Turkey’s Descent into Tyranny.

Refik Tekin in better days.
Refik Tekin in better days.
Kurdish civilian lies bleeding in the street following the Turkish army fire.
Kurdish civilian lies bleeding in the street following the Turkish army fire.
Refik Tekin recovering from the gunshot wound to his leg and awaiting arrest.
Refik Tekin recovering from the gunshot wound to his leg and awaiting arrest.

February 2nd, 2016.

The Plight of Refik Tekin and the Turkey’s Descent into Tyranny.

The footage of civilians coming under fire in Cizre, Turkey was photographed by a man named Refik Tekin, a cameraman and photographer  for the national Turkish television network IMC news. Refik Tekin survived the gunshot wound to the leg he received in the incident that left at least two dead and ten wounded and is recovering in Mardin State Hospital.

Police stand guard awaiting Refik Tekin’s recovery as whilst he lay in hospital Refik Tekin has been designated by a Turkish Court as a “separatist terrorist organisation member”

Refik Tekin: Turkish Cameraman shot in the leg by security forces faces terror charges

Police Judge, Rule on Journalist Refik Tekin

“the order submitted by Şırnak Provincial Security Directorate has instructed to keep Tekin under surveillance during his stay at the hospital and to take him into custody and have his testimony after being released from the hospital.”

“Both the documents prepared by Chief Prosecutor M. Sait Köseoğlu and Şırnak Provincial Security Department use the expression “separatist terrorist organization member” concerning journalist Refik Tekin.”

So having shot and wounded him after opening fire on a non-violent group of people the Turkish authorities are seeking to claim that they were attacking the PKK and therefore Refik Tekin must be a member. It is transparent nonsense but sadly typical of Turkey under late era Erdogan who shows clear signs of delusion.

Rafik Tehin had previously earned the ire of the Turkish ruling party having photographed ISIL/Daesh fighters openly crossing the Turkey/Syria border unimpeded by Turkish officials.

Photos and videos by Refik Tekin (@RefikTekin) | Twitter

ISIL/Daesh fighters cross the Syrian Turkey border.

AKP Conducting Widespread Assault on Civil Society.

Journalists, Academics and Lawyers targeted by Erdogan regime.

The decision to portray Refik Tekin as a member of the PKK is mirrored by the widespread attempt to intimidate any who would criticise the futile South Eastern operation against the PKK, or mention issues of political corruption. Saying anything that contradicts the official fiction of the Turkish state is enough to warrant dismissal or arrest.

At the most moderate level journalists are sacked for speaking on the subject of Government corruption, a mention of the term shoebox is sufficient to qualify, and any criticism of the Government, even delivered second hand, are grounds for immediate dismissal.

Turkey police find shoeboxes stuffed with $4.5 million cash in bank chief’s home: report – NY Daily News

State-run TRT fires radio show host for reading critical tweet

Turkish newspaper columnist fired over tweet critical of Erdoğan

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists fourteen Turkish journalists are currently incarcerated and  ridiculous charges such as “spreading terrorist propaganda” (applied against completely bland anti war messages) to the ludicrous criminal charge of “targeting members of the Government” (for criticism) and espionage charges for those who have uncovered Turkish support for ISIL/Daesh.

Turkish Journalists Arrested For Espionage After Exposing Corruption | Observer

They are  attempting to make criticism of members of the Government a criminal act. It is an absolute joke that such a state would even be considered a candidate for the EU but the admission of Bulgaria indicates that a gangster government is no disqualification.

Four journalists face trial for ‘insulting’ Erdoğan

Turkish journalist faces eight years in jail for ‘insulting Erdoğan’

List of arrested journalists in Turkey – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Threats abd red crosses on the doors of Academics who signed the anti-war petition.
Threats and red crosses on the doors of Academics who signed the anti-war petition.
Turkish organised crime figure and Erdogan ally Sedan Peker- issued bloodcurdling threats against the anti-war academics.
Turkish organised crime figure and Erdogan ally Sedan Peker- issued bloodcurdling threats against the anti-war academics.
Sedat Peker (sideways in the blue suit) meets with Turkish president Erdogan.
Sedat Peker (sideways in the blue suit) meets with Turkish president Erdogan.

