dumber.
    And ready for the next one.

    Our country, hijacked.

    • Many thanks for that James. It is hoped that as time goes by an increasing number of people begin to realise they are being manipulated. I noticed many encouraging comments on neutral Youtube videos about this event. No doubt you are right about the hijack part, we can only hope for an awakening and a restoration. Thanks again.

  7. With no evidence you delusionists know all the details and motivations and machinations within five minutes of an event. If you’re so fucking clued in to the deeper workings of the world, why can’t you pick it five minutes before?

    • Thanks NX. No doubt this piece may have strayed into the speculative. However, these events fit into a pattern and they share a certain style that does make it failry easy to pick very quickly. The ability to predict future events is a completely different kettle of fish. All I can say is that terror psyops and have been taking place for some time and they will continue until they are unmasked and the psychological impact is no longer achieved. .

    • No evidence. Nx, I am shocked. You watch the video. You didn’t see it? That’s evidence, my friend. It may not be as much as we would like, but it was clearly eye witness visual and auditory evidence. So now you r credibility is gone. You need to learn what evidence is or is not. Its not your fault, the schools don’t teach anything anymore. Its outrageous 😉 Now how is it that us resident geniuses here can spot a looney in 5 minutes or less. Honestly, I really wish I could say its cause we are geniuses here. Actually, James might be one, but if I must remain honest (its not easy), I have to deny myself that honor. It would be a lie if I didn’t. The t-reason its so easy is that when you you have seen 5 or more hoaxes, you have seen them all and they stand out more with each new one. in fact, they are not even half trying anymore cause someone told them that people would fall for far less and what do ya know, they were right. I know, I am disgusted, too.

      Now if I were smart, which I have already I am not, I would wait for even more evidence, as if more were needed, rjght? 😛 But really, I can predict everything that will come about. Because I am a prophet? Oh hell, no. A child could do this at this point. So I should not have to struggle too match a child, most of the time.

      Facebook will ban videos of this. Shills will attack Youtube videos and say I wear a tinfoil hat. OK, once in a while I do, but how would they know? I’ll have you know I make tinfoil look damn good . . . and I’m being modest! But there will be no bodies or names or probably no death certificates, either. How convenient. In fact, I’ll bet the media are writing down my words as I type and will follow that instead of their stupid stuff. Mind you, i’ll see no paycheck for that, either. There’s no justice!

      Oh, and we will see plenty more of bad acting and fake tears and lots of nonsense and war rhetoric. to copy this text and get back to me in a month or two if ya like. I’m going to predict at least a 90% accuracy rate. In the words if wrestler Triple H, “cause I am that damn good!” Oh, I wish it was true, but as I said, a 4 year old could do this now. and I am not much more than 5 myself, mentally. so I ought to know. Cheers!

    • I know, NX! 5 minutes is a long time to take to get on to this BS. Some of us are slow. But the signs are so obvious to intelligent people who have seen this movie too many times. It gets so boring and repetitive. In fact, I am going to be more speculative, not less in the next event to show the world how right one can bee with just the slightest detail offered., and slight is all the press ever gives us. We deserve more and better. There sure are a lot of shills that are showing up now. Imagine that. Its a sign that we are on the right track. Authorities are not happy. Oh, I am going cry some tears on that one. I’ll be sobbing for hours.

  8. […] “It is still theoretically possible the designated perpetrator could be an “angry white man”, the next most popular choice of patsy, but the suicide vest is a massive and obvious sign that this will be another fictional terror attack landed at the feet at the blameless Muslims of North America who can expect to be engulfed in a tidal wave of hatred in the wake of this staged event,” posted on Crimes Of Empire. […]

  9. It did seem very subdued for what was claimed to have happened. Reminded me of Sandyhook and Boston Marathon. But too many Americans are still falling for this crap. Its getting so old and routine. Future generations will never believe that something like the 21st century could have ever happened.

    • Thank you truth1, I was thinking earlier that historians will have to invent a term to describe this age of deception to future generations. I have no doubt that this era, starting from 911 will be viewed as the late decline of a West that was under the control of malevolent forces. This could last for centuries in theory but i suspect it cannot last even decades. Thanks for commenting.

