The French Train Shooting: Would You Believe?

Off duty US soldier treated for sueprficial wounds as part of the pathetique Amsterdam Paris train psyop.
Off duty US soldier treated for sueprficial wounds as part of the pathetique Amsterdam Paris train psyop.

August 22nd, 2015.

Amsterdam Paris Train Incident.

In the US tv series Get Smart, the goofball Secret Agent Maxwell Smart had an amusing little schtick where he would make a completely ridiculous and dishonest claim, realise he had been caught lying and before he began to tell the next version, the smaller scale lie. He would say “Would you believe?”

So we have the non-event on the train traveling to Paris from Amsterdam via Belgium.

This is one of the most insulting tales that the Greater Western liars have ever told.

Initially they were trying to claim that there was a shooting incident on the train, that brave off duty US soldiers tackled a supposed jihadist gunman who had opened fire on the train wounding two people critically. This was the initial line.

The lies are in bold print.

“According to Voix du Nord, the marines heard what appeared to be the sound of a gun being loaded coming from the toilets on the train.”

Whenever I walk past a public toilet I always make a point to listen in for the sound of a Muslim terrorist clandestinely loading an automatic weapon. Always.

This is especially effective when I am traveling on a high-speed train and the click of a magazine being shoved into the breach can be easily heard over the sound of the train and the other passengers and all the other sounds.

“They tried to detain him and the man fired, wounding three people, two of whom were struck by bullets, the newspaper reported.
“A man “aged between 30 to 40,” who was “seriously injured but conscious,” was evacuated from the station at 6.50pm, it added”

The route of the train with Arras highlighted as this is where the train stopped.

This narrative remained in place for many hours and was supported explicitly by the French Government. Who must have known they were lying.

“A man has been arrested after firing a Kalashnikov rifle on board an Amsterdam-Paris train, according to French media.
Le Parisien reports that a Briton and an American are “seriously” wounded.
A third person, the French actor Jean-Hugues Anglade, was also wounded and is said to have raised the alarm.
La Voix du Nord, a newspaper in the Calais region, said a man was arrested on suspicion of firing the weapon on a Thalys train near the northern town of Arras.
Police say that have not ruled out terrorism as a possible motive and Bernard Cazeneuve, the French interior minister, has been summoned to the region”

The French Interior Minister’s office was telling outrageous lies about this incident for many hours.

“Bernard Cazeneuve, France’s interior minister, is on his way to Arras now.
Interior ministry spokesman Pierre Henry Brandet said:

A man opened fire on this Thalys train between Amsterdam and Paris, one person was very seriously injured. Talking about a terrorist motive would be premature at the moment.”

What is the problem with the story?

There were no shots fired, no gunshot wounds, no-one was critically wounded. That was all a lie.

A statement from the Elysee Palace said:
The President of the Republic is being kept informed in the aftermath of the attack carried out on the Amsterdam – Paris train.
Three people have been injured and two of them are in a critical condition. They are being attended to by emergency services.
The aggressor, who has not yet been identified, was arrested at Arras train station, where the interior minister will be shortly.
Everything is being done to shed some light on this drama and gain as much as much information about it as possible.
The President of the Republic offers his solidarity to those injured and to their loves ones.”

At this point, some seven hours after the event and having allowed the French president to make a complete fool and buffoon of himself. The French Minister of the Interior begins to quietly back away from all the lies he has been telling and allowing to stand.

Bernard Cazeneuve, the French interior minister, paid tribute to the Marines as he arrived at the scene, and said
“Thanks to them we have averted a drama.”

But I thought two people were shot and critically wounded? Is that not drama?

“(The Americans were) particularly courageous and showed extreme bravery in extremely difficult circumstances”

The Video of the Aftermath.
A video has been released that shows the immediate aftermath of the “gunman” being apprehended. This is clear because during the short video the participants are still trying to find a handgun that apparently belonged to the gunman. One of the men in the video states that “I tried to shoot him” or words to that effect but the gun fell down somewhere.
One of the men has superficial cuts to the back of his head. There is a spot of blood. The wound will not require stitches or a blood transfusion and is nowhere near life threatening.

There is no mention of any shooting or anyone being badly wounded.

The video of the aftermath makes it perfectly clear there has been no shooting. There were no shots fired and the way the controlled media are dealing with the fact that they have presented a completely exaggerated and false narrative of this event is to simply pretend it never happened.

There was no shooting on the train. None. One apparently highly supervised “terrorist” was set up by several European Security Services. No-one was badly hurt. Nothing really happened.

And as if the whole thing was not obvious enough the entire affair was kicked off on Twitter by a rather obvious US psyops unit. @FreedomFilmLLC

“One man shot on @thalys_en train heading to Paris. Man with machine gun taken down by US Marines”

They make it so obvious they are running a “narrative” by providing their happy and “heroic” detail far, far too early.

The first reports of an authentic event would read more along the lines of “an apparent terrorist gunman was tackled and arrested by passengers on an Amsterdam Paris route train” etc. The first reports would cover the basic facts. The specific identities or affiliation of the people who tackled the gunman would never emerge in the first report.