27 Turkish academics detained for signing critical declaration on Southeast

One memorable recent example of the increasingly brazen tyranny of the AKP was the case of the academics detained and charged for signing an anti-war petition. Academics who signed the petition were also targeted by public death threats from the ultranationalist organised crime boss and Erdogan supporter Sedat Peker.

After Erdoğan, crime boss threatens academics who call for peace

Notorious criminal threatens academics calling for peace in Turkey’s southeast

Fascism deepens in Turkey: Erdoğan’s friend threatens to take shower with the blood of scientists demanding peace

Prominent Kurdish human rights lawyer Tahir Elci was shot to death in the street as he gave a press conference calling for peace. Turkish police have unsurprisingly made zero progress in that murder investigation.

Top Kurdish lawyer shot dead in southeast Turkey | Reuters

Press TV journalist Serena Shim‘s death in late 2014 was not an accident and the identity of the perpetrators is no mystery, the key protector and facilitator for ISIl tasks in the border region have been filled by the MIT intelligence organisation.

Serena Shim killed in Turkey days after she claimed intelligence services had threatened her | Daily Mail Online

White House, Media Silent One Year After Murder of US Reporter Who Exposed Western Links to ISIS

ISIL Truth and the Suspicious Death of Journalist Serena Shim: Hypocritical Western Media Remains Silent | Global Research

Authoritarian Rule?

‘Turkey suffering from mass fascism since Gezi protests’

Has Turkey Become a Fascist State? | New Eastern Outlook

Jailed Turkish editor slams EU deal with Erdoğan’s ‘fascist government’ The Guardian

Brutish authoritarianism is being exercised against opponents of the policies of the Turkish Government and corruption whistleblowers. Sibel Edmonds has pointed out that these policies in Turkey are not unique to the current Government and also that Western Intelligence has several hand picked replacements waiting in the wings.

These details do not change the fact that the conduct of the AKP Government has severely damaged Turkey domestically and internationally and the level of tyranny is completely unacceptable in any era.

Ergogan is a demagogue waving the flag of Islam for convenience. Erdogan is an organised crime figure first and foremost and no more a Muslim than the Skull and Bones member with (alleged) large interests in the international drug trade George H.W Bush was a Christian.

Where will it end?

The Civil War has been cynically restarted in Turkey due to anxieties about Kurdish gains in Iraq and Syria, the relationship with Russia has been completely trashed for the same broad reason, out of frustration at the failures of the Syria regime change effort, one almost forgotten fact at this point is that Turkey and Russia were close enough that Turkey agreed to allow Russia to build and operate Turkey’s first nuclear reactor.

Russia halts work in Turkey’s first nuclear power plant after spat – officials | Reuters

Turkey May Owe Russia ‘Hefty Compensation’ if Nuclear Plant Not Constructed

The economic relationship is huge for both states and the path for Erdogan’s departure has been paved by his massive errors on the international stage.

Yesterday Turkey complained that a Russian SU34 fighter jet had entered Turkish airspace. Today video has emerged that is claimed to depict the Turkish military firing artillery from Turkey against Syrian Russian troops in Latakia, where the Turkish backed insurgents are facing complete defeat. It seems absurd that the Turkish military would fight a war with Russia in order to somehow save the failing Syrian regime change operation, but stranger things have happened.

‘Irrefutable proof’: Turkey shells Syrian territory – Russian military

Do yourself a favor.

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11 thoughts on “Turkey’s Descent into Tyranny.

  1. Another nation lying and abusing power. Oh, tell me its not so! OK, kidding aside, Its hardly surprising that Turkey has gone mad, if it ever was sane to begin with. Lies and excuses for outrageous and uncalled for killing are typical for nation states. What baffles me more is how people can be so blissfully unaware or unconcerned about so many atrocities taking place all over the world and by nations who claim to be so moral and holy. And none, in my mind, are more obvious in their split personalities, than the USA and the UK, where they talk law, order, and justice all the time, and rights and respect and tolerance and their leaders all wear halos on their heads. You would not expect to see butter melt in their mouths. But from these SOBs come the biggest phony liars and treacherous deceivers that Satan has ever concocted.

    It is is these 2 big giants among nations that often influence the likes of Turkey. Being such giants, who knows how much of Turkey’s actions are really just a proxy for the US/UK crime sin-dicate. And the US/UK are nothing more than the most visible of Satan’s worshipers carrying out his search and destroy missions. so Turkey is a problem, it would appear. But I fear we have much bigger problems behind Turkey, as I see it.