      • Yeah, I don’t think that the intention is to preserve the world. I think it is to kill off the human species. But that is going to be interrupted. Of course, those at the top, might think they are going to live on, or live on in the spirit even as their “master” does. But their master is lying his @$$ off. He has already lost the contest and he is just trying to alienate as many from God as he can so that that they will not out last him when he is executed about 1000 years from now. But he will be paralyzed for the 1000 years before being allowed to test God’s creation one last time.

        So there will be historians in the future, And either way, 9-11 is going to be the pivotal event. Humans will have a chance to learn correctly and make the changes (or not) and be tested after 1000 years to see if they took the opportunity and lessons to heart or not.

        You would think that after all that, that no one would fall for the devil again, given his rotten track record and double crossings of the 21st century. BUt the Bible indicates there will be far more to follow the devil than not, surrounding the good. But that is as far as it goes then. god wipes them out and the rest live happily ever after as could have been the case if the devil has been willing to wait and let God guide the human race without lies and interference. So for that, Satan loses his life. Good!

        But now is an ideal time to learn as we see madness backfire and explode. But these are the ravings of a madman they say. Who am I to disagree 😉 I just like having fun.

      • Many thanks for that truth1. After your earlier comment i was trying to think of an appropriate name for this era. The best i could come up with was maybe the era of deception, converted to latin it is occasio deceptionis which sounds at least comparable to Anno Domini. Thanks for another great comment, all of your comments make complete sense to me so either we are boith mad or we are both sane. I pick the latter!

  10. Obvious staged event.

    Does not change the fact that the United States and Europe MUST BECOME homogenous again.

    Blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, Asians, and most importantly Jews must be expelled from White countries.

    The Jews are doing this. The Jews control ‘your’ media. The Jews control ‘your’ government. The Jews control ‘your’ psychological warfare division. The Jews control ‘your’ entertainment apparatus. The Jews control ‘your’ banking system.

    In a round about way, this seemingly favorable ‘event’ or ‘non-event’ would benefit those that have my opinion on expelling and deporting all non-Whites from White countries.

    But no. The left will view the right’s opinion that arabs should be prohibited from entering the USA and Europe en masse as a GREATER SIN than the fake shooting of a bunch of faggots.

    You are dealing with VERY sophisticated deception and weaponized illusion methods.

    Even when you are right about a staged event being ‘fake’. You can easily be wrong about why it was done in the first place.

    Take a look at the ‘events’ in Europe. Paris and Charlie Hebdo for instance.

    Do these liberals demand the removal of all arabs from their countries?

    Nope. They light candles and stand in the street to bring MORE OF THEM IN.

    This will also be used to demonize forbidden IDEOLOGIES. All forbidden ideologies.

    This included my ideology that can be considered ‘racist’ or ‘familyist’. Since I prefer my family to other strangers I must be a familyist. Get it?

    This is going to be used to go after guns and non mainstream approved Jew ideology. The Bolshevik Communist Jews are trying to disarm the White Americans and deem the non-PC views as ‘hate speech’.

    The threat is not terrorism, the threat is safe, peaceful, cohesive WHITE neighborhoods being overrun by Niggers and Kebabs.

    Look up the Affirmatively Affirming Fair Housing Act.

    In closing.

    The holocaust is THE BIG LIE.

    Everything you have been told about Slavery is a lie.

    And no planes were used on 9/11. They showed you a movie.

    • I really did enjoy your post, Faker. So much bold daring truth in it. But as well, it helps to employ the right strategy in overcoming a very cunning and sophisticated enemy. The problem is, there are so many enemies suggested on so many levels. I got one step further and higher than your self, for which I get called crazy or way out there. But I don’t think it is so crazy. I believe that a very twisted, maniacal mad-man in another dimension is primarily responsible for the madness down here on earth now. I refer specifically to Satan/Lucifer who goes by hundreds of different names, the original sock puppet master and liar.

      I believe that much of the secret exploitation going on, if far beyond the ability of men to figure out. They had help and hints in finding ways to exploit the human race/species. For Satan knows humans on a far greater level than we humans could ever fully realize and he has shown evil men how to be more evil.

      You bring up some damn good points about forbidden ideologies. for starters, the word “tolerance” has been blown way out of proportion to the absurd. Diversity is another ridiculous concept as well, I find unity cohesion to be fare more desired than diversity.

      But honestly, Faker, how far am I going to get, preaching Satan? I believe in Satan and his harm 100%. But then my sanity is questioned, but that was done long before I began the Satan thing, anyway. Likewise, you blame certain parties to which many will find objectionable as they do mine.

