Israel’s Dangerous Game in Syria.

Israel F15 fighter bomber from Ha'aretz.
Israel F15 fighter bomber from Ha’aretz.

November 13th, 2015.

Israel still bombing Syria.

Israel has now conducted at least two sets of air strikes inside Syria since the Russian entrance into the Syrian war in support of the Syrian Government.

The Joint Committee.

Before the start of the Russian operation in Syria, Russia sought to avoid confrontation with Israel by forming a Joint military committee to co-ordinate between the two forces.

Israeli, Russian Armies to Form Joint Committee on Syria Actions

Russia, Israel to Launch Consultations on Coordination in Syria

The Understanding.

There was an understanding, although this was never entirely spelled out, that now that Russia was openly fighting on the side of Syria, Iran and Hezbollah in Syria, that Israel would respect the fact that Russia is a greater military power  and cease its bombing of Syrian government and allied forces inside Syria..

As Russia Moves Into Syria, Israel’s Red Line Is Dissolving Before Our Eyes- Haaretz

With Israel Grounded by Russia Syria Recaptures ISIS Farms on Golan Heights | Veterans Today

Putin Hints Russia Will Clip Israel’s Wings Over Syrian Skies – Haaretz

Russians to the Israelis: Back Off or Face War! | Veterans Today

The Russian assumptions on this matter were articulated in this interview with Russian academic from the Middle east Center at St. Petersburg University Alexander Sitnichenko although Mr. Sitnichenko never actually makes the comment attributed to him in the title about Israel having no choice but to support the Russian operation.

Russian analyst: Israel has no choice but to support Russian military operation in Syria

At the end of the interview Mr. Sitnichenko alludes to an ultra Zionist plot to build the Third Temple on the site of the al Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem and states that according to Christians and Muslims this event would precipitate Armageddon.

The al Aqsa Mosque compound in East Jerusalem.
The al Aqsa Mosque compound in East Jerusalem.

The Reality.

The first sign that the Russian Israeli Joint Commission may not have succeeded in its goal and that Israel would not accept Russian military superiority and back off came in mid October when it was reported that Russian jets intercepted Israeli fighter jets over Lebanon and caused them to return to their bases without conducting whatever operation was intended.

Report: Russia blocks Israeli jets over Lebanon – Israel News, Ynetnews

What coordination? Russia and Israeli warplanes play cat and mouse over Syria

On October 30th Israel attacked several Hezbollah and Syrian positions in the Qalamoun region of Western Syria close to the Lebanon border. Debka file, an Israeli intelligence outlet, described it thus:

sources described a large number of Israeli airplanes as bombing a Hezbollah unit based in the village of El Ain in northern Lebanon and the arms depot of the 155th Brigade of the Syrian army at Al-Katifa to the east.

First Israeli airstrikes reported in Syria since Russian intervention | IHS Jane’s 360

Report: Israel Strikes Syrian Military Bases, Hezbollah Targets Near Syria-Lebanon Border – Haaretz

This attack was followed up with a fresh wave of attacks on November 11th on Syrian Army facilities in the area of the Damascus airport.

Other than the location of the attack and the ritualistic, inevitable claim that Israel was striking missiles destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon, no details on the target or casualties are available.

PressTV-‘Israel jets strike near Syria airport’

Israel Reportedly Hits Syrian Army Sites in Damascus, Local Media Claims -Haaretz

Syria says Israeli airstrikes hit near Damascus airport

Part of the intention may have been to distract from the successes the Syrians and their allies are achieving in Aleppo province where the insurgents are suffering severe setbacks and taking heavy losses in personnel, equipment and territory.

Prior to the Russian intervention Israel had conducted more than a dozen attacks on Syria throughout the Syrian war, the most memorable and infamous being the apparent tactical nuclear strike on a military base on the outskirts of Damascus in May 2013.

Israeli Nuclear Attack on Syria, All Known Footage

Russia has recently installed sophisticated anti-aircraft systems at its base in Syria.

Source: Missile systems shipped to Syria protect Russian air force group | Russia Beyond the Headlines

“A joint air defense system has been set up in Syria with Russia’s participation, which protects all military and strategically important civilian sites, including the Latakia airfield, where the Russian air group is based now,” the source aid.
The joint air defense system in Syria also includes modernized Osa, S-125 Pechora-2M, S-200, and other systems, he said.”

Russia has also in recent days agreed to supply the S300 anti aircraft system to Iran. A fulfillment of a long-delayed contract and another action that Israel violently opposes.

PressTV-‘Iran to receive Russian S-300 by year-end’

Why Russia’s S-300 Deal With Iran is Shrouded in Secrecy

Massacre in Beirut.

Borjal-Barajaneh Hezbollah;s heartland and stronghold in South Beirut has been struck by two explosions that have left at least 37 dead and almost 200 wounded., The area has been the site of several previous terror attacks in response to Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria.

When the takfiri mercenaries and dupes face defeat on the battlefield they respond with these low tactics.

Over 30 killed, dozens wounded as twin suicide bombings rock Beirut – reports — RT News

PressTV-27 killed as two blasts hit Beirut suburb


There is a lesson to be learned from the coincidence of these apparently disconnected events. The Metrojet massacre, the IAF attack on Damascus airport and the latest terror massacre in South Beirut are all coming from the same source.

The Sunni extremists of al Nusra and ISIL and the Israeli Airforce and their German and US comrades each serve the same master. They belong to the same team and they act in coordinated manner.

If Russia allows them to continue with these operations Russia itself will appear to be a paper tiger and an ally of limited value.

Russia surely must find a way to convince Israel that any further violations of Syrian sovereignty are not in their interests.

Hopefully this can be achieved without the use of force but sadly, force may be the only thing they understand., it seems that until Russia finds the will to teach Israel a painful lesson these atrocities will continue all around the world as the coalition of the wicked protest their relative impotence with these terrorist attacks.

Today SITE intelligence is reporting that ISIL are threatening to attack Russia “very soon.”

Curiously no mention is made of the Sinai air disaster that the group has repeatedly attempted to claim they caused despite it becoming increasingly clear that Israel and some of their Blue Flag exercise allies were the culprit and the jet was destroyed by a missile attack.

Islamic State video threatens attacks in Russia ‘very soon’: site monitoring group | Reuters

These threats deserve to be taken very seriously as the manufactured monster ISIL is now being utilised as the mask for false flag terror it was always intended to be.

Israel’s actions further show that Israel has been intended from day one to serve as the World War 3 device used to initiate Armageddon in the Sabbatean tradition.

.The Sabbatean-Frankist Nazi Empire after WW2

Rabbi Marvin Antelman – The Sabbatean-Frankists

4 thoughts on “Israel’s Dangerous Game in Syria.

  1. Israel is bold and fearless. She has a great number of nukes in her possession. Nothing will stop her. If Russia does something “serious,” It will likely start WW3. This is a tough one. I note the temple ambition mentioned.

    On another note, I came across this:


    • Thanks for that truth1now, they have won the game of chicken and deserve respect on some level for that I suppose. I guess we should be thankful that Russia is too sane to do what they deserve to them. Thanks for video link, truth1, could you please tell em the name of the Youtube channel you mentioned recently? I searched on truth1 and truth1now but did not seem to be able to find it. Thanks for comment.


  2. Robertson is the dodgy anti- semite.In this article translation he destorted Russian words and uses Russia as his Jew-hatred lie.


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