    Now just to soothe some who think the US/UK are Christian nations, they are not Christian but Christians inside those nations are not to blame for that our nations do behind our back or underneath the table and in the depths of darkness. For the truth is that politicians are elected based on promises and assurances made during campaigns, which they then ignore when they get into office. Citizens of a nation state are, without dispute, slaves who have no recourse against their leaders and bad laws. Our leaders are not accountable to us and we are more than fully accountable to them and obligated to give them whatever money they ask or demand of us. The world is really just one great big plantation and we are all slaves to our masters and we can not quit or walk away. Run a way slaves will be caught and brought back and put back to work.

    But at the least, I wish the slaves cared more about what their masters are doing with them and others.

    • Many thanks for that comment truth1, you make a lot of excellent points. As to why people prefer to ignore this stuff, it is too depressing I assume and does not fit inside the reality bubble that most of the people of the West choose to dwell within. I think I understand this tendency as I followed it for most of my life. You put it very well.
      “Citizens of a nation state are, without dispute, slaves who have no recourse against their leaders and bad laws. Our leaders are not accountable to us and we are more than fully accountable to them and obligated to give them whatever money they ask or demand of us. The world is really just one great big plantation and we are all slaves to our masters and we can not quit or walk away. Run a way slaves will be caught and brought back and put back to work.
      But at the least, I wish the slaves cared more about what their masters are doing with them and others.”
      I completely agree and can only add that we have a special form of slavery that is masked by multiple illusions. I have been thinking about ways to make the leadership accountable and the best I can come up with would be some type of widespread tax strike until the Federal reserve is audited or reformed. You may have a better idea and obviously the demands could be anything, but I thought the Federal reserve may be a good starting point and in my opinion a tax strike would be one way to get the attention of the Government without violence.Many thanks for a great comment.

      • While I would love to see the Fed audited, I know that is impossible since mind control slaves make huge transfers in small branches of the Fed as those are not monitored with cameras and video and thru these transfers, they can manipulate any aspect of the Fed. That is to say, means were designed from the beginning to manipulate the Fed without being able to trace it, really.

        With-holding taxes is not possible since most employers deliver our money to the IRS so that we can not withhold it from them.

        Our only means of resistance was eliminated during the growth of the Industrial Revolution, whereby most left farming for jobs in industry. Owning enough land to sustain a family and community was our eternal stronghold, which we gave up. Now we are at the mercy of employers. With our own land, we were much better insulated against bad times.

        Then taxing land (property taxes), meant we no longer owned it if we failed to pay our “rent” to the government. Worse, where I live, if you fail to pay your property taxes for 3 years, they can just take your whole house/property, even if you come up with the money then. So a $200,000 home can be taken for say a $10,000 debt. The other 190,000 of value on the market? Its gone and bids go out to buy it outright and someone walks away with a serious savings and potential profit in turning the house over. So quite literally, they can steal your house rather than let you sell it and give them their due. You are not allowed to sell it to pay. You have to be able to pay with sale being blocked. This assured that someone else will get your house for next to nothing and profit hugely from it.

        This is the evil we are surrounded in. but this has all been allowed to take place so that there can only be one real option and 2 choices. Choose God and be rescued from evil and live forever. Or choose evil (Satan) and soon die in a conflagration of disasters and war. The devil does not want to allow an escape route. But God does provide on possible route of escape.

        We have seen how some humans conspire to enslave all other humans and treat them as cattle. Most do not understand the very short book of Habbakkuk and how it describes this very thing.

        The right to own land has long been abolished. But land enough to raise a family on, was a right God provided for in Israel. Think about it. A government providing free land to live in and grow on. Who ever heard of such a thing. It was done in ancient Israel. Those days are over but God will bring them back.