      Might it not be a better strategy to be a bit more coy and focus on a level that will not be immediately rejected. On a personal level, I don’t believe the solution to our problems are possible, unless one knows how to get rid of Satan. That is a job for God.

      If you choose another option, I have to still question whether it can be done or not. To illustrate. the Titanic was designed to take on water in 2 consecutive compartments below water level without sinking. Not a bad design but really, not enough, either. 2 torpedoes could be more than enough to bring the ship down and 1912 was only 2 years from a war long in the planning.

      but the Titanic experience the breech of far more than 2 compartments. Engineer Andrews found 3 compartments filling and realized there was no stopping the Titanic from sinking. He reports to the Captain that she is going down and has maybe 2 hours at best.

      Our world has less than “2 hours” now. I am being metaphorical, of course. We have gone too far and can not recover this “mission.” Its time to abandon ship. Nothing can be fixed at this point. Too much of the population has been “sensory-deprivated” so that they are nothing but idiots and animals who have no ability whatsoever to make decisions in their own best long-term interests. the ship is already half way under the water. You going to be swimming in ice cold water and you’ll only be doing that for 10 minutes or so.

      our schools have been depriving us of intellectual skills and appease our base instincts so that we have no ability to think intelligently. There is no solution, unless we are willing to accept “engineer’s” instructions. I’m talking about God. He has a ship waiting to rescue us, but He will not let anyone on board will will not recognize Him as the Captain of his ship and admiral of His Navy, and King of His country.

      I agree with your problems but disagree with your solution, but only respectfully. You show far more intellectual capacity than most. But for myself, I point out that we are fighting a global cabal elite crime syndicate family. I just say Global elite. its a big umbrella. But for example, I post lot, as of recent, in MGTOW videos and related to those, videos. They blame women for men’s oppression. I blame the global elite who made the laws and oppress and ruin men intentionally. I get a lot of resistance, but I am now starting to make an impact. FACT!

      The problem is that the Global elite fund feminism/SJWs and they also fund MGTOW promoters. I know you will recognize the pattern immediately. Fund both sides so that you can control and limit both sides. Neither side will admit they are funded or that the other side is funded. Isn’t that interesting. Some of the SOBs even delete my posts and Youtube helps. I say if you can not make progress on a small level like MGTOW, then you will not be able to go any higher. So why not try MGTOW. Look it up on youtube. and you will find my posts (maybe) as Truth1 just like here on wordpress.

      If we can crack open MGTOW, then there are more level above we can try. I am just suggesting that we start where we have a chance. to aim for the moon, not so practical. In fact, the last guys to pretend to try going to the moon, never made it. You don’t want to be like them, do ya? 😉

      • I call it Zionism 😉 It seeks to reestablish the law, temple, and priesthood as part of a world deception, complete with a fake return of the messiah. Come soon to a TV near you!

      • Many thanks for your contributions to this thread and the others truth1, thanks also for the Jon Rappaport link. I do not know his work very well but i did hear him interviewed about the Zika virus and he really helped clear that up for me.

  11. Some 20 to 30 shots were heard and we got about 50 dead and 53 wounded. That is a spectacular shooting result.
    It seems weird how before the killing, the shooter would round its victims up and let them send out texts or Tweets.
    The mother (or actress) of the missing guy is still making videos for ABC. In 100 wounded and dead, we only have a mother talking to ABC about her missing sun.
    It’s incredible how everybody must believe in these stories. The script of this event has been turned around many times.
    The police around the area seems very calm, like what happened was some kind of drill.
    It is a mock of an empire which desperately creates these illusions, in order to continue its war agenda around the world.

    • Jorge, the shooter was trying to conserve bullets so he carefully shot at people who had someone behind them so he could knock off at least 2 per bullet. Now being JFK conspiracy fan, I know all about single magic bullet theories and consider myself an expert when I am not in a straightjacket or on medication, which is rare. You believe in magic bullets don’t you? Don’t you ?? such a doubting Thomas!

      On the serious hand, also rare for me at times, your dead on right about these things supporting BS wars. This upcoming war is the silliest yet. not one real event. At least the Lusitania really happened as did Pearl harbor. On the other hand, I guess sparing many lives with phony psyops is better than real psyops were 3000 died in 911 and quite a few at Pearl harbor. That the best I can do for optimism combined with sarcasm.

