Australian PM Falls to Party Coup

The new Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull,
The new Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull,

September 14th, 2015.

Malcolm Turnbull seizes power in Parliamentary coup.

“Catastrophic” Premier Tony Abbott ousted by party colleagues.

The Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been ousted by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull in an internal party coup.

Turnbull defeated Abbott  54 votes to 44 in the internal Liberal Parliamentary Party poll.

Turnbull a former Barrister and Merchant Banker from Sydney who led the failed Australian Repulican movement of the 1990s has one enormous thing going for him.

He is not Tony Abbott.

The two years of Tony Abbott’s leadership were a twilit nightmare of lies, fear and xenophobia.

The performance in the Australian Parliament on July 18th, 2014 cannot be viewed as anything other than an attempt to help start World War 3 on behalf of god knows who.

Abbott deserves to be remembered with opprobrium and disgust on that basis of that single cynical, evil performance alone.

Australian minister Turnbull announces leadership challenge to PM

Australia gets new PM as Abbott loses out to rival Turnbull

Prime Minister Abbott shows his character in the Australian parliament, July 18th, 2014.
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7 thoughts on “Australian PM Falls to Party Coup

  1. Malcom Turnbull is just another Jew puppet, he is known in Australia as the minister for Goldman Sachs….The Zios just shuffling their puppets around


    • Thanks for comment anon. In all honesty I was so deeply asleep at that time that my views are irrelevant. Rudd certainly seemed to be less widely despised than departed Tony. His career was so mired in bitterness and internal fighting after being ousted that ultimately I find it very hard to evaluate Rudd but more generally I see the ALP as a 100% sell out party over several decades. In 1974 Bob Hawke was ACTU chief, he recommended that Israel should nuke the Arabs. I despise the ALP even more than the Coalition because the Liberal Party are simply doing their job of representing the ruling class. The ALP is, and has been for decades, a completely fake, corporate owned workers party staffed almost entirely by prostitutes and sell outs in my opinion and Hawke’s nauseating pro Israel nonsense when he was supposed to be representing Australian workers is a classic example.
      “The ACTU president, Mr Hawke, said yesterday that if he were the Israeli Prime Minister he would drop an atomic bomb on invading Arabs. This outburst by Mr Hawke, who is also federal president of the ALP has astonished Labor Party chiefs… Mr Hawke said, ‘If I had 18-year-old, 15-year-old and 11-year-old kids like mine and saw these Arab tanks coming over the hill to push them into the sea, I would use the atomic bomb to stop them’… Mr Hawke argued with Mr Hartley and Mr McMullin. Slamming the table in emphasis, Mr Hawke reportedly told them, ‘If I were the Israeli Prime Minister I would use the bomb on the Arabs. Mr McMullin… told him: ‘You cannot justify the use of nuclear weapons under any circumstances’. Mr Hawke replied heatedly: ‘Why? Because of world morality – the world has stood by for 25 years and watched attempts to push Israelis into the sea without lifting a finger. If I were the Israeli prime minister I wouldn’t give a damn about world morality – I would use the atomic bomb to protect my own’.” (Hawke: I’d A-Bomb Arabs, Chris Forsyth, The Daily Telegraph, 16/2/74)”
      It is not just the support for the apartheid entity that pisses me off, it is how utterly removed these phonies are from representing the interests of working Australians. This was a classic case of a whore making it known that he was open for business. Thanks for comment.


  2. Thanks heaps for that mate. You should’ve seen how a sleep I was at that time lol. I’ve been catching up only in the three years.


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