        But our society should be designed to allows a couple to start off debt free and independent or at least guarantee a balanced controlled economic system that provide a man to support a modest family and the wife remain to care for and teach the kids, along with the father doing so. Ha ha! I should really get off these hallucinogens. Look at the crazy ideas they cause in my head 😉

      • Thanks for that truth1, I was just thinking out loud. In many ways it is none of my business but from the point of view of someone on the outskirts of the Empire, where our leaders obey the edicts of the people who run the US, it seems impossible for us to achieve freedom without it happening first in the US as our entire politics and culture are based on the US model.You make a good point about tax, we have a similar system here and I should have thought of that. These were just idea bubbles, possibly better left unspoken. I agree with you about farming and the removal of the people from the land has been a gigantic plot that has worked well for them. I will read the book of Habbakuk that sounds very interesting.I agree with you that a patch of land and a home should be a human right. Many thanks for response.

      • Imagine suggesting to a politician that government should GIVE us land for free. But the king gave land grants in the “new world,” apportioning it out to those owed political favors rather than reserve it for new couples starting out. People love to dump on God and the bible But I challenge all the world to show me a system even 1 tenth as generous as what God Provided in granting free land to a couple to have forever, with no tax on the land ever. Only what the land produced could be taxed 10% of livestock and food plants/grains to support the priesthood and temple that promoted, recorded, and protected the worship of a God who wanted people to live free and independent, without an overseer breathing down their necks.

        But everyone seems to prefer Satan’s multi-government system of slavery and abuse because he lets them indulge their libidos without any restraint. Unplanned pregnancies are no big deal to them. Just getting their genitalia ticked by anyone and everyone is all that matters. Our genitals get us into more damn trouble.

        But that we are born into debt and remain in tax debt throughout our lives matters not. Being enslaved to employers who are petty, abusive, and unreasonable is of no concern to them. I remain baffled and befuddle. So we are all brutally enslaved and our labors and lives are harvested without end. This is the message of Habakkuk, He laments at the horrors of the vicious Chaldeans who show no mercy and take everything everywhere with voracious greed.

        This is the system we have and that people prefer, to having God over them. But God is the one candidate I would go the polls for and cast a vote. I cast it in other ways as an advocate. But I do not vote in elections because I believe the whole game is rigged and I lose no matter who wins. But seems as it is campaign season, I say the world, vote God and see Satan abolished. And God does no much care if anyone votes for Him or not. He’s already got people who have caste their vote for Him and these He will rescue and start the world over with, and then land will be free and niceness and decency will be the law.

        Oh! God’s campaign HQ? Forgive my conceit, everyone, but you can find it at truth1.org
        I campaign for Him year round, every year. I think He’s make a real good leader and not a bad God, either. But that’s just me 😉

      • Thank you for those fine words and sentiments truth1. I have not yet managed to read the Book of Habbekkuk unfortunately but will do so now. Many thanks for that comment.

  2. Sad thing is I know a lot of people from Turkey or people with relatives in Turkey, and they’re *all* utterly baffled at what’s going on. Most of these people are relatively liberal, Westernised and only moderately religious, and the way one of my friends put it to me recently was interesting; he said “it’s like I just went to bed one night, and woke up in the morning and suddenly Erdogan is insane and Turkey is becoming chaos”.

    • Yes, it has been a remarkable act of vandalism we have seen from the AK party with the June election seemingly triggering a complete meltdown. Thanks for your comment Burning Blogger of bedlam and I hope that Turkey returns to the nation your friends remember in the near future.

    • I think someone might have whispered something into Erdogan’s ear and made him “an offer he could not refuse.” As we have seen in Europe, leaders do not act in the interests or desires of their citizens but instead, follow what hidden world rulers tell them to do, even if it betrays the citizens of the nations they rule in. The most wealthy and powerful bankers run it all now and they give everyone their “marching orders.” I would call it a sign of the times. Our leaders tend to be our enemies.

      • Thanks for that truth1now, you have described the situation very accurately. The only thing I would add is that the “secret rulers” are very good at spotting human weakness and exploiting it. In Erdogan’s case the weakness seems to have been vanity, so they seem to have said to him, “Help us with Syria and you’ll be our man in the region.” When the US failed to bomb after the al Ghouta chemical false flag attack, the plot floundered, but Erdogan and the Saudis refused to understand what had happened and they still persist with the plot even after the Russians completely ruined all hope of military victory. Thanks for comment,

      • Interesting James. Sound like some more backroom maneuvers. Maybe the secret rulers got cold feet. or maybe Turkey and the Saudi’s are a bit on the foolish side. Well, its more fodder for the coming headlines. We can always count on that.

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