    • There is a photo of a person who looks like a morgue employee wheeling what is said to be four bodies from the scene. There is no blood,no emergency medical response no witness descripotion of the shooter. They have not interviewed a single p[erson who even claims to have seen the killer. What was he wearing? Not a word about him from anyone. Thanks for comment.

      • You have to use your imagination, James. If I recall Peter Pan right, Tinkerbell asks, You believe in Fairies don’t you? If you do, clap your hands or something like that. Come on, James you can do it! No? Oh, another realist. Yeah, me too. Premature or not, I say its a fraud with great confidence. this ain’t my first time around the block!

      • All the morning news and talk shows on TV by 8:30 AM as I type, are all primarily about gun control and assault weapons. Imagine that! As they showed a gun store will all kids of those rifles, I realized that anyone could have one of those pretty easy. Why are they getting them? They sense something coming. But I am of the opinion that the assault rifles will attract government goons. Its not that I don’t sympathize with gun rights. In fact. citizens should be as well armed as their nations military, really, since no rights can exist without the ability to match power with power. Inferior power will always have to submit to superior power and force. But for Christians, it is proper, as I would interpret the bible, to remain “innocent as doves” so as not to give government thugs any reason for attack though it will not stop an attack. Satan hates those who follow God and Satan runs the world and certainly the USA and UK.

        But more to the point, how is it that banning guns is the real news? I thought people were killed and that sadness would be the result. But no, its guns. This was the same reaction as Sandhook had in late 2012. so it is clear what the agenda really is. The government does not like its citizens being armed. Further, I am hearing this shooter might have been gay and hung out at this bar.

        To be quite honest, being a student of government mind control techniques and its victims, I think it looks like a programmed victim/assassin like Sirhan Sirhan with RFK in 68.

        I agree with your comment that it will not make a bit of difference. Most of the earth is now dull in their senses thanks to curriculum starved “education” that teaches nothing and merely programs and conditions good obedient unquestioning students. As such, the die is caste. the intelligent are our numbered at at least 100-1 or 1000-1. Its not good no matter how you slice it. They will keep buying this crap and dying to give up their guns. the Nanny state is going to protect them, you know. And then Satan can do with them as he wished and he will. He’s been very busy these last 6000 years and his ultimate goal draws near.

      • Many thanks for that truth1. It is very sad the way these events are cynically used by a variety of groups to grow their power. It is very hard to get a handle on what has happened in Orlando, the stories keep changing all the time. Perhaps Omar Mateen was a mind controlled killer as you suggest. It is worth remembering that although Sirhan most certainly opened fire at the Ambassador Hotel in 1968, the fatal shot was delivered by someone else as RFK was shot at very close range behind the ear and Sirhan was always in front of him and was never close enough to have done it.
        All of the people who are simple minded are intelligent people, they have been dumbed down is all, they have been taught not to think over the course of a lifetime. So far as Satan goes the nearer the goals, the nearer their destruction too. Thanks again.

      • Great points about Sirhan and RFK. I got a good DVD on that. There were more bullets in the walls that on a WWII battlefield. I am surprised that Bobby was the only one killed in that kitchen 😛

        Paper and evening news make it clear there was no overseas connection found. That is to say, this is not a terrorist event or psyop. It is a gun control psyop like Sandyhook. Also hearing that there is a black out on it now as multiple witnesses are saying there was more than one shooter, Its already getting really interesting. My predictions missed the multiple shooter. Damn crystal balls are worth a crap, now days 😉

      • Thanks truthq it is quite funny to watch the different power factions squabble madly over the interpretation of the Orlando event. The Dems want it to be a hate crime for gun control, the Republicans want it t be a terror attack. It was clearly designed as gun control but they kind of lost control of the story. If you remember Sandy Hook, before it became clear what had happened there was a great controversy about multiple gunman and the arrested guy who disappeared. Many thanks for commenting.

  12. ACTUALLY, as much as it could have been set up it surely did happen. I live 2 miles from Pulse. Its actually a large venue and is usually always full of people. These people fucking died. Actually died and the hospitals were so full people were sent away to other hospitals nearby if they weren’t literally bleeding out right then because there were so many. Dont trust the media no but this is real and the impact here is insane. Someone died there that almost anyone knew and loved. Get better facts! Setup perhaps not a hoax.

      • Why don’t you come here and see all the blood all over the club? Or go to the hospital and see all the patients still in there? I understand your weariness as i’ve said similar things about other events that happened in other States but it really humbles you when this happens in your own city, on your own street. Check it out, otherwise you’re insulting 50 dead people who were brutally murdered for being gay and creating a beautiful environment for all kinds of people. This isn’t a fucking hoax and what happened isn’t on these people. Humble yourself because you do not know everything, as I don’t in times when I thought i was right about something like this. Many of our friends are dead and I wish others like you could understand the pain of this event. 🙁 Dude was a psycho, not part of ISIS. just a follower. RIP ORLANDO VICTIMS. RIP PULSE NIGHTCLUB. RIP FEELING SAFE.

      • Thanks for that Chelsea. No one is being insulted here, dead or alive and this is an unfair suggestion on your oart in my opinion. As I stated earlier, if this event has taken place it is an horrendous tragedy and horrific crime, however I am confident that in time it will become completely clear that this was a hoax although I do not expect that you will ever come to that conclusion. If evidence emerges of this events authenticity I will correct the record. Thanks for commenting.

      • They were waiting in moderation Chelsea. This is a tiny website largely run by one person and comments are not very frequent so it took me a few hours to notice the comments that you had made, I apologise for the delay.

      • it did happen. i am here. like i said, this was on my street. i saw all the aftermath and the blood and the wounded patients. come to orlando and see for yourself!

      • It is a great pity that you did not take any photographs Chelsea as they would comprise the only photographic evidence of the authenticity of this event. You have tried to provide evidence but none of what you have provided stands up to critical scrutiny. Thanks for commenting.

      • You’re saying they aren’t dead when they are my friends. How would I ever believe this is a hoax is MY FRIENDS ARE DEAD? Please explain this.

      • One funny moment in all this was when Christine Leinonen was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos and he asked her what her son’s full name was and she forgot that he has a middle name-Andrew, she did not know her own sons name when asked! This reminds me of the way you are unable to name any of the names or any details at all about your supposed dead friends. Kudos for trying so hard but the “how dare you’ tactic is not going to work here. The video that comprised your other comment is already embedded in the article so it’s inclusion is superfluous. Thanks for commenting.

  13. How nice to see such a volume of responses. The shills seem to have been waiting for this one. And lots of good posts, too, except for mine. I was off today and maybe a bit too much caffeine 😉 but like bad weather I keep coming back 😛 Hope to see more!

  14. It seems very strange that people being carried away, had any sign of blood on them.
    Also, compare the two photos of the so called terrorist. The one with the «NYPD» t-shirt is not the same as the one with glasses. They are very similar and they both appear in same style, but one has a square face and the other a long one.

  15. Yawn.

    What do you expect?

    Events like Orlando “terror” attack are a kind of blood ritual for the good ol’ USA–the United Satanists of America.

    They are a perverse sacrament for what is an occult American Empire.

    Indeed, America’s occult heritage dates back to days of the Founding Slaveowners and Masons… sorry, I mean freedom-loving Founding Fathers.

    And it is hidden in plain sight for all who have eyes and chose to see–from the “All-seeing eye,” pyramid, and Latin phrase NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM (“a new order has begun”) on the US Dollar Bill to the Masonic-inspired layout of Washington DC.

    This is not mention all the occult connections of Founding Fathers like George Washington, Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin, and James Monroe who were all Freemasons.

    Benjamin Franklin himself was a member of the Hell Fire Club in England, where all manner of occult rituals were performed including Black Masses, child sacrifices, and Satan-worship.

    200 years later, these blood rituals are called Mass Casaulty Shootings.

    • Love your name and love your post. It gave me goose bumps and the hee bee jee bees. Said so well that all I can do is applaud. The USA more than any other nation, is loaded with every sort of Masonic connection and symbol. Satan is not only alive and well, he is thriving. but the bible says, Woe to the earth and to the sea because the devil has come down to you with great anger, knowing that he has but a short period of time left. Almost over know. We just have to give him a little more publicity. Aw, he is such a shy one. He likes to keep out of sight. Were he to be thought to be real, people might start to think he was really behind this mess. So in hiding he tries to remain. Shame shame!