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16 thoughts on “The French Train Shooting: Would You Believe?

  1. Whenever I walk past a public toilet I always make it a point to keep my hands over my ears. Or talk louder. The fact that these folks didn’t practice hearing avoidance proves what kind of operation this was. If only more people weren’t paying attention.

    In times of economic, political and social crises, the number of conspiracy theories increases.

    • In an era of lies the professional liar (or shill) comes into his own.
      The thing is M Simon, we could all be billionaires with our own personal space jet living in a futuristic paradise but 911 would still be a false flag attack. The demolition of WTC 7 at free fall speed would still stand as the most glaring and easily proven example that the Official of account of 911 is a lie and it would still matter.
      Compiled Footage of Building 7’s Collapse
      Your entire argument is simply anchored in a fallacy,the truth of the matter is not connected to economic conditions.

  2. Early reports of any event are nearly always mistaken. It is human nature. Or proof that some behind the scene force is controlling events.

    • That is absolutely correct M Simon but the details and content of the errors are important and in many cases have been very illuminating. Mistaken press reports are one thing, but when the Interior Minister is saying something, that has a higher status and meaning. Thanks for comment.

  3. Not that I would put this incident past Islamic extremists, or extremists of any religion, but this story does seem a little fishy. First of all, when most people go to the bathroom they lock the door, especially if they are doing something that takes time, like taking a dump or loading a gun, or so you would think. Secondly how were weapons of this size not seen on the attacker’s way to the bathroom? Third, why would the American just barge in and open the door? Most people are embarrassed when they open the door on an occupied bathroom, and bathrooms on trains are tiny, so how much could you really see if you opened the door on an occupied bathroom unless that was your thing and you were really trying. Even then, you’d probably hit their feet first with the door. Perhaps in version 2 of the story the press will admit to an odd perversion that the American had with trying to sneak a peek at people using public bathrooms, “it’s a good thing that he did like to try and sneak a peek at those using the bathroom after all, his perversion saved many lives,” says Fox News correspondent token hot blond haired lady or square jawed white person with American flag pin. In another youth marketed version of the story perhaps we can say that Tony Stark was on the train, spying on bathrooms using high tech equipment, and called in the Iron Man suit using remote control. “The president today created a new award for those who spy on bathroom activity and take action when necessary called the bronze toilet,” says CNN correspondent token hot brown haired lady, “perhaps spying on people taking a dump is the new American thing to do in these troubled times.” We need to remember our history here and recall that the Nazis used to spread Hero of the Fatherland style stories, that weren’t true, all of the time. This stories’ recipe is a little to cliche and goes like this: Mix 1 Stereotypical bad guy (currently an Islamic Extremist) with at least 3 Freedom Loving Heroes (preferably American, British and sometimes French guys with a service background so they seem credible and are immediately likeable) have the incident take place in a foreign land on a moving vehicle (this makes information easy to fabricate and hard to check up on) broadcast on a top 10% controlled news network to an already frightened public and viola, you get a controlled populous that will let you do anything. IDK, this one smells bad. Perhaps it happened, but again, the setup is too perfect. Further investigation would be nice.

  4. They said that the man who was arrested was a beggar from Morocco. This man was given a handbag with guns with no bullets. The innocent man caught in this «false flag» operation is what they call a «patsy». Now, the official news is that this man came from Turquey. Another strange tale made by the USA propaganda.

  5. I’m just wondering what did the french customs officers that normally are present on this train to check the french people who have been smoking in Amsterdam and prevent the arrival of little quantities of hachish an herb in France.Did they flee? Were they asleep?Did they wet themselves,which would explain the total absence of their story in the media.?

  6. Another first-rate post. The ridiculous thing now is that even when I just lazily assume it’s a real terrorist incident, it STILL turns out to be a False-Flag. I was so busy with other things that I didn’t think twice about this incident – I saw it on the news and just thought ‘oh, okay, there’s another incident’. I’m beginning to think no terror incident – apart from the ones occuring daily in Syria and Iraq, Libya, etc – are actually real. Paris, Copenhagen, Sydney, Boston, 7/7, were all staged; I assumed this French train incident was ‘real’ until I read your article.

    • Many thanks Burning Blogger, I did notice that Aangiefan seemed to conduct a far more thorough and complete look at this event. I share your thoughts exactly. There are so many of these silly little farces they are playing that it often seems better just to roll the eyes and forget about it. As far as all the terror in the West being fake, one way or another, I genuinely believe you are completely right. Whilst each event deserves to be assessed on a case by case basis, and there are many I haven’t looked at, to my knowledge every single terror attack inside the West, whether authentic or not, happened as the result of a decision by a Western agency to either do it, let it happen or offer assistance. As you state,in the heartland of the Middle East there is a great deal of authentic violence and many real terrorists, but in the West, it is all synthetic and engineered to my knowledge. Thanks for commenting.

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