Classic Putin Beatdowns.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin addresses the United Nations General Assembly September 28th, 2015.
President of Russia Vladimir Putin addresses the United Nations General Assembly September 28th, 2015.

October 15th, 2015.

The Russian Narrative of the Post Cold War era in lass than six minutes..

The video below contains an answer from Vladimir Putin to a question from veteran BBC “journalist” John Simpson.. In less than six minutes the President of the Russian Federation explains their point of view on the post cold war era in a most devastating manner.

It is a calm and skillful demolition of the Western narrative regarding Russia in all it’s infantile and morally bankrupt depravity. Even those who disagree have the opportunity at least to hear the Russian viewpoint expressed in a succinct yet powerful way.

The core of it is that when the USSR was dismantled the West continued with the tactics of the Cold war and continued to treat Russia as an adversary despite the end of the defining ideological difference.

From their point of view the acquiescence of  Russia to the Wests demands in terms of economic policy were met with encirclement, missile shields aimed at achieving Nuclear first strike capability and colour revolutions on their borders to replace their allies with the stooges of the West.

The Russian narrative has two central virtues, it is simple and it is largely true although some less “helpful” facts tend to be edited from the narrative as you would expect.

Putin Crushes BBC Smartass

The Stand over Classic.

This video presents almost a caricature of the Russian President as the stand-over man from central casting as he brutally intimidates and publicly humiliates recalcitrant Russian industrialists before the view of the public.

Worth watching if only to see the look on the face of the oligarch billionaire Oleg Deripaska when Putin asks for his pen back having just exposed the oligarch as a liar and forced him to sign a contract against his will. It is a very funny very short video.

Classic Putin

The Intellectual Version – the Munich Speech of 2007.

This is at the other end of the spectrum. This is the intellectual version of the Russian narrative as expressed by the President from Munich in 2007.

In this speech the Russian President explained what Russia was going to do and why they were going to do it.

They will try and co-operate but any transgressions close to the border will be met with overwhelming force as happened the following year in Georgia.

Putin is basically announcing that “you won’t have Russia to kick around any more.”

In front of an audience that included Angela Merkel, John McCain, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Senator Joseph Lieberman, Tzipi Livni and Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, it is amusing to watch their faces as they are informed very politely that they are deluded fools whose days of arson are coming to an end.

Putin patiently explains that the period of total US domination of international politics had been a catastrophe and his intent to end it and replace it with a system of co-operation in the context of non-interference in other states internal affairs.

The idea of simply leaving people alone is a foreign and unfamiliar concept to the Westerner after a lifetime of pro war/ we are always right/ we know everything brainwashing but it actually makes a lot of sense and represents the only hope for peace aside form the totalitarian one world government the sick creatures of the Western elite are still trying to build.

The transcript is here.

Speech and the Following Discussion at the Munich Conference on Security Policy
February 10th, 2007, Munich.

Vladimir Putin’s legendary speech at Munich Security Conference (1/4)

Vladimir Putin’s legendary speech at Munich Security Conference (2/4)

Vladimir Putin’s legendary speech at Munich Security Conference (3/4)

Vladimir Putin’s legendary speech at Munich Security Conference (4/4)

6 thoughts on “Classic Putin Beatdowns.

  1. Probably the most intelligent board game in the world, chess, this one thrashes the best for yonks, last lost 01. Goes in sleeves down, get the job done. Might do a dozen or so at a time, to wham, wham, wallop em. Garry Kasparov, he hates Putin. Gets all poetic comparing him to a rat in a desert. All mad dictator. Unlike blessed Paul Craig Roberts interviewed by Alex last week, virtually instructing me to pray Vlad must not be assassinated.

    Arguments fall down on a lack/no evidence on planes down and Assad chemical crimes. Or so said the glossy Times. Garry has some points and arguments, if you must, but the pretending, this is unacceptable.



  2. Out the blue, go for a burst of Alex – coming up to the end of the first hour – a Australian woman is on about guns, for a moment, a guest… no.. no.. no.. The Govt. should by them back, limit the supply. Get communities in on it, try and wind down, hold hands. After the break, plays Masters of War. I can hear Alex is anointed to rage. I turn off respectfully, should listen later but God willin, get will play the song again with Alex calling in the background, warrior cry.



      • Twas Buyback Hill. Repent C or else. Not an Australian. May I spell it out. Alex Jones is mr. urgent, rise and shine, of our generation. Bar who

        That what. All the haters go quiet. Still barely listened except those few fiery magical spits. Rebroadcast cut the whole song. Did play live. Get last riff, after ads, 50 minutes in…

        “…demon spirits coming out of them …I dunno maybe space aliens or something…”




      • Thanks Mark, on the earlier issue of Kasparov, the Russian opposition are probably sincere people with genuine grievances regarding local issues where the Russian state has many shortcomings but I think they may have missed the bigger picture. Thanks for comment.


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