    • This is not aimed at you, Chelsea. Its my own twisted warped cynical, but often very perceptive (only in my own opinion, of course) look at things.

      the strawberry jam on the actor’s legs has stopped. It hardly got started. Nothing on the sidewalk. No evidence of blood on the dress except several small posts. bullets usually do far more damage than that. But morons will buy it. Now if the shooter had not been so cheap, and sprung the extra money, magic bullets would have been far more effective.. they can pierce like 5 different bone of at least 2 people and a limo and hard have a scratch on them. And then they fall out of the corpse on the gurney for the doctor to find. For my money, a magic bullet is the only way to go. In fact, its full limits and powers have never been tested. I know, they cost a lot more, but really, a magic bullet is easily worth more than 5 regular bullets cause of its guided radar and heat seeking abilities. Don’t settle for anything less if you want to wipe out a crowd in a hurry and leave no survivors. They are real hard to find, though. I think the NSA keeps them all. Maybe they would sell you a few. Who knows?

      Now I am not the smartest guy in the world. I finished 12 years of school. Ah, Maybe that’s why I’m a moron. too late now. Anyway, 50 bodies? They would have been all night. I can’t see one. If the army were taking 50 bodies, you would want a truck or a big cargo plane, for sure. I don’t even see a bunch of ambulances from different towns coming in. Its looks quite calm.

      You know, the Illuminati loves to display their symbols and handsigns and all that other crap. Weird dress or no dress at all or something really bizarre. They don’t hide what they do. They announce it all on the Simpsons and Family Guy. They like to brag and dhow off and rub it in our faces.

      Is this another pie in our faces? Another of their taunts? They so disrespect us that they actually enjoy, says I, putting on a really poor show, to show how stupid humans really are. But that is just dirt rotten because they made and crafted the education system that made everyone dumb and gullible. they rotted out TV programming. Ban and censor anything intelligent and then have the nerve to laugh as if it were all just the fault of us dumb sheep. So I have to say a “few” things about that. James will understand. He knows my handicaps, too numerous to mention here.

      Yes, people to some degree are sheep. and in the population, there are a much smaller percentage who are inclined toward being shepherds, if they are good, or wolves if they are bad. Shepherds love and care for the sheep, since sheep provide food for the shepherd and his family. they provide wool, And they are harmless sort of innocent animals. they do not prey on any other creature, they eat grass. Shepherds love their flock and care for them. Sheep can even be spare income in nomadic lifestyles.

      Wolves are a damn nuisance. They like to prey on sheep cause sheep are easy t kill. they have no weapons like claws, fangs, strength and the like. And sheep taste good, I gather. The odd thing with wolves is that if they break into a pen of sheep. they will kill every last one of them, just for the thrill. Wolves just love to kill. Its just instinct for them.

      How interesting that the “elite” wolves see the masses of people as sheep and cattle to sacrifice to this Satan character. They live by means of these sheep and yet have nothing but hatred and contempt for them, even though they benefit from these sheep, who look just like they do, I might add. why hate something so useful and beneficial. Because I am so dim witted, I can’t figure it out. Can anyone figure this out? so if the common people provide so much benefit for the elite, why would the elite want to treat them so bad and disrespect them so much and enjoy making there horrifically miserable and kill so many so senselessly? It is beyond all wonder . . . or is it.?

      I hate to say it, but could it be that this damned Satan character that thee are building statues to everywhere now and putting on display, and putting on ceremonies the celebrate Satanic crap, that this Satan dude might just be real? And the hate and contempt and animosity we see for the masses, could this be because of Satan? His followers certainly seem to have a good reverence for him or at least his attitude. Is he the one that hates with no limits and no mercy? kills for pleasure? Has no regard what so ever for decency or kindness to relatively innocent creatures who can be molded into nearly anything?

      I think he is real and real nasty, too. a first class pr!ck. And I’m being nice, too. and here is the other thing. Being easily malleable sheep is neither good or bad. How thee are molded is the responsibility of whoever the shepherd is. they can be dumb. they can be smart. they can be useless or very productive. But what they are depends on who the leader is. so really, the sheep reflect the shepherd. if they sheep are dumb and useless, guess whose fault that is? The elite and their master, Satan/Lucifer or my preferred name, @$$hole. I have others, too, but not here. they involve four letters or so.

      so the bosses laugh at the stupid sheep and I laugh at the stupid bosses. they think they are going to live forever, either here in in the spirit realm. But they don’t have a chance in hell of living much longer. So laugh it up, funny guys in power. Laugh real hard because your days are numbered, Your kingdom had been divided and your empire ruptured. Your going to be feeding the birds of heaven in probably 10 years or less.

