Crimes of Empire meets Dr. Barrett on Truth Jihad Radio

March 23rd, 2015.

Crimes of Empire meets Dr. Barrett on Truth Jihad Radio

I was able to chat briefly with Dr. Kevin Barrett during his recent radio show of March 20th. I was extremely pleased and shocked to receive an invitation to chat because I am a huge fan of the show and I have listened to hundreds of hours of the show.

Dr. Barrett’s work has had a huge influence upon me since late 2011 when I first understood rather late that September 11th was a false flag attack. Dr. Barrett made me realise for the first time that we, being the West are not “good guys who go wrong”, but rather we are the Evil ones at the institutional level and in the world.,

It was also a big deal to me because although I have been lucky enough to have received a high degree of support from day one from the highly respected and influential Aangirfan site, a British site, I had never received any acknowledgement from any member of the American community in the slightest.

Not that I had even necessarily deserved it but to get some acknowledgement that someone within the US thinks my work is at least not complete garbage is obviously pleasing.  I think it went ok.

My only previous media experience was conducting fairly cliched and pointless interviews with the rock acts Babes in Toyland and Carcass for Melbourne Community Television. I was not confident enough to put the subject onto the Hampstead matter or any of those things. The good part covered a short recent false flag history, speaking about Oklahoma City, Bali and 911.

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13 thoughts on “Crimes of Empire meets Dr. Barrett on Truth Jihad Radio

  1. Convincing stuff on plane is not that, plane. Your clip with Kevin. Cracking talk. On H’stead. Tap also particularly raised the banner and with the likes of you, Tony Goslin and co, we have some moderate, sensible voices to try and steer this difficult story to a concluded exposure. Fake or fact.
    Blow that trumpet


    • Thanks very much for your kind words Mark. I have had a high admiration for Gosling from the moment I heard him speak. I actually envy and admire what you have over there because there is that powerful mix of moderate and hardcore people not fighting all the time but actually working co-operatively so there is broad and coherent community over there that comprises people from Brian Gerrish to Aangirfan, just as examples. That is a very powerful thing and the penny is clearly beginning to drop over there with the VIP protected pedophile thing. Everyone sees the individual cases, no one claims that Smith or Saville didn’t do it, but they have to understand the hidden structure within the Security forces to really understand what has happened, that seems to be the key point and it’s coming out everyday, everyday. Thanks again.


      • ‘…that powerful mix of moderate and hardcore people not fighting all the time but actually working co-operatively so there is broad and coherent community over there that comprises people from Brian Gerrish to Aangirfan, just as examples’.

        Moderate and hardcore maybe but we’re defined on different lines. Heart of the matter is we don’t necessarily have to get on with some commentators or schools of thinking. But we try to be diplomatic and in the main believe there’s no substantial evidence we have turncoats in our dozen or so website public domain. Or… if the other, is ‘hardcore’, no.

        One clear and present danger is leaving those who like to gatekeep and quickly divide (inadvertently self-conquer – unless a plant) to talk unchallenged. Ideological differences comparatively stand together in the push forward for awakening and overcoming, yet we accuse compadre of ‘working for the enemy’ (beyond accuse according to some, less and less I pray…).

        Mention – a rich (?) and famous level a Alex or David and we’re all supposed to go along with a detached and knowing “yeah dodgy, not one of ours”. Brian, Aangirfan, Darkmoon, Spivey, VT… I pray they and AnD keep the fight down when they’re ignored, attacked, said-to-be-feds.

        Hampstead Sunday Pub, someone was joking about someone public – can’t quite remember his name/best not – who believes they’re the one-and-only non-compromised spokesperson.

        Where’s some unity, grace, at least with those likely to disagree. On Syria, a while back, I saw film of a Sister with a church building open up to the unseen silent majority differences ASIDE. And so would we, if we met on the sun drenched benches above a quiet church.

        Bring the laundry out? If there’s a well written… present your case… otherwise: all sides have to be honest, we struggle to hold on, we lift others up or we shoot our wounded.



      • Thanks Mark that is a very thoughtful and heartfelt comment. You make a lot of good points. There is not much I could add except that, gate-keeping is completely unacceptable in my view. Denouncing people is both pointless and counterproductive, either the work had value or not. As far as Hampstead goes I did notice the work of Paul Joseph Watson, and it had no value, it was worthless. The reasons for that are beyond my ken but it was rather obvious and that individual seems to spend so much time on gate-keeping duties that he is too busy to conduct actual investigations. One thing I noticed that seems odd is a plethora of people lining up to denounce Exaro News, Brian Gerrish and others on a completely spurious in my opinion basis. That seems terribly suspicious to me. The quality of both their work belies those claims in my opinion. The same perhaps extends to the claims one blogger chose to make about Chris Spivey because he did not like his style of presentation. Very odd.Tough issue and thanks for your comment.


  2. James, I hoped and expected you’d write something like this. PJW came out early (9/2) and called it the way he saw it. On 10/2 ‘Satanic rituals described by children goes viral’, Paul asks all the right questions…’it needs to be addressed by the authorities’. At least he spoke up? More recently Richie Allen stormed it with AJ and re-introduced Hampstead and soon after (…can’t seem to find it), IW made a short film on ‘satanic’ abuse that also acknowledged Hampstead. Therefore I wouldn’t call this ‘no value… worthless’. IW make effort not to be gatekeepers, (aside from editorially), in calling out others as being from the other side (keeping this definition of gate-keeping). On Exaro and Brian. Do they make mistakes, distance themselves from other alt. media in what could be read as potentially critical, have made unwise decisions – sure, but don’t they/we all? It is a ‘tough issue’ that benefits from light and humility. Your approach sits with the builders, (again I think of Richie Allen), championing and collaborating with as broad and credible number of people as possible. Hampstead was a divider, thankfully it hasn’t bought about too much hostility. One way or another, believing in a outcome, some will (have to) change their minds. I hope that those who didn’t get it (so) right will be treated gracefully and watch how the enemy will exploit this to bring about spats and wars in this research and activist community.


    • Thanks for that Mark. As far as Richie Allen goes, I found his work very informative and important. I was unable to watch the “home” Hampstead interviews and so hearing excerpts on his show was a key to my beginning to understand the legitimacy of this story. I feel you may perhaps have created a couple of straw men arguments here, given that I mentioned neither Allen, IW or AJ. If PJW did something regarding Hampstead that was important that I missed, I apologise, but the video I saw, he called it a Hoax for reasons that were and remain unclear. He did not investigate the claims, did not analyse the police interviews, did not read the medical reports, did not simply say nothing, he said it was a hoax. I consider that to be a bullshit claim that history will belie and believe I had every right to state that,although the claims may have been made in a slightly hyperbolic fashion. Thanks for your comment Mark, ultimately you are correct, my criticism of PJW was foolish and counterproductive. Nothing positive can probably be achieved by such remarks and I will seek to refrain in future as I have done in the past. The right way to go about things is simply to make positive comments about those whose work you respect and not to mention the others perhaps?


  3. It’s easy done mate. Not so easy to be big enough to say so and – further still – commit otherwise. Mention ‘others’ (not respected), in context, and ‘as far as possible peace with all…’ or, attempt to communicate concerns directly – this has got to be best. Our awoken tensions are tough to handle and those who don’t do it our way a vehicle for frustration.
    Blaze on


  4. Well thank you James. No hiding with you is there. I’m talking this wisdom to myself. I struggle and slip with unnecessary judgement about others. The push for us to pull each other apart is strong. Resist unless must, or best, ought.


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