      What? they won’t read this? Hah!, I know know t hey watch me like a hawk, they will read every word. I am such a star with that crowd 😉 The just love the hell out of me. 😛

    • Thaks for that Chelsea. if you look at the building in the background you will see it is pink and white. This building houses the Orlando Stand Up MRI business, located at 2010 South Orange, as the supposed wounded are carried further they walk in front of the Dunkin Donuts, located at 2000 South Orange, next door to the Dunkin Donuts at 1912 South Orange is the Pulse nightclub. Several of the wounded people in your video are being carried in the direction of the Pulse nightclub from somewhere else! There are no paramedics on the scene which means this must be well before the end of the event at 5 am, at which point the emergency responders had three hours to get there, so how can these people be carrying this supposed victim in the direction of the carnage from somewhere else? Thanks for your contribution.

  16. Like i said i guess i dont blame you as ive thought the exact same thing abkut many other events. You didnt ask for names and not all my friends are dead. People i wad acquainted with and people from my community. I didnt take pictures because like many people i was very upset in shock scared and devastated. Anything i said was not a “tactic” and i dont need to convince you of shit. I was just letting you know that this did happen so you look like a dick. If you try hard enough you can come up with a thousand “reasons” it didnt happen. I dont care what you waste your time doing, i was just informing you as a person who it affected because, as i said, this happened on my street. Im not a patriotic person, the government is a lying piece of shit and i dont fuck with politics. Im a hippie who loves life for what it truly is and was just a bit upset by this as i was still very upset about the tragic event that took place right by my house. Nobody can PROVE anything to you except for yourself lol so LIKE I SAID cAme to florida and find out or keep bouncing off each others bullshit explanations. Its real. Atleast the fucking dead people are. Theyre dead bro. Maybe the government did it, i dont know. But they are. Sry. Good luck w that 👌✌

    • Chelsea, there may be a few casualties or not. you have to pardon us a little if you have kept up on past psyops. so many well demonstrated frauds that surely it could be understood if we were naturally or defensively skeptical from the start. I have yet to see convincing evidence and talk shows with videos on the net all seem to be skeptical as well. Only the Media seem convinced of their own reports. I stand with James and others on this. I need to see more to change my mind because the media are noting buy liars and cover-up artists. What are your views on media reliability?

      • Media reliability is nonexistent, obviously. If you were in my place, a fellow conspiracy theorist, you would also agree that you have read into the wrong aspects of this event. Perhaps you’ve let your mistrust in the government and media (that are rightly so) make you blind to the truth about the situation. A conspiracy, sure, yes. More than likely. But the deaths are real and the people were killed. Im mind boggled too brother. “Dont hate your enemies, it creates poor judgement”

      • Chelsea, I am sure you mean well. And I bear no hate toward anyone except government manipulators who use people like toilet paper. The net is on fire now about this and some (quite a few) are are calling this the most poorly executed psyops to date. Sloppy, pathetic. I h ave seen no bodies and few names. Just a few minutes ago, they are still referring to the 49 people, but no names and little in detail. Always very vague distant references. I have seen nothing to justify my believing the report. And Yes, I do require evidence for any media report. Have done this since the Oklahoma bombing in 1995, where I first was awakened to the greater evil that goes on around me.

        It is not unusual for people to trust the world around them. Most do. But I would say that that would be a mistake. I believe that what has been going on around us since 95, demands a greater level of skepticism and vigilance in regards to all peoples, parties, religions, etc, demanding good solid evidence from anyone anywhere making any declaration. Vigilance does require more effort, but with rewards as well. I write on blogs and sites like this to warn people that not all they see is real and they need to test out “every inspired expression.” That’s my policy, for what it is worth.

  17. Hi James, I don’t know if you have seen this video on you tube:

    It’s the actor who is Omar Mateen, in one of the photos.

    As we still investigate another tremendous lie, given by US mainstream media, the press and television have already forgotten Orlando’s shooting and turned quickly to other subjects.

    • Thanks Jorge, I have seen that clip and noticed also that Omar Mateen appeared in another quasi documentary named Love City, jalalbad.
      In Love City mateen plays a character named Bad Boy. It is also interesting that the Big Fix is not an authentic documentary in the sense that the section featuring Omar is supposed to be filmed by a secret undercover camera but the shot is filmed from several angles. You describe the situation well. “As we still investigate another tremendous lie, given by US mainstream media, the press and television have already forgotten Orlando’s shooting and turned quickly to other subjects.” The politicians quickly moved to bickering over whose interpretation of the event would dominate the narrative. Thanks for comment.

  18. I’m sorry but you’re wrong lol it was 50 people and all of the names have been released and they read them off infront of 50,000 crying orlando occupants the other day. and i was there too. i like that he called me a “shill” though lmao i’d rather someone slit my throat and fuck it like a bloody vagina than work as a “shill” trying to convince meaningless strangers on the internet that the shit was real lol, that’s hilarious. drive yourself crazy finding “error” in this tragedy, i don’t care. i was just sharing my piece and letting you know it is very inaccurate. if someone shot me today they probably wouldnt put “proof” of it on the internet for everyone to see but i’d still be dead lol. they don’t tell us shit man i get it. js. it happened. and if you really like doing this blogging to expose government lies then you should start traveling and taking your own pictures and seeing the aftermath of these things yourself. that way you aren’t just talking from your butthole bc the government didn’t blog it w pictures themselves lol it would seem much more credible. i’m js all conspiracy theorists would agree with all of this page as would i had i not been here lol. but have a nice day people! Also, take some time to appreciate the beauty left on Earth, you won’t regret it.

    the shill trololol

    • You know, Chelsea, the odd thing is, were I a shill and the Orlando thing a fraud, I would have said the very same thing you did. Another odd thing stands out. Normally, this blog does not get a lot of visits, even though it should merit and get lots of visits. Yet, oddly, It gets a visit from a direct witness of the events, so it is claimed, within 24 hours, right to this “obscure” blog. What are the odds? Just a little better than a snowballs chance in hell for 15 minutes or so. I have the feeling that maybe this blog is not so obscure anymore, at least in the eyes of those who watch stuff like this. James, you’ve made the big time. And that could be a good thing or it could be a bad thing. But it is what it is.

      AS well, Chelsea, your implication after the post I am responding to, is that things should be based on solid information. Solid means real tangible evidence. You were one witness and not convincing photos. you need more witnesses (at least one more that we can verify) and photos and other evidence that none of us had at the time of reporting. But I am absolutely certain that James will provide any and all valid data he can find, if he were to render a final verdict. But we may never see any valid evidence like death certificates, post mortem autopsies, etc. The State of Connecticut has offered no real evidence that a crime at Sandyhook ever took place. All standard evidence has been withheld, it it was ever had in the1st place.

      That is the absolute truth. We await for evidence to follow for Orlando. but if history is a good predictor of the future, we will not see any evidence ever forthcoming, sad to say.

    • Chelsea, there have been far too many fake events, like 911, fake in that they were demolitioned, and not brought down by jets and fuel, an impossibility declare by many good engineers. Too many events like this have happened so that the media and governments now are obligated to show more evidence than previous, to prove an event happened and is authentic. There are many good sensible people who do not believe Orlando has been legitimately reported by the media. Many who were there report more than one gunman. I have heard no good explanation for that but its not the first time such a thi8ng reported. The Aurora shooting was said by many there to have more than one gunmen. What is the explanation for this. We have been fed brutal lies since the day JFK was shot in broad open daylight. Pearl Harbor was un-necessary and Washington kept silent even though they knew it was coming.

      But at least you accept your mantle of shill now. We were never in any doubt, ourselves.

  19. “For any reputable person or organization to be successful, that person’s or organization’s actions must be based on solid information, not conspiracy theories, not hearsay, not rumors, and certainly not fear mongering.”
    ― Mike Klepper

    • To Chelsea. reputable people, real reputable people, do not require success, because success can only be had by selling out to the status quo. The Status Quo hates conspiracy theories, hearsay, rumors, and fear mongering, because that is what they call truth, for which they have no antidote. They try hard to suppress it but it keep coming up and coming back. There is not suppressing truth unless one is not opposed to senseless unjust killing of truth proponents. In fact, tey very words the status quo uses for truth are lies, and what they use for lies, they call truth. Its called inversion. It is their most outstanding trait.

  20. James,

    I want to thank you for this site. I have been in and out of slumber since 9/11. I recently had my eyes opened again when I was looking at some things related to Sandy Hook. It is easy to give up and go back to sleep at times because good information is difficult to find. Now that I have found crimes of empire, and, I can read and